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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 27, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> now on news 3 live at 3:30, donald trump and hillary clinton both saying they won the debate. how they hope to use momentum from last night to punch their ticket to the white house. >> plus demanding an apology. one women shamed while breast feeding. >> and superman appears. this man bears deserving of the super hero title. we'll tell you about the trials he had to endure. >> well, in was the most watched debate in history. over 81 million people watched donald trump and hillary clinton duke it out on live tv. >> hard to imagine that many faces watching. well, both sides are claiming victory today as they head back out on the campaign trail. but has we report, one camp is claiming the battle has only just started. >> we had a great, great time last night. >> it was a fascinating period
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>> he talks down america every chance he gets. he calls us name and a third world country. >> a very big moment and important moment talking bay lot of very important subjects including jobs, including immigration, our military, our vets taking care of our vets. >> an immediate poll gave the edge to clinton. the cnn poll has her winning by 62 percent although the respondents already skewed more democratic than the general population. it will be several days before the impact on the campaign becomes evident. speaker of the house paul ryan made it clear who he thinks won. >> i awe donald trump give a spirited voice to those of us who don't like the status quo. >> reporter: trump has complained the moderator threw tougher questions her way and following questions about a
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microphone. >> my microphone was terrible. i wonder was it set up that way on purpose. in the room they couldn't hear me. >> anybody who has to blame it on the microphone it not having a good night. >> reporter: in washington, i'm stacey cohen reporting. >> now we want to hear from you. this sour question of the day. who do you think won the presidential debate last night? head over to to weigh in. >> an indiana man is making yard after having five of his trump signs stolen. he mowed the name of trump in his yard after another sign was stolen this weekend. he says about 90 percent of drivers have honked and given him a thumbs up. >> the state department has a warning for u.s. citizens travel to turkey. and there's new information about the new york new jersey bombing suspect. details from the terrorism alert
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terrorism alert december income washington, d.c., i'm alison starling. a travel warning from the state department for u.s. citizens in turkey. it warns about a threat tows hotels as targets for terrorists. last week. u.s. embassy issued a similar warning saying a terrorist cell was targeting businesses catering to westerners. meanwhile the guardian is reporting that new york and new jersey bombing suspect spent weeks at an islammist in pakistan. the area in pakistan where he studied is described as a long time hub for the taliban. and a man in california is sentenced to 30 years in prison for trying to join isis. he and another man plotted to travel to syria and become martyre -- maytrs. >> thank you for that. volunteers from the united states are providing first aid
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received any first aid training before. the kurdish forces have been a key u.s. ally and were instrumental in stopping the group's advance back in 2014. the hope is that the training will help the fighters who are in the middle of the battle. >> many of them know how to use torn -- tourniquettes bandages. but they need more wide knowledge of first aid. >> the iraqi government is gearing up for a major military operation to dislodge isis militants from the city. >> with such a big focus on deadly police shootings, the family of alton sterling a man shot and killed by police in july is waiting to learn whether that officer will be charged. relatives and community leaders in louisiana gathered outside of
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sterling was shot several times by officers while he was being held on the ground. that shooting was recorded by multiple witnesses. >> don't shoot. it don't work! tell me the solution. what do you want us to do? wait? i'm 51. i'm not going to sit here until i'm >> the justice department has not said how long the investigation will take. >> a missing boater has been rescued and returned to his family. nathan carmen was brought in by the coast guard from a firefighter raft, carmen was 115 miles off of martha's vinebeyond a reasonable doubt. the 22-year-old says he and his mother were at sea when their 32-foot boat took on water sunday morning. the mother has not been found and the coast guard has suspended its search for the
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using your cell phone while driving. >> for officers can be tough to spot but police in austin, texas are using an element of surprise to try to get people to put their cell phones down and keep their eyes on the road. >> you see everything. >> reporter: that's what happen when's awe drive a big rig for 21 years. just ask ray. >> they hold it knar hands. they're talking on t. texting. >> reporter: he's got a bird's eye view into driver's sneaky habits a view that police are using to >> by being nay bus we're able to look down into the vehicle and see them violate the ordinance. >> reporter: four officers acting as spotters peer down inside a bus. the moment someone touches their phone, the bus officers radio police on the highway to pull them over. >> people know that they can't have it in their hands. so they hold it down in their lap. >> reporter: in three hours police issued 96 citations and eight warnings. >> it's not surprising to me
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people haven't gone out and bought a blue tooth device. >> currently the only hands-free we're stocking is this hand set. for a two or three-week period one out of five customers was looking for blue tooth if not more. >> reporter: that's when the law first went into effect. >> reporter: now the manager suspects people aren't as scared. >> a lot of people figure it can't happen to spending a few dollars now can save you a fine and maybe even save a life. >> well, consumers are choosing plastic over pape where it comes to money. a report finds credit card payments have cur passed cash worldwide for the first time in history. analysts say the shift has happened gradually aztec knowledge gi such as mobile -- as technology has made it
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trillion in card payment transactions. >> samsung is trying to put a positive spin on the nag tiff news about the galaxy note 7. saying 90 percent of the people affected by the recall are sticking with the note recall. that's the new version of the phone that's not prone to much ka fire. samsung says the massive recall of the phone is underway. a reasonable doubt cog to the company more than 60 percent of users in the u.s. have been able to get >> well, walt disney is thinking about buying twitter. microsoft is also in the running for a bid. so far we've heard nothing from twitter. >> a georgia sheriff's department is apologizing to a breast feeding mother who says she was asked by a deputy to cover up.
