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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> kim: we team one the experts at consumer reports to make sure that you get your entertainment in the most bargain friendly fashion. we're talking local concerts and how to get the best price for you to see the best >> dana: we are five weeks away from election day. >> kim: we are hours away from the vice presidential candidates facing off tonight on the debate stage. we're going to take you live to the debate stage as they start to get everything up and running this morning. we're the wagners, kim and dana here on this tuesday. >> dana: traffic and weather
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we'll talk about how much longer these cool temperatures will last and what you can expect for
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>> kim: this is my daughter kate and our dog. we want to you participate and have a little fun as well. all have you to do is # news 3 pets. we have this social media application called tag board where it assembles all the different pictures and we can
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get going when you have a moment. >> he's 48 years old and left here yesterday the people who last saw him say when he left here he was totally unharmed. he left driving towards anthem. police say he called 911 saying he had been shot. beyond that the driver was unable to offer any useful information. from the time he left the bar he
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to a sudden end. >> when the dispatcher was on the line with the male, she heard a loud crash and unfortunately the male had crashed into a light pole. >> investigators believe that someone shot him while he was driving. what they don't know is if the bullet came from another car or a gunman on the side of the road. the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> kim: thank you for that live report. it is now 5:05. we're just getting started on the program. on your screen is the debate stage where hours from now the vice presidential candidates will face off for the first and only time during this presidential election season. mike pence and 72 cain relatively unknown when it comes
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from now. we'll have a live preview of what to expect courtesy tracy potts when we talk to her in our 6:00 hour. still to come, if you want to check out your favorite band and get it at a bargain price, we teamed one the experts at consumer reports to make sure your concert ticket isn't going to take the bait. >> dana: k robbers. we'll tell you what they say she
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>> we're looking at new poll numbers. hillary clinton leading trump by six points. this poll just conducted last week online a into the mix, clinton still leads trump by about six points that. is the latest online poll among likely voters. just to show the importance of women in terms of the electorate, usually they make up more voters. in 2012 they led men 53% to 47%.
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demographic. >> kim: to a news 3 exclusive. getting affordable tickets to the hottest shows in town can seem impossible. not only are tickets expensive, many shows sell out quickly. especially here in las vegas. consumer reports explains why and has useful tips on how to get good seats at a useful price. sherry bought a ticket online to see her favorite bands for hundreds of dollars and then realized she overpaid. >> i saw that the something dollars. i was mortified. i was so angry. >> software called bots allows brokers to scoop up tickets at lightning speed and resell them at a huge markup. how do you avoid getting gouged. >> go through the official ticket seller and create an account. that way you won't have to log on and enter payment details during which time a board of
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also look out for credit card promotions which offer card holders first dibs and discounts. >> we found if you visit the resale sites closer to the events prices sometimes plum met. >> they found more than office price. on the day of the event for a similar ticket the price went down almost $80 hovering at 23 bucks. forget going to a concert in a group. buying fewer tickets ups your chances for success. as for sherry, she learned from her high priced mistake and plans to change how she buys tickets moving forward. >> ridiculous for spending that
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>> kim: the effort to crack down on the use for bots has already started. the house of representatives just passed a bill that makes it illegal for people to use them and illegal for people to sell that software for this particular ticket. >> dana: it's a scary situation in haiti there. is a giant hurricane tr winds in excess of 140 miles an hour. this hurricane has killed three people. many more lives could be lost in haiti. it was just six years ago they suffered the effects of that massive earthquake. we have people living in modest conditions there and with behind in excess of 140 miles an hour and more than three feet of rain could hit, there are concerns about mud slides as well. the eye of matthew passing over
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devastation later on today. >> kim: reports are out this morning that the armed robbery involving kim kardashian may have been an inside job and the reality tv star may have made herself a target. she makes millions sharing her life online. she may have shared too much in this particular night. there is snap chat footage of the play by play of everything she was doing that evening. she was robbed in the fashion week in paris. five armed robbers dressed as police hit up her hotel. it's an apartment within a mansion. they handcuffed the security guard. they went up in her room and made off with a $4.5 million engagement ring and a jewelry box worth $5 million.
