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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 28, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. . let's face it at the end of the day it is about hillary clinton and donald trump. >> reed: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30," one-on-one. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine like you have never seen him before. what he has to say about donald trump. >> marie: plus getting help. new rules for applying for financial aid. what you need to be ready for as
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wednesday. a $200 million experiment in the south western desert. but did we actually learn anything from biosphere two? >> tom: tom -- tom hawley takes us back 25 years. >> marie: republicanial presidential candidate donald trump continuing his path toward the white house. this time in president obama's hometown of chicago. >> reed: he spoke to the poll esh national alliance and promised to be a championor polish communities in the united states. listen to this. >> as president i will honor poland's sacrifices for freedom. we're committed to a strong poland. very committed. totally committed. and a strong eastern europe as a bullwork for security and liberty. >> reed: this meeting with the polish national alliance was unannounced. he also spoke at a rally in iowa. trump and democratic candidate hillary clinton are both
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mr. trump continues to prepare for the next debate we're hearing from the democratic presidential candidate. >> marie: new at 3:30, political correspondent scott thuman talks to tim kaine and a former republican senator who plans to vote for hillary clinton. >> republicans would say for the sake of the party why can't you just get in line? >> you always got to think of country first. that's the dominant issue. in this very troubled world we have today, america's leadership. >> reporter: you are very close with senator cain. if he were not on this ticket would you still be endorsing the democratic side in. >> i'm quite certain i would. >> reporter: donald trump has argued that a lot of the endorsements come from quote/unquote political hacks. >> i'll take the generals any day over the political hacks that i see that have led our country so brilliantly over the last ten years with theirage kk.
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unquestioned says for the first time in my life i am going to endorse a democrat, that is extremely powerful. but let's face it. at the end of the day it is about hillary clinton and donald trump. >> reporter: would a donald trump presidency be a dangerous one? >> no. i dismiss trump as a viable candidate simply because of how he denigrateed the military. >> he says the military as disaster. who says the generals should all be fired. >> rte recharacterize that theme at all? >> no i didn't at all. i criticized president obama not the generals. they have bad leadership and that's why we're doing so badly. i just go back to those words first coined by president ronald reagan and it's peace through strength. and not only peace through strength but when and when not to use that strength in the cause of seeking peace.
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lacks. >> reed: obviously he was talking to the vice presidential running mate of hillary clinton there and a u.s. senate icon there mr. warner. we want to know what you think with our question of the day. are you better off or worse off financially than you were eight years ago. head to to weigh in. >> marie: fbi director james comey has a warning on the threat of future terror attacks while french officials say they may have stopped several possible attacks. more details from the terrorism >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c. i'm jonathan elias. there is a dire warning going out from fbi director james comey regarding the threat of future terror attacks. he says he is confident that isis will be defeated. however, he warns extremists will leave syria and iraq and commit attacks in other countries. >> we must prepare ourselves and our allies especially in western europe to confront that threat. because when isil is reduced to an insurgency and those killers
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to western europe and try to come here to kill innocent people. >> reporter: 600 more u.s. troops are headed to iraq. they're going helping the iraqi government oust isis from mosul. the troops will be deploying in the next few weeks. in france, a terrorism official in nice says it has stopped multiple attacks in that city. the targets included churches, stadiums, even schools. from the terrorism alert desk in washington d.c., i'm jonathan elias. >> reed: thank you. the defense is expected to begin their case in bundy and others who occupied that national wildlife refuge in southeastern oregon. attorneys are expected to call several officers who were already testifying in the case. ammon bundy is expected to take the stand but is not known exactly when that going to be. bundy's charged with conspireing to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs. >> marie: it is crunch time for high school students and their parents. >> reed: new changes to the aid
