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tv   Today  NBC  September 30, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is try day friday, the last final day of september. billy bush is sipping the nectar in for kathie lee today on this friday. wait. can we just hear this song? "it's september" but by justin timberlake, anna kendrick and earth wind & fire. >> they're just re-doing -- re-doing the classic. >> how are they doing it? >> i want to hear timberlake. i can feel it. >> there she s. that's anna.
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? happy hard ? >> that's a really hot song. john cena is here today, had him on in the end, with his broef-in-law, the bella sisters they're married to, a wild reality show. he is very uptight about his household. >> i had no idea. doesn't seem like the type, when you meet him. does he? >> regimented down to the minute. must be very difficult to live with. probably rewards, too. a big, >> yes, he is. >> leave it there. >> and only a country star a couple of years, burning up the charts, brett eldredge will sing a song for us a little later. that guy's dreamy. he's got those baby blues that you want to -- used to say there's a thing about blue eyes. blue eyes are for looking at. brown eyes are for looking into. what someone said? >> really?
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have blue. >> exactly. >> that's as weird as its ever going to get. >> we've peaked. >> i love it. five number one singles. a great love song right there. >> yeah. >> speaking of music and country, i know brett is a fan of zach brown. zach brown today, official, 10:00 eastern, two minutes ago, he has got a new project, a side project, a band that zach is calling sir roosevelt, their first single is out. up. sunday finest. what it's called. "sunday finest." crosses several musical genres. ? it don't matter what day it is knode. >> what? ? jump on over let yourself in ? show that we want a melody ? do it again ? don't matter what day it is, don't matter what day it is ?
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don't matter what day it is, don't matter what day it is ? don't matter what day it is ? ? don't matter what day it is ? ? >> oh, that's good! that is so good. >> love it? >> great. that is -- >> zach, you've done it again. ? no matter what day it is, no matter what day it is ? >> soul in there, new orleans. >> gets you going. shoulders go first, rest of the body follows. >> you're not telling me, the zac brown band still is another album that begins in a couple of months, just a little something he had to get out of his system. gwen stefani did it, they all do it. >> what is it? >> "sunday finest." >> "sunday finest." >> you'll be wearing yours on sunday. >> yes, i will. big deal. big announcement today. lady gaga will be the half time super bowl act. >> the rumor is now fact. >> i know. what did you -- i know you mentioned, but what do you think
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>> i think she can do it all. last year, coldplay, who i love, we got to bring out bruno, bring out some assists. she can sing girl power music and she can rock out with the best of the rockers. so she needs no one. >> i wanted to play her old songs. i mean, and by "old" i mean paparazzi. >> power medleys. >> yes. all of those things. a powerful voice. i love her. we say thumbs up here. >> totally. >> it before? >> she has done -- >> did the last one. 2015. >> most watched of all-time. 118.5 million viewers, people were holding it in, not going to the bathroom, waiting around for katy. super bowl, february 5th, in houston, texas, airs on fox. when is it on nbc again? >> we want that. all right? >> have to wait. it's like the emmys. >> this is a little oddball thing we heard. we want your take on it, because
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very, very close. so rob kardashian did an interview with his pregnant while blac chyna. a new reality show on mtv. robert kardashian is six years younger than big sister kim. blac chyna's black crush was raiki martin's what rob had to say. >> >> j. lo and kim kardashian. >> that is also pretty accurate. >> no. >> kim kardashian's your -- sister. >> he's joking. joking. >> but i looked up to her. not like, she can't be your crush? >> no, no. that was like, he was kind of -- definitely joking, because it's weird. all right? >> all blac chyna likes to speak for rob in the beginning. glad he got a word in.
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he said, uh-huh. she said kim, he said, uh-huh. >> who was your childhood crush? >> i had a poster of him up on the back of my door from a show called "c.h.i.p.s." >> erik estrada? oh, gosh! >> but i had him with the uniform on. with the, you know, the uniform he would wear, that tight -- i loved that for sure. >> he has not lost a step. i saw he looks exactly -- he has that >> butt cut, goes down the middle. isn't into a butt cut? >> never heard that. >> each side of the hairdo is a cheek. a butt cut and goes down the middle. >> i have never heard of that. >> i have never heard of a butt cut, ever! >> hoda? i'm coming back in the next segment with a butt cut. >> who was your childhood crush? >> i had a lot.