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robbers a play by play and that includes whether she was in the hotel by herself. >> dana: when you go on vacation and tell everybody you are out of town, robbers take notice that your house is empty. >> tom: i prefer to post pretty pictures but not say this is where i am. we have a good flow of traffic here on i15. look outside from our fast about. a couple of fender benders none of which have been a problem. we have no delays. we do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes so here is kelly. >> kelly: winds breezy to get things started. this is time lapse footage from yesterday. we started out with a little bit of cloud cover. you can see the trees shaking at first but then it stops. the winds diminishing in the
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high temperature yesterday 76-degrees in the northwest part of the valley. even cooler. take a look at the temperatures heading out the door right now, centennial 63, summerlin you are at 56, spring valley 57le. henderson coming in at 53. temperatures will warm up later this afternoon warmer than yesterday but still below normal. active weather staying to the light winds. not the case in the caribbean right now as we have hurricane matthew making land fall in haiti as we speak. expecting not good conditions to come out of this. it will continue to track north through the bahamas and weak tongue a 3 as it hugs the coastline of florida and heading
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this weekend. here at home very quiet weather. sunny skies, 80-degrees. great day for lunch or dinner outside. good sleeping werth again. 59, clear skies. our seven-day forecast shows temperatures staying below normal throughout the work week. 80-82. it gets warmer for the weekend but that is normal mid 80's. columbus day on monday mostly sunny and 87. >> let's take floor of the nasdaq where jane king is enjoying a well deserved day off. look who is in her place. thanks for being here. we're going to start off with facebook. it sounds like facebook is creeping into craig's list territory. how? >> facebook is launching marketplace and it allows you to browse things to buy from people who live nearby. it allows you to list your own
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list since you know who you are dealing with. it launches in a couple of countries this weekend. it's only on mobile. fits popular enough it could roll out worldwide ton web. >> kim: the amount of energy we get from clean sources just keeps on growing. >> wind and solar production took off last year as the price of clean energy declined as well. wind and solar were 2/3 of all new electricity production last year. other clean energy technologies are finally becoming advanced enough for practical use. >> kim: thanks so much. until next time my friend. know here is dana. >> dana: a woman pushing a baby stroller walking through a quiet neighborhood in san francisco.
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that woman is stealing packages off of the porch of some of her neighbors there. that is not a baby inside the stroller that. is a dog in there. they've had a rash of these thefts. so the neighbors have set up more security cameras. they have gotten police involved and hoping to find this person as soon as possible. >> kim: we take you to the streets of philadelphia. what is going on that is obviously a big wheel on a major busy freeway in philly from over the weekend. people can't believe what they are seeing. in the end this person is going to be ok but police are not happy. police are looking for the person who is responsible for pulling this prank. >> dana: not smart.
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somebody could have been killed here. you can hear the guy shooting the video laughing but i don't think most people are laughing. maybe he was in on it, i don't know. a look out of myrtle beach, south carolina. it's not the place to be this weekend as hurricane matthew is headed toward the southeast united states. could make land fall there this weekend. it is expected to weaken from a cat four to a cat two. the last week for blind auditions on "the voice." coming up the famous family that singer belongs to. >> still to come, not all heroes
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>> tom: we have a pretty good flow of traffic a look at the travel times going to be changing in the rush hour but not that much. adjust one minute to the southbound commute on the 125. right now things are looking good on the roadway. let's check weather. here is kelly. >> kelly: looks like you are going to need a sweater.
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sky. current temperatures pahrump 48 right now. mesquite 63. boulder city 62. winds nice and light. not going to be an issue for us today as temperatures climb into the upper 70's, low 80's. warmer than yesterday but still below normal. how long will this trend continue? i'll have the full forecast in 10 >> kim: we want to you # news 3 pets. we're focusing on this pet in particular. it takes to us idaho and they are honoring this dog as a hometown hero. >> dana: he was hanging out at his house when they had an electrical issue that could have caused a fire. he knew something was wrong and let everybody know about it. >> i listened and noticed sparks coming from the outlet and
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something was wrong. >> dana: he has his own badge now. he's a , jr. police buddy. he's adorable. pets do sense things. >> kim: they certainly do. anyone who has a pet , the pet is really a member of the family. another shoutout, snap a picture of your furry friend and # it news 3 pets and you may see your pet on this very program. still my ride, this guy jazzes up his ride. do you realize what we're seeing here? we have the big reveal ahead. >> dana: live pictures out of virginia. this is 2 sight of the one and only vice presidential debate that will be tonight. a live report from georgia and the preparations happening there
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take the stage.
