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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 30, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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accomplished in those 30 days. >> marie: plus brought to tears. emotional and powerful scene. what caused this man to be so moved. >> jim: and we're going honor a local hero today. meet this woman right here in las vegas who uses her own money to buy things for those in need >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> jim: they were back for one short month and members of the representatives are gone until after the election in mid-november. >> marie: a lot of people asking what did they accomplish and is con gris doing its job? kristine frazao has answers. >> divided government is actually the best government. >> reporter: divided they stand. as senate majority mitch mcconnell this week touted progress. >> over the course of congress we've had over 200 such votes. >> reporter: other members have
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>> it's about time congress takes its responsibilities. >> the problem here is not the house it's in the senate. >> reporter: congress did end up passing a spending bill to keep the government funded through december. which included more than a billion dollars to battle the zika virus. >> this bill is passed. >> reporter: also voted to override a presidential veto of a bill allowing family members of victims of 9/11 to sue saudi arabia. but political analyst nor linger says there's a lot they didn't do. >> all congr >> reporter: that quibbling this year led to them not to vote on filling a seat on the supreme court left empty by the death of justice scalia. a stalemate that's resulted in stalemates in the judicial branch. look at the important decisions that the supreme court has not been able to make this term. because they doubled up 4-four. >> reporter: perhaps one reason why a gallop poll found 20 percent of those surveyed
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handling its job. after a seven week summer recess congress was back for just four. and now they're gone again. leaving the halls on capitol hill empty until after the election. >> part of what's fueling the trump candidacy. people saying you know what? this clown can't possibly do a worse job than you jokeers are doing. >> reporter: in washington, i'm kristine frazao reporting. >> jim: we want to know what you thin do you think congress is doing its job? head to to weigh in. >> marie: president obama and other world leaders gathered in jerusalem today to attend the funeral for former israeli president shimon peres. the 93-year-old died wednesday. while president peres held secret tukz led to a historic handshake on the white house lawn, president bill clinton was in the white house as the
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doing in being overly optimistic. he knew exactly what he was doing with his dreams. >> marie: peres was laid to rest near another former israeli prime minister. more than 50,000 people went out to his wake yesterday to show appreciation for the life he led. >> jim: really powerful video out of syria that shows a rescue worker breaking down in tears after rescuing a baby.
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you can only imagine a mix of emotions here. absolutely elateed the baby is alive but then just overcome with emotion for everything what's going on in this war-torn country. we don't know how old small. she was under the rubble for two hours. >> marie: he just shaking there just with the realization what they've been able to do amid so much devastation and chaos there. wow. moving on to our terrorism alert desk now where an isis cell is busted while france begins air operations against the terrorist organization. here are more details. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c.
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france has began air operations against isis over aircraft and they're using the aircraft carrier the charles de gaulle. france did begin military operations against isis in 2014 but has intensified their mission ever since last november's attack that took place in paris. the pentagon says 18 isiss have been killed in the past month. dozens of those leaders taken out in mosul. this ahead of th month. police in spain, germany and belgium work together to bust a isis cell. the agency released five people in total and describe the cell as very active and dangerous. from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm jonathan elias. >> jim: south florida donut shop coming under fire after a police officer claimed that an employee put soap in her coffee. first the cop thought it was just bad coffee so she stosed it. the next day she went back to
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this time a male employee took her order then it's believed the same employee from the day before came over, took the cup from him. that's when things got more concerting. >> the same employee from the day before came over and took the cup from him and she moved her mouth towards the cup and made a motioning like she was going to spit into the cup of coffee. >> jim: the employee involved in this has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. and in the warning their fellow officers they may want to skip this coffee shop. >> marie: a maryland man displaying his collection of presidential campaign memorabilia. >> jim: it includes some items that date back to 1896. omar jiminez shows us just some of what this man has collected. >> people like secretary clinton have made such bad decisions. >> in 2016 presidential candidates can get their message
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instantly. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved. >> wrong. >> but that's definitely not what the presidential race looked like 100 years ago. >> most of the time they had to gather to get people together how did they get their message out. that's where all these items started to show up. >> reporter: they're items mike has collected over years starting with his musician father and ticket to jfk's inaugural ball from >> his orchestra played the kennedy inaugural ball. >> reporter: from there he was off to the races. the presidential ones. >> eisenhauer and the kennedys say start packing because the kennedys are coming. >> if i were a kennedy supporter this might be the tie clip we wear. but as we head to the ballots in november think about the fact that in 1896 this is what a ballot looked like. you can see the republican
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taft. >> it is really a matter of newspapers, postcards, buttons, things they could wear. as time went on, they got bigger and bigger and bigger. >> reporter: and more familiar to some of today's methods like bumper stickers. but no matter the way gim ball says the will is something that's remained constant. >> it is a lunch bucket talking about jobs and prosperity. this is 1896. what the same things. >> reporter: and if history is any indication, it's not going to change in 2016, 2020, or beyond. even if the way it's presented could very well make today's methods seem ancient. >> jim: more things change, the more they stay the same. there's a doctor in florida on who put together a radio ad to promote his clinic and to speak out against hillary
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are thinking of voting for hillary i want to offer you a free testosterone test. let's see if we can help. >> jim: that's the voice of dr. morris. he says he'll give any guy that free test for low t if they want to vote for clinton. he says he didn't want to upset anyone he was just trying to have fun ahead of the election. >> marie: pampers is making its smallest diaperer for the smallest of babies in the nicu. it is the first diapefo designed for babies weighing as little as one pound. look am fe design is the result of three years and 10,000 hours of research. that diaper will be available to hospitals across the u.s. by end of the year. a man is recovering after he was found hanging upside down in the basement of his own home. you have to see the images to believe what i am talking about. police thought he was a burglar breaking into the house.