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boat" used to fake being sick to stay home from school and watch lauren. >> julie, the cruise director? >> julie mccoy. >> oh, yes, she was. >> always trying to get shtooping, trying to be shtuping. this is odd. katherine bach. tell you why. daisy duke. every boy -- now she's my neighbor and one of my wife's best friends. it's a little awkward. comes over all the time for a glass >> does she know she knows. i tell her. got to keep she used to date the animal gee joe graphic and she was photographing them in the wild. i could not take my eyes off them. finally and this is just -- i
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to get a shout out to me. >> she is gorgeous. are you friends with these woman? >> i try to remain friends with them. it's important that we keep a friendly relationship after all that we have been through. >> okay. so a lot of -- there are a lot of men that watch the show and kathie and i always talk about the spanx and how you have to wear them and squeeze we wanted to see two men wearing them and take the reaction. >> go there big guy. he looks like me. >> oh yeah. >> why would you bother? ??
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[ laughter ] >> he feels good. you can see the sparkle in his eyes. >> i wanted them to get dressed and i saw them in the room and i was like are these mine? they said no billys. >> you did not bat an eye. >> no, these are not easy for a guy to get on. >> guys wear this right here? this is a man's vers >> no, this is a girl's version. >> that's a large. i could get into that. i could bring it all together. should i slide it on in commercial break. that guy had a laugh. when you cross dress for the first time, it's wonderful. any way. if you're ever over tired at
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for six hours a night, you take a one minute nap during the day and you don't know it. you zone out and shut it and you don't know it. have you ever zoned out? >> yes. yes. >> you're totally lost and it's a horrible interview. >> it's happened. you completely zone out. it's not that they're that >> happened to me with angelina jolie. calling all home chefs. spearing a fun great expectations recipes. submit the original recipe and this is not a beverage, but you have to have wine as an ingredient. what does the winner get? >> you get -- the winner and the guest enjoy three fun filled days in napa valley at an
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how great is that? hotel and air fare included. i am sure that you're going. >> we want to go. >> go to enter and hit the connect button. gymnastic may have the final five but we have these. >> danny, nick and charlie. find out what happen whence the family gets togetr under one roof.
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>> needed sister and brother-in-law to help out, help during the long recovery. >> so brie and daniel, retired wrestler, moved in with john and nikki for three months, and it was all caught on camera for the new series called "total bellas." >> first episode, they were already feeling a little unwelcome. >> so are you going to tell john tonight that we're thinking about going back to phoenix? >> me? why me? >> because you're the man. >> no. you j d because it's an uncomfortable thing to say. >> yeah, and a think, like, john hearing it from you will take it differently than from me. for me he will feel it's very emotional. for you he would think it's actually very serious. >> hmm -- i don't want to do it. you do it. >> you do it. >> listen, i'm not doing t. i'm going do it. john, they're not comfortable with the way you run the house. it's too -- >> i got to be okay with that. right? >> it's too rigid. first episode, already thinking,
10:16 am
what -- >> did you hear all the rules? . no offense. >> do you remember them? >> of course i do. >> what are john's rules in his house. >> first thing you have to do in the morning, make your bed. everyone's like, that's easy. for me, i'm normal, right? >> shame on me. shame on me. >> i should roll out of bed, get a cup of coffee. not roll out of bed and make my bed. >> yes. >> then we ought to meet for morning coffee. that's a schedule. i don't like schedules. >> everyone has to meet together for morning coffee? >> yes. schedule? >> so people can talk about their day. >> you have to keep in mind, john missed more morning coffees than anybody. >> just an early starter. my day started at 5:00 a.m. every day. >> sounded good, but you got a phone. >> i think the thing to take away from this clip is, you can see how intimidated they are about being in our home in our presence and through the course of "total bellas" it's really a story of coming together. that isn't the way things go. we eventually come to grips with
10:17 am
it brought some to life some of my shortcomings, that i'm difficult to deal with, valuate of rules, better the relationship with the love of my life's family and we all grow together as family and that's what's special about the show. >> nikki, when you first started living with john, you guys are probably similar, you and your sister. >> yeah. >> you had to get used to his rules. how was that for you? >> at first it was difficult, because you just lived with. so it was just all new for me. just the little things about, oh when you're cooking, the floor got a little wet. yes, i'm washing dishes. i'll get to it later. little things like, oh, no. what am i doing? it was actually nice because i actually live a lot like john. >> you know who else lives a lot like you? kathie lee. everything's lined up. isn't that right, kathie lee?
