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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  October 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> news 3 'antonio castelan news 3's antonio castelan joins us live where concern is growing as we learn about an incident at leavitt school. what happened? >> reporter: someone yelled out clowns, clowns and sparked a chaotic scene at leavitt middle school. some students tripped and got hurt. killer clowns. the ranks and threats are throughout the nation and for the clark county school district it's been no different. >> over the nine days you've been getting calls concerning the killer clown epidemic that's going around. >> reporter: captain ken young with the clark county school police department says the clown threats have been coming in nonstop. just this morning at leavitt
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prankster screamed clowns, clowns. this resulted in students running for fear. a couple were injured. >> kids start to run. they become concern about what's going on. there's potential for kids being hurt. >> reporter: school administrators say it's been a big distraction for students and teachers. >> it's a scary thought. it is the corner. a lot of people are dressing up as clowns. >> reporter: school police are stressing to students and parents that the threats are all false. >> there's no credibility. there have about no incidents of any clowns that have chased kids, have battered kids, have been seen with guns. we've not had any incidents like that in clark county.
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threats could be charged with a misdemeanor. jim? >> okay. antonio, thank you for that. detectives made quick work of arresting a man accused of breaking into a home and killing a man who lived there. according to the police report, he dropped his wallet at the crime scene. metro police say james farr ii turned himself in yesterday. the 28-year-old is facing charges of murder, burglary and auto theft. metro says the home near and 27-year-old chad shelltop was found shot in the chest. they say several people lived in the home. shelton was found by a roommate. in four days, nevada lawmakers will consider making a pro football stadium a reality in las vegas and the mayor is renewing her pitch to investors to consider downtown as a potential site. news 3's nathan o'neal joins us live at the cashman center where
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one day. >> reporter: yeah, mayor carolyn goodman plans to send a team up to carson city next week to lobby. their goal, to convince investors this land behind me is the best option. picture this, downtown las vegas, home to the las vegas raiders. it's a vision the mayor is not giving up on. >> the most important piece is the timing. >> reporter: the investors have strip. one off russell road. the other at the bali high golf course. but the mayor is pushing for a third option. >> the best site without equivocation is downtown. it is ready. if we got the call from mr. adelson tomorrow and said i've changed my mind, i'm coming to cashman, right off the top, he would save $215 million.
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infrastructure and land since the city already owns the property. but the area where cashman is faces its own challenges from homelesses in to economically depressed neighborhoods. >> i think it would literally transform this entire area. >> reporter: robert mccoy is ceo of the museum next door to the cashman. he's witnessed the revitalization efforts from the start and said the stadium could be a big past. >> if you are talking about a $2 billion football stadium. that's like a shot of adrenaline to the whole process. >> reporter: but some residents are a bit skeptical. >> i like the strip better because a lot more things happening. [ cheers ] >> reporter: for this to work, the 51s would have to be relocated. the mayor admits it's an uphill battle but worth the fight. >> it's such a great time and
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entire community. >> reporter: if the nfl stadium does not end up in downtown las vegas, mayor goodman says she will continue to push to try to get the raiders training billion built out here at the cashman center. she also says she's not giving up of possibly bringing in major league soccer as well. nathan o'neal, news 3. talking about the politics of that special session regarding the stadium, a change in course is happening. addressing the budget shortfalls in education during the session. that session happens monday to discuss funding for the stadium proposal. here is the issue -- they will look to approve a hotel tax increase to pay for part of the stadium. yesterday, the governor's office released a statement saying the proposed increase may be changed a bit to address education funding but today he said those funding issues will be addressed in the next regular legislative session. we've got you covered. news 3 has a team going up to
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jeff gillan will bring you live reports, carson city beginning sunday evening. battleground nevada is living up to its reputation for sure. yesterday, donald trump was here. tonight, the democratic candidate for vice president is bringing that ticket to town. tim kaine is holding a rally at the carpenters union training center near mccarran and jeff gillan is there. jeff? >> reporter: hey, jim, good evening. by the way, i'm shouting, folks, because it's very, very loud welcome to very friendly democratic turf. this union endorsed clinton in june. behind me, some of the union troops that the clinton campaign will need to turn out votes in just a few weeks. tim kaine arrives here a couple of days after his debate in virginia with republican mike pence. kaine is spending two days in the valley urging people to register to vote. he has an event tomorrow in henderson with senior citizens.
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center, we could expect a speech that's heavy on how clinton plans to build on the economic recovery and bring more jobs to the middle class. that's what paul hernandez wants to hear. >> i think we're on a good trajectory. i think what tim kaine will say is where we need to go next. that's what i like. they have a plan that actually works. >> reporter: kaine's last visit was august 22nd. and, once again, a lot of union muscle going into this campaign effort for the clinton campaign. back now live, after this rally, which is supposed to start at about 6:30, that's when kaine is supposed to get here, i'm gonna get a few minutes one-on-one with tim kaine. the trump campaign, already out with its welcome. in a statement, it said nevadans know clinton/kaine policies
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hopefully, they will lower the volume. i might need earplugs. jeff gillan, news 3. back to you. >> a rowdy crowd, jeff. thank you for that. the top of the tickets go head to head this sunday. the second debate will be a town hall format. that means some of the questions will come from the audience. it will be held at washington university in st. louis with cnn's anderson cooper moderator. you can watch the debate on the cw las vegas, that's channel 33 or cox nbc will have a football game on here sunday night. >> and the day after the debate, we invite you to join us for a full breakdown. we have analysis and reaction from a panel of experts next monday at 4:00 p.m. we'll stream it at >> you don't want to be left out. time is running out. if you still need to register to vote, you have until saturday without going to an elections office in person. volunteers are fanning out all
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we have all of the information on voter registration and early voting on well, north las vegas firefighters bid a fond farewell to one of their own. >> yeah, coming up, colleagues remember a veteran fireman and they honor his distinguished career. another reason to worry about earthquakes in southern california. the discovery that could actually shake up a lot more people. we have a lot of ground to cover tonight. the latest on hurricane matthew, number one. and number two, we're adding a stack of degrees forecast. it's all coming up in just a minute. and we'll take you live to florida as millions scramble to get out of the path of hurricane matthew, a storm that's already claimed almost 300 lives in the caribbean.
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department of corrections is hoping you can help them find family members of an inmate who died tuesday. james delwin thomas died and was serving time for burglar. prison officials are having a hard time finding family members. if you have information, contact
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screen. researchers in san diego and unr discovered a new faultline that runs right parallel to the san andreas fault on the eastern edge of the salton sea. seismologists say this information will help them more accurately map out of earth's crust to give them a better shot of predicting when the next big one will hit. the next one will be catastrophic to the area and probably have an well. not a significant impact here in nevada. >> yeah. >> yeah. let's get right to it. the latest on hurricane matthew. still a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds at 130 miles per hour. moving to the north-northwest at 13 and really the strongest
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so there are several different aspects of this storm to discuss. first of all, the winds, it does appear as if those strongest winds will stay offshore. there will be some wind damage in parts of florida but the most significant winds if it holds true to its current track will stay offshore. the rain, that's gonna be heavy. we're talking 4 to 7 inches. maybe isolated spots getting more than that. it's florida. they get heavy rain. there will be some reports of flooding from the rain. but the storm surge. as it moves up relatively parallel to the florida coast, it's kind of like a shovel, shoveling the moisture back in, not to mention the waves on shore. the storm surge is expected to get as high as 10 feet. anywhere from the space coast, daytona beach and possibly the jacksonville area, too. we'll have to keep a close eye on that. if this loop of a forecast holds, it will be here late
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again for round two. however, it will be much, much weaker. the reason is the ocean is gonna get so churned you, you will have cooler water coming to the surface. the water temperature right now is like 90. that cooler water comes to the surface and that will diminish the intensity. how about that sunrise in las vegas? beautiful day. we have been running out ofadjectives. 215, winds have weakened up to blowing up to 25 miles an hour. and it's a 70s love fest across the valley. anywhere from 71 to 77 depending upon your neck of the cactus. it's 44 on the mountain and 73 in pahrump. our high at mccarran, 79. some neighborhoods on the east side did get in the lower 80s
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air quality is good pollution-wise. we've seen a little bump in the pollen thanks to weeds and grasses that have shown up. tomorrow, plan on your friday, starting out around 60. mid- to upper 70s around lunchtime. low to mid-80s for a high tomorrow and the winds will behave themselves less than 10 miles per hour. so we're sparkling clear. i don't expect that to change through the weekend. but next week we've got a disturbance that will be coming from the northwest there's actually a chance for rain but most likely it will stay over the mountains. 37 on the mountain. 39 in pahrump will be your morning lows. boulder city tomorrow, 81. mesquite, 85. 79 in indian springs. the las vegas valley under a clear sky. we'll bottom out at 57 tomorrow morning. your friday afternoon officially will top out at 84. if that's not warm enough for your mid-october pleasure, i
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october, but it will be delightful. we're talking 90 degrees on sunday. we'll have clouds with a chance of mountain showers on monday and next week lows in the mid-60s. oh, my. i love october in las vegas. have i said that before? >> i believe you have, but i love hearing it every time. >> wait until early november. high school football team forfeits a game. safety forces the coach to pum the plug on the game. and this is not the first time it's happened. we have an update on the it's happened. we have an update on the officer
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our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content of this advertising. there's the nevada way.
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the kingman police officer who was shot last week while trying to serve a search warrant, we're glad to tell you tonight he's out of the hospital and recovering. kingman police released this video of the intense confrontation. we showed it to you last week. 53-year-old jeffrey cave came to the door holding a gun. you can see it there in his hands. you hear all of the officers yelling at him to put the gun down. he didn't. eventually, raises it. shot detective and the rest shot and killed him.? amazing grace ? >> of an officer's voice today, a sweet sound.
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domestic violence was added at a police in metro headquarters. organizers have held similar events each year since 1977. >> we close the ceremony by saying next we are, we won't have a plaque. we're just going to celebrate our success. unfortunately, here we are in 2016 and we still are bringing another plaque. we still have more names being added. >> october is domestic violence awareness month. it's a crime that has killed more nevada since 1997. a las vegas woman has been indicted on charges of scamming immigrants looking for citizenship. nevada's attorney general says rena starks claimed to be an immigration attorney with connections and could help get them through the process. investigators say she scammed one of the victims out of more than $14,000. starks faces six felony charges. well, in the world of friday night lights and the competitiveness of high school
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everette, washington. >> one team has outscored opponents 170 points to zip. that's just in their first three games. new at 6:00, they are so dominant, other teams are afraid to face them. >> reporter: a somber team from powerful arch bip shish murphy high school gathered to express their disappointment after their last three opponents refused to play them. >> there are still uno happen. >> reporter: tonight, kiro 7 learned parents of some players won't allow them to face the much bigger stronger archbishop murphy this friday. some e-mailed the staff saying we are in agreement that to play would compromise the best interest and safety of the players and be demoralizing by the defeat. football is a dangerous sport.
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some are upset the school didn't foreget immediately noting we will not allow our sons to suit up for the game next october 14th. granite falls high school was the latest to pull the plug on their date with archbishop murphy. >> we can't put our quarterback who is 4'5" and weighs 330 pounds. >> reporter: archbishop has abe lucas. >> i'm ready to get on the field. >> parents say they would rather bail out than risk having their children hurt and disappointed. no team has scored a single point against archbishop murphy
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says his players have suffered their fair losses and they just want to get back on the field. proud parents for sure. we have new information tonight on the deadly train crash in new jersey. >> how speed led up to the calamity. what led up to the shooting had of a police officer and what we're learning about the suspect who is a teenager. and we'll go live to daytona
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, i approved this message because i know we can
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as kevin janison has been
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hurricane matthew is turning closer to the coastline tonight. >> it's already being blamed for 283 deaths in haiti. authorities from florida through the carolinas are now warning millions of people that the time to get out is running out. and jay gray is watching the evacuation tonight from daytona beach, florida. >> reporter: in florida, and up the east coast, last-minute preparations and >> if it's rough now, god help us. >> reporter: hurricane matthew is gaining intensity and momentum as it closes in on the coast with sustained winds of 140 miles an hour, gusts even stronger, flooding rains and a potential storm surge of 6 to 9 feet. >> this is life and death. >> reporter: evidence of that, the storm-ravaged caribbean island where hurricane matthew


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