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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the door. >> cyber security, you're going to meet the local cyber teams forming to keep you and your online information safe from potential hackers. >> also wanted. we're going to tell you why local police say they want to talk to the man on the left and the woman on the right. they think they may be involved in a terrible crime. >> also, it is national coffee day, where you can go get a cheap, free, or very cup of joe and we're going to let you know where to get that done in a matter of moments. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> good morning, welcome. it is 5:00 on this thursday morning, september 29th. as we welcome you into the studios here. kim and dana wagner standing by with our favorite mug. >> no surprise here, being a cougar from washington state.
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will loves kate. this is when the royals got married in 2011. we're going to be on social media this morning. we want you to snap a picture and send it in. we're going to share pictures of ourselves drinking our morning cup of joe. >> welcome on this thursday morning. tom holly sipping his 7-eleven mug. >> what would we do without caffeine? it is very early. we have a few light showers tracking their way through the area. partly sunny skies, there's going to be a slight chance for showers, the best chance will be up in the higher terrain. 79 degrees at 9:00 a.m., 85 at noon. 89 at 4:00. wait until you see the roller coaster ride we've got going on
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>> i was already planning on talking about decatur and 215 because there was some emergency work scheduled in the westbound lanes, now we have an accident in the eastbound lanes. that's sort of overshadows the work in the westbound lanes, this accident is blocking off all but one lane. traffic is slow getting through heading east. you see on the other side this work that's taking place completely unrelated to the accident. work for decatur and the 215. it means it will be slower than we expect. we're adding a couple of minutes to the commute coming in from durango to i-15. in an hour and a half, it will be a six minute commute. right now, you'll have to spend extra time waiting at that one. >> thank you. we're following more breaking news near charleston and bruce
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barricades there. joining us live with the latest. craig, what's going on? >> good morning, dana and to you at home. >> this was a trouble report that metro received about 10:00 last night and the s.w.a.t. team was dispatched. this is almost as a matter of procedure. there was a report that somebody was in a residence, i'm not sure if it was a house or an apartment. but a man in a residence wouldn't come out. there was a report of gunfire. of shots fired and the swat team had moved in. it this man was and would not come out. there were demands over loud speaker, a bull horn and eventually this did come to a resolution. but it took several hours and in that time, the neighborhood here was closed. some people were asked to leave. we can report right now that the person right now who was the focus of this barricade call has been arrested and taken into
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why this person wouldn't leave the residents, but everything, all clear right now. police presence still heavy, they are picking up everything that they deployed here as a matter of this swat call. back to you on these pictures. >> happening today. the man who claims he's the duke of manchester is going to be back inside a local courtroom. his name is alexander m manchester. he was in court earlier this week charged in connection with burglary and also charged with filing a false police report. we understand that a plea deal is in the works for the duke. >> right now, at 5:04. we take you to south carolina for a heart wrenching story, we've had another shooting on a campus, this time out of elementary school.
