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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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shortly after that, police sea say he went after a corrections can officer. denise rosch is live with more. we understand the officer had to be taken to the hospital for these injuries. >> reporter: yeah, the attack happened right here last wednesday. that officer was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. but no doubt, another bizarre twist to an already tragic case. >> something changed in me that night. >> reporter: that was david frostick two weeks ago, seemingly remorseful during his hearing. he was convicted of killing robin jenkins in 2009. on the stand, he addressed jenkins' family. >> i'm sorry.
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after 20 years. but just five days later, a new allegation, charges of attacking a corrections officer at the clark county detention center. >> that individual brought the violence to the officer and the officer did nothing to start this fight. >> reporter: larry hadfield with metro police. >> during that fight, that officer was by himself. he was struck with a flashlight that became dislodged from his belt in the face area and being choked out by the suspect's legs. >> reporter: in this brand-new criminal complaint, he's now charged with one count of attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon and one count of battery. district attorney steve wolfson said he will appear in court next month on this case. and if convicted, face the possibility of more prison time. >> one might say enough is enough. but the bottom line is he is a
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consider this new case but we felt the charges were appropriate. >> reporter: and wolfson said there's video of this jailhouse attack, evidence that will be used against him in court. frostick being held in a maximum security area. i'm denise rosch, back to you in the studio. >> it. the murder of a 27-year-old man outside an unlicensed looking for answers. businesses suspected illegal activity outside of the clothing store. police found the body of 27-year-old ezekiel davis in front of the business. police say davis got into a fight inside the unlicensed club. the fight spilled outside and davis was shot to educate. -- shot to death. businesses say this is all very troubling. >> that's a tough one.
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business and near my business somebody got killed and it's -- it's a tough thing to swallow. >> metro police say the clothing store was on their radar. they were never called out for any suspected criminal activity. the local starbucks where a customer was shot hand killed on sunday is back open for business tonight. the suspect, pedro garcia, caught on camera, with his hands in the air. tonight detectives are inveig knew the customer who was murdered. news 3's kelsey thomas is live outside of the starbucks on south rainbow and warm springs where she's been talking with knows who knew the victim. he's aleksandr khutsishvili. >> reporter: well, jim, really and outpouring of love and support for the baristas who work at this starbucks. today, we're getting a closer look at the victim who was gunned down, shot in the chest, all while getting a cup of
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i know it. it just doesn't happen that way. life does not end in a starbucks. aleksandr khutsishv ili, murdered just getting a cup of coffee. >> he said i'm gonna go to starbucks and grab a cup of coffee like usual. i didn't say goodbye to him. i said see new a few minutes. >> reporter: sunday was the last day rick james would see his friends. the quiet one with piercing be police say he was killed by this man. >> i would think sasha would be the person to try to defuse the situation. he would probably be the first person to stand up and say, this isn't right or whatever here. he would probably would have jumped in front of the gun. >> reporter: according to the police report, garcia called 911 after he shot sasha. he told the operator sasha looked like he was reaching for something.
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for it, dog. i'm not gonna tell you again. go for it. play cowboy with me." >> he was homeless but no one knew it. >> reporter: this man hired him to work at the car wash across the street. >> he was very hard working. anything i asked him of him, he did. >> reporter: sasha slept under a tree and tonight, the biggest death. >> just a person that tried to make a living any way he could. >> it hurts to find out it was him. >> reporter: and the police report released this afternoon really talks about those terrifying and frightening moments for both the customers and the baristas here on sunday morning. we have a link up on our website if you would like to read that at
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>> thank you. as we mentioned, that starbucks did reopen for business. some wanted to show their support for those emotionally hurt by the incident. take a look the. >> for them to stay strong and get through this and we're all thinking about him. >> well, the store opened shortly after noon with the support of officers from metro and people like cindy, who you just met there who live in the area. >> the man with ties to british royalty was back in a local courtroom today ready to take a plea deal. 53-year-old man, a british duke, faces charges for three different times, including burglary and filing a fake police report. the details of the plea deal have not been announced. his next court appearance is thursday where he will answer to a charge of dui. three weeks from tomorrow, unlv hosts the final debate. but it's the first one everyone is talking about today. last night, donald trump faced off against hillary clinton.