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so he figured well might as well break in through a window into the basement. not the best idea as the man ended up getting stuck by his ankles and hung upside down for 13 hours. fortunately his neighbor stopped by to check on him and found him in that messy situation. the man later take to the hospital to get checked out and he is expected to be okay. his ego, probably not. >> jim: and i don't know who snapped the picture before they rescued him but want to point rush. >> marie: you would think maybe this neighbor who took the photo went dude you have to believe this. >> jim: we got to keep this around. >> marie: sometimes a little smack talking can get you in trouble. >> jim: one golf fan learned that the hard way. how his quick witted words aimed at professional golfers turned into a once in a lifetime opportunity. this means a whole lot to me. >> marie: a world war ii veteran moved to tears over the
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what he received that he thought he would never get. >> chloe: high winds in the forecast for this weekend. i'll tell you what day the
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i'm hillary cl i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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>> jim: now it's time for the good stuff where we shine a light on people who do amazing things in our world. in this week's hero's segment we get to know mary ann. a woman who uses her own money to buy things for those in need. >> marie: while she will get occasional help from friends for this woman it is usually a one-person commitment. chloe beardsley has more. >> chloe: mary ann is such a humble person. she didn't even want to do this interview. she says the reason she helps so
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mary ann came prepared this week with friends in tow they're ready to feed everyone here. >> god is good to me and i need to pass it on. >> reporter: she makes all of the packed meatball sandwichs that show a little bit of her personality. >> i am italian and i love meatballs. >> homemade sandwiches. good stuff! >> bottled water. oranges. they cake care of us. >> reporter: she also brings the homeless items >> we have couple of real young kids who i know they didn't have anything. i brought him a pair of tennis shoes, underwear, some shampoo and soap. and he said how did you know. i said i knew. you don't have anything. he said i don't. >> chloe: she got started nearly a decade ago when a friend asked her to volunteer. she use to make trips with her husband until he passed away four years ago but continues the
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on the street. >> these people understanding and peace and joy. something jesus told everybody to be like. >> chloe: mary ann says she understands their situation because many families right now live paycheck to paycheck. . >> tomorrow this might be that. i might be homeless tomorrow. i don't know that. i don't. and i'm not here to judge it either. >> mary ann is super. she is a sweetheart. gained so much from this experience that she calls everyone here family. >> they give more to me than i give to them. there's no doubt about it. >> chloe: she is a phenomenal person. >> jim: fantastic. she is so matter of fact. there's a need and i can do something about it. not part of a big organization or anything just one person. >> marie: just doing it because she saw people needed her help. >> chloe: and she meets with the homeless every tuesday night
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street. she goes there and sometimes brings a few friends. she'll go by asking people what do you need? goes out and buys it and she says, you know, she is a one woman show. but if you guys would like to dough night the homeless she encourages people meet at 5:00 tuesday night at washington and e streets. >> jim: seems like the conversation helps as much as anything. >> marie: hundreds of volunteers spent the day spreading love in las vegas. >> jim: this one day community of its kind. volunteers spent the day at schools and other organizations in need of a little bit of tlc. they planted gardens, gave fresh coats of paint. and painted murals around some school grounds. for some of the volunteers giving back like this is very personal. >> just a person whose story. this is my old elementary school.