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a volunteer firefighter shot a teenager who shot three people outside of that school. after first killing his father at home. anderson county sheriff saying that the shooter wounded two students and a teacher yesterday afternoon. this is a rural town. this is way outside of any major city. this kid ended up being apprehended before he could get inside the actual building of this school. he said that he "just took him down". that man a 30-year just down the road from the school and got there before the police officers even had a chance to respond to the 911 call from thele doesn't -- the school. authorities say they don't know a motive for the shooting, they weren't sure if the students and the teachers were targeted. here at news 3, we'll stay on top of this developing story. >> metro says this is a murderer and they want to find him. they don't know exactly who he
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there's the suspect in the white shirt with the number three on his back. police also want to talk to this young lady that was walking through that area in that white dress, he also has the long hair as well. detectives say the man wearing glasses and a white shirt shot this man 27-year-old ezekiel davis inside a clothing store that was housing an after hours nightclub. davis was found dead a short police also want to talk to that woman as we mentioned. if you recognize anybody here, please call crime stoppers at 385-5555. >> that story playing out locally. we take you to neighboring california, where you see what was going on for a second night in a row. protesters gathering in el cajon, near san diego, after the fatal officer-involved shooting. a crowd of people, many of them
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an unarmed black man marching down the street. several hundred protesters taking to the streets. some of them walking against traffic. some of them chanting and holding black lives matter signs. police also responding, many of them in riot gear. on your screen right now, that lower left-hand, po, that image was first released in the overnight hours two nights ago. we had it for you on the program yesterday morning. it was a free frame of the man in question who looked like he was in however, he wasn't, it turns out it was some sort of an electronic device used like an electronic cigarette. police say he was acting erratically and did not follow orders. he had his hands in his pockets for most of the time. at one point he did pull an object from his pants and took that shooting stance. it sounds like it was one of those vapes, one of those electronic type cigarettes that he had in his pants. >> it is about to get more
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security experts will launch the southern nevada cyber security alliance. jonathan davies is a former member of british intelligence. he's going to head the team. areas of potential risk could include everything from local utilities to our court system. >> in the event of a perceived or imminent threat to the critical infrastructure of any of the cities of vegas, las vegas, that thean i think we need help with this. >> the team includes it risk prevention experts from local casinos, law enforcement and even the fbi. this alliance will work on a volunteer basis available wherever there's a crisis. >> we want to give you a heads up that today is national coffee day. a lot of places offering you deals to perk you up.
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a free cup of coffee and doughnut. starbucks are donating a coffeetree to a farmer in need for every brewed cup of a particular cup of coffee that you purchase today. dunkin' donuts is offering customers a medium size hot coffee for 66 cents. we want to make sure that you participate along with us. make sure that you snap a shot of your morning cup of media. make sure you hashtag at news 3 coffee. we have a tag board app where it gathers all of the shots and puts it on one page. dana and i are going to snap a picture with our favorite mugs that we use for our morning cup of joe and we want to see yours as well. keep watching the news and participate with us through social media. >> 215 is all jacked up this morning. eastbound and westbound.
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the other side is something else. tom holly is going to break it down for us coming up in a matter of minutes. >> and many people paying their respects to the late shimon peres in jerusalem. >> then also still to come, what people say someone is leaving at their attempting to get inside a car while the driver is still in the front seat.
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto.
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i'm catherine cortez masto,
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>> dramatic images coming out of eastern china. they have this massive landslide. this is all part of a typhoon. it made the hillsides very unstable there. forcing more than 18,000 people from their homes as rescue workers are now on the rescue workers looking for people who may be trapped in all of that. >> at 5:14, something happening today is going to have a lot of us with heavy hearts. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez will be laid to rest. it is going to be a private funeral. a lot of people wearing white
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stadium at 2:16 in the afternoon. the 16 in honor of his jersey number. the family was there, they had a public viewing, they allowed that. fernandez was killed early sunday morning in a boating accident. he along with two friends ended up crashing into a jetty off of miami in jerusalem. live pictures this morning. he was 93 years of age. there's the casket lying in state. you can see that there are some lines there as well. people even saluting shimon peres, he was huge in israel and
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politics. you see bill clinton going to the scene as well. president obama will be there tomorrow. >> we are your olympic station. we're focusing on tokyo right now. they think it is going some $30 billion to host the games. they are suggesting taking drastic cost cutting measureses by reconsidering the construction for the big venues. it could save them $5 billion as a result. rowing, canoeing, swimming and volleyball. that panel proposing using other venues or renovating other
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tokyo will consider ways to resolve these budgetary issues. >> tom holly has something to talk about. >> i wish i didn't, i was already planning on talking about some work that the county was planning to do to repair a little problem on the bridge on the westbound 215. the big problem is in the eastbound 215. >> a couple of cars got into an accident. you can see it is blocking travel. last time we only one lane open. now there's two lanes open. a situation on the mend. nevertheless, about an 11 minute drive coming from durango into the 15. >> our traffic ahead forecast that once things get back to normal. it should be about a 6 minute drive. for now, slow coming in from the southwest valley into the central valley. >> as we go over to kelly, i've experienced what our colleague
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morning. >> i had light rain. it was enough that i had to get the wipers going. you definitely could see the wet pavement out there. this is a time lapse look. we had a lot of virga yesterday. a few light sprinkles making it to the ground really, that was p it. it was pretty right around sunset. the light bounces off of it. >> here is a look at the temperatures as you're stepping out the door. this morning, it is a little bit blanket for us. paradise 73. still cool enough that maybe you want a light sweater as you're heading out the door. later, temperatures will warm up to at least near normal. look at all of this moisture building in from the south. most of us going into arizona and then up into utah. closer to home, it is just a few spotty light showers. most of this has moved north of the las vegas valley.
