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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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south carolina, is at the scene of a reported shooting at an elementary school in townville, south carolina. which is in anderson county. >> michelle: here's what we know. cnn is reporting at least two children have been shot and one teacher. early reports indicate that this is a lone suspect. that suspect we're told is in custody. we're getting word that at least one child was resuscitated and had to be helicopter to a nearby hospital in that area. armed officers were called to the school. this happened around 2:00 eastern time. the school is on lockdown right now. and, again, we don't know much about the shooter. we don't know if the shooter is another student or an outsideer. that information not released. but would do know they believe that person is in custody. this is a developing story and we're going to bring you more information as soon as we get
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i'm jeff maher in for krystal allan joined by michelle velez. the man accused of shooting and killing a man at a local starbucks appears in court today. >> michelle: news 3's craig fiegener has been following this story from the beginning. you were at the regional justice center and the district attorney says this case is going to be treated differently and we finally got our first look at the suspect in court today. >> craig: we did. in person, in court, in custody. you will remember he was arrested on sunday. and then formally charged, a filed yesterday. this was the first court appearance, the first of many in what will be a high-profile by all appearances. a high-profile criminal case. pedro garcia has been in the criminal justice system before. he has felony convictions from 2002 and 2004 and he is accused in the deadly starbucks shooting on sunday. this is an image from that morning when police say garcia
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khutsishvili. in court the judge asked if he understood the charges and garcia said yes. edward cain is expected to be his public defender. he just need as couple days to make sure he doesn't have any unknown connections to this case. >> in the meantime, i'll get discovery. i've only got about three pages now. >> reporter: because of his rap sheet if convicted garcia will never be free again. because of the shocking nature of this crime the district has top priority. >> when this case gets to court i am going to assign two of my experienced prosecutors to prosecute mr. garcia on the murder charge. >> reporter: in the police report obtained by news 3 garcia was in the drive-thru on sunday. he ordered water and tried to pay with a charge card. his name was on the card but the security strip removed and the employee was unable to charge garcia. she let him keep the water because he had opened it.
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he was inside the store. that he was armed. and that he fired several shots. one big question that still remains in this case: motive. we've heard no conversation that speaks exactly to why the suspect, pedro garcia, shot and killed a man according to police. the motive, we just don't know at this point. he is being held without bail. that was by judge's order today. when he returns to court on friday tll hearing date. >> michelle: a metro corrections officer recovering after he was beaten by a convicted killer inside of the county jail. the inmate, we've been talking about this man, 54-year-old david frostick. he was just sentenced two weeks ago to life in prison with the possibility of parole for killing his fiancee robin jenkins. police say last wednesday he hit an officer with the officer's own flashlight and then choked him out with his legs.
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treated for minor injuries and this entire incident was caught on camera. district attorney steve wolfson says the video will be used against frostick when he appears in court on this new case which is expected to happen next month. >> michelle: police are looking for answers after the murder of a 27-year-old man outside of an unlicensed night club in chinatown here in town. business owners say they suspected illegal activities happening at a clothing store was routinely played all night long according to then pool in the area. on sunday morning police found the body of ezekiel davis in front of the business. police say davis got into a fight inside the unlicensed club and then that spilled out to the parking lot and davis was shot to death. business owners say this is very troubling. >> that's a tough one. it's very hard. it's very hard.
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business and near my business somebody got killed and it's a tough thing to swallow. >> michelle: metro police say the clothing store was on radar. metro never had been called out for any suspected criminal activity there. >> jeff: is it a dangerous drug or harmless way to treat pain? there is a battle looming over a plant called kratom. it is an asian plant sold at several places throughout las part of the brain as oxycodone. the dea says it is dangerous and points to 600 calls to poison control over the last five years and 15 deaths over the past two years. but advocates say those statistics don't tell the whole story. >> crate om is -- kratom is so much safer than anybody you can buy. even sugar is more addictive and more harmful for you than kratom is.