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information that is vital to your family's finances. >> reporter: whether you want to go here or here or here, you've got to start here. >> thinking about having to pay for college gets overwhelming. >> reporter: makayla and her mom have been at this for weeks. mapping out a plan on what colleges makayla will apply to. going pay for >> it i was thinking, okay, do i start now with a second, third or fourth job? [ laughter ] >> reporter: before you panic, every parent and student should fill out the free application for federal student aid also known as fafsa. here's what you need to know that's new for the upcoming 2017/2018 school year. you can file your fafsa as early
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parents had to wait until january 1st. another major change to fafsa. parents and students will be required to report income information from their 2015 tax year. although the filing deadline is june 2018, don't procrastinate. >> most schools have what's called a priority filing deadline. that's the date that those schools say first-come/first-serve. >> reporter: depending on your school, if your fafsa is filed by the priy and you are going to have first doibz any money that might be available. don't be intimidated by the fafsa application. >> it is a daunting form. people get very, very nervous about doing it. or get partway through and say i can't do this and give up not realizing there's help. >> regardless of where we go -- >> reporter: and learn from this mom and daughter team. stay focused. >> my husband and i are devoted and committed to ensure we're
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to help navigate this process. >> reed: just 26 years old a british airline employee believes she is the world's youngest commercial captain. >> marie: kate mcwilliam joined british airways as a first officer five years ago and has been promoted to captain after passing the airlines command course. she says she loves to fly and meet people from all over the world. >> i just really enjoy the flying. i get to fly with different peop e and see lots of different places. just really enjoyable job. if you can find a job that's also a hobby you don't have to work a day in your life. it's just a great job. >> marie: before her promotion she served add a first officer. that means he was the co-pilot and second in command to the .
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. >> reed: wow. well that is what run dredz of -- hundreds of tourists in indonesia saw as they had to be evacuated after a vol tano blew. authorities closed the gates and told visitors to keep one mile away. officials say there are still about 50 climbers missing but believed to be safe. all tourists who have been saved from the park are in good condition. an ohio woman says a political research group left her a personal and disturbing message on her phone. >> i know you are retired and everything it's just really strange that someone with your knowledge, your expertise would ever want to support hillary. your social security number [ bleep ] has been compromised. >> reed: wow. nessage even had the social security number. we obviously bleeped it out. patricia says she immediately filed a police report. the group the guy claims he is
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they did not appear on any website when the woman searched for them. >> marie: the man once called the most hated man in america is letting you punch him in the face for a price. you are look at infamous pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli known for hiking place prices of a life saving aids drug. he wants to raise money for his friend's six-year-old son. so shkreli is auctioning off a punch to his face. he announced it on twitter. that katie from florida $50,000 matched by shkreli. >> reed: a proposal went terribly wrong. >> marie: and it was all on a big screen at a ball game. we'll tell you how the proposal ultimately played out. >> reed: it looked like a minor accident but turned into something much more serious. why dozens of people had to rush in at the last minute. >> chloe: stormy weather continues with the latest thunderstorm you can see developing in the henderson area. i'll tell what you neighborhoods
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age
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and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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>> tom: 25 years ago this week a few hundred miles to the south near tucson a bold new experiment began. the premise is nicely summed up in the ong forgettable pauly shore movie. >> the place is the arizona desert. here a team of scientists and investors led by dr. noah walker have come together to create the first space station on earth. a self-contained world. a pure environment. >> tom: that's the fictional biodome but that introduction described the real life premise of biosphere. it was financed by a billionaire dreamer ed bass.