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picked up on the radar. heading into lakes and spring valley, summerlin and then up into centennial before it exits the area. most of us are going to stay dry. partly sunny skies, a few showers, better chances in the higher terrain today. 89 degrees. tonight, partly cloudy, 70 for the low and our 7-day forecast tomorrow, dry 91, but breezy conditions over the weekend. look at the high on monday though, 73. >> at religion we were never supposed to talk about that at a dinner party. at breakfast time, let's talk it out. jane, i tease, but i have talked about this numerous times, just because i'm a news person and i happen to be in the know and people complain about the taxes here in the state of nevada. i say i get it, it is a big deal, but we have one of the lowest tax burdens here in the
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foundation, nonpartisan, it says nevada is fifth best for the lack of tax burden on businesses and individuals. the state looks to keep them low to attract businesses, keep them there, also residents. in general, the western states have lower tax burdens. new york and new jersey worst in the nation. >> we were focusing on that particular topic. it sounds like all of us americans may be paying more at the ump p and it has to do with with a surprise move.
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oil production. >> now some analysts have had a chance to look at the agreement, they are a little lukewarm about it. maybe it won't happen as quickly as we thought. in las vegas 2.44. >> most people have to drive, going back to new york and new jersey, they do have many modes we swap these out interchangeably. >> i don't have a car, so i guess that makes up for some of that. >> here is dana. >> at 5:21. police officer rolling up to the scene when he sees this, a deer trying to get into this car. this happened in howell, new jersey, apparently the deer had been hit by a car when all of a sudden that woman stopped
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injured that it tries to get into the car. the woman is eventually able to fight the deer off and get it out of her car. unfortunately the deer died from the injuries sustained in the collision. >> police in los angeles say you're looking at a bad dude. we have the surveillance pictures to prove it. he's accused of going into a convenience store, armed with a hammer, and clerk in duty. these are amazing pictures. 29-year-old jose o caro and you can see him clearly dragging that victim and shoving her into that honda civic. he drives her to a cemetery, where get this, she's able to escape. the hunt is on for this guy. they have a short police
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police say he had been stalking that victim for quite some sometime, trying to find out where she lives and works, he also made threats to family members. >> that's quite a story. >> donald trump and hillary clinton back on the campaign trail, following the big debate, we have big poll numbers shows us who voters think walked away with the we got a situation in a new orleans neighborhood. >> what exactly is someone leaving on people's door steps, we take you there for the full
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>> the one accident we have eastbound on the 215 and decatur now fully on the shoulder. what was a jammed commute is now looking pretty clear. good news as far as that goes. your other freeways, no problems there either. let's >> we're looking at a few showers that have been tracking their way through the area this morning. most of it is very light sprinkles at best. showers moving to the north. most of it exiting the area. we're watching, more details coming up in ten minutes. >> at 5:26. we've got a situation in new orleans, it is pretty disgusting.