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back to campus to see what some of our youngest minds and voters thought as they watched. what did they have to say? >> reporter: we were here to find out what any wanted to hear from the candidates. so we came back today to find out if they thought the candidates delivered. we met this sophomore hanging out here at the student union. on monday, she told us -- >> trump has been really big on immigration. i want to know what his policies attack them. >> reporter: she's leaning clinton got disappointed. not a word about the wall or immigration. >> we have two more debates so hopefully it gets pressed in the next two. i think she handled trump very well. i don't think he came prepared. >> i was a bernie supporter and seeing as the election hasn't turn out his way, my options are now open. >> reporter: monday, senior lewis limb told me he's a voter
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talking to. >> undecided between hillary or johnson. it's just really disappointing that johnson didn't have a chance to participate. >> reporter: monday was the most-watched debate in u.s. history. 81million of us tuned in. the post debate take from the mainstream video was clinton had the better evening. nevada democrats jumped on that bandwagon tuesday. >> dop, we saw the same donald trump we saw the same thing again. >> reporter: the trump campaign says, wait a minute. it turned out polls that said trump one. >> she didn't talk about the issues that americans talk about. so for average people who live paycheck to paycheck, what donald trump's tax rates or where obama was born. >> reporter: a campaign that comes to their doorstep three
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campus, gary johnson is the libertarian candidate who is on the ballot in many states, including here. and october 19th is the final presidential debate from this campus here in las vegas. jeff gillan, back to you. >> if you missed the debate and want a snapshot of it, we have you covered. our digital team has put together a to the debates. you can learn more about the key points that each candidate made even breakdown of key words and phrases and also what you should be looking for the next go-around. it's at all you do is head over to the election site. and we'll bring you more on last night's debate and what the candidates had to say about it coming up at 6:30 in this broadcast. if you want to register to vote so you can make your voice heard, you want to do that
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8th. from october 8th through the 19, you can still register but you will have to go through a county elections office. early voting starts october 22nd. you can head to to find a link. the future of gaming and exam belling is on display. we'll take you to the expo and show you why the future is looking to the past. and a major announcement from mgm resorts on who will be the first to perform inside the monte carlo. the big star getting the nod. clouds have arrived. we have a good chance for rain. details on that and there goes the sun getting ready to set below the spring mountains. hopefully we'll show it to you live -- coming up. >> we will be watching. an explosion pat
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december last year. 14 americans are killeled in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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welcome back. the future of the gaming industry is shaping up to make part of the casino floor look like an old-time arcade. >> they are trying to get the younger generation in the casinos. much of the focus is on machines that incorporate video games. sergio avila is live and you played these things. tell us what >> reporter: jim, okay. the reason i wasn't paying attention. i'm in a heated game and we're all fighting for the same card. we're trying to make a good poker hand. i just got a flush. the one thing i've learned is that you kind of forget that it's really about gambling. the traditional casino floor is making way for innovation and
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splash at this expo. >> i have 45 seconds to take out as many robots as possible. >> reporter: blaine gaboyes is the ceo.they look like video games but the payouts are similar to traditional slots. and people like to gamble. >> reporter: running rich was created by keith waters of competition interactive. he said it's a way to reach all people who played video games coming up. >> it's taking the living room experience of trash-talking while you are playing video games and taking it to the casino. >> reporter: then there's games that immerse you into the game. >> shoot that and then you are in the game. >> reporter: the brook haven
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completing challenges while shooting zombies. spectators getting in on the action by betting on how well you will do. and so this game gambling poker is very addictive. you are all playing for the same card against four different people. games like these expected to the casino floor in las vegas in the early part of 2017 and so i know my 10-year-old self is excited it happens sooner rather than later. back to you. >> all right. looks like a lot of fun. that was the whole idea, put a social element into the gaming. >> put pacman in there and frogger and i'm there. monte carlo's park theater opens in a few months of tonight
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night. >> steve -- stevie nicks. this is being built steps away from the t-mobile. the tickets go on sale on monday. >> i'm search fogging or a fleetwood we should talk to our former deejay friend, kevin janison, in the weather authority business. >> at one time you had an afro out to here and gold chain, right? [laughter] >> and a crush on stevie nicks. we have a gorgeous sunset in progress. there it goes.