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i know it's got to mean a great deal to students to see so many people coming together from the community. >> jim: more good people than bad out there as we always point out. and here is proof. 700 volunteers today part in today's day of caring. >> marie: a heart warming meeting between a father and son. >> jim: what makes this more special is this is the first time dad has been able to meet his new >> i'm daddy. do you know that? yeah. >> jim: hard to imagine what that must be like. corporal hank parker was at sea for 32 weeks or 230 days counting every one. and yesterday he was able to
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even though parker was deployed to the persian gulf he was there in the delivery room by phone. but, of course, this is much better to be there in person. the family is spending the next few days home in tennessee before traveling to camp pendleton in san diego. the work goes on for our active military. >> marie: that's right. welcome home. graduating from high school is a special occasion, especially when you are world war ii veteran. yes, 91-year-old charles was dmuld combat the year he now more than 70 years after fighting for our country, his school decided to honor him with a diploma. >> [ inaudible ]. i appreciate it. >> marie: he served in the u.s. navy from 1943 to 1965. he says he went right to work
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never got the chance to finish high school until now. >> jim: if you are out there in and talk a little smack you better be prepared back it up. we've got proof. this guy in the red sweater is a fan who was heckling professionals during ryders cup practice and claiming he could make the putt they were missing. so the players said big shot give it a shot. they added to the pressure by putting a $100 bill next to the ball. and sure enough he [ laughter ] victory dance here. the crowd is on his side. and if you are wondering, yes, he got to keep the $100 as well. and the guys are all being a good sport. they were impressed. i guess he tried to give the hundred back and they were like no you earned it. keep it. >> marie: plus the bragging rights. >> jim: that's pressure. nice. of course one way to be really show your confidence in your favorite sports team is to
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yes. permanent support. one chicago fan thinks his team is ready to win the world trade center so he is getting a 2016 wooets champion tattoo. this is noah brown. he has won a contest to get a free championship tattoo and even though the playoffs haven't even started he is confident the cubs can break the curse this year. >> i am tied to it heavily that a because i got a little more invest oment my leg. but if they don't win it, it's still okay. this is my biggest regret in life is getting this tattoo i'm get sitting pretty good at the end of the day. >> marie: he is a cubs fan through and through. the cubs have the best record in baseball this year but haven't won a world series since 1908 so we shall see. a lot of las vegas las vegans hoping they make it too because of chris bryan. >> jim: a lot of cub fans. i was born in chicago.
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field. >> marie: are you going to get a tattoo? . >> jim: not that much of a fap fan. tweet us at any time @marienews3lv and @jimnews3lv. tweet the station would you like to everyone to see it @news3lv. >> marie: the conversation continues on facebook. find us by "liking" our page and searching for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> jim: time to look ahead to what we're working on for "news 3 live at 5:00" today. a life treatment is bringing people from all across the country to our hometown. at five, how the use of stem cells is helping people beat pain. >> marie: plus we told you about this earlier. this new fear gripping --, i should say, this new fear coming from clouds. a new fear gripping our valley. what officials are saying about the scare that's impacting our students. >> jim: very special complete rainbow was captured on camera in pennsylvania. and there's a lot of
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background. in the foreground it's right over the country club where late golf ledge end arnold palmer's ashes had just been spread. it was like it was there just for him. the golf world is paying tribute to palmer who passed away on sunday. this is a beautiful and natural sendoff for a man who gave us so many memorable moments. >> marie: powerful. we've seen a few rainbows like that here in southern nevada. wasn't it last week or so. >> jim: sprinkles i some pretty awesome summerlin photos with rainbows. we've been sharing a couple of them. we love our rainbows. >> jim: and you are telling us to get ready for changes. >> chloe: yeah. big changes headed our way. if you are going to send photos in, it's going to be of you likely flying a kite or hanging on like this because the winds are going to be very strong if weekend and it's a going to cool us down significantly in the week ahead. right now it's pretty calm.
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there's a live look from our rio cam. a few time-lapses around the region. you can see the puffy clouds over pahrump earlier this afternoon. also off and on cloud cover near mount charleston. one of our newest weather stations. marlon walker school. a few scattered clouds there. and barely any wind in she the valley. a very different picture by sunday. because it's going to be a little cr and, of course, cooler weather. enjoy these numbers for now. we're at 85 at the moment for the summerlin area. 90 at the lakes. also low 90s mostly on the east side of town. winds in the single digit category. light breeze on the outskirts of town. overall looking pretty good coming in at 64. mouns charleston. low 90s lake mead and boulder city. upper 80s for pahrump also experiencing light to moderate winds across the region. taking a look.
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awesome evening. partly cloudy skies. temperatures upper 80s by kick off. and maybe a light jacket by 9:00 p.m. tonight. maybe. dry conditions continue. a few pop showers. but the talker is this weekend and those gusty winds. this area of low pressure right here will start moving into the pacific northwest. that trough will move through our area and eventually pick up those wind speeds starting late saturday into sunday. i'm tin miles an hour across the spring mountains. 40-mile-an-hour gusts expected in the valley. overnight tonight a cool one. highs tomorrow will be pretty similar compared to today. maybe a little warmer in some neighborhoods. 72 for the overnight low in las vegas. and we'll make night the low 90s tomorrow. gusts reaching up to 25 miles an hour. you can see those winds increasing later in the afternoon. those are just the sustained conditions that we're
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i said fall is officially here but that's 74 degrees that's screaming at you on monday, verifies that forecast. >> jim: we change quickly around here once suler is over don't we. >> chloe: we're like 100 degrees, 100, overit. then straight to the 70s. it is a nice change. more excuse to get a jacket. >> jim: a sweater. >> marie: i think i tucked them away. how many months ago was that? a year ago. [ laughter ] th here on "news 3 live at 3:30." here on "news 3 live at 3:30." >> jim: we'll see you back a at there's the nevada way. work hard. play by the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, sticking taxpayers with the bill. the danny tarkanian way?
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district attorney steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous criminals from buying guns here in nevada. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked. it's a dangerous loophole. closing it will save lives.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: i appreciate y'all. how y'all doing today? i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve harvey. we got ad lexington, kentucky, it's the pendleton family! [cheering and applause] and from chicago, illinois, it's the phillips family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the art ford edge right there. let's get it on. give me mary.


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