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kratom as early as friday. >> michelle: all right. can you believe we're just 41 days away from the election? deadlines are coming up quickly, especially if you have not registered to vote. you still have time. but it's going to come quick. here are the dates. you have until october 8th to register online or at the dmv for the november election. from october 9th-18 you have to go to a county elections office to do that. early voting starts october 22nd. easy. head to that's our website. and there's an easy link there where you can register online. >> jeff: you know, for awhile this seemed like the never ending election year. >> michelle: that seemed really far away. now here we are. >> jeff: and here's kelly with the weather. >> kelly: we're getting there. but we've got rain moving in to the area again. that is something that we are watching closely this afternoon. we did have a ban of showers that made its way through earlier. now those showers starting to
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of kingman will take a turn west. it's moving northwest right now. that's one that we are watching to possibly move into the las vegas area later. i want to look at the time-lapse. this is from today. this morning. where you can see a couple of rain shafts there. there was a pretty rainbow earlier too. then the sunshine returned for a little bit. more clouds started to build back in. doesn't look like we're going to see much in the way of severe weather but a couple of isolated 86 degrees right now at cully elementary school. at palo verde high school it's 85. winds are calm. temperatures not expected to rise a whole lot more than. 87 degrees, that's our high. a chance of thunderstorms continues. we're going to talk about how long it's going to last and when you can watch your car coming up. >> michelle: police are asking for calm after a deadly shooting in southern california. police say an african-american man was shot yesterday in el
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while acting erratically and failing to comply. so the video we see here are crowds that gathered by the scene of the shooting last night. police officials say that witness video voluntarily given to them shows that the man did not have his hands up in the air. here's the still shot that they released -- we just saw it there a moment ago. they released a still shot showing the man who appears to be pointing something at an officer. hopefully we'll see it again here. the shooting comes just days after police in charlotte, north carolina released their video showing the september 20th killing of the man there named keith lamont scott. >> jeff: 12:08. some big controversy brewing at a high school today after a student was kicked off campus for a costume. coming up, what he was wearing that got him in trouble. >> michelle: plus if you used coupons to help save money, watch out. what you need to look out for
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today's rip-off alert. we'll explain. >> jeff: and then your dog can celebrate october as well with dog-tober fest. how you and your four-legged friends can take nart this event. that's coming up at 12:30. we'll be right back with "news 3 live at noon." as we leave you with these live images. breaking news at this hour out of south carolina. another school shooting. this one at an elementary school. two children shot. the shooter, the suspected shooter reportedly in many more details to come. this is a developing story. a breaking story.
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to get more information about breaking news out of townville, south carolina. this is a school shooting at an elementary school. according to our sister station wyff out of south carolina, here is what we know. two students were injured. both of them were airlifted to a pediatric unit at the hospital nearby. one female teacher was injured.
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hospital. they have one teenager in custody believed to be the suspect. and also the coroner's office there is investigating the death of a man whose body was found about three miles away from the school. they're looking into the possibility this could be connected to the shooting at this elementary school. so right now, two children injured, one teacher injured, and one teenager suspect in custodn carolina. where about an hour ago, two hours ago there was a shooting at an elementary school there. we're going to continue to follow this information and we'll bring you more as it backs available. >> jeff: controversy at a texas high school after a student was asked to change his clothes when he dressed as a slave for the school decades day. brian says he was wearing a ball and chain, shredded t-shirt, splattered fake blood and carrying a bag of cotton.
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the 1600 to 18 hundreds even though that would be centuries not decades. the school says if a student is dressed inappropriately and/or if their dress is considered a distraction they will be asked to change clothe. the senior says he only wanted to recognize the plight of his ancestors. >> they told me that your outfit, um, which you see in the back was the slash marks and that, like i should take it off before it starts problems and it am. this is history. that's it. that's all it is. >> jeff: brian did change his costume to avoid school suggestion suspension. he says it is part of our country's history and there's no reason to cover it up. >> michelle: possible government shutdown looming at the end of this week and also senate lawmakers at an impasse
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spending bill. democrats are demanding money for the water crisis in flint, michigan. republicans have a laundry list of their own complaints ranging from zika funding and an effort to block international oversight of the internet. in a come pro highs in, if a compromise is not met we could see non-essential government operations shut down along with the closing of national parks. the last time this happened, was in 2013 when lawmakers could not agree on funding the u.s. senate today voted to override president obama's 9/11 bill veto. the senate voted 97-one for the override which will allow 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia for allegedly backing the september 11th attackers. the lone no vote was from nevada's senator minority leader harry reid. the house vote on obama's veto is happening right now as we speak. if the house votes to override
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becomes law and will be the first time congress overrides a presidential veto during president obama's tenure. >> jeff: officials say the missile system that shot down malaysia airline came to russia and was returned to russia. they say the missile was launched in territory controlled by pro russian separateists from eastern ukraine. the plane exploded in the sky killing all 229 people on board. russia has denied any dust, it's called a haboob. i just love saying that. it happens all the time in neighboring arizona. but this is what it looks like. and it blew through yesterday in phoenix. the national weather service issued a blowing dust advisory for that phoenix area and bordering county. this is what it looks like from a helicopter view. isn't that amazing? many roads in the area were affected by dust and the national weather service advised
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forecasters warn that gusts of winds could reach upward of 40 miles an hour and that reduces visibility to less than a mile. they're use to this in that area. >> jeff: and i'm sure there's a lot of people in arizona that want their cars to be cleaned after that. it's kind of the same case here in las vegas. a lot of dirty cars driving around and people waiting for the right day to do it. >> kelly: this morning was the kind of rain it was just enough to make your car -- >> michelle: like a nice film of >> kelly: exactly. don't wash them yet. let's hold off for a couple days. we are looking at the possibility for rain today and maybe tomorrow. this is a time-lapse from the o'callaghan middle school this morning. we had a few light showers. a couple of moderate showers. right now partly sunny skies. temperatures as you are heading out the door, summerlin 85.