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grocery store when her one yeard starting crying. in order to comfort her son, she left the store and started to breast feed him. that's when she says a deputy walked up to her and asked her to cover up. she told the deputy that georgia law allows her to breast feed anywhere she and her baby are allowed to be. that's when she says the deputy got frustrated. >> i say ma'am, i see you're aerola. and if you show nipple it's even if it's just this second he says it would be considered indecent exposure and he didn't want me to have to be arrested. >> after that threat, the mother filed an official complaint. eventual lit sheriff's department issued an apology on facebook saying they do not condone the deputy's actions. >> new zealand opens its first rocket lab space complex today hoping to one day larche more satellites into space than any
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once the first rocket launches by the end of 2016, new zealand will become the world's 11th space nation. >> sometimes you get a new haircut and it can make you feel like a whole new person. >> how two people made sure those who struggled to pay for the most basic thing has a new look to be proud of. >> and a major discovery. these are coins. wh from. >> and for the next knew days, temperature wills go down. we have rain in the forecast. i'll tell you when we can see it next. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible.
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they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs...
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to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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>> all right. these days it's getting headed on your facebook with all of the politics. people butting heads over ideas. how about we lighten it up and talk about people doing amazing things in our world? normally, when you have day off you try to relax, right? but don't tell that to a pair of friends in indiana. they spent their day off giving hair cuts to the homeless. christine carson has the >> reporter: this may not be your typical place to cut hair. >> it's perfect weather. >> reporter: but 19-year-old july yo -- juloie rodriguez and his friend didn't care. that was the point. >> we're trying to give out nice cuts, spread some love. >> reporter: spread some love in their community that need it the most, those without a home. >> come out here and give them some hope, you know. make them feel good about themselves.
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i figured they needed to be blessed. because a haircut can do a lot of things for you. make you feel good about yourself. i'll do anything possibly, really. long hair, short hair, beards, mustaches. i'll be out here today adds long as i can, you know. as long as everybody out here feels good and gets a haircut i'll be happy. >> reporter: happy to use his only two days off to work for complete strangers. >> he's a good guy. like, he shows nothing but love >> anybody and everybody. >> have a seat right here, sir. >> i feel like a lot of people need to understand that we all come from different places, you know. we all got different back grounds and should never, like, be too judgmental and stuff, you know? >> that was christine carson reporting. julio and zach are in school right now learning to cut hair. julio gets his license in two months and says he wants to open
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left in school. >> wish them the best. a married couple from new york had starry eyes for more than one reason. tom hanks jogged their their photo shoot in central park. >> lock at her face. >> yeah. the actor -- there we go. now you see the rest of the image. he said congratulationses and stuck around to snap a few pictures and offered to officiate. turned out he's an ordained hanks wedding crash. in '93 while filming forest gum p he crashed a south carolina wedding shoot. i love it. >> yeah. a messaging unitty hitting during monday night football instead of a protest. before the game between the falcons and the saints started, players and coaches from both teams gathered mid field and held hands in a unified circle
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play and held a moment of silence. both teams are. a greed on the message of unity following the recent police shootings and protests in tulsa and charlotte. >> archeologists have made a new discovery in japan from items of two ancient empires. they undearghted two ancient coins. five are believed to be from the rough -- roman empire. coin were from 1667. the ro roman coins were older dating from 300 ad. >> a new man is caughting a new nickname. he had brain cancer and fought and fought and won. so for his last chemotherapy treatment, he went into the hospital with a super hero costume. his wife was there dressed as
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he made a lot of good friends in the hospital. >> it's bittersweet, really, because the staff here are almost like family. i'm glad it's done with. it's gone. let's hope it's gone. it's just an odd feeling. >> we will hope with you. simon, a along with his family, is working to raise money to help the fight against brain cancer. so far they've raised more than $12,000. well, a driver in washington state has learned that donald trump will not help you get a ride from the car >> take a close look at this video it shows that giant card board cutout of the republican presidential nominee's head? well, the washington state patrol says someone tried to use the hov lane of a state highway with trump's head as the passenger. well, state troopers did not fall for it the driver was quickly pulled over. authorities say the driver faces a fine of at least $136. well, let's keep this going. anything made you smile today?