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ply your spaceship well that all of humanity might flight better in the future. >> members will survive on the food they grow and raise. >> tom: it was very idealistic. nbc checked back in halfway through the experiment. a year later the project is still surrounded by controversy. there's an on going debate about whether biosphere two is a legitimate scientific experiment or whether it's something else attraction for the camera toting fannie pack set who would make hand signal communications. while their home video shows them feasting the truth is the biosphereans have had trouble growing enough food to sustain themselves. they've had to supplement their diet with foods stored up in advance. >> tom: later two of the scientists compromised the
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responsibility for damage. damage the sheriff's department confirmed. the two apparently opened up the doors letting outside air in. >> a key! ? [music] ? . >> tom: when the two years were over it wasn't a dance party like biodome but the biosphereans emerged claiming success. >> they said it couldn't be done. [ laughter ] here healthy, happy. >> tom: another biosphere team went in for seven months in 1994 and was plagued by many of the same problems. while tasted demolition in favor of housing but the university of arizona purchased the facility and today uses it as a center for research and teaching. it remains the largest closed ecosystem ever created. >> reed: thank you so much. a few houston area deputies go the extra mile. it started when a deputy was
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well when he looked inside the window of one of the cars he saw a woman inside not breathing. moore than a dozen deputies and people nearby were working to break into the car to get her out and that's when they got to work starting cpr. >> i kept going come on, come on. >> i would return. i had another deputy relieve me. we just kept going until fire and ems got there. >> reed: after five minutes of cpr the woman was breathing again. they saved her life. and tonight we're glad to tell you she will live. as for what caused her to stop breathing officials don't know what happened to her. >> marie: a driver in seattle, washington, able to walk away alive after the mustang he was in was cut in half. witnesses say the driver of the car lost control, slammed into this pole. the car burst into flames then be tunnel of tumbled down the trail. when the scene cleared the man was amazingly able to just get up and walk around. witnesses say they can only
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>> window wasn't even broken on that car. yet the car was cut in half. it was impossible for anybody to be outside that car standing there on their own two feet. >> marie: would you believe this. none of the debris caused damage or injuries to anybody else. police let the driver go out wo a ticket but they're still investigating to determine whether he was driving recklessly. presen visit from a bush today but not a former president bush. >> reed: kyle busch, the race car driver who lives here in las vegas, was honored at the white house for winning nascar's sprint cup championship last year. busch attended the ceremony with his wife and his entire racing team. you know during the ceremony, the president joked about the familiarity of the race's last name. >> that's 2016. i think there were some people who thought we were going to see a busch back here in the
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but they didn't know it was going to be kyle. [ laughter ] >> reed: kyle busch gave the president one of his helmets as a gift. busch won the championship last year despite missing the first part of the season with an injury. we're very proud of him. looks like former nfl quarterback tim tebow may be pretty good at baseball after all. in an instructional league game in florida the 29-year-old swung at the first pitch. guess what. you hear the crowd cheering. that's beca h he was signed by the mets after putting on a display to try to turn his nfl career into a baseball career. the las vegas 51s are an affiliate of the mets so you may see tebow swinging for the fences here next season. >> marie: play gone wrong had fans at yankee stadium gasping in disbelief. a fan's plan to pop the question to his girlfriend during the red sox-yankees game hit a snag as the perspective groom dropped the engagement ring in the
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spectators. they all swarmed around lending many hands to the bumbling romeo. that's what some are calling him. they tracked down the missing jewelry. he got the ring back. got a redo. most importantly got a yes from his bride to be. >> reed: a lot of cheering fans there. a kiss seals the deal. disney is remaking the lion king. so hakuna matata to you. the studio's official twitter account made the announcement on weda imagine it in a way similar to the jungle book. walt disney studio says it will include music from the original. it is one of the biggest animated films at time. at one point it broke box office records then it went to the stage. no release for the new lion king. >> marie: even the stage version has made records for how many people have come out to see that version. let's talk about this.