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>> dana: will a woman accused of putting pets to death before being adopted show up in court? >> that mom cheering on her
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channel. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door this morning grab the sunglasses and make sure have you a sweater. by noon today 75. our high 80 today. 77 at 6:00. we're going to talk about the all important weekend forecast
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>> dana: the election spotlight on virginia, particularly on longwood university. tonight senator tim kaine and mike pence taking the stage for the first and only vice presidential debate of the season. right now mona joins us live from the scene. are they getting ready for the debate already on this tuesday morning? >> they sure are. the countdown has officially kicked off. right now i'm standing in front of the venue will be held and everyone from the debate crew to the secret service are putting the finishing touches on an event that has been a year in the making. we are less than 24 hours from the faceoff between vice presidential candidates tim kaine and mike pence. >> this will be a table debate. the two candidates and moderator will be seated at a table. >> the debate will be broken
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>> both in terms of preparation and making sure everything is ready to go. we've got it timed down to the minute. >> i want you to be very happy. >> the commission on presidential debates admitted there was an issue with donald trump's microphone. senior advisor peter air insist the issues are in the past. >> we do rehearsals. we check and double check. we're ready for tomorrow night. >> meticulous. >> it's a challenge to put on an event like this but the law enforcement and secret service have been wonderful to work with. they are expecting 300 attendees. 100 of which are students. >> it is a great fit for us. we pride ourselves on nurturing citizen leaders. >> the cpd isn't wasting any
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as soon as the event is over they will be breaking down if stage and hitting the road for st. louis for the second presidential debate. >> dana: meanwhile the second presidential dentate monday night between hillary and donald. we invite to you join us next monday for a full breakdown of the debate with analysis and reaction from a panel of experts. that is monday at 4:00 streaming on our website >> kim: we have get to. brand new this morning there is a house fire that has kept local crews busy. sparked up about an hour and a half ago. it takes us to the stewart and sloan area. this home was abandoned and neighbors on the scene tell us squatters had been living inside. the fire investigation continues now at 5:33. the former head of an animal sheller in boulder city insist she's not guilty of felony
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take this case to trial? craig is all over this story joining us from in front of the regional justice center. >> good morning to you. mary joe frazier led the animal shelter for 18 years and in april 2015 there were allegations that surfaced which said she allowed animals to be euthanized before the prescribed waiting time for the animals to she was indicted by a grand jury. today she's going to be in court. she's accused of numerous counts of animal cruelty of youth noising more than 90 animals needlessly in a single year. this morning there was a hearing on calendar we're unclear whether or not this hearing will result in a new trial date or perhaps there is a plea deal in the works in this case. if she were to be convicted she
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in prison, a maximum of eight years behind bars. we understand she's free on $50,000 bail but since then moved out of state. there is question whether or not she will be in court for this morning's hearing. i'll be there. this case sparked a lot of emotion when news 3 broke the news and the coverage on this story. we'll find out what develops in court today and the result live at noon. >> chris: thank you for that. right now we have live coverage out of farmville, virginia. the stage is set for the vice presidential candidates that hours from now will have their first televised debate and only debate of the election season. trump continues to deal with the fallout from his tax returns. something that will be addressed on that stage. we're talking to tracy potts about it live at 6:00. >> dana: blind auditions
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voice" on this very channel. got a great voice and a famous family. wait until you see who she's related to coming up. >> kim: using pennies to pimp out his ride. why? out his ride. why? we hav i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this mesessage. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck. wrong for nevada. right now, get the centurylink prism tv essential package bundleled with up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just 75 dollars a month. you'll get over 150 channels, with tons of pro and college sports... local and national news...
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>> kim: you know how you find change in the seat of your car all the time. this guy found a ton of it so he decided to use it for decoration. he pimped his ride with it's a 2,000 chevy blazer covered with all that copper. 51,300 pennies to be exact. he said it took him 7 weeks. 80 tubes of glue. three gallons of boat glue to make sure it looked as good as it does. he said it made sense to change
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cost more than that. because now a penny cost more than a penny to make. that's got to be a heavy car as well. there is one accident tropicana to the west of joan. watch out for that. a pretty good look at the drive. no real delay and we are checking the traffic. right now five minute drive from craig we'll add about an minute to that in an hour and a half assume nothing accidents. >> kelly: you are going to want to sport the latest fall fashions this morning. it is on the chilly side. mesquite 62 is the current temperature. for the kids on the way to
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this afternoon a little warmer than yesterday. a high around 80. we're going to take a look at hurricane matthew and the extended forecast in 10 minutes. >> right now we're encouraging you to share your furry family members with us. whether you put your picture on instagram, twitter or facebook we want to see you cuddling up with your favorit legged variety. we have a bunch of dogs belonging to the news 3 crew this morning. # news 3 pets and you may see your loved one here on the broadcast. >> dana: live pictures out of north carolina. hurricane matthew is churning over the island nation of haiti right now but it is headed toward the southeastern united states. it could make land fall in the southeastern u.s. this weekend.
5:42 am
cat four to a cat two hurricane before it does that. who was caught on kiss cam? do you recognize them? i love this couple. we'll tell you who this famous couple is coming up. >> kim: live in our 6:00 hour this morning that is the magic dragon. he is the magician who is always hungry and has the cutest little dog which is great because we want to see all i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig.