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actually 6:19. it's what time the sun goes below the horizon. but here in las vegas, the sun dips below the mountains earlier but there's no way to tell based on your perspective exactly what time that will be. i'm hoping in the next few minutes that setting sun will light up those clouds. got a good chance for that to happen. here is another view of our camera and we have virga. that's going on. we've been watching these in laughlin. they continue to move north. they've made their way into boulder city. this is the camera high atop boulder city. here come the clouds. it wasn't until early afternoon when they pushed into the las vegas valley. boy, did they push. they came in thick. it looked like they meant business but the rain is still far enough away. this camera might give us a good view of the sunset. southeastern parts of the valley. here comes the clouds.
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lamb, 80. humidity on the rise, slowly. 20% right now. next stop, southern highlands, 83 and 21%. and another one of our 140-plus neighborhood stations in the northwest, alexander and fort apache, 86 and 19%. 83 to 87 depending upon your neck of the 90 degrees barely above normal. a pretty even split in september. tomorrow we'll be close to probably an above-normal day. we'll start at 70. find our way in the 80s at lunchtime and mid- to upper 80s depending upon the amount of sunshine we get. not much wind. i don't think we'll see much in the windy category until we get to the weekend. the weekend could be pretty darned windy.
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flareup. there is a chance for showers, maybe a few thunderstorms. sun comes up, heats the steal air. we'll get a few more airs and roslyn is tossing more moisture into the equation. so for the threat for showers will be with us for thursday before drying on friday. paramp should have a low of 59. high temperatures tomorrow for your hump day afternoon, boulder city at 85. laughlin, 92 and over the for the las vegas valley there is a chance of rain late. 70 will be the low tomorrow. 87, the expected high. it will depend on how much sunshine we get whether we'll get one of those storms. although we're not expecting a lot of water from any of these showers at least not in the valley, the best chance will be over the mountains. next story from the weather will be the weekend when the wind picks up and maybe some gusts to 35 and 40 miles per hour.
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>> we'll keep you posted. >> feel like meditating. >> wouldn't that be nice? have your favorite beverage. >> many we'll get pictures from the viewers. changes coming to one of the country's biggest banks. >> what wells fargo executives
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congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. heck voted to protect perks for politicians like himself, allowing congressmen to travel on private jets at taxpayer expense and voted members of congress, like himself, during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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evacuations continue today in parts of santa clara county where a fire has destroyed one home. this is the loma fire burning
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it ignited yesterday afternoon in california in the santa cruz mountains. firefighters had to deal with not only the steep terrain and dry brush but temperatures that topped 100 degrees. hundreds of homes are threatened. we know that southern nevada also has the potential for fires like that one. that's why the national forest service is extending the seasonal fire and shooting restrictions for the spring mountains. that's the area you see shaded in gray here. we're talking about from mount charleston south into the red rock area down past blu conditions and the rick of human-caused fires, these restrictions are being extended until the end of oath. that means no campfires either. the mob museum is giving us a peek at its newest artifacts. look at this. it's a mob museum display of a smith & wessonful 38 revolver. is it an important piece? it was once owned by al capone.
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joined by richard weber who heads the irs's criminal investigation division. the pieces were seized by the irs in 2004 after the raid of an illegally gambling den in kentucky. if that gun could talk. maybe we don't want it to. a march for justice in the streets in tulsa. >> protests continue in the shooting of a man whose car >> that's next on news 3 live at 6:30. horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy
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and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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we could get these kind of ratings, right? last night's debate was the most watched presidential debate in the history. nielson company which keeps track of the eyeballs looking at tvs said 84 milli p >> today, hillary clinton and donald trump got back on the campaign trail after the battle on long island. so who won and who lost and what's next? stacy cohan has a look from washington. >> we had a great, great time last night. >> it was a fascinating period of time. i think we did very well. >> reporter: the post-debate, debate has begun. both candidates are claiming victory. >> i'm excited about where we are in this country.


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