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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  October 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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>> 10 seconds! [ indistinct conversations ] [ light laughter ] 5 seconds!! [ laughter ] >> [ french accent ] and so that is why i feel so strongly about you. waiter? [ footsteps approaching ] >> yeah, hold it. . yor said -- >> garrett, we're on the air now. >> yeah, i know, man, but -- >> this is the opening. >> i know. richard pryor's here tonight, and i thought that i would open the show -- you know what i mean? -- do the fall. >> wait a minute. i always open the show. is it understood? >> yeah, yeah, hey, look -- >> i do the fall. and i say, "live from new york, it's 'saturday night.'" it's my trademark.
10:01 pm
>> it's not richard's show. richard's just the guest host. >> hey, man, look, look, look. [ mumbles indistinctly ] >> [ chuckles ] richard and what army, fella? >> [ chuckles ] hey, man, look. [ mumbles indistinctly ] >> that army? >> uh-huh. >> it's all right. do the fall. >> i'm gonna do the fall now. hey, hey, dig the fall, man. something like that, you know. live from new -- >> garrett! stand up a minute. stand up. the whole point of the fall is to look like you hurt yourself. so when you say, "live from new york, it's 'saturday night,'" it looks like you just killed yourself, and they say, "geez, what a great fall. the guy really hurt himself, and then he's all right." that's the point, okay? >> let me try it again. >> i'll do one for you, all right? >> all right, you do one. >> and i'll do the line. >> we don't have much time, man. hurry up. >> watch, all right? >> hurry up, man. >> i want you to understand how this is done. danny, you want to start it?
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waiter? >> uh, live from new york, it's "saturday night"! [ cheers and applause ] [ band plays ] >> announcer: nbc's "saturday night"... starring...
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...the not-ready-for-prime-time players... ...and... ladies and gentlemen, richard pryor! [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> how you doing? thank you very much for coming here to new york. [ laughter ] uh, hope i'm funny. i'd like to dedicate this show to miles davis, my friend, who's in the hospital, sick. but he's cool. miles always gets women, though, 'cause he talks so cool.
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happening?" [ normal voice ] i get women, too. i can't keep them, but i get them. and women always leave me, man. i don't mind them leaving, but they tell you why. [ laughter ] you know what i mean? just leave. don't tell me why. 'cause there ain't nothing you can do but stand there and look silly, right? you be... [ laughter ] and the madder you get, women get cool when you get mad. "well, go on and get out, then!" again!" "don't worry, you shan't." [ laughter ] drive you to drink, jack, you know? i tried drinking for a while, but i used to go into bars and check out the people that were drinking, and they weren't happy and they get beat up a lot. no, drunks, they start out cool. brother be cool at first, and he going, "give me a scotch and soda, please," real cool. about a hour later... [ slurring ] "what?! what you mean, i'm drunk? huh?
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here. and i ain't gonna leave till i'm sober. now, you can dig that, baby. uh, bartender! are you the bartender? give everybody in here something. give them a beer and 20 straws. ha ha! whoo-oo! [ laughter and applause ] [ muttering ] hey! huh? what you looking at, bitch? what? no, i don't know what time it is. it's time for you to stop messing with me. that's what time it is. i know i'm ugly, but i don't look like no clock. [ laughter and applause ] that's right, baby. what? what are you worried about? you the bartender. if i say something to this piece of wood, then you say something.
10:06 pm
you know 'cause i'll bust you apart. ha ha! whoo-oo! what you want, big ol' dude? apologize to who? for what? i don't care if she your ma-- hey, man! wait a minute, man, baby! i'm just kidding, man. what you doing? you done kicked me in the ass, baby! you in a world of trouble now! no, don't hold him. come on, you want some of me? wait a minute, man. i'm only kidding, you know." [ imitates vomiting ] [ cheers and applause ] [ normal voice ] that's why... that's why i don't drink so much... or take acid, either.