10:18 am
>> oh, there you are! i said -- >> good morning, everybody! >> good morning. >> i said there's someone else who lives like that. >> i'm watching. a perfect man. >> i'm a lucky woman. >> oh, yeah. the perfect man is right. >> you guys are too much. >> there's only one problem with that. and that's, that is that certain people if they want to keep their lives perfect, have to live alone. >> yes. and i think t the show and certainly with my relationship with nicole. you have to be a little more open to everybody's suggestions and everybody's input. >> might have happened, actually. >> you've also got mom. mom is there? >> mom's there. >> what is this, you all love wrestlers and are wrestlers. is mom the only non-wrestler? >> no, but she married one and you're going to see that on "total bellas." >> our former boss. >> that's crazy. >> not done. bhor to do here. >> yes, we're going to find out
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with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. back with wwe superstars john cena, nikki bella and husband. playing a game with them called "which fella k >> love it. >> uh-huh. >> we're going to read a statement that accurately describes one of the bella twins either nikki or brie. hold up onpaddle got it. easy enough. wich sister had a boyfriend first? >> ooh. nikki? >> yes. >> you're both right. >> we are. >> which sister was the hollywood medium tyler henry referred to when he told nikki and brie one will have baby
10:23 am
>> all right, billy. >> you're good. >> despite being twins, nikki and bella have different sized feet. who has the smaller feet? >> brie. >> oh, my god -- brie has smaller feet. >> deadlocked. here we go! >> academics are important in the bella family, but one might be a little smarter than the other. who did better on their s.a.t.'s? >> nikki! >> right back in sports ran in the family. which sister played midfield in soccer growing up? >> ah -- oh! >> nikki was defense. >> oh, brian! >> oh, hold it. i got the edge. >> both sisters like to have fun, but which sister likes to be wined and dined? >> oh. [ laughter ] >> nikki. >> i can't even throw that one. >> you got to come back. which sister would rather stay
10:24 am
>> what do you say? nikki? >> you're both wrong. it's brie. >> i love it! >> finally -- >> still up one tht finally. >> to clinch the victory. >> most important, which sister has a doughnut obsession? >> can you say, both? >> you win! [ laughter ] >> oh, no! no! victory was within my grasp. no! >> another "today" show game. >> a tie? >> your sister -- unless you're rob kardashian. >> that was -- bringing it back around. >> on our sister network e! >> don't miss country artist brett eldredge singing one of his biggest hits, live in our studio coming up. >> and an image makeover after your local news. >> you got to flip the tables! ?"all you need is love" plays? my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking,
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? over and over again ? >> it is try day friday. billy bush in for kathie pap few wees ago, a shout-out for a man in your life who needed a little man who styled some of the best dressed studs in hollywood, andrew weitz is here. >> andrew. >> not so bad. >> an executive men's style consultant, creator of the white effect and worked with tyler to give him a new look. well, hello to you. this is perfect. >> yeah. >> resume, wearing his resume. >> you are wearing it. >> correct. your visual business card. >> do you have glasses? change the glasses when you outfit, these glasses work with
10:31 am
>> do you have another pair. >> i have plenty in case one breaks. >> what's your overall? saying to a guy walking down the street, this is my style philosophy in a nutshell, what is yours? >> my company's the white effect, we work with fields in a field that image has a direct impact on their success. >> we knew were you good. >> point proven. >> through style we increase confidence, business networks, personal relationships, income, career advancement rand so part and feel strong and you feel good, you do better? >> that is correct. when you look your best, you feel your best. >> it's true. >> we have "today" show staffers who would like to feel good and make some more money. so they want to -- how can they get that look so they can have that confident look? a picture of them before. >> can you help these guys? >> they need help. oh, my gosh. >> wow! is that jim gaines right there
10:32 am
>> zimmerman. >> three tips off that photo. starts with the shirts. button up shirts, you should have collar stays in your collar so the collar sits perfectly. also -- if you can stick more than one finger between the button when it is buttoned to the toppish perfect. sorry. stick more than one finger, too big. one finger only. >> you went down a button. you're here. this, know if your collar is too big or small. as for the plants, slacks on jeans, fitted, tapered towards the bottom of the leg and fit just at the tongue of your. >> did a little makeover. >> take a look at taylor. his tape. >> hello. >> tyler, andrew white. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. how are you? g. come on in.