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woman and he's going to the bathroom on people's porches and we're not talking about number one here. sorry about that, but it is the news. they think this same guy dressed as a woman has been doing this over and over again in the same neighborhood. police are looking into it, they don't know why he's doing this, but they are trying to find him. >> all right. >> 5:27. >> still to come this morning. doctors couldn't prove it, but a student taking matters into her own hands, we'll explain how ahead. >> a question he was asked by chris matthews yesterday, one
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. we are continuing to follow breaking news at 5:30. a serious crash at 2 15 and decatur causing traffic issues, tom hawley wie latest on this. also back on the trail. fresh off the monday night debate. you are waking up to new poll numbers this morning. how you think those candidates did. who won, who lost. answers headed your way. plus -- >> in america freedom and liberties and power that we get to decide that's why i register to vote. >> dana: get out and vote. how many people in clark
5:31 am
side las vegas is leaning toward. and trumped up. this morning, new information, a preview who will play donald trump this season on "snl." who will be donning the donald do. an a-list actor and 2007 coming your way. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dana: good morning, thursday, 5:31. september 29. now. >> kim: love our cities at 5:31. love you too. we love our local viewers and maybe people who have watching us from hotel rooms around the world. kind of a great place las vegas is. we are kim and dana wagner on this thursday morning. >> dana: sprinkles out there. tom hawley at 215 and decatur. it looks like it is on the mend. >> reporter: yes, we did. serious overnight accident. eastbound lanes to decatur.
5:32 am
travel lanes and the accident on the shoulder, it is definitely an improved situation. couple of minutes ago a 11-minute drive from durango to the 17. now back to normal. good news in that regard. the bowl, freeways are looking good. a look outside normal traffic on the 215. i heard "snl" preparing for the first show that debut -- two things to predict. one we will see and hillary clintonry shimmy. >> kim: yes. >> kelly: we are looking at a couple of light showers as you are heading out the door this morning. don't forget, it is national coffee day. we want to see your cup hashtag news3 coffee. send it to us on twitter and what we are looking at, 85 by noon. 89 by 3:00. our high. partly sunny skies. there is a slight chance for showers. we will talk more about that
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watched at least some of the debate on monday night. the most-watched debate in american history with more than 80 million people tuning in, and new poll numbers out this morning. they poll likely voters at 52% of them who watched say they think hillary clinton was the clear winner while just 21% thought that donald trump won the debate. the other presumably thought it was some sort of a tie. we are joined live by a democratic strategist this morning. we appreciate you joining us today. hillary clinton i've noticed despite many people believing she won that debate, i have seen she is behind in national polls, many of them to donald trump. what's going on here? >> well, i think -- what we have all seen the art of the pollers and the art of the question and we have many polls that are all over the place. trump being up in some and
5:34 am
have quite shaken off -- or know the methodology of all these polls, but what we do know this will be a hotly contested race up until the very bitter end. we are certain to see some movement in some of the battleground state with hillary, i saw one where she was up in pennsylvania and florida and north carolina, some of those real key battleground states, but there are 40 more days left to go. two more debates left to go. fluctuate up until election day. >> political reporting yesterday that the clinton campaign concerned about the black vote in states like florida. the black vote has always traditionally gone to the democrat at least in recent years. so why -- why are the democrats worried about the black vote this time? >> ingot to go one paragraph and two paragraphs away from
5:35 am
85% of the african-american vote. in pennsylvania over 90%. right now philadelphia donald trump only polling at 1% amongst african-americans. it is an overwhelming support. will she garner as much as the first african-american president, president obama, no, but it is still an overwhelmingly strong support. we have the democratic strategists on this morning but as we get closer to election day, about 40 days out talk to democrats and republicans on this very important national link. thank you very much for joining us live from washington. >> kim: the clinton campaign concerned about the millennial vote and that's why they had 75-year-old bernie sanders a senior citizen out on the trail with hillary yesterday hoping to get momentum from younger voter. speaking of younger voters the campus of unlv and a month away and hearing from the
5:36 am
registrations. when it comes to the ground game and focus on republicans and democrats and strategy. they are all trying sign people up to vote. the clinton campaign focusing on the campus of unlv. they had a big voter registration drive. nevada is a big battleground state. and donald trump was up 5 percentage point in the state of nevada. students talking about importance of getting people registered to vote. >> in america the freedom and rights and liberties to put people in power that we get to decide. that's why i registered to vote. >> the election only comes around four years for president and this is a very important one. make sure you get out there and vote. >> reporter: at :36. we are broadcasting from clark county. we will focus on that right
