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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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in for krystal allan. the man accused of shooting and killing a man inside a local starbucks appeared before a judge today. >> kyndell: that's right. news 3's craig fiegener is live at the regional justice center. there was a question of conflict of interest in the man representing him. was that resolved today? >> craig: it was resolved. and it was resolved in a way that we expected quite frankly. now this case of course involves pedro garcia. he is a person accused in that terrible, deadly starbucks shooting from last sunday. the attor w to represent him, a public defender, appointed earlier this week, will remain on the case. you will recall earlier this week that attorney edward cain wanted a couple of days to look for potential conflicts in representing garcia. he said he needed to review the facts of the case to make sure there weren't any unknown connections to people involved in the case. after taking a couple dies do that, this morning in court cain said no conflict. so the judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for the morning of november 3rd.
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several crimes including one count of open murder. he is being held without bail. here is why the conflicts question came up. edward cain, he is, again, a public defender. before being a public defender he spent about ten years as a prosecutor. and the defendant, garcia in this case, has a criminal history. has been an accused and convicted of felonies before. so they wanted to make sure there weren't any interest. that will continue a smooth phase towards the plea pre-limb. the purpose of that force a judge to hear the evidence they have and determine if there's enough evidence to hold the defendant over for trial. craig fiegener reporting live for news 3. >> kyndell: thank you. u.s. 95 is back open after it was closed for eight hours when a shooting suspect jumped into traffic as he was trying to escape police. he was actually killed after he was hit by a semi-truck.
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investigators cleared that scene. officers say the suspects first fled in a vehicle he crashed then took off running before he was hit and killed by the semi. driver rob was driving on the 95 moments before the chaos began. and he tells news 3 he nearly hit the suspect as he was fleeing. >> i am still a little adrenaline rushed because of -- first of all you don't want to hit a person and, you know, he got hit. >> kyndell: u.s. 95 between boulder highway and flamingo road was shut down in both directions for hours as officers investigated. metro says detectives had probable cause to arrest the suspect in connection to a shooting at a nearby mobile home park last thursday. >> michelle: police officers wounded a suspect dead after a shootout not too far from here in kingman, arizona. this happened yesterday. the officer who was shot went in to surgery at a nearby hospital
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that that person remains in stable condition. it's unclear what triggered the shooting but police say a warrant was related to a stolen property -- a warrant that sort of, you know, kicked off this whole thing. it's unclear if the officer was wearing a body camera and if so whether any of that video will be released. the clark county commission appointed two new lawmakers today to feel vacant nevada state assembly seats today. this in preparation for the governor's special session where lawmakar whether to approve plans for that football stadium here in las vegas. former assemblywoman stephanie smith and long time clark county resident kyle stevens were appointed. two unanimous votes to get them appointed. governor sandoval plans to call that special session between october 7th and 13th. lawmakers will also vote on a tax increase designed to fund the renovation of the las vegas convention center and to increase police presence on the
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key state of florida favors hillary clinton over donald trump by a small margin. this is since the debate on monday night. the mason-dixon poll of likely voters found clinton leading trump 46 percent to 42 percent just outside of the poll's margin of error. libertarian candidate gary johnson drew seven percent of support ahead of the green party candidate at one percent. what about the undecideds? they remain at four percent. clinton's edge in the state is powered byr women and nonwhite voters and she performs better with democrats with 83 percent support and trump is backed by 77 percent republicans there. of course we're just weeks away from the election. the deadlines are coming up. here is the important dates you are going to want to know about. you have until october 8th to register to vote online or at the dmv. from october 9th-18 you can still get signed up but you have to go to a county elections office.