10:33 am
came out here when i joined the marine corps at 19. >> what is making you interested in upgrading your style? >> just looking for something that will maybe give me the edge over anybody else that might be competing for the same job that i might be moving up into. >> we're going to check out your closet, which i have a good idea what's in there. my guess is you have that shirt in several different colors and a handful of jeans. lo and behold, the short sleeved, plaid, button up shirt, different colors. that's is for spring-summer. they should come here for you. jit i notice you have plaids and heavier. i see it's a recurring theme of what you wear. most of the time you wear jeans. >> yes. >> tailor this to fit your arm. snugs it a little bit. i don't know what this is but i knee you are not wearing this to work. what is that? >> that's drake. >> hot lining bling.
10:34 am
something that either -- you should get rid of or keep in the closet forever. >> it's all this extra fabric back here. not need for it. after seeing this closet, i know what i want to do with you. we're going to have some fun. you're going to have some fun and i'm going to crush it for you. you good? >> sounds good, man. >> great. all right. >> see you in a little bit. >> so we're going to get you suited and booted today. suited and booted means for you upper casual, casual for your business and for your weekend wear. and we're going to make you look >> i've selected, curated, looks for you. what we're going to have you do is, try everything on. see what fits. what makes the most sense and then tailor it. ?? >> this isn't the blazer for you. >> and everything is fitting you. you can see your body, you're good.
10:35 am
>> holly's here. >> his wife. >> son grady, here. >> yes. >> and here comes the man himself. the man of the hour. get out here, tyler. >> oh, my -- >> wow! >> whew. >> dude. >> what you got to, face your wife one second. she needs to soak that in. >> oh -- >> love. >> tell us quick what you did there, sweetie? >> we had to start with the basics. tyler didn't have the basics. this, we upgraded. blue blazer, every man needs a it's fall. did a charcoal pant and what you're investing in shoes, always, men, always need to have a brown shoe. button up shirt. pockets square. guy looks honestly, i'm so happy. my passion is just transferred back into you. >> what do you think, holly? >> amazing. thank you. >> what do you think, grady? grady, is your dad a total stud? yes! >> you know what you did here? you said checks and stripes?
10:36 am
man. >> 100%. suits apply, you can get the designer looks for accessible price. favorite store, awesome for this guy. >> you look terrific. >> awesome. he's got a style all of his own. country cutie brett eldredge sings his number one song "drunk on love ". >> and the co-workers who wore one outfit for five days
10:37 am
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10:41 am
road with keith urban. so glad he took a detour and came by and said, hey to us. hey! >> come on. first time hanging with billy. >> first time? let's get a little man love. >> a little bro hug here. feel like his little buddy. >> back from europe. performing there. where's your next stop on the road? >> where are we going next? oh. linking, nebraska. see you there, lenken. >> plang which we all love. >> five number once. >> five number ones. it's crazy. dying for somebody to hear one of my songs now. >> look at his style. he needs to help. >> man! >> great look! >> "drunk on your love," let's go! ?? ? the second she walked through the door i caught a buzz ?