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does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> hillary clinton leading trump by about six points. women a very block. historically we see more women at the polls than men. 2012 women made up 53% of voters. >> dana: japanese nobel prize winner say they are still processing his noble prize
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didn't believe him. his discoveries led to a deeper understanding of how a cell recycles its contents. these weigh close to a million dollars. >> kim: you see pope francis on the move. this is within his host country of italy and he went to the site of that devastating earthquake from over the sm a heads up this was going to happen. they just released the pictures while most of you were sleeping. he's visiting the hardest hit area of the town. pope francis photographed praying in front of the rubble, talking to the firemen on the scene. >> dana: caught on kiss cam. who was that caught kissing?
5:47 am
carter and his wife as they were celebrating the final game at turner field after 20 years. the atlanta braves are going to move to a new stadium joust just outside of the city. they've been married in excess of 60 years. he just beat cancer too. >> kim: also a programming note, don't the playoffs start this evening? >> >> dana: at 5:00 tonight time. >> kim: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here you are with i'm hoping pleasurable news. >> tom: i got a couple of fender benders to report, neither one serious but might be a hiccup in your commute in north las vegas. we have a camera up. not showing the accident. but we did see a flashing light here with maintenance crews. they appear to have moved on as well.
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one accident west of joan so watch out for that. we're doing weather times two with dana and kelly. >> dana: this hurricane is a cat four. this is a monster hurricane. >> kelly: it is currently in haiti. this is video look at the waves there. it avoided a direct hit. some models had it making land fall on the eastern part of the island. they had to deal with a lot of wind and rain and a lot of people displaced. 700 people had to be moved into shelters. right now let's take a look at where this hurricane is currently. it has just made land fall in haiti within the last hour or
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you can see that eye crossing over haiti. it could make a second land fall on the eastern coast of cuba. stays four across cuba, three across the bahamas on thursday. on friday it starts to skirt the coast of florida and up into the carolinas. it is going to weaken, it skirts florida and two in the carolinas. it could make land fall this weekend in the carolinas. that is something we'll monitor. even if it doesn't, it's going to be causing problems for the southeast for sure. here at home it's a different story. we've had quiet conditions. little bit of a breeze yesterday. the winds died down in the evening hours. a few clouds around as well. temperatures still cool this morning.
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spring valley 56. you are going to want a sweater heading out the door. this afternoon temperatures still going to be below normal but warmer than what we saw yesterday. boulder city 79. mesquite 80. in las vegas looking at that high around 80. tonight mt. charleston going down to the freezing mark. 80 in las vegas. tons of sunshine today. normal throughout the work week. highs in the low 80's and warming up to normal for the weekend. >> kim: still to come, the final audition -- blind auditions for "the voice" just hours from now. we take you back to primetime on this channel where a famous face was written on her loved one. who is it? we have answers headed your way.
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in the caribbean movie. why aren't we seeing johnny depp?
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>> dana: the blind auditions continue on "the voice" last night. we heard from this young singer who had a great voice and very
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that's an elvis classic. that is natasha singing. backstage her mom candice cameron best known for her roll on full house and her husband used to play in the national hockey league are her parents. this girl has the pipes. she secured a spot on team adam and she does tonight is the final blind auditions coming up tonight on "the voice." johnny depp nowhere to be found in the new season trailer for pirates of the caribbean. the first look at the film focuses on that scary dude. he is playing a character called captain salazar. it's a change for the franchise
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character to promote the film. he's had a brush with the law and getting divorced. maybe that's why he's not in the trailer. movie comes out in may. today marks the 10th anniversary for wick kylikes. the organization dedicated to transparency. marksthe anniversary conference. we understand he may have documents that don't shed hillary clinton in a very good light. those could be released as early as today. >> kim: he says he's going to release them before the election. still to come. we are tracking hurricane matthew. the american model and the european model now are bringing this storm very close to the united states. we'll show you that track ahead.
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tongue vice presidential debate hours from now as i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve thisis message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes
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said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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>> kelly: henderson police trying to figure out who shot a man driving himself in unexclusive neighborhood. a live report ahead. >> dana: democratic and republican vice presidential
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we're going to tell you how each of them have been preparing coming up. >> kim: putting yourself in danger is what authorities say happened with kim kardashian snap chatting her every move. >> dana: 6:00 on this tuesday morning. the dawn glow has arrived. sun will be up in about 35 minutes fromow on the up coming vice presidential debate. the one and only hours from now in virginia. we have a live preview of what to expect headed your way in just a bit. 6:00 on the nose. we're the wagners on this tuesday morning. >> dana: jeff has travel times. tom left the studio and is now up in sky 3. >> tom: we're checking out an accident we've reported from the


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