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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  October 6, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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. - i have cancer? - possibly. - possibly? - we don't know for sure. - there's a chance that your loss of vision was caused by your body fighting some kind of tumor. - is there any history of cancer in your family? - i don't know. - uncle paul. he's fighting bladder cancer right now. - any other medical history i should know? any injuries or any illnesses or surgeries? - no. - denise? - no. - i'm gonna send you over for a ct scan. in the meantime, let's take a quick look. [knock on door] - enter.
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sabbath rules. - dr. latham, i understand i should have consulted you before recommending surgery, but i'd developed a rapport with mrs. simon, and i thought since you observe the sabbath-- - pikuach nefesh. a man's life always takes precedence. so you plan on opening up the heart, tying off the bifurcated branch, and closing everything back up in 30 minutes? - mm-hmm. - if you don't over-sew the connection, he could develop a deadly pseudoaneurysm. that might take an even experienced surgeon an hour. - pardon me, dr. rhodes. the patient's temp is down to 32 degrees. - thank you, leah. - you realize that by waiting as long as you did to call me, you've given us no other surgical option.
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- i can make it in time. i've done surgeries equally as challenging before. - while assisting dr. downey. - yes. - in the cockpit, a copilot's seat is right next to the captain's, but the view out of the window is surprisingly different. - our--our bodies are complicated. -our brains say one thing and our bodies hear something else. - i don't understand. is there something wrong with the baby? - yes. well... not exactly. it's complicated. - what exactly are you saying? - [exhales sharply] um...
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e dr. reese a minute, i think that you'll find that she has an excellent grasp of-- - so go ahead. explain, dr. reese. - i am sorry, but there is no baby. - we lost the baby? - no. you never had one. - you don't know what you're talking about. - no, see, the--the evidence is actually right here. you have a condition called pseudocyesis. you may have heard it referred to as a hysterical pregnancy. - are you saying my wife is crazy? hat sometimes the mind has the ability to play tricks on the body. - i can feel my baby. i don't care what this ultrasound shows. it--your machine must be broken. - i can assure you it's not. your blood test confirms it. - well, then your lab's broken, too. i'm pregnant. i am! - honey. hey, hey, hey. - no! no. - back off. - no! no! - honey, honey. no! get away from her! - get me out of here! - we need some help in here! - [screams and cries] - shh. it's okay. it's okay.
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- where are we? - body temperature's at 20 degrees celsius. - flow down. clamp. - clamp. - clamp is on. give cardioplegia. - plegia's on. - heart's arrested. - start the clock. stage is yours, dr. rhodes. - metz and debakey. - here you go, doctor. - okay.
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is thing is acting up again. maggie, do me a favor and reboot it. - i had it serviced last week. it should be fine. - yeah, but right here. - [breathes heavily] it's my prostate gland. i'm a transgender woman. upgrade season's here. i got my new iphone 7 from sprint. zero dollars. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1%
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bum-bum-bum ? we took lifelong pasta experts and gave one prego traditional and one ragu traditional. this is what happened. that's because even ragu users prefer the taste of prego traditional two-to-one. ?? ?? thank you for your song. i hope i provided mine. ??
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. - my doctor recommended not removing the prostate 'cause the surgery would be too complicated.
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i'm gonna need to order another panel. maggie, run down to phlebotomy and have them draw up a cmp and check her psa levels? - tina can do that for you. i'm a civilian today. - but you have much more sway with the lab. - i'll be right back, okay? if you want me out of the room, just say so. - well, excuse me. why didn't you tell me your sister used to be a man? - it's not my place. it's up to the patient. this is crucial medical history. - [sighs] - how long ago did she transition? - about nine years ago. [sighs] - was it hard for you? - harder for her. - hmm. if it were my family...
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we had a lot to learn. [cries] - mr. dobbs, please calm down. we just want to help you. - you've done enough. the second she wakes up, we're outta here. - i think that would be a mistake, but i'm not gonna stand in your way. - we're done. - so? - he's taking her home as soon as the sedative wears off. - we're gonna let them leave? - yep. - we can't put her on a psych hold? - doesn't meet the criteria. i mean, is she a danger to herself or others? is she unable to take care of her basic needs? - i've been doing some reading. there was this one case where they put a woman under anesthesia and her belly deflated and--and she thought she had a miscarriage. - whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
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- so we're giving up? - when's the last time you had some sleep? - are you sending me home? - no, i just think it might be a good idea to get some rest. you know? you've been up all night. come back tomorrow, start fresh. i should get out of here. - do you know how many cases we're looking at yet? - natalie. - one second. okay. yes, i will test him right now and send over the results as soon as we get them. thank you. - who was that? - health department. looks like our john doe might have the measles.
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figure-- - ah. - it's a belt buckle. - flip it over. - "i survived the stampede"? - it's a roller coaster. that amusement park down in champaign, they just confirmed that they had an outbreak of the measles. five cases, kids who were never vaccinated. this whole time we were assuming that he brought this exotic disease into the country with him. and now, it actually looks like he caught it here. the labs will confirm it. what? - no, i've known you all these years and i never realized how genius you are. i'm serious. how did you even think to look at the belt buckle? - when you're in the weeds, always go back to the history. - no, no, wait! wait for me!
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my husband just went to go get the car, so-- - i'm really sorry. i wish i had done a better job explaining things. - explain what? that i'm hysterical? that i'm not carrying a baby? - i'm sure my boss is regretting ever offering me this position, and i really wanted to be good at it, and now, well, again, i'm-- i'm really sorry. - you're lucky. lucky? - you care about what you do. you know what i did before i moved here? i was a skier, an extreme skier. - wow, sounds like quite an adrenaline rush. - yeah, but it was more than that. it wasn't just something that i did. - but it was who you were.
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is it true? - yeah. - maggie? - what happened? - she wouldn't let me examine her. she's leaving. - what? - did you know it was offensive to use the word "transgender" as a noun? rry. i didn't know. - okay. - yeah. - what happened? - exactly what i should have expected from a dude from canaryville. - oh, come on, denise, he's a little awkward and all, but he's good people. and a great doctor. - you know what? i'll have my prostate checked when i get back. - no! you're not leaving, not without a definitive diagnosis. you need to have all this checked out annually, denise.
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ly? they embrace you. - i'm not talking about the family. i'm talking about you. the second i see you at the family reunion, you're-- you're throwing shade about how you were born this way. - i was mocking myself. - just admit it. you hate what i've done to myself. - i miss my brother. is that such a bad thing? - well, he's gone, damn it! - not to me! not totally! look, i'm sorry that i hurt you, but i'm not gonna lose you. so if i have to drag you kicking and screaming into that ct scanner, that's what i'm gonna do. - i'm scared.
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- time? - six minutes. - precisely. - 6 minutes, 11 seconds. - you still have another layer to go. - damn it. more suction. - you have a clear line to the vessel. suction is not your problem. you're not gonna make it. - i have plenty of time. - not at the pace you're going. t gonna get there. - your nonstop number crunching isn't helping. - 30 minutes. that's what we agreed. that's what you promised. [scoffs] i'm taking over. step aside, dr. rhodes.
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well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. it's going to cause a lot of problems. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does.
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here you go, the spare! the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know. ?? dry spray? ?? that's fun. ?? it's already dry! no wait time. this is great. it's very soft. can i keep it? (laughter) now in a dry antiperspirant spray. awarded best of beauty by allure. trick-or-treat! awwww. i love candy! hershey's all time greats, thank you! everyone's favorite picks for halloween, $9.94. save money. live better. walmart.
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?thunder? ? ?thunder? ? ? ?thunder? . - i've spent nearly my entire life feeling at war with my gender. it figures, the one piece i didn't get rid of is what's gonna kill me.
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spected. you have prostate cancer. with treatment, i am hopeful it can be cured. but you'll need to see a urologist as soon as you get home. - thank you. - you're welcome. there is a second option. you could stay in chicago and let us take care of you. - i'd like that. - okay. okay. - okay. - hey, you tracked down a translator? - no. that's his cousin, farah. turns out his name is pitopang. he speaks mamuju. came here from west sulawesi a month ago to work in his uncle's restaurant. always wanted to ride a roller coaster.
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manning. your cousin has the measles, but he should make a full recovery. - [speaking mamuju] - [speaking mamuju] - my cousin said thank you, and he thinks you two make a great couple. - and yes, ladies, he is fluent in spanish. - [speaking spanish] - you think he hired a publicist? - doesn't need to. he's a rhodes. - plus, he looks like that. - hey! - there's our rising star. - yes! - what are you talking about?
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- hey, don't feel bad. there's always next year. - or maybe the cover of "people." - [laughs sarcastically] i swear, i knew nothing about this. - if you say so. - sure. - by the way, how'd the surgery go? - yeah, it was-- it was good. - thought you were going home. according to hayman, darwin's issues might have been entirely physiological. perhaps some kind of mitochondrial disorder. - huh. - mm-hmm. - you don't say. - mm-hmm. yeah, i ran into amanda on my way out, and i found out that she used to be an extreme skier. - really? - mm-hmm. i don't know, maybe being pregnant
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- nature abhors a vacuum, i guess. speaking of which... you mind? [knock on door] - ms. goodwin? - dr. rhodes. - i don't know if you've seen this, but there's a new issue out. yeah. i had no idea that i was gonna be a part of this article. no one called or contacted me, and--and if they had, i never would have--
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good publicity. - yes, but did you actually read this? i mean, "dashing young surgeon is poised to lead chicago med into the future." - no, i have no problem with that. - ms. goodwin, look, the surgery today... dr. latham was right, i wasn't gonna make it. so if you're looking to promote the department, you should look to him. i mean, he is a great surgeon. - latham is a great surgeon, but they wanted someone under 40. stay humble, dr. rhodes. your time will come. - huh? what do you think? too big?
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- thank you. i will wear it with pride. - who are you looking at? - no one. - oh. that cute pathologist, dr. shore. - nina. - nina? - yeah. - oh. well, don't feel like you have to stay here and entertain me. i've seen enough of you for one day. - okay. how do i look? - mm. that i miss the most. - malcolm? oh. - go on.
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you ever figure out what you wanted? - yeah. yeah, i think i did. - at johns hopkins they have a shabbat elevator. it stops on every floor. no need to press a button. what can you do?
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good shabbos, dr. latham.
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. [ !!!'s "yadnus" plays ] [ gun cocks ] cameras online. permission granted, team leader. ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ah-ah, ah ? ? ahhh ? ? i'll take anyone ? unit two, routine northern perimeter check. ? new york to london ?


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