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october 22nd. to get started head to for an easy link on how to register online. >> michelle: hard to believe we're this case. that new asian themed resort near the las vegas strip that we've been watching come up from nothing, it will open just in time for new year's eve and starting tomorrow you can make reservations. the lucky dragon starts taking reservations on its website. builders of the lucky dragon tell us that the resort will be open saturday traditional celebration featuring a fireworks show. a lion and dragon dance for good luck and the world's largest tea service. taking a live look right now at the las vegas strip. state officials have released new gambling revenue numbers. the strip saw quite a dip in revenue last month. strip revenue down five percent last month with $861 million coming in. strip casino earnings also down
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some good news here. downtown las vegas earnings are up by about seven percent. >> kyndell: tonight for the 14th year right here in las vegas, fright dome is opening back up over at circus circus. by multiple organizations the haunted attractions is ranked as one of the scariest in the entire country. this year all of you willing to brave zombies, monsters and creepy clowns can meet them face-to-face in six new haunted mazes, scare ze at the adventure dome. it is open on select nights from now until halloween, october 31st. for ticket information head to >> michelle: if you are from las vegas you know fright dome one of the main attractions here. it is a tradition for us here in las vegas to have the fright dome. i mean, we do it right. and i know you were there this morning. >> kyndell: i was. >> michelle: kelly have you experienced fright dome? >> kelly: i don't think i could handle it. [ laughter ] i think i would be too scared to
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>> kelly: here's what i want to know. how long does it take for some of those characters to do their makeup? >> kyndell: honestly, at least when they were there with us this morning, very, very long. i would say an hour to an hour and a half. >> michelle: it's good makeup. >> kelly: it's very, very impressive and very realistic and i would be terrified in there. here is a look at what we're seeing outside right now. we do have showers that have popped up. most of the activity is in mojave county, arizona. then up into northwest or south that have popped up in lincoln county and clark county. spring mountains, the sheep mountains. money mountains as well. virgin mountains where we're seeing a little bit of that terrain driven showers. so showers popping up over our local mountains and that's where we expect them to stay. we're expecting dry conditions in las vegas. we can see that on our time-lapse here. this is the red rock resort camera. beautiful sunrise. a few clouds moving through the area. then the clouds starting to redevelop over our local
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cunningham elementary school, 91. 85 right now at sierra vista high school. definitely kind of pool weather this afternoon with those temperatures climbing into the 90s. wait until you see the forecast for the weekend and next week. big changes are coming. >> michelle: looking forward to them. looking so forward to the boot weather. sweater and boot weather. the investigation continues in new jersey after a horrific train crash. one person died. so many people were injured. they're trying to figure the train slammed into the station and that impact was so strong that it injured more than 100 people. jay gray has the story. >> reporter: the investigation continuing here. the national transportation safety board on the ground at this point and sifting through all of the evidence they can. they've confirmed this morning that they removed the black box or event recorder from the locomotive. having trouble getting to some of the other cars on the train. the structure here. the terminal is not safe. so they'll have crews that pull
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later in the day. they're also hoping they can take a look at some video that may have been recorded of the accident. >> all of that, along with interviews of the crew and other people will be doing to make sure we get the most factual information. >> reporter: the ntsb expects to be on the ground here for a week to ten days as the investigation continues. that is the latest from hoboken. i'm jay gray, nbc news. >> michelle: a man whose h cruiser window by police -- this happened in ohio -- is now suing that department. >> kyndell: coming up we'll tell what you the man was accused of before the incident. >> michelle: plus distressed homeowners desperate to get out of foreclosure taken advantage of by a scam artist. how you can protect yourself. this is the topic of today's rip-off alert. >> kyndell: then he won america's next top model. he won "dancing with the stars." and now he is winning all over
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gets ready to guest at chip n dales. that's coming up at 12:30. "news 3 live at noon," we'll be right back. >> michelle: before we go to break we want to remind you news 3 is the only place you can watch local high school football highlights. friday nights we're all over the valley getting highlights and player interviews. we also feature the scores of every high school game. don't forget we love to see your pictures. take pictures at the game then upload them to our burst app. go to our newscast. you can catch operation football tonight at 11:00 right here on news 3. stay with us folks we're back
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society.
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>> kyndell: an ohio police department is defending itself against police brutality claims raise by a man whose head was slammed into a windshield by officers. we want to warn you the video you are about to see is graphic. dash cam video from september 2014 shows lorraine police officers walking pele smith to a police cruiser. suddenly smith's face is slammed into the windshield causing that
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police stopped smith for jaywalking while investigating drug complaints in his neighborhood. last month smith filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and several officers for this incident. in the lawsuit smith also alleges one officer got into the back of the cruiser and began to taunt him as he was bleeding. in a statement police chief rivera says the video could be misunderstood and urged viewers to, quote, not rush to judgment. >> michelle: the mother of a ugandan man who was f officer -- this is the one very near san diego -- she is speaking out today. >> you hear me? know that my son was not killed -- he was not killed -- that he did not do it. he had no gun. he was not mental. no. he had just mental break down. >> michelle: police say alfredo alongo pulled a vaping device from his pocket.
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something at the officer. it was a vaping device. this happened on tuesday. one officer fatally shot him. another discharged a taser. these are the riots that have been happening there in el cajon since this happened. the police have not identified both of the officers involved, only one of them, richard gonzalez. and we know that that person is a 21-year veteran. protesters gathered for a third night last night. two have been arrested after the tulsa oklahoma police officer who fatally shot an unarmed motorist was arraigned in court today. betty shelby highlighted there arrived at court this morning. she was surrounded by several people. she is the one wearing the white shirt. she has her hair up in a ponytail. during the short proceedings shelby entered a not guilty plea. she was charged with first degree manslaughter after the september 16th shooting death of terrence crutcher.
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police dash cam video shows terrence crutcher walking to his stalled vehicle with his hands up most of the time in the air before he was shot. >> kyndell: a 14-year-old boy accused of shooting a teacher and two elementary school students was in court today in south carolina. police say the teen shot his father then drove to the family -- excuse me drove the family truck to the school, crashed into a fence outside of the playground, got out then started shooting. he is facing one count of murder and murder. it will be up to the district attorney to determine if he will be tried as a juvenile or adult. >> michelle: matthew is the name of this storm. has strengthened to a category 3 hurricane in the central caribbean sea. and this is according to a report from the national hurricane center. making its trek throughout the caribbean. this hurricane continues to intensify and may grow even stronger this weekend.