5:37 am
democrats outnumbering republicans and nonpartisan. it is 5:36. and there is a group out there here in the las vegas valley against the raiders stadium plan here. they are making their voices heard. ed they are called she valentine's day danes for the common good and released a report outlining the hidden risk of the stadium deal. brian sandoval called a special session to look at the oversico hotel room took help pay for the $1.9 billion stadium cost. we know the legislature because it involves a tax increase, two-thirds of the state legislatures are going to have to vote yes in the affirmative. this group, meanwhile, think the public would have to shoulder all of the risk while the billionaires in this will get all the benefit. at 5:37. national coffee day and some of you participating the fun
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with our favorite coffee mugs. weigh want to see your mug with your mug of joe. hashtag news3 coffee and we will be able to assemble them what you are seeing on your screen. oh, oops, another big one for libertarian candidate gary johnson. remember pick perry and his oops movement. hours ago during this state debate with chris matthews another alep you will hear it in his own words. >> gave more than give one
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welcome back at 5:41 and with training on the sonogram finds herself on the other side of it and then finds out he has breast cancer. my goodness. in newark, ohio. found mass in her breast over the summer. went to the doctor. nded up doing additional testing. sure enough had the cancer
5:42 am
her last day of chemotherapy is this week and could be another two weeks until she knows if the cancer completely gone. >> dana: tom hawley, knowledge is power. >> tom: early detection is the way to go whenever possible. this accident that was a real problem but on the machined on the 215. scheduled emergency work on westbound end that may have been cleared up as we look out. the accident is on the right shoulder and meanwhile the restriction in the westbound laha so the result is, you actually got a good-looking commute and jammed up to about an 11-minute drive and 7-minute from durango. to warm springs. overnight closures taking place of the warm springs ramp of the 215 westbound that takes place into mid march and people have got to take a -- used to that and take alternate routes. we see a lane restriction on part of the airport connector. and right now your travel time
5:43 am
if we look ahead a couple hours it doesn't get that much worse. a 6-minute drive and assume nothing accidents with the traffic forecast. right now traffic and weather every ten minutes. there kelly. as you get ready to head out the door, a look at the temperatures we are seeing out there. a lot warmer than last couple of mornings because we had a lit bill of cloud cover. boulder city at 73. pahrump 64. 72 in dear elementary school. most of us will see partly sunny skies today. we are going to talk more about the shower chances coming up. 5:43. gary johnson is running for president. but there was one easy question he could not answer on live television. he was stumped. you are going to see the embarrassing moment coming up. new in our 6:00 hour this morning. we gave you the heads up yesterday and now the video to prove it. las vegas native kyle busch
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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welcome back in. an dlrl couple and their son came trapped up side their home in southern taiwan by a landslide triggered that by typhoon on top of them. family members seen crying nearby as they brought in machinery to rescue their son. the third typhoon to hit it this month and killed more
5:47 am
shut as the weather authority advised because of the large diameter of the typhoon heavy rain and strong wind will not significantly abate until tomorrow afternoon. financial markets remain closed and two dozen people remain missing. 5:47. we take you back to this country. prince's paisley park and what is different here. all the mementos, all the people to pay tribute to the late pop star and ribbons, candles, stuffed animals all have been cleared out. it look like a regular command like during our lifetime. a final decision whether a property can be zoned a museum is in early october. the paisley park museum will open for tours october 6. tours will include some of the removed memorial fan art. >> dana: traffic and weather every ten minute on program. for the traffic portion here
5:48 am
>> tom: not bad for this time of day. at the camera, no real delay there either. take you down to the travel times. 7 minutes on the 15 southbound to tropicana. the same down on 95 from lake mead to the bowl. and this accident causing problems on the shoulder, but we have seen that they are not quite done with the road work which is in the eastbound lanes. westbound lanes. and westbound on the right side of the screen with ro your screen. going to be little bit dicey but southbound on the 95 is okay and inbound on the 215 not that bad actually as we check weather with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. live look outside and we are seeing quite a few clouds out there. actually a little bit of a drizzle as well. temperatures paradise, 2. maybe a light sweater, but it will warm up a little bit warmer this afternoon.