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>> all right. we have a neighborhood that we go in once in a while. it's a cyber neighborhood of facebook. you click the thumbs up icon on news 3 and it gets you in on all kinds of conversations. we hope you pull up a chair. time to get a look ahead on 5:00 today. >> gaming is a part of what makes nevada so unique. at 5:00, we learn how bad our state. >> the head of homeland security sending out an alert about gun use in the united states. we have those stories plus a look at the afternoon drive live from sky 3 at 5:00. look at this. this photo could be called stars last run. the telescope was able to capture the end of the star similar to the burned out sun. around that white dot is something cree aked by the star
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the star's light causing the material to blow and crow eights this beautiful image. >> that is stunning. reminds of lion where he says, what are those things? >> i do love that. hey, let's continue with our scene. chloe, you have the gray clouds behind you. should i have brought my umbrella? >> not today. but maybe in arizona, it could be a problem. we're seeing isolated to john. mostly to east and south of us. right now we're certainly seeing more clouds outside than what we woke up with. here's a few live looks you can see across the valley. think of it as a nice blanket of clouds to round out your tuesday afternoon. but we'll jump into satellite and track this weather for you. you can see that band of showers right there moving -- you can see it northwestward. but breaking apart as it gets closer and closeer to northern
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activity on the radar right now. showers to the east as we move further up north. had one shower completely dry up just to the east of henderson and also to the east of boulder city. light to isolated showers mostly to the east and so the south of us. we're dry right now in las vegas. this is a look at our radar as i'm talking about it. cgses will be fairly nice for the rest of the evening .n but tomorrow will be crazy. i'll show you why in a second. fission checking in with neighborhoods. 88. you can see pretty similar conditions near the wetlands park. 89 right there .n but in the mid-80s as we take in another live look from red rock. just a handful of more than 120 weather stations we have all over town. a look at temperatures in the valley seeing a spread of 85 in blue do i -- diamond. wind gusts fairly light and
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rest of the evening becoming light overnight. coming in at 65 for mt. charl tonz. upper 80s for indian springs. also seeing nice winds outside. nothing too crazy. as you look ahead to the next couple of days, best chances for showers will actually start early tomorrow morning. mostly for the higher elevations. as we continue our way into tomorrow afternoon you can see a good chance of seeing showers developing by wedda linger through wednesday evening as well as the slight chance of seeing showers develop again on thursday. lows tonight will be similar compared to last night. here's where things will change a little bit. highs tomorrow will actually be a few degrees cooler compared to our temperatures for today. looking ahead to the next few hours in las vegas, 89 by 9:00. mid-80s by 7:00. and low 80s by 9:00 with overnight temperatures dropping
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valley. few more clouds as we continue the evening into tomorrow where we're expecting a slight chance for thunderstorms later on in the day, as i pointed out. and as we look ahead to the next few days, best chances for showers will only last for a couple days. after that, we'll warm back up as we make our way into friday and saturday. more 90s on tap. temperatures just barely above normal around here before we cruise back down to the mid-80s sunday into monday. >> all right. thank you so much. well, a nighttime visitor makes itself at home in southern california. that's a bear there. going into the back yard right outside of l.a. early saturday. getting a lay of the land. and it makes its way right into the hot tub. >> it needed to warm up. >> bears do. >> after a minute or association the bear wandered over to the pool to cool off with a nice drink. >> little too hot there. maybe the pool is a little too cool. now looking for something just right. hopefully it's not the bedroom. >> he said there's no trout here. >> i need a snack.
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belonged to iconic actress marilyn monroe went on display in bay beijing today. among the items featured, dresses she wore and another from the film bus stop. some 800 items are to be auctioned in l.a. in november. most are coming from the private estate of lee strawsberg an american acting a father figure to monroe. look at that. incredible when you really think about how much time has passed and yet she's so much of an icon >> she lived with the straussbergs for the while. he founded the actress studio when is this troop of actors that gave birth to some really great stars. she left behind great things. >> we just a few more seconds here. we want to remind you, join us
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breakdown that first presidential debate, giving a look at 207 ices unlike anywhere else. that steams in a few moments.
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