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the humidity levels, the dew points, those are definitely rising. we do have quite a bit of sunshine. maybe a little bit of instability but probably not enough to really get a good soaker out of this one. here's the bigger system. the super of low pressure still in southern california as the showers wrapping around. you can see the moisture being pulled up here. and moving through arizona. then taking the curve to the west. let's zoom in closer and see what's going on closer to home now. around pahrump we're seeing activity. the biggest ban has been moved out in to california. what we're watching now is this cluster of showers here as it makes its way northwest. right now its current track looks like it will put it north of the las vegas valley. also showers and a couple more moderate showers maybe even a little bit of thunderstorm action starting to fire up near primm. so this area here the one near pahrump and the one just west of lake mead, these ones we're
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here's what we're expecting throughout the rest of the day. partly sunny skies. we have a chance for showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. temperatures below normal. 87 degrees. tonight looking at the still chance for showers. isolated thunderstorm. mainly in the evening. cloud cover will keep things warmer. the low around 70. we're not going to get into the 60s tonight. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. this is why i say hold on on washing the -- off on washing the car. there's a slight the sun comes back out friday and is going to stick with us all weekend but we're also dealing with breezy conditions. this time developing saturday afternoon, continuing through monday. look at the wind is going to blow in colder air. we're talking 50s for lows and 70s for highs on tuesday. >> michelle: bring it on! jay. >> jeff: thank you kelly. a lot of people looking for savings. if you use coupe thoenz next rip-off alert is for you.
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brings us a close look at how coupons could get you in trouble if you don't pay attention. >> a lot of people, consumers looking for a deal and through coupons. >> marie: when fort worth texas shopper ordered coupons online was thrilled when they came in the mail. >> if you like my coupons, please email me and i'll give you a list of the coupons that you can purchase from arrive they had the required legal code and bar code. but there was a problem. >> she said they were just too clean. number one. they look like they had just been cut fresh off the press on very good quality paper. and they were too good, really too good to be true. >> reporter: many items were free. aluminum foil, peanut butter. >> she said why would somebody send me these free. number 2, they did look too good.
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postal inspectors who tried to track down the email address only to learn it had been disabled. inspectors say research is important. >> when you are dealing through ebay and other internet auction sites you have to be careful with whom you are dealing. i would definitely look at their seller profile to determine if they have a list of this. are they a reputable dealor that site. >> marie: this particular coupon source was shut down lesson. before you send any money or if you feel uncertain do research. even contact the website ahead of time to make sure it's ge le get mat. -- legitimate. >> jeff: we continue to follow breaking news out of south carolina. this is townville which is in anderson county. an elementary school shooting. we have learned from cnn that two children have been injured in this. along with a teacher. so three victims total.
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suspect is a teenager and they have that person in custody. >> michelle: we know both of the children were airlifted by helicopter to nearby pediatric units. the teacher, a female, was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. also, they're investigating the body of a man who was found about three miles away from that school. they believe it could be related to the shooting. so they are investigating. of course the school is on lockdown. these are live pictures here. out of the school and parents have been taken to a nearby area where they're waiting for their children to be released. we're following this and we will bring you more information. a press conference is scheduled to happen soon. hopefully we'll learn more. when we do, we'll bring it to you.
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. >> michelle: we're continuing to follow this breaking news out of south carolina. this is townville elementary school in the town of townville where a shooting happened just a few hours ago. we're actually waiting for a press conference that's scheduled to happen any moment from that area. what we know right now is three
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we have been told by the coroner's office that the two students who were shot, their injuries are considered non life threatening. that is good news. we don't know the age of the students. we know the teacher is a female and the suspect is a teenager. >> jeff: the teenager in custody. the school is on lockdown and, wow, so many awful memories coming back from the sandy hook shooting from not so long ago.
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>> michelle: we're following breaking news right now out of south carolina where two students and a teacher were shot at an elementary school. they do have a suspect in custody. we're waiting on a press conference. we have more information we're going bring it to you shortly
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friends in on this fun adventure. that's straight ahead. >> michelle: and iron steak and sea. boy, they have delicious food. they're back with what this restaurant is cooking up for it's new lunch menu and how it's mixing things up from traditional steak and lobster to a really, really good what was it? >> jeff: lunch menu. >> michelle: the sandwich. >> jeff: a blt straight ahead. news we start with that breaking news out of south carolina. an elementary school shooting is what we're talking about today. three victims in all. two of them are students. we don't know how old. the update that we got is those two students have non life threatening injuries. good. the other victim a teacher. there is a suspect in custody described as a teenager. not many details on the suspect.


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