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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> dana: democratic vice presidential candidate talking one on one with news 3 about the debate and our local economy and what is next. >> kim: also we have a suspect search. a crook caught on camera ripping off packages in a local neighborhood. what neighbors are saying about this crime in particular. >> dana: we have breaking news at 5:00. liic jacksonville beach florida and hurricane matthew is still well south of this location. >> kim: it is a monster according to governor rick scott saying hurricane matthew has been pounding his state's east coast with strong winds of 120 miles per hour just offshore. it's now a category three hurricane at this point. we know this continues to be a top story for so many not just
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>> dana: is eye is just east of daytona beach and that is where we find jay gray. >> the conditions intensifying. i'll get out of the way and you can take a real time look at what we're dealing with. the wind is really picking up. the storm continues to turn just off the moving along the florida coast matthew is overwhelming. >> starting to see the impacts and it's a monster. >> violent wind, sheets of rain and growing surf brought the storm surge up to 11 feet. >> i'm begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of this storm. those types of storm surges is not something you want to get caught up in. >> electricity has become a luxury for many in the strike
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power and that number is expected to grow. more than 11 million are currently under a hurricane warning. airports closed, businesses boarded up and shelters filling up. >> i've been in florida all my life so i know how bad it can get. >> it's bad now and likely will get worse. emergency officials say is storm is an extreme threat to life and property and warn its impact will be devastating to catastrophic in some areas with as power for weeks. the extreme conditions in florida a warning for those in joking george, south carolina and north carolina as matthew continues to move along the east coast. >> the eye wall is still to the southeast moving slowly. we're going to see things go downhill here. conditions intensify for the next three or four hours as it
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two these types of conditions all along the strike zone. >> kim: jay gray from daytona beach for us. for people who know that coastline, you are normally able to drive your car on that beach so to see that water that close to jay, that alone shows you that matthew is taking hold there in that particular area. >> dana: daytona b then jacksonville. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. tom is in the traffic center and kelly in the weather center with the latest on the strength of this giant hurricane. >> kelly: 120-mile per hour sustained winds right around the eye. here is a look at the storm. a category three hurricane right now just to the east of merit island moving to the north-northwest at 13.
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we have heavy bands of rainfall with this. today we are looking at tons of sunshine, 9 at 9:00 a.m. 78 at noon and 84 at >> tom: a smooth commute on i15 except for the one accident it is a great start to your friday morning commute. >> kim: tim kaine waking up here in las vegas.
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for hillary clinton and has a full plate of events today. we've had a chance to chat with him. >> the nominee tim kaine had a very certain answer on an issue of enormous importance to voters in nevada. an answer to a question that donald trump didn't when he visited earlier this week. tim kaine telling jeff last night after his rally where 150 million pounds of nuclear [indiscernible] that is off the table as far as hillary clinton is concerned. trump couldn't or wouldn't give a definitive yes or no about that proposed nuclear waste dump.
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caucus was saying nevadaens gotten spirit. this is not something that can be done over the objection of the people. it's off the table. >> that is a very definnive answer. not the same kind of answer we heard from trump. he will be in henderson and campaigning to talk with people about the campaign. this is what the clinton campaign is doing morning with tim kaine 9:00 this morning. they have scheduled a couple of hour: morning. the address is 2020 west horizon bridge parkway. we'll be streaming his comments, his speech online at and then coverage live at noon. >> dana: we're getting ready for the second presidential debate coming up on sunday night.
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experts. you can watch that special town hall at 4:00 monday afternoon on our website and because we have sunday night football we're not going to be able to show that presidential debate on this channel but we will on our sister station the cw. they are going to have it for you starting at 6:00 sunday night. you are going to have to tune into 33 or cox cable 6. >> kim: a man was hit and killed in ourmu he was hit by a train near lake mead and the 15. happening after 8:30 last night, north las vegas police responding to the scene and once they got there, they told us the man was trespassing on private property when he was hit by the train. they say the impact was so great he died right there on the scene. >> a changing course for the up coming session in carson city. republican governor brian sandoval says he will not be addressing the budget short fall
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which gets under way on monday. they will be talling about funding for that -- talking about funding for that proposed stadium that will house the rebels and the raiders. they will move to las vegas if they increase the hotel room tax to build this $1.9 billion stadium. they are talking about raising the hotel room tax to expand the convention center and raising the sales tax so they can get more cops on the southern nevada. we're going to have extensive coverage of the session. we'll have live arts reports from carson city sunday evening after football. >> kim: we want 20 see you on this fitness friday. show us whatever you work out in. you can go to instagram, facebook or twitter and # news 3 fitness friday and we're able to
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pictures. we want to see your best workout here. hashtag and we'll show it on the program. >> dana: we have live pictures from the coast of florida. hurricane matthew the eye of the storm is just to the east of orlando. disneyworld shut down today. schools and airports as well. they even cancelled a football game in gainesville, fri l.s.u. tomorrow and they are not going to play the game and may not make it up this season. >> kim: this is downtown orlando because i know the lake in the center of the screen. you see what it's doing inland, not just on the coast of florida. >> dana: just east of orlando moving north toward daytona beach and st. augustin next. crews begin removing wreckage from the deadly train crash.
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investigators said the train engineer did right before that train smashed into the station. >> kim: we're tracking the price tag along with matthew. what forecasters say matthew is shaping up to be as far as the most expensive hurricane in history. >> dana: that and a story about two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable
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sed cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto
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>> dana: this guy will make your blood boil.
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video clearly here. we're hoping you recognize this person so that local police can catch him. witnesses describe the suspect as carrying a plastic bag, maybe giving the impression he was some sort of delivery worker. you can see by his car he is not driving a ups truck. do you know who that person is? we don't have a great shot of his face but you might put these images together with please call crime stoppers. >> kim: the wreckage of that train that slammed into the platform last week has finally been removed. a blue tarp covering a portion of that train removed from the station yesterday. the ntsb announcing earlier in the day the train sped up going twice the legal limit before it crashed into the platform thursday. the ntsb saying the train's
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slammed into the bumping coast. went airborne going into the area where so many people were waiting. the information comes from a data camera and forward facing camera. one woman was killed and more than 100 others injured in this crash. the final report could possibly take a year or maybe longer than that to complete. >> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. i see a fire engine behind you, th >> tom: unfortunately a situation overnight and crews still on scene. two adults and one teenager were displaced and about $40,000 worth of damage. they are still making sure that all the hotspots are out. residential area you find fire crews still on the scene. in the bowl we go to check
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>> kelly: hurricane matthew is a category 3 storm. sustained winds around the eye 120. you see it working along florida's east coast. here is a closer it is work north-northwest at 1. daytona beach next and then jacksonville. category 3 storm expected to work up the coast moving along the coast of georgia and south carolina.
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the bahamas later next week. october weather is fantastic for getting outside and getting hiking in. paradise 58. you are going to want a sweater heading out the door this morning but this afternoon it will be warmer winds nice and light northerly 3-8. tonight mostly clear and 61. a warming trend this weekend. upper 80's, partly sunny and 89 on columbus day. >> kim: let's take you live to the floor of the nasdaq where jane king is standing by. in less than 15 minutes from now we should get the monthly job report and i know you have an indication of what analyst are expecting. >> they try to figure out what
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most economists forecasting between 165,000 and 175,000 new jobs. that would be down from what we saw over the summer. both presidential candidates will find some data in this report to support their policies. there is one more jobs report before the election but that would happen just a few days before we vote. not certain if that one will have much of an impact. this will be a key report we get today. >> kim: viewers to florida to show them the impact of matthew. speaking of impacts, financially it sounds like this could be the most expensive storm in american history. >> it could be one of them. forecasters worry if it could be one of the most expensive. there are 200,000 homes along the coast that risk damage just from the storm surge. this isn't even the winds and
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replacing and repairing those homes could cost $300 billion. the most expensive was katrina that cost 150 billion back in 2005. >> everyone in harms way evacuated and they are safe and sound. have a wonderful we'll do this again on monday. >> dana: you don't need to adjust your television set. this is a two headed snake. guy walking through the parking lot at the university of idaho eight miles to the east of washington found this baby snake. says this snake eats with both heads. the guy plans to raise this until the snake becomes an adult
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says it's extremely rare to find one of these in the wild. >> that is vladimir putin in our country hanging off the side of a bridge. it says peacemaker on the side. this was discovered yesterday afternoon hanging on the brooklyn side of the bridge. new york city police responding sending emergency services over there and they did take that down. it's 20 feet by 30 neat. officers are surveillance video to see if they can find who is responsible. so far on this friday no arrests have been made. >> dana: live pictures from the coast of florida. this is from daytona beach. the eye of hurricane matthew is getting close to daytona beach as we speak. winds in excess of 1 hup miles an hour are possible in day on the na beach.
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st. augustin and then jacksonville beach. we'll have a live report shortly. tim kaine waking up in the valley today. during his rally yesterday, he was interrupted by a heckler. we're going to tell you what that heckler was saying and what happened to him coming up. parents and staffers are upset abouout a ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato
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>> tom: we're looking pretty good in the bowl as far as travel times. five minute drive to get to tropicana from the >> kelly: pahrump 51.
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>> kim: this is a high school that now is getting a ton of they don't say it's political. they think it's funny. the slogan comes with a red cap. a lot of people say it's too close to that red cap we just saw on donald trump. >> dana: live pictures out of daytona beach florida and the
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they are getting pounded with wind and rain there. wait until you see what people have been doing on the beach. just awful. we'll show it to you on the program. we have a creepy clown report. a lot of students freaked out yesterday as a result.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve thisis message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... " trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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>> i think we're ok at our house. it's over is hundred years old and made it through storms. we're just gambling. >> kim: matthew continues to pound the coast of florida. some homeowners ignoring evacuation >> you can see what is happening right now. >> dana: braving the storm as many people evacuated the coast of florida, news reporters went right into the heart of the storm. more of where this happened coming up. plus -- >> i heard that a boy in the cafeteria put on a clown mask. all of a sudden you heard a lot of screaming. >> kim: clown chaos. this is a local story.
5:30 am
a clown sighting on campus. several of them were injured as a result. >> dana: good morning. live pictures out of daytona beach florida. the eye of matthew is just to the southeast of this location as we speak. >> kim: it wasn't long ago we checked in with jay gray out in the middle of the wind and rain from daytona beach, that is what is going on all morning for our friends and family back east. >> dana: kelly has been tracking the storm. we'll get to her in just a second in the weather center. we begin with tom. >> tom: we've had a couple of accidents during this 5:00 a.m. hour. one right now on eastern avenue just to the south of the 515. watch out for that.
5:31 am
in the green. the freeways looking good. there is one accident at the intersection of twain and paradise in the resort corridor. let's check weather with kelly. >> kelly: we have your local forecast and updates on hurricane matthew and where it is right now. we're taking a look at the radar where it is off the coast. working sustained winds 120-mile per hour. category three storm headed for daytona beach. here at home lots of sunshine. 84 at 3:00 is our expected high. it's going to get warmer for the weekend. i'll have that forecast in 10 minutes. >> dana: as matthew continues to rake the florida coast, people in georgia and the carolinas are
5:32 am
which is about 10 miles south of charleston. i can already feel the rain coming down and this area is a big concern for the governor and emergency management officials. they announced in a news conference yesterday this particular area encouraging people to leave. they worry about the high winds, more rain and storm surge saying this storm surge could be bigger than what people experienced during hurricane hugo. they want peopl you can't get into this area unless you live here or have specific business. they are checking i.d.'s. yesterday we were in charleston and for the people who decided to stick around, it's a watch and wait. >> i think we're ok in our house. it's over 100 years old and made it through 10 storms. we're just gambling. if it looks like it's taking a turn for the worse tomorrow,
5:33 am
fashioned radio so we're ready. >> i spoke with several people here who work in the area. they tell me they are just hunkering down and waiting. >> that's justin from hours ago. we're going to show matthew in a matter of moments. before we get to that, that national trend about clowns popping up and creeping people out has arrived here in las vegas sighting on a local campus yesterday, not only were they freaked out, some of them were hurt as a result. >> there was a lot going on after someone on campus yelled clown sending students running and trampling over each other. this is is one of dozens of issues across the valley this week. school district police sayer they are fed up. schools getting calls from
5:34 am
express the clown crisis a hoax here locally. there has not been a single incident of clowns chasing or injuring children in our country. unfortunately the threat of a clown crisis is getting out of hand even fits not real. >> i got pushed into a corner. the door opened and i was thrown into the hallway. >> some people got their glasses broken, some people got their ipads stepped on. >> threats of clown accounts on social media have been reported. it's important to note anyone making threats in costume or not could end up behind bars. >> dana: that's the scarriest clown i've ever seen standing behind you. >> tim kaine waking up right here in las vegas. he made an appearance yesterday but this morning he'll speak in henderson at 10:00 this morning.
5:35 am
union rally yesterday. and in the middle of his speech he got heckled. he was yelling bill clip race it. >> kim: it is a fitness friday for so many of you and we want to see you as you are working out. i know a lot of you are watching us on a treadmill. snap a selfie and # news 3 fitness friday and you may see yourself on this program. if you hashtag it properly, doesn't matter if you do it on
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we'll be able to find you. >> dana: this is in orlando, florida where disneyworld has been shut for another day. the eye of matthew is just to the east. matthew off the coast of florida by a few miles which is good news because the coastline did not take a direct hit. however very strong winds, rain showers as well. upwards of 15 inches of rain in some areas in northern florida expected later on this morning. we'll continue to coverhi morning. >> kim: they are very concerned about tornadoes within the orlando area. we'll have continued coverage this morning. also still to come keeping up with the kardashian report. we know that kim has been taking a low profile after being robbed at gunpoint in paris. now there is new information concerning her hit reality show. we'll get you in the know ahead.
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>> kim: more live coverage of hurricane matthew. it will be interesting to see at the top of the hour if live reporters are able to remain in place as matthew continues to churn up the eastern seaboard. it's the scene from yesterday have you to check out now. evacuation orderers in place but these people deciding they don't want to jumping around in the water. some people acting like this is a regular day at the beach. humans not the only ones observed there either. look at the dinosaurs spotted running along the sand. >> dana: i don't get the dinosaur thing. >> tom: i went on florida beaches when i was a kid and never saw any dinosaurs out
5:41 am
road but there are a couple of accidents right now. one at twain and paradise. also an accident east of the downtown. the 95 running at 55 miles per hour. we are getting close to the rush hour. travel times still running in the green. we have a traffic starting to pick up on the inbound 95. traffic and weather together every so minutes. let's send it to kelly. >> kelly: let's get you out the door this morning. you are going to want a sweater out there. temperatures on the cool side but warming up this afternoon and this weekend. 60 is the current temperature. winds south, southeast two miles per hour. we're looking at 55.
5:42 am
by lunchtime 78. on the way home 84. we're going to take a look at the forecast plus a look at hurricane matthew in 10 minutes. >> dana: live pictures out of daytona beach, florida. we'll have a live report coming from that scene shortly. we know these hurricanes spawn tornadoes. these tornadoes weren't anywhere near matthew. look at that coming up and why residents say they had no time to take shelter. >> kim: we're going to lighten it up this morning. this funny man is going to be live in studio with us. he's always popular with politicians or at least his impressions. during football season he's got a ton of impressions as well.
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>> an early morning fire breaking o mall. las vegas fire and rescue say the caller said it started in a trash can and spread they said it was a minor fire and they put it out and shouldn't affect the mall poping today. >> kim: wait until you see this. a volcano in action on the big island in hawaii.
5:46 am
eruption. the u.s. geological survey released a video this morning us the intense lava splashing up the crater wall. a producer was able to capture this from the edge of the volcano. this eruption has been going on since 2008 but not always visible. that's why this is somewhat of a rare event. that is >> dana: planet earth is a spectacular and freightening place at times. more evidence on your screen now. check out this well defined funnel. cell phone video out of the state of kansas this morning. people say they had no warning. apparently these were not radar indicated so they didn't know these were coming until they were upon them. several structures were damaged including one home but no
5:47 am
action just another reminder we are on matthew watch and they could get tornado activity. >> tom: we're all over that and we'll keep seeing images coming in throughout the morning. we have an accident to the south of the 515. into the bowl we're getting busier in the south bound lanes. we're bunched up there. when we check the overall travel times not that so much happening with weather right now. >> dana: matthew is a killer
5:48 am
>> kelly: this is the scene from the bahamas that got hit hard as well but luckily no deaths have been reported so far in the bahamas. downed trees and power lines and debris on the roads will take a while to kline. one thing disappointing 30 people had to be rescued by authorities when they were trapped in their homes because of the floodwater from the storm. i think that is gng issue with florida as well. we're hearing they are saying you can call 911 but we're not going to be able to respond to you because the water will be so high. 7 to 11-foot storm surges with this. eight to 12 inches of rainfall. category three storm working north-northwest along the coastline. georgia, south and north carolina seeing bands of
5:49 am
eye off the coast of merit island working towards daytona. this will stay just off the shore. some of that eye wall making its way on to the shoreline and on its way up to jacksonville. this is something we're going to continue to track throughout the morning. here is a look at that forecast. category three storm making its way along the coast. category two and then one as i then it loops back around as a tropical storm coming back to the bahamas next week. here is a look at what we saw yesterday. beautiful blue skies. just a few high thin clouds. gorgeous conditions out there. temperatures heading out the door, it is a little on the cool side so have that sweater. downtown 55. southern high lands 52. centennial 60 right now.
5:50 am
mesquite 86. pahrump 83. tonight boulder city you are going down to 60 for a low. our seven-day forecast showing dry conditions through the weekend but warming up. 88 on sunday and columbus 89. >> dana: wind and rain intensifying. the eye of matthew is just about 30 miles to the southeast of daytona beach, florida. we'll have a live report flea mark just a bit. >> kim: mohammad alley's home
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> keeping one the kardashian is going off the air. kim kardashian west was robbed at gunpoint. she was gagged and robbed of more than $10 million in jewelry. as a result she is afraid of sharing too much information on social media. after this happened she blamed herself for sharing too much information on social media that night in paris right before this happened. they are going to shut down production. that is that program on the e!
5:55 am
for now. when they are going to pick it up they are not saying so maybe they don't know. the home of muhammad ali up for sale. you ask yourself how much, $2.2 million is the asking price. they asked evacuate from the coast of florida. what do we do as news organizations? we send our reporters into the heart of the storm. this is a report out of orlando last night. >> i'm doing this just to show you what it's like. i'm not sure what the mile per hour are but enough it would tip
5:56 am
when you watch "the today show" after this program, you're going to see reporters up and down the coast of florida this morning. we saw al roker one time doing a report from a hurricane and he was knocked to the ground. >> kim: i used to report hurricane when is i was reporting in panama city, florida. one of the tricks of the trade although they are not using it with her. the photographer put sandbags on my feet to help keep place. the noble peace prize has been awarded. we're going to let you know who won the prize despite his peace deal being rejected. not only are we charting hurricane matthew up and down the east coast of florida but it has impact on the campaign trail. we're talking with tracy potts about how the presidential candidates are changing up what they are supposed to be doing today as a result of matthew.
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>> kim: in a matter of moments we're taking you live to jacksonville, plus. >> this is not something that can be done over the objections
6:00 am
>> frank live in studio with us. yes, he has brought his best donald trump. >> we continue to track hurricane matthew as he bears along the east coast of florida. thema >> dana: the eye headed toward


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