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of columbia right now. potential impact for the u.s. next week at this point remain unclear. as we bring kelly into the conversation, you know, it's -- i mean, it's hard to tell. sometimes these storms can make a turn and it's just too far out to know if it's going to affect us. >> kelly: sometimes they wobble. something we're going on monitor. it's far enough east we're not concerned about it locally impacting our weather. michelle, i think you are really going to like the weather i've got coming. i know michelle is probably not going to like my forecast so much. let's get things started with a live look outside. this one is from our southeast career and technical academy camera where we are seeing a lot of sunshine directly over las vegas itself but over the spring mountain range. look at all those clouds developing. even some showers starting to pop up over the local mountains. expect any wet weather we have today to be terrain driven. it's going pop up over the
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mountains. we're going to stay dry in the las vegas valley today. current temperatures. as you are heading out the door maybe you want to have lunch outside, great day for it right? north las vegas 88. henderson 89. lakes you are coming in at about 86 degrees. winds not an issue for us at all. in fact still calm in some locations in the las vegas valley. that will not be the case this weekend though. we have a fire weather watch that's actually in affect. this should say watch. that's in affect for sunday. all tr what's going to happen here is that the system we're dealing with that's bringing this moisture here in arizona you are seeing showers popping up around kingman, mesquite, into utah, zooming in closer. again, some showers just across the line. some right on the state line. these showers are moving east. the rest is terrain driven. these showers are going to continue to move off to the east as that system leaves the area. another system is coming in and that one is going to bring drier air and very strong winds.
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sunny skies in las vegas. mount charleston, sheep range and we could see more pop-up showers a thunderstorms especially as we get into parts of arizona and utah. dry in las vegas. overnight tonight, 72 degrees, mostly clear. here's a look at the 7-day forecast where we've got these breezy conditions that are going to start to develop tomorrow. especially as we get into the afternoon. it will still be warm too. 92 degrees. that's the high. the winds really get going on sunday. that's that fireea 85 degrees, that's the expected high. look at monday. the high is 74. that's pretty close to where we were for morning lows today. we're talking overnight lows in the 50s. highs still in the 70s on tuesday. it's going be a slow warm up as we head toward the end of the week. >> michelle: my boots are waiting, ready to be used. >> kyndell: get those out. >> michelle: the owner of a mortgage brokerage firm is behind bars after admitting to
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>> kyndell: he is the focus of today's rip-off alert. marie mortera reports, this case happened not too far away from right here in las vegas. >> the mortgage was close to being foreclosed. overwhelmed with that, i didn't know where to go, to whom i would turn and all this. >> marie: then billy turner saw this ad in the los angeles penny saver flyer. stop foreclosure. stop all of your mortgage source and met face-to-face with the ceo, david singly. >> i signed all types of documents. i was relieved i would save my home. they said they would buy the house and give the homeowner 12 months to rebuild their credit so that at the end of the year the homeowner would be able to buy the house back. and they were going to be able to stay in the house for the entire time. >> marie: but turner quickly learned this was not the case when he started getting mail
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name. after calling the state assessor's office he learned his home had been transferred to someone else. turner immediately called singly. >> high he was sitting across from me and says your home has been sold. i cannot use the word that he used. but he said there isn't anything you can do. >> marie: turner lost his home but he also learned he was not alone. >> i thoet people were above the law. they had scammed us. defrauded us. many o there was no recourse. >> marie: after receiving several complaints state and local investigators arrested singly. >> the scheme sos sophisticated it's difficult for the average consumer to detect this as fraud until it's too late. >> marie: turner has advice for anyone feeling aloan and desperate because their home is nearing foreclosure. >> take time to breathe, assess the problem and seek assistance and guidance. >> michelle: all right.
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now we want to see your faces. >> kyndell: that's right. send us your friday face by sending us a selfie on facebook, instagram or twitter. just hashtag #news 3fridayface and we'll share them on air right after the break. >> tom: it's time to take a moment for tom's trivia challenge where each friday you have a chance to win a prize for what you know about the area you live in. this week there will be two winers with each receiving a four-pack of tickets to monster energy cup. the question... in what hotel did elvis presley appear for his debut as a las vegas showroom performer? your answers are the alad lynn, frontier, international or the hilton. to win go the website and click on station and contest or go to our twitter page. to find out if you are the winner go to twitter where the answer will be posted at e the end of the show.
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. >> kyndell: welcome back in. it is friday.
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"news 3 live at 12:30," deadly train crash. the investigation continues into what happened on the tracks in hoboken, new jersey. what are officials saying about the moments leading up to that crash. >> kyndell: it is forever home friday. the animal foundation is here with an adorable pup you can adopt today. we'll tell you exactly how next. >> michelle: and nile di marco of "dancing with the stars" and america's next top model, he is here. he we're going talk to him coming up. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. the train that crashed into that hoboken terminal yesterday in new jersey was traveling at a very high rate of speed. this is according to investigators. >> kyndell: the national transportation safety board says it will spend the next several days investigating to determine exactly what happened there.


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