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they take acid and go see "the exorcist." they're crazy. white dude gave me some acid once at a party, too, jack. and i thought i was crazy before i took it. it saned me right up. dude say, "this is far out." i said, "what?" he says, "it's far out." i took it, jack. "you're gonna be tripping." [ chuckles ] about 20 minutes later, i was at the party, you know. homey? all right, yeah. you know what i mean? [ laughter ] everything is cool. white dude gave me some stuff, talking about i'm gonna be tripping! you know, i ain't going no place without my luggage. [ laughs ] believe that."
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"look at this, man! i can catch my hand! whaaaaaaaaaa-awwwwww-aaaaahhhh- ohhhhhh! uh-oh. [ slowly ] i've got to get out of here. [ laughter and applause ] whaaaa-ohhhh! i don't remember how to breathe! i can't breathe! 1, 2, 3. ain't nothing happening, man!" "i told you it was far out!" "i'm gonna die! i don't even know who i am. i'm gonna die! i'm gonna die! i'm gonna die! i'm gonna die! whoa, yeah! i'm gonna die! whoa, yeah!
10:09 pm
whoa, yeah! ? i'm gonna die ? ? i'm gonna die-die-die-die ? ? i'm gonna die-die-die ? ? i'm gonna die-hi-die-die-die ? ? i'm gonna die ? [ shouts indistinctly ] [ chanting ] hey, hey, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! [ slowly ] what in the world is happening to me?"
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>> announcer: and now another edition of "samurai hotel." [ gong bangs ] >> [ mumbling, shouting indistinctly in foreign language ] >> hey, uh... excuse me? excuse me. i'd like a room for the night, please. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> actually, i'll be staying through till probably tuesday. >> [ speaking foreign language ]
10:14 pm
ohh! >> do you have a king-size bed, one with a king-size bed? >> [ speaking foreign language ] [ chuckles ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> if i could just perhaps get a room with, uh -- you know what i'd like? a room overlooking the park. are the rates high for that? >> aah! [ speaking foreign language ] ay. [ speaking foreign language ] [ whimpering ] >> do you have room service? room service. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> that's fine. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> what's your check-out time?
10:15 pm
ay! [ speaking native language ] ay! >> could you get a bellboy to get my bags, please, carry my bags up? thank you. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> thank you. [ bell dings ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ] [ growling ] >> fellas? which one of you is gonna carry my bags upstairs? >> both: aah!
10:16 pm
>> unh! unh-unh. unh-unh-unh-unh. [ speaking foreign language ] hyah! >> aah! >> [ speaking foreign language ] your mama-san! >> my mama-san? >> [ grunts ] >> well, i can dig where you're coming from. actually, i'll take them, man.
10:17 pm
do not be frightened. now, the suspects cannot see you. can you identify the man who assaulted you? >> well, i -- i couldn't see him too clearly, but i'm sure it's the one in the handcuffs. >> okay, we'll take care of him. >> all right, mr. wilson, you've done just fine on the rorschach. your papers are in good order. the file's fine. no difficulty with your motor skills. and i think you're probably pretty ready for this job. we got one more kind of psychological test we always do here. it's just a word association. i'll throw you out a few words. anything that comes to your mind, just throw back at me, okay, just kind of an arbitrary thing. like, if i said, "dog", you'd say... >> tree. >> tree. dog. >> tree. >> fast. >> slow?
10:18 pm
>> snow. >> white. >> black. >> bean. >> pod. >> negro. >> whitey. >> tar baby. >> what'd you say? >> tar baby. >> ofay. >> colored. >> redneck. >> jungle bunny. >> peckerwood! >> burr head. >> cracker! >> spear chucker. >> white trash! >> jungle bunny! >> honky! >> spade! >> honky honky! >> nigger!
10:19 pm
>> okay, mr. wilson, uh... i think you're qualified for this job. uh, how about a starting salary of $5,000? >> your mama! >> uh, $7,500 a year? >> your grandmama! >> $15,000, mr. wilson. you'll be thgh just don't -- don't hurt me, please. >> okay. >> okay. >> you want me to start now? >> oh, no, no, that's all right. i'll clean all this up. take a couple of weeks off. you look tired. y! you're the- - i used to ask if you could hear me now, but i switched to sprint! i switched too! great! have you seen all the whining from verizon? i think verizon, the goliath, is panicking.