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the lion king? what would you add? what would you take away? hopefully all the songs stay in. >> reed: i want a girl cub this time. >> marie: to lead the pride. >> reed: let's get a girl up there. >> marie: that's one idea. tweet us @marienews3lv, @reednews3lv or the station @news3lv. >> reed: make sure to join the conversation on facebook by "liking" our page. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas and then we can write back and forth. time for on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: a henderson mother stabbed to her death in her bed. the accused killer, her husband. >> reed: only 40 days left until the presidential election. do you know who you are going to vote for? what republicans and democrats are doing to get you to actually vote and to make your voices heard. we have those stories plus a check of your traffic tonight on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: there's a new tropical storm that's form ned atlantic. tropical storm matthew is churning south of the eastern
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producing 60-mile-an-hour winds and has tropical storm warnings in affect for st. lucia and barbados. the track has it turning towards cuba over the weekend possibly developing into a hurricane. so our hearts and thoughts go out to those who might be dealing with some tumultuous-- >> reed: we are continuing to track the active weather on the radar this afternoon. >> marie: our weather authority very busy on this wednesday. what's happening right now. >> chloe: we t it's starting to clear up. we're going to take you to the neighborhood and you can see a live picture. before we get to the radar, dark clouds looming in over the valley. here is a look at the satellite and radar. you can see that thunderstorm popping up over in the henderson area right there. again this is just in the past -- this thunderstorm was just in the past half-hour. we're going get in closer and you can see the development then how quickly it dissipates as it
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portion of the valley. here what's it looks like. things are starting to clear up outside but these are the neighborhoods that are experiencing some of the rain from west warm springs, east russell and look like all the way to east harmon avenue. certainly if you under this area are going to need an umbrella. just to stay safe i'd pack an umbrella and keep the rain bottoms handy. the storm as of right now moving in a northwestern direction. so we could see showers developing across the valley later on over the next few hours. a lot of the activity though has been happening in the mountains. you can see as we make our way over mount charleston near pahrump you can see a big cell active along blue diamond road. you can see it right there. also quite a bit of thunderstorm activity that we've been monitoring over the last couple hours over near san bernardino. just as we take this out a little wider you can see also storms just to the south of us. we are expecting this scattered to isolated showers and thunderstorms over the next few
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progresses. as of right now, our rain totals are pretty pathetic. really light rain showers for summerlin as well as nellis. nothing too intense. just looking at some light showers this afternoon. even saw a little bit of shower activity in pahrump from earlier today. off and on cloudy skies throughout the region. again, those pop-up thunderstorms certainly still possible over the next few hours. we're certainly seeing it happening over at mount charleston right now. and in the valley we saw a little bit of sprinkles earlier we've been dry through most of the activity. now the activity is starting to pick up. mostly on the edges of town. temperatures outside ranging from the low 80s in summerlin to upper 80s on the east side of town. winds are picking up just slightly out of the southwest and temperatures coming in at 60 degrees for mount charleston. 79 degrees for pahrump. and mid-80s for indian springs. also seeing some light to moderate winds this afternoon. the showers will continue to dra minish as we continue our way
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continue tonight. drying up as we make our way into friday. looking ahead to lows tonight. very similar temperature wise compared to last night. highs tomorrow will also be around what we typically see this time of year. 88 degrees on tap for pahrump. low 90s overton as well as lake mead. and 87 for boulder city by the afternoon. we're going to hang on to the cloudy skies, dry up overnight. lows dropping into the 70s. very similar compared to last night. 89 for the projected high tomorrow. slight chance of seeing those thunderstorms again pop up later in the day. and looking ahead. very slight chance we'll see shoes for thursday. after that another storm will bring us not only increased wind speeds but cooler weather. i can't believe i'm saying this. but our high temperature is going to drop down to 81 degrees by tuesday and wednesday. >> marie: summer is long gone. that's all that i have to say. >> reed: see ya.
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say twin pandas have opened their eyes. giant panda yang yang gave birth to the male and female babies august 7th. panda cubs usually begin to open their eyes around 30 to 45 days old then fully open after that. >> reed: look how she holds them. the cubs have started lifting their heads. they're kicking and playing on their mother's belly. now they're like where did mom go. did she run to albertson's. >> marie: what can we get into now that she is >> reed: while the panda's away the cubs will play. that does it for "news 3 live at
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