10:42 am
me out just like a drug ? the rest of the night's kind of blurry now the sun's peeking through the shades ? ? and i can't help but laugh, 'cause i kind of like feeling this way ? i woke up up still drunk, drunk ? on your love, love on your love, love ? love now i know why-why i'm feeling so high, high ? 'cause i'm still drunk, drunk on your love, on your love ? oh ? ? it's not in the whiskey tequila or the wine ? it's all about the touch and the fire in your eyes ? that keeps me frumbling and always stumbling through a haze ? i got plenty to do just laying
10:43 am
i woke up, up still drunk, drunk ? on your love, love on your love, love ? ? now i know why-why, i'm feeling so high-high ? 'cause i'm still drunk, drunk on your love, on your love ? ah ? >> come on! ?? ? wish i could bottle you up and drink you in all day long ? every day singing this song ? yeah, i woke up, up still drunk, drunk ? ? on your love, love on your love, love ? now i know why-why i'm feeling so high-high ?
10:44 am
on your love ? ? on your love, oh ? woke up still drunk on your love ? strong on your love, on your love ? ? woke up still drunk on your love ? on your love, love, love, love ? woke up still drunk on your love ? on your love, on your love ? ? on your love get drunk on your love ?, yeah ? i'm so drunk ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! yes. come on! >> that was -- bona fide right there. bona fide. >> check is out. by the way, christmas album coming, does a little "baby it's cold outside" with meghan trainor. >> you ready? >> i don't know if i'm ready.
10:45 am
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all right. just admit it. there you days when you just want to put the same clothes you wore on the day before and probably have already done this before but are about to meet two people who wore the exact same outfit five days in a row huffington post's ongoing editorial initiative, spotlighting the world's waste crisis, jamie of post fashion and lifestyle editor and reporter andy campbell didn't change what they wore for an entire week. >> now it's friday and they are wearing those exact same outfits. >> guilty. >> here they are. >> we didn't wash them either. >> you did not? today's the last day, though. >> feeling gamey? >> you don't want to get anywhere near me. i salute you for being anywhere
10:51 am
>> it's interesting, jamie, you're a fashion gal and picked kind of the loudest, boldest outfit out of your closet. why did you choose that? >> totally. so i am a new yorker. i wear all black all the time. i thought, if i did that, i would kind of blend in and i wouldn't really be challenging myself, and this is a challenge. we wanted to really put ourselves out there. so i picked the loudest dress in closet and really went for it. >> by day two felt relief because you were hung over? >> if anybody watched the debate, which i'm sure we all did. >> as donald would say right now -- [ sniffing ] [ laughter ] >> we all needed a little bit of wine to get through that. as you can relate to. >> so i was thankful for having, not having to think about what i was going to wear. >> awesome. >> andy, did you care what you wore? did it matter you were wearing the same shirt and pants? >> i only have six iterations of this, anyway, a bunch of blue shirts and pants. i've been doing this for years
10:52 am
i think for each of us, like 1% of us, for me. one person called me out in a meeting and said, did you wear that last night? it was clear everyone around us thought i didn't spend the night in my own bed the night before. >> oh. walk of pride. >> either embarrassing or awesome, depending who you are. >> high five to -- >> and no one said anything to me. i was like, what about me? hello? >> could have been that. >> could have been me. >> and what are you trying to let people know? a serious tone, >> totally. we have a textile waste crisis in this country and in 2015, 85% of the waste ended up in land phil. landfill. this is not solving it but a challenge to see if people noticed if it really mattered what we wore every day. we get in our heads a lot about people noticing our outfits and
10:53 am
your daily get up, too. wear the same thing the next week. >> i do stuff like that. wear things over and over again. what happened to your pants on day five? >> day five, the button fell off but we reclaimed the pants. i sewed the but button back on. >> which one? >> the top one. >> "the" button. >> thanks. >> would you do it again? >> oh, about -- i do it all the time anyway, man. >> it's not that big of a stretch for the guys. >> a present >> here it is. >> brought you -- >> thanks. >> air freshener, everything. you guys -- >> a lint roller, whatever you need there. >> trying to accessorize a little bit would be it. >> all good. jamie and andy, thanks for coming to see us. >> this is "today" on nbc.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely.
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with. >> uh-huh. hoop next week? >> kelly clarkson. >> what? >> emily blount. and olivia newton-john, you're the one that i want. frankie valli. >> performances by rick ashley. having a good one.
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trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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