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[ piano plays soft music ] >> good evening. welcome to "looks at books." i'm your host, jane curtin. our guest tonight is the author of several books on race in america. and he's here to talk about his latest book, "white like me." welcome, won't you, junior griffin. junior, why don't you begin by describing the ordeal behind
10:23 pm
way to understand a white man's problems was actually to become a white man, get white skin, and live like a white man in a white man's world, you know? >> and, uh, how did you accomplish this? >> uh, shoe polish. >> here's a copy of the book with a picture of junior as a white man. junior, what did it feel like to suddenly be white? el spooky. um, i was walking around with the credit cards bulging out of my wallet, you know? and i'd apply for jobs, get accepted 8 out of 10 times, you know? and things i never dreamt of was happening to me, you know? it was really something else. >> you know, i don't want to offend you, junior, but i don't think i would believe you were white even with shoe polish. did any other white folks catch on to your game? >> not a one. there's some dumb honkies out there. you know?
10:24 pm
i became a white person and got a white attitude. you know what i mean? >> could you demonstrate this for us? >> well, if you don't mind. but, see, there's a certain white walk that you have to have, you know, and a certain white talk. i mean, you can't just be like this, you know what i mean? you got to get down and say things like, "excuse me? would you move out of my way?" and you walk like this. check this walk. >> you got me. [ laughs ] tell me, junior, do you have any works in progress? >> well, i'm working on a new book. it's from the perspective of a white jewish american princess. >> that's going to be very difficult. >> it's gonna be tricky, all right. you know, i'm gonna have to have a sex-change operation, and i'm gonna marry a doctor. >> well, we'll talk more about that later. >> get a couple kids, probably.
10:25 pm
filmed message. >> i don't be jivin' with my books. [ violin plays soft music ] >> honey, i'm home! >> daddy! >> hey, pal! [ laughs ] how you doing? >> you have a lovely home, a good job, solid investments, a wonderful family -- everything you need for the future... or is it? what if you were suddenly out of should tragedy strike, what would happen to them? sure, you've provided for them financially, but what about their emotional and physical needs? [ door opens, closes ] >> honey, i'm home! >> daddy! >> yes, it's "new dad" -- - a radically new concept in family insurance coverage. within seconds after "old dad"
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there to take his place. is your family completely covered -- not just financially, but in every way? why not call your local independent insurance agent today and ask him about our "new dad" policy before it's too late. that's "new dad" -- the only insurance that covers all of their needs. "new dad [ indistinct conversations ] >> okay, now, ma'am, which man is the one who allegedly robbed your liquor store? >> uh, that's him, the one with the mustache. >> okay, we'll take care of him, then.
10:27 pm
[ theme from "the exorcist" plays ] >> fathers, i'm so glad you could come. excuse the stain on the rug. >> yes. that's quite all right, my child. have faith. this is brother karras. >> how do you do? >> i'm father karras. >> [ demonic voice ] merrin. >> where's your faith, father? >> it -- it's in the car. >> where is she? >> upstairs. >> she did that to you? oh. [ wind whistling ] >> [ moaning, growling ]
10:28 pm
demon, be gone! >> wow, that's something, father. >> yes. you see, i told you we had nothing to worry about. >> nothing to worry about. >> let's talk to the child. >> yes, you talk to her. >> [ exhales deeply ] >> [ shudders ] aah! did you do that, little girl? >> la, la, la, la, la, la, la. >> you mustn't listen to anything she has to say. >> i'm not listening. >> you're a liar and a cheat and a child molester. you french-kiss your dog in the mouth! >> did you hear that? aah, aah! >> the bed -- stop the bed! >> stop the bed! >> the bed must be on the floor. >> both: the bed must be on the
10:29 pm
the bed must be on the floor! >> the bed is on my foot! the bed is on my foot! >> [ speaking latin ] >> the bed is on my foot! the bed is on my foot! oh, father, the bed is on my foot! >> you must continue, father. >> oh! >> i must rest. >> you must rest?! the bed is on my foot! >> [ child's voice ] oh, oh, father karras, i'm ever so hungry. couldn't you give me some pea soup? it's right over there. >> the bed is on my foot! >> oh, jeepers, i'm sorry. >> [ whimpers ] oh, thank you, little girl, thank you. whew! you're such a nice little girl.