5:49 am
raincoat handy. you probably won't need it and one those things. safe and sorry. from arizona into utah and really spotty. we havea a lot of light showers making their way and one in the area here making its way into southwestern portion. this is tracking northward. we move through summerlin and centennial. moving very quickly. very light sprinkles at best is what we are dealing with and really just a slight chance of showers as you head throughout the rest of the da boulder city at 87. your suspected high. caliente, 60. beatty 60 for your low. the seven-day forecast. 91 for tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. the showers will push to the east and another system on its way in. this one wind is the biggest concern. that is going to start saturday morning and about through monday and look what it is going to do to our temperatures. 90, saturday. 73 for high on monday.
5:50 am
is live pictures out of jerusalem. the body of israel's 9th president shimon peres lying in state in the plaza of the government. i died from complications of a stroke. he was 93. president barack obama, bill clinton and frenched hollande among scores of world leaders that that will attend his funeral tomorrow. >> kim: president obama has ordered this country paying tribute to shimon peres re. a disney classic that has to do with a remake. "the lion king." and "snl" beginning its new season mop will play donald trump? i have to tell you it surprised us in the newsroom. we will tell but huge actor playing donald trump. we will tell but huge actor playing donald trump.
5:51 am
[laughter] ? lade bird ? ? just laying in there ? ? nothing else ? i am eating cereal ? ? what would you do it if i wasn't in bet next to you ? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ? i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob.
5:52 am
chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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5:54 am
. 5:54. time for water cool. an all-new season of "snl" taking place two nights from now on channel 3 and this guy is going to he has hosted the show 16 times over his career and he wants to take this role and i can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue. look at that face. it is alec baldwin. almost hard to identify him with all of that make-up on. >> kim: hard to beat darren hammond. >> dana: he played clinton and trump.
5:55 am
johnson said he was having an aleppo moment and we will explain what that means when he struggled to name a single foreign leader yesterday. >> name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i am having an aleppo and the former -- >> anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i am having a brain -- >> name >> get him off the hook. >> vice presidential running mate came in to save him at the end. he saved him at the point that he could. remember that on morning joe when gary johnson was asked how he would solve the problems in alepp our and gary johnson looked at him and said what is aleppo. the guy who asked the question
5:56 am
aleppo is the stronghold of isis and syria. if you are running for president. >> kim: the subject of airstrikes as of late. disis remaking ... "the lion king." their official twitter account announced it. they will reimagine "the lion king" similar to "the jungle book." that debuted in april. why would you remake "the lion king 678" singing] they have to keep that part. >> dana: simba. >> kim: live in studio the star of that hit show "sister wives." a new project she is talking about and she will get you in the know first live with us at 6:00. and live in our 6:00 hour, we are chatting up nbc edward lawrence in for tracey potts this morning and we are focusing on the big presidential election and some
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it is 5:56. you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day. but now you can get mcgriddles all day, and more. so, you can find something else to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast.
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you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day. but now you can get mcgriddles all day, and more. so, you can find something else to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ba da ba ba ba breaking news. check out this screen. an awful accident on the 215 in a construction zone could jack up your morning commute. what you need to know from our team traffic is headed your way. and more breaking news. a barricade situation unfolding overnight in
6:00 am
telling us about the suspect. and stronger security with international implications but this is a local story. a certain organization is making sure we are not at risk when we get online. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. 6:00 on this thursday september 29. >> kim: we are the was sneshingzs, kim and dana coming from the ksnv studio on we will get new the know where you can score a free cup of joe throughout the morning and we are on twitter with our favorite mug. we will hear from you. snap a shot. we want to see your mug with your mug. mashtag news3 coffee. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every three minutes and talk about the rain that moved through early this morning and jeff has travel times and we begin with tom hawley in sky 3. issues at 215 this morning.


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