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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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violence in the street. >> live television debate, a special spin on this one. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> good morning. welcome, it is 4:30 and it is going to be about two hours from now. >> we're the the ksnv studio this morning. this is not a day to wash the car, i counted 50 raindrops this morning. >> if you can count the raindrops, we're not talking
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>> i think everything will be mainly sprinkles, maybe in the higher terrain, we could see more activity. 79 degrees at 9:00 a.m. and 89 that's our expected high, a slight chance for showers throughout the day. we'll talk more about that in ten minutes. >> at 4:30, we have breaking news to share concerning your morning commute. a crash on the 215 near decatur is causing major issues at this hour. e hearing from at least one witness who called our newsroom and told us there are several cars involved in this one. if you check out your screen right now. you can see there's a huge backup, as we just heard with kelly with the rainy conditions, we're not sure if that played a role at all. >> the other thing we know about this is that they had a lane restriction there, because they were doing overnight work, all
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westbound 215 will be limited until 10:00 this morning. crews will repair and restrict the eastbound lanes tomorrow during the same time at 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at 4:32 we transition to this developing story. there's a man hunt for the killer. this person suspected of shooting a man outside of an illegal nightclub here in wn metro showing the suspect and also a couple of people that they want to talk with. this all played out near decatur and flamingo, it is from last weekend. detectives say the man ended up shooting 27-year-old ezekiel davis inside of a clothing store that was really housing an after hours illegal nightclub, once they transitioned into the evening hours. davis was found dead a short time later.
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>> if you recognize any of these people that we just talked about, don't keep it to yourself. please call crime stoppers. >> it is 4:33. the cyberspace that we all share is about to get more secure. >> this afternoon a group of cyber security experts will launch the southern nevada cyber security alliance. it dominates federal government has proven vulnerable. heading this team of volunteer experts who will assist local authorities, it could include everything from local utilities to our court system. >> in the event of a perceived or imminent threat to the critical infrastructure of any one of the cities of las vegas, north las vegas or henderson, that the mayor or the chief information officer can pick up a phone and say, jonathan, i
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can you help us out. it includes it and risk prevention managers from law enforcement and the fbi. they will work together whenever there's a crisis here in nevada. >> even the nfl seems to be king in the united states of america, not everyone is down with the plan to get the raiders here in town. the people against it making their voices heard. it is called common good. governor brian sandoval has called for a special session. he would like to look at the oversight's committee to increase clark county's hotel room tax. we're talking $1.9 billion worth of a stadium here. this group thinks the public is going to have to shoulder all of the risks while the billionaires
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governor to approve that stadium deal. just hours ago, about a 5 hour drive from las vegas, these protesters gathering for a second night in el cajon after tuesday's fatal officer-involved shooting. a crowd of protesters angry over the shooting death of the unarmed african american marched down the street of the site of several protesters took to the streets. protesters chanted holding black lives matter signs as police in riot gear. police shot and killed alfred luongo, we found out that he was not holding a gun at all.
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machines. >> it is like electronic cigarettes. >> it is interesting, they saw metallic, that could be the metallic portion they are talking about. police believe a man and teen shot his dad, and then at an el day. >> the shooter, a teenager armed with a handgun opened fire on the playground. >> he was apprehended before he could enter the school. >> he engaged the suspect and at that point took him down and then law enforcement was quickly behind him. >> the entire incident over
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authorities say two male students and one teenager were hurt. one of the students injured critically, the other student and the teenager treated and released. >> we're thankful for the quick response by law enforcement. >> a short time after the school shooting authorities received another call about two miles away a man dead from a gun shot wound. the suspected school shooter's father. >> we believe at this time it is connected townville. >> students were taken to a nearby church where they were reunited with parents. >> >> the school has cancelled classes for the remainder of the week. >> nbc news. >> 4:37 now. it looks like congress will avoid a government shutdown at least for now. a bill passed yesterday that
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through december 9th. it was passing a potential shutdown tomorrow if congress didn't get something passed for the last day of september. this is what they call a continuing resolution. it does get the country through the presidential election. lawmakers approved federal money for the fight against the zika virus and for the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> at 4:38, just a heads up that today happens to be national coffee day and a lot of local places are offering deals that will p participating restaurants are krispy kreme locations offering all of us customers a free coffee. starbucks is donating a coffeetree for a farmer for every single cup of the mexican coffee that you purchase today. dunkin' donuts is offering a
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66 cents. we want you to participate in honor of this national coffee day. we want to see your morning cup of joe. snap the shot, post it on social media, and we want you to use the #news 3 coffee. we have this new tagboard application that gets all of the social media together and puts it in one place. because of automation. i'm springing this on our director dana's is his cougar mug from washington state university. mine is from will and kate ended up getting married all of those years ago from 2011. perk us up by sending us some pictures and then we're going to broadcast them throughout the morning news. >> i thought every day was coffee day. >> it is. >> for most people up at 4:39 in the morning, that's for sure.
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jerusalem and israel. shimon peres's funeral is tomorrow. president barack obama is expected to attendening won't with former president bill clinton. >> a convenience store clerk, all caught on camera, where he can too her and how she was able to escape. >> we need an house, i guarantee you. >> michelle obama not holding back when it comes to who should be occupying the white
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ace of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> police have arrested this guy. he's armed with a hammer and suspected of kidnapping a convenience store clerk just yesterday. a silent alarm at the store went off and that's when they figured out there was a man that had kidnapped a female clerk inside. that man clearly seen carrying a hammer. he drags her out of the s takes off. he takes her to a cemetery where, get this, she's able to escape. he was later captured after a short pursuit and also an accident. he ended up eventually being tased by police officers. >> wow. at 4:43, still to come this morning. an intense brawl happening on live television, how it all started and what happened in the
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>> at 4:45 welcome back to the program. you're waking up to new information and evidence this morning all released in the case of two louisiana law enforcement officers charged in the murder of a six-year-old little boy. >> shots fired. >> the body camera footage was submitted as evidence by the state and this was pre-trial hearing for derek stafford. it is from the night that six-year-old jeremy martis was killed. you see him in a car with his hands raised out the window. the little boy was hit five times. his dad wounded but did survive. stafford and greenhouse are charged with second degree murder in jeremy's death, plus the attempted second degree
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>> 4:46 and late miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez is going to be laid to rest later today. fans and teammates said a final good-bye. >> yesterday fans and teammates said their good-bye and you can see the procession right there on their screen. wearing white t-shirts that read rip. the 16 in honor jersey number. fernandez killed by a crash into some rocks off of miami beach. >> the united states army saying sorry this morning to a presidential candidate and it has to do with a tweet about republican presidential nominee donald trump. here is the tweet in question. i'll read it for you.
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the tweet was posted yesterday but quickly removed. the army blaming that tweet on a manager within their social media division. that manager, who has since had her army social media account suspended, intended to post that on her personal account. >> >> because of what we do and we have personal social media pages, there's certain things i think the army is saying are you kidding me that you thought you could do that on your personal account? >> there is free speech, but we also work for people. that doesn't mean that your employer has to allow you to do anything you want to do or say. >> good way to put it. >> with our jobs we know that's definitely part of the case as well. >> here is a look at what we are seeing outside. that's a lot of clouds and
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now. >> i want to start out with a live look. you can see a little bit of virga there, too. we had waves of clouds, little bit of breaks, sunshine as well. a few light showers, some virga, it definitely made for some pretty pictures yesterday afternoon as well. here is a look at the temperatures. a little bit warmer. the clouds for us. north las vegas 73 degrees. here is a look at the radar, we're continuing to watch as moisture moving up and seeing a lot of it into arizona, it is moving up into utah, closer to home, it is pretty scattered, light and we have had some sprinkles in the las vegas valley this morning. right now around summerlin and centennial, all moving off to the north, i really don't expect
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commute this morning. we could see maybe a few sprinkles and light showers on and off throughout the day. just keep the umbrella handy. partly sunny skies. isolated showers, 89 degrees. that's our expected high today. overnight tonight, partly cloudy, 70, that's the low, as we get into friday, mostly sunny skies in las vegas, the showers will shift further to the east. mojave county and lincoln county could see light showers. 91 the high. the next in saturday afternoon. the wind will start kicking up. they will stick with us through monday. look at the change in the temperatures. we're going from low 90s friday and saturday to low 70s by monday. >> at 4:50, it is batter up for tim tebow. tebow mania hitting baseball, not football this morning.
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with major league baseball. he hasn't even hit the ball since his junior year in basketball. home run on the very first pitch in the instructional league. playing based out of florida. if he ends up doing well, the mets team is also here in town and help me with it, what's that called aaa? >> yeah. >> that's one step below major league baseball. >> aaa one step below real well if he's going to play in las vegas. >> there's a lot of guys that play here in las vegas. >> they will be called up. he's not to that point yet. he hasn't even played baseball until his junior year in high school. the crowd that was in place in florida, when he hit that homer through right center field cheering on tim tebow, the
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increasing her efforts to help hillary clinton win the white house. she has been working really to boost the younger voter enthusiasm when she's out on the campaign trail. she held a rally in philly the other day. the first lady had plenty of tough words for donald trump without directly mentioning his name. >> because when making life or can't just pop out or lash out irrationally. no. we need an adult in the white house. i guarantee you. she also accused him, without saying his name, of fears and lies an questioning her
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>> a live look at the booth right there in time square. alec baldwin is going to play donald trump. >> that's pretty good. >> it is awesome. >> they didn't speak a word in that entire there. alec baldwin is going to play all the way through the election. he's a huge fan of the show. >> usually it is darryl hammond who is the voice of snl, doing that whole big intro for them. >> chuck todd saying that they delayed their new season by a week because they wanted to have
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>> if you thought that was the showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton. it is a brawl that broke out on live television during a debate. cnn jeanne moos takes us inside the story. >> even if they didn't mean it. >> hillary clinton and donald trump pretended to be friendly. >> okay, good, i want you to be very happy. >> but happy is not how you describe this debate country of georgia. >> where the female host stepped between two candidates evenly to be caught in the crossfire. >> things are tense with the election november 8th. it sorts of make it feel like love taps. >> i have a feeling like i'm going to be blamed for
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>> why not throw water on the candidate who threw the first glass at the other guy and called him a sell out to russia. >> less than a week earlier, a pen was hurled in another on air fight after one georgian politician called the other scum. at least hillary and the donald just talked about fighting. >> you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> >> instead of throwing water, the donald. >> there's no prohibition. >> okay. jeanne moos cnn new york. >> 4:55, the first trailer of fantastic beats and where to
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the door. >> cyber security, you're going to meet the local cyber teams forming to keep you and your online information safe from potential hackers. >> also wanted. we're going to tell you why local police say they want to talk to the man on the left and the woman on the right. they think they may be involved in a terrible crime. >> also, it is national coffee day, where you can go get a cheap, free, or very cup of joe and we're going to let you know where to get that done in a matter of moments. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> good morning, welcome. it is 5:00 on this thursday morning, september 29th. as we welcome you into the studios here. kim and dana wagner standing by with our favorite mug. >> no surprise here, being a cougar from washington state.


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