10:30 pm
>> here's your pea soup. maybe now we can be friends, huh? what do you say? >> [ demonic voice ] sucker! [ child's voice ] oh, oh, father karras, i'm ever so sorry. let's make up. here, have a flower. >> oh, what a sweet gesture. you're a sweet little girl. [ demonic voice ] jive turkey! >> i have faith. i have faith. you're such a little girl. >> your mother eats kitty litter! >> say what? >> your mama eats kitty litter!
10:31 pm
>> [ choking ] >> father! >> what?! >> what are you doing?! >> i'm trying to kill her! >> she's just an innocent! >> talking about my mama! >> [ child's voice ] oh, father, thank goodness you're here. he was hurting me. >> yes. >> i'm gonna kill you if you say something else about my mama! >> she's such an innocent child. >> [ demonic voice ] your mother sews socks that smell! >> what did you say, little girl? >> your mama sews socks that smell! [ choking ] >> father, father, father! please, father! let me help you! >> [ choking ] [ theme from "the exorcist" plays ]
10:32 pm
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>> announcer: and now "weekend update" with chevy chase. >> no. i love it when you make noise. remember when -- i got to go, hon. good evening. i'm chevy chase, and you're not. our top story tonight -- generalissimo francisco franco is still dead. in an impressive s announced democratic candidates for the presidential nomination met in washington with their campaign managers to discuss strategy this weekend. secretary of state henry kissinger stated today that he is tired of using his silly accent in public and will speak in english. this will in no way affect the content of what he has been saying. also on the campaign trail, ronald reagan stated that it certainly doesn't seem asinine
10:37 pm
"bedtime for bonzo." the cia has admitted that it attempted to assassinate cuban leader fidel castro by actually infiltrating his beard with very small commandos and setting it on fire. william colby, however, says that the story is a ridiculous lie and that the army has not as yet even perfected the tiny flamethrowers needed for the job. in spite of recent allegations in the professional sports world, from hockey to harness racing, many team owners and executives deny the existence of such practices. commissioner of baseball bowie kuhn and nfl head pete rozelle could not be reached for comment this weekend in the bridal suite at the americana hotel. in a related story, the president of the gay activists alliance declined comment on reports of widespread
10:38 pm
in a speech to the athens, georgia, chamber of commerce yesterday, presidential contender george wallace said, "i don't judge a man according to the color of his skin. i judge him according to how well you can see him in the dark when he smiles." at a press conference this afternoon, president ford demonstrated how he learned to remove food from his mouth with shop-- chopsticks on his recent visit to china. toy boat. didn't go, jack ford, the president's son, received a picture postcard from his father during the trip. the card read simply, "having a wonderful time. where am i?" well, celebrities sonny and cher have teamed up again to do another tragedy variety show. cher now says her marriage to rock star gregg allman was all a harmless joke and that she and sonny still love each other deeply for at least two seasons. a tentative possible title for the show is
10:39 pm
the air traffic controllers benevolent association today issued a statement claiming that the near-collision last week of a twa and united airlines jet was simply an attempt at a merger of the two airlines. old snake eyes is back. j. edgar hoover, former fbi chief, is the subject of next week's time magazine cover story entitled, "the truth of j. edgar hoover." it's the first one-page edition in the magazine's history. well, it is rumored t pope will fly to sunny southern california to visit with former president nixon and exchange gifts. still to come, secret service agents train for gerald ford's vail, colorado, ski vacation, after this filmed message. little dakota's nose was quivering in fear. because it knew an ordinary tissue was near. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red.
