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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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by a semi-truck. police say the man was trying to get away from metro police in a pursuit. they were after him because he the suspect in a shooting at miracle mile trailer park on boulder highway and the 95 last week. we have a crew headed there and we'll continue to get you updates throughout the hour. a lot going on. >> dana: you want to avoid u.s. 95 and boulder highway because a lot of people are faking a boulder highway. this is just a mess. again, a live report from the scene coming up. more breaking news now. the nevada supreme court has ruled that nevada's voucher style education savings account program is unconstitutional. and we also have news of a police officer shot. we'll get to that in just a second. program allows students who were enrolled in a public school for 100 days to move to a private school and use the money in a
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program was unlawfully drawing money that was allocated for public schools. we also have reports of a police officer that was shot in kingman, arizona. we're still trying to get details into the newsroom. but kingman is about a 2-hour drive to the south of las vegas in the north western arizona. not far from laughlin, nevada. as w case we'll bring them to you on "news 3 live at noon." >> kyndell: we do know we have viewers in that kingman area so a lot going on to start out this hour. we'll continue to update you. >> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner filling in for krystal allan. >> kyndell: and i'm kyndell nunley in for michelle velez. >> dana: one person died, more than 100 injured after a commuter train crashed into the station in hoboken, new jersey hours ago. >> kyndell: many of the injured
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engineer. mark barger reports. >> reporter: a devastating scene in new jersey's hoboken train station just outside of new york city. a commuter train slammed into the station platform during the morning rush hour. the train is used by hundreds of commuters who traveled back and forth daily from new jersey to new york city. the terminal is one of the busiest in the new york city area. the station suffered major structural damage as emergency crews rushed to the scene to help the injured. >> people were getting out. very injured. i saw a lot of people with gashed heads. >> reporter: early reports indicate the train ran through the bumper stop at the end of the track and finally came to a rest between the station's waiting area and platform. more than 100 people were injured. many critically. >> there are approximately 250 people the train this time of day. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: rail service has been suspended in and out of hoboken which is just across the hudson river from new york city.
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>> dana: the man who calls himself the duke of manchester was back in a local courtroom just hours ago. >> kyndell: craig fiegener is live at the regional justice center. we knew today's proceedings could have included a plea deal. did that exactly happen today? >> craig: all this is speculation that i put out on the cw this morning. that's began to unfold today. the defendant is alexander montagu-manchest unfold for him with his court hearing this morning. you have video from our news 3 camera. he has three criminal cases against him and he appeared on one of those cases. two are felonies. all three are being resolved with guilty plea agreements which will result in probation sentences. here is the latest from his lawyer about 15 minutes ago. >> this case he is pleading
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burglary. tomorrow one count of attempted stolen vehicle. >> reporter: what will happen next week is that after he has resolved all of those with officially accepting the guilty plea agreement, from that there will be bail set. the bail he accepted a guilty plea on today. $5,000. looks like the bail for the other case twos thousand dollars. and maybe bail for another one is three grand. so the bail will be probation on the cases by this time next week and will very likely be a free man, one of the subjects of probation or conditions rather. probation will be that he has to wear a tracking device and, of course, not break any laws. he could have gotten 14 years in prison had he con convicted and charge on all cases. craig fiegener, news 3. >> dana: meanwhile a nearly six hour standoff over in a local neighborhood. we first brought you this as
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news 3 today. metro called to a home near bruce and lewis in downtown las vegas on a report that a man was shooting a gun in the street. 10:00 last night when this happened. officers showed up and said the guy wouldn't come out of his home. police had information that a one-year-old was inside the house. then around 4:00 this morning, metro's chopper spotted the guy in the roof. s.w.a.t. talked him down, arrested him on weapons violations. good news here. the child was unharmed. looking for the man they say shot and killed another man. this is outside of an illegal night club. metro released this surveillance video showing the suspect and two people they want to talk with. they happened on decatur near flamingo last weekend and detectives say the man wearing glasses and a white shirt with the number three on his back shot 27-year-old ezekiel davis inside the clothing store that was housing as the after hours illegal club. davis was found dead a short time later. police want to talk to the woman
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two, call crime stoppers. that number is 702-385-5555. >> dana: we have a word of caution for drivers out there today. the nevada department of transportation will be inspecting bridges along north and southbound u.s. 95 between russell and galleria. from now until 4:00 in the morning. this is going to result in lane restrictions in that area. so if you can, you are asked to take alternate route if possible. right now between flamingo and boulder highway because we know that a man was hit on the freeway a short time ago. >> kyndell: that's correct. and rain might have been a factor after six crashes involving 11 vehicles causing quite a mess on the roadways. this all happening this morning across the entire las vegas valley. the multi-vehicle crash started just after 5:00 a.m. it's on eastbound 215 between south decatur and interstate 15. six people suffered injuries and
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considered life threatening. police tell us they typically see a big increase in crashes here in the valley when it rains. >> dana: tomorrow morning they're going to have road work there between two and 10:00 tomorrow morning. so there could be more lane restricts at 215 and decatur norm morning. >> kelly: at least weather isn't expected to be a factor tomorrow morning. we did have rain showers earlier. we're still tracking rain on the radar though not in the las vegas the bulk of it well off to our east. let's take a time-lapse look at what we've seen so far today. a few clouds out there especially over our local mountains. that's where we could see some precipitation later today. mainly going to be in the higher terrain and isolated sprinkle can't be ruled out in the valley. doris reed elementary school, 84. winds east southeast about eight miles an hour. betsy rose elementary school at 83. temperatures this afternoon expected to be pretty close to normal looking at highs in the upper 80s.
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showers mainly in the higher terrain. we're going look at where the rain is and what we can expect for the weekend coming up. >> dana: voters in new hampshire can do this on election day. they are free to snap a selfie with their ballot this november and share it on social media if they feel like they need do so. a federal appeals court ruled yesterday that the state's ban on ballot selfies was unconstitutional. state l the -- arguing the pictures could be used to help in buying votes. but the court dismissed that notion citing a lack of evidence. we're just weeks away from election day. did you know it's coming up five weeks from this tuesday? 40 days way. so deadlines are coming up quickly. you have until october 8th to register to vote online or at the dmv for the november election. that's a week from this saturday. from october 9th-18 you can get signed up but you have to go to
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october 22nd and to get started head over to our website, for an easy link to register online. >> kyndell: we'll keep you posted. >> dana: i know a lot of people are going to be interested in voting in this election. coming up, a man attempts to kidnap a store clerk. the whole thing caught on camera. >> kyndell: that's right. how the woman was able to escape from him. >> dana: and many of us lash out on social media when our flight is delayed but does do any good? coming up which airlines are best at responding to customer complaints online. >> kyndell: and then art in the park. the annual boulder highway arts festival happening this weekend. how you and the family can take part while giving back to the community. that's all coming up right here on 12:30. before we go to break if you are keeping tabs on this, of course, we are keeping tabs as well. u.s. 95 shut down in both directions between boulder highway and flamingo after a man
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police say the man was trying to get away from metro police. they were after him because they say he is a suspect in the shooting at miracle mile trailer park. that happened on boulder highway and the 95 last week. we do have a crew there right now and will bring you any updates as they come to us here
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politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck voted ten times to take away their funding. heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. e government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points. joe heck should be ashamed. women vote is responsible
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>> kyndell: we're following breaking news at noon. u.s. 95 shut down between boulder highway and flamingo after a man is hit by a semi-truck. >> dana: police say the man was trying to get away from an officer at the time. sergio avila has arrived on the scene and has this report for us. sergio,re there? >> reporter: that's right. it may be shut down for awhile as this investigation continues. let me just draw your attention down to where all the action is happening there. we are currently on the onramp of boulder highway and the 95 headed northbound. you can see the investigation. also if we pan over you can see the top of the semi-truck that we believe was involved in this accident. again you said it, metro
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september 22nd at the miracle mile trailer park. they were investigating him as part of that investigation. he ended up on the freeway itself and we're being told that at some point he was hit by a semi-truck. no word on his condition. but being hit by a semi-truck we kind of know how that will end up. the u.s. 95 closed in both directions from boulder highway to flamingo if you are planning to head out anywhere in this area. the area. no telling at this point how long metro is going to have this highway shut down. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you not only live but also you can follow me @sergio on twitter for all the latest updates. sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> kyndell: a california man is behind bars after kidnapping a convenience store clerk while armed with hammer.
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arm and then forcing her into his car. the man then took her to a cemetery where she was able to escape. prior to the abduction, the woman pushed the silent alarm and that is how police got the emergency call. police arrested the man after a short pursuit and crash. officers add the suspect had been stalking the victim for sometime refusing to take no for an answer after he pursued a relationship. >> progress very often but thank goodness this one had a happy ending. kelly curran, early risers, all all of us, were treated some rain this morning. >> kelly: yeah. we had the windshield wipers going on the way to work. that nice smell of rain in the air. we do have clouds out there. especially over our local mountains where we are seeing a bit of wet weather. this is a live look outside from the inspirada overlook as we look off to the sheep range in
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over the las vegas valley a ton of sunshine. current temperatures mid and upper 80s. the lakes at 84. sunrise at 88. aliante 84. let's look at the radar because that's what everyone's main focus is here. we got a lot of showers, even thunderstorms building. these are all pushing northward through arizona into utah and even into colorado. got a pretty good size thunderstorm cell here northeast of phoenix. as we zoom in closer to home the activity is far more spotty and most o so it's firing up over the mountain, pushing its way northeast. most of it very light as you can see. some around the spring mountains here, the sheep mountains. continuing toward the north and east toward caliente. mesquite, st. george, seeing a few spotty showers this morning. still a possibility for an isolated shower or two as we get into the afternoon. we are dry in las vegas. we're not going rule out the possibility for an isolated
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today partly sunny skies. isolated shower or two most of this will be in the higher terrains. mount charleston you have a much better chance at seeing rain today. 89 is the expected high in las vegas which is pretty close to normal for this time of year. tonight partly cloudy skies. you will start seeing clouds decreasing. 70 for the overnight low. our 7-day forecast. tomorrow back above normal. 91. mostly sunny skies. it's still 90 for saturday. breezy in with sunday into monday, look at the cooler air it's bringing in. we're talking 73 degrees for the high on monday. that's pretty close to morning lows this morning. lows next week? in the 50s. >> dana: still swimming weather for the next few days. . >> kyndell: get out and enjoy it. >> dana: you see these posts on facebook and twitter. people ticked off with their airline. they're delayed at the airport.
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if you go back far enough in my twitter feed. >> dana: i'll bet you have. >> kyndell: i can tell you a study says you are being heard. nbc's phil lebeau has the story. >> reporter: it happens thousands of times every day. travelers rant online about an airline because their flight is delayed or they've had a bad experience. >> i don't think they can listen to us because there's so many people who are flying and complaining at the same time. >> i don't think the airlines are listening to the constant are watching. and often responding to what you put on social media. southwest airlines has a team tracking twitter, facebook and other online sites 24 hours a day. and when customers vent about a problem, southwest reaches out to them. >> the approach is how can we help? wait a minute, we hate to hear that. give us information. let's see what we can do. >> reporter: social media teams help airlines by rebooking
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information when a problem pops up. like in july when southwest canceled over 2,000 flights due to a computer outage. and even though every major airline tracks and answers customers online, some do it better than others. for example, southwest answers almost half of the customers who mention the airline on social media. the best among airlines in north america. meanwhile alaska is the fastest. answering social media posts within to convo social which tracks the industry's intersection with millions of 2r568ers. >> -- travelers. >> if you know that you can tweet a company and get a response and have your issue resolved in minutes that's a phenomenal experience. if you can do that you will every single time. >> we see more and more of these posts every day because of the add inventory of facebook and --
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want. >> kyndell: a calmer request for help leads to a quicker response. >> dana: just be nice. be nice! we live on coffee here on the morning show, and today's our day. it's national coffee day. we want to see how you are celebrating. >> kyndell: that's right. post on facebook, instagram, twitter a picture of your morning joe with the hashtag #news 3coffee and we'll share it here on the air a we want to remind you news 3 is the only place to watch local high school football highlights. also featuring the score of every high school football game. don't forget to take pictures at your game. just type into your internet browser and upload those pictures. you can catch operation football tomorrow night at 11 right here on news 3. >> kyndell: before we go to
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u.s. 95 shut down both directions between boulder highway and flamingo after a man was hit by a semi-truck. police say the man was trying to gateway from him and he was in a pursuit because they believe he was a suspect in a shooting at miracle mile trailer park on boulder highway and the 95 last week. again, we have a crew on the
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december last year. 14 americans are killeled in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times.
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>> dana: one place you do not want to be right now is on u.s. 95 between flamingo and boulder highway. it is shut down in both directions after a man who was trying to get away from police was runningo live pictures coming from the scene. but you can see it is at a standstill. we'll have a continued update on this program on that. today is national coffee day! some places offering deals that will perk you up. >> kyndell: oh yeah. participating is krispy kreme locations. they're offering customers a free coffee. get this, dana, a free original glazed donut. >> dana: i don't need that. [ laughter ] >> kyndell: starbucks will
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coffee purchased today. dungeon donuts -- dunkin' donuts is offering a medium sized hot coffee for six # -- $0.66. send us a picture of your coffee this morning and we'll feature it here on the show. snap a picture and post it using the hashtag mcdonald's adding pumpkin and chocolate sauce to their french fries. it's only happening in japan. i'll say no thank you. it started yesterday and it's named the halloween choro-potato. they came up with the surprising combination of sweet and salty to mark its anniversary in japan. the new meni item will only last until the end of october. >> dana: i tried it once. . >> kyndell: i like salty and sweet. that though? >> dana: at least it's cooked.
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coming up next on "news 3 live at 12:30" we're talking about art in the park. >> kyndell: that's right. it is a great way for you and your family to spend the weekend. we'll fill you in on the upcoming boulder city art festival and how you can help give back to the community. >> dana: the house from the movie mrs. doubt fire is going on sale.
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she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. >> kyndell: we continue to keep tabs on breaking news here at 12:30. u.s. 95 near boulder highway shut down after a suspect on the run was hit by a semi-truck. >> dana: art in the park. we'll tell you about the upcoming boulder city art festival. we're going to tell you which day of this weekend will be the
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park. >> kyndell: it is a thrifty thursday. this halloween you can save a few bucks by using your leftover pumpkins as beauty products. youtube blogger heather mariano will show us how. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> kyndell: we're following breaking news. u.s. 95 shut down between boulder highway and flamingo after a man is hit by a semi-truck. >> dana: he got hit just a short time ago. police say he was trying to get away from an off news 3's sergio avila joining us live from the scene. you said the last time we checked in the freeway was shut down. >> reporter: it's going be like that for, we don't know how long at this point, as metro continues this investigation. we'll push in so you can take a look. what we're being told is what you just said. this was a suspect that metro believed was involved in a shooting at the miracle mile


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