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10:43 pm
here to reply to a recent editorial is miss emily litella. >> i'm here tonight to speak out against busting schoolchildren. busting schoolchildren is a terrible, terrible thing. i hear this is going on all over the country. mean policemen arrest little children and put them in jail in the wrong neighborhoods, so they can't even play with their little friends. imagine, busting schoolchildren! the food in jail isn't good, and even though they get bread, i don't believe they can get toast... or nice cake. now, who will tuck them in? where will they hang their leggings? where will they set up their little lemonade stands?
10:44 pm
jail except maybe "tiny tears" dolls. and did you know they have little holes in their bottoms there, the tiny tears? and you can get -- where will they put their toys away? >> miss litella? excuse me, miss litella? >> yes? >> i'm sorry. the editorial was on busing schoolchildren -- busing. busing. >> oh. >> not busting. >> i'm sorry. never mind. >> [ clears throat ] unicef fell under attack this week when syria formally protested the charity's new christmas card, which says in 10 different languages, "let's kill the arabs and take their oil." spiro agnew's eagerly awaited first novel, entitled "let's put the 'vice' back into the vice presidency," will be published next spring by dreadnaught press. the work will bypass the
10:45 pm
paperback editions and will go directly to an edition printed on confetti. our final story tonight -- frank sinatra celebrated his 60th birthday this week with a party aboard his luxury yacht, the s.s. hoboken. one humorous note -- a minor accident occurred when the yacht struck an autograph seeker who was swimming toward it. always the joker, ol' blue eyes chuckled later, "well, i guess it's simply another case of the ship hitting the fan." no damage to the yacht. instantly. and now as a public service to those of our viewers who have difficulty with their hearing, i will repeat the top story of the day, aided by the headmaster of the new york school for the hard-of-hearing, garrett morris. our top story tonight... >> [ shouting ] our top story tonight... >> ...generalissimo francisco franco is still dead. >> ...generalissimo francisco franco is still dead! >> good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. >> good night, and have a
10:46 pm
[ applause ] >> the pictures -- the pictures that you saw on the tv between the commercials -- that's my family. that's my grandmother -- the last one. yeah. [ applause ] i didn't want you to think i was selling my family or nothing, you know. grandmother raised me. used to send me to church and stuff so i'd be good. but i liked to hang with the winos -- i did -- 'cause winos know jesus personally -- very religious. every wino -- you ask 'em, "where's jesus?" [ slurring ] "jesus?! he live over there in the projects!" [ laughter ] [ normal voice ] and i'd stand around watching them direct traffic early sunday morning. winos are great at directing traffic, you know? kind of like... [ whistles ] [ slurring ] "hey, fool! you better slow that car down! don't come driving down through here like you crazy! this a neighborhood!
10:47 pm
you could have killed that sign, anything! i ain't a-playing with you. i'll put a hurting on you, boy, you mess with me. i don't -- damn! i like 'em low, but, oh, man." [ gulping ] [ laughter ] "whoo! buddy, buddy! ? wah wah-wah wah wah wah ? ? jesus on my mind ?" [ laughter ] [ blowing ] [ laughter ] "i ain't good as i used to be, you know? now, look at him. look at that boy over there, standin' in the middle of the street. the boy's a stoned junkie.
10:48 pm
used to book the numbers. didn't need paper or pencil. look at him. now he can't remember who he is. [ whistles ] hey, junebug! get out the street, boy! nigger, you ain't no stop sign! get out the street! junior!" [ laughter ] [ dazed ] "what's happening?! hey! i know something happening, 'cause everything movin'. hey, old dude! pops! you got anything? i feel bad enough to drink some milk." [ slurring ] "yeah, i got something for ya, boy! come on out there in the street. that narcotic done made you null and void. come here, boy. come here. nasty, stinkin' devil, you. why don't you get a job, boy, go
10:49 pm
go to work? you talkin' to the kid, baby. i worked five years in a row when i was in the joint. i did a nickel, baby. and i can work my tail off, man, pressin' license plates. that's right. but where are niggers gonna get a job out here pressin' license plates? huh? i went to the unemployment bureau. dig it, baby." [ cheers and applause ] "was i through? i walked to the unemployment bureau, walked downtown -- clean, you know what i mean? walked up to the lady sittin' in there with an old tiara on her head, typing -- 'tip tip tip tip tip.' i said, 'hey!' she said, 'ooh, ooh!'
10:50 pm
'you got a criminal record.' i said, 'i know that! i'm a criminal! tell me something i don't know, like where i'm gonna get a job pressin' license plates.' i slapped the you-know-what. [ chuckles ] she got all upset. 'ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh! don't hurt me! don't hurt me!' 'i ain't gonna hurt you. be cool, old lady, you know?' i ain't gonna take no bust for no old lady. [ chuckles ] old nigger with a gun down come on, what's going on? what's the trouble?' 'hey, you the trouble, tex! who you supposed to be -- jesse james?' it made me sick, man. i threw up on the floor. he talking 'bout, 'clean it up, man, clean it up.' 'i ain't cleanin' no nothing. if i wanted it, i'd have kept it.'" [ laughter ] [ applause ]
10:51 pm
mama called me a dog. ma did. she did. daddy say he don't want to see me in the vicinity... just 'cause i stole his television. wasn't nothing on it." [ laughter ] [ applause ] "can you help me out, old dude? please? i'm sick, man. ? help me make it through the [ slurring ] "i'm gonna help you, boy, 'cause i believe you got potential. that's right. you can be somebody 'cause you're sharp. you know what i mean? try some of that. don't you drop it, nigger! put -- put -- hey. slow down. just take a sip. go ahead. you know something about football, don't you? pass it!" [ laughter and applause ]
10:52 pm
you know what your problem is, junior? you don't know how to deal with the white man. you got a white-man complex, see? i know how to deal with him. see? that's why i'm in the position i'm in today." [ laughter and applause ] [ normal voice ] thank you. thank you, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] the chase freedom unlimited card earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. that's 1.5% cash back on whatever these billboards are selling. what are they selling? the products not so subtly placed in this movie - 1.5% cash back. shhhh! all the stuff promoted in your social feed - 1.5% cash back. the cash back is unlimited and you can spend it on anything. like, whatever the next ad is selling. get the chase freedom unlimited card. ugh, celebrity endorsements are the worst.
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with 10 grams of protein... and zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, zero fat. just what you need to help keep you going. new oikos yogurt drink.
10:55 pm
show and his organization. his latest album, gil scott-heron, and here he is. ladies and gentlemen, mr. gil scott-heron. [ cheers and applause ] >> we'd like to do a tune for the brothers and sisters in south africa called "johannesburg." and when we say, "what's the word?" we'd like to have y'all help us out, saying "johannesburg." let's go. [ piano plays ] ha!
10:56 pm
help! [ instrumental music plays ] ? i said, what's the word? ? ? and tell me, brother, have you heard from johannesburg? ? hah. ? they tell me that our brothers over there are defyin' the man ? hah. ? and we don't know for sure, because the news we get is unreliable, man ? ? yes, i -- i hate it when the blood starts flowin' ? ? but i'm glad to see resistance growin'? ? somebody tell me, what's the word? ? ? tell me, brother, have you heard from johannesburg? ?
10:57 pm
? and i know that they're strugglin' over there ? ? and that ain't gonna free me ? ? yeah, but we've all got to be strugglin' ? ? if we want to be free ? ? and don't you want to be free, free? ? ? somebody, yeah ? [ instrumental music plays ] ha. ha. ha. ? yeah, now ? ? sometimes distance brings misunderstanding ? ? yeah, but deep in my heart, i'm demanding ? ? somebody tell me, what's the word? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? what's the word? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? what's the word? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? what's the word? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? get it from the drum ?
10:58 pm
>> ? johannesburg ? >> ? you got to get what? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? somebody tell me what's happening in johannesburg ? ? if l.a. like johannesburg ? ? if new york like johannesburg ? ? freedom ain't nothing but a word ? ? and i said, what's the word? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? say, what's the word? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? say, haven't you heard? ? >> ? johannesburg ? >> ? and somebody tell me what's happening in johannesburg ? ? if philadelphia like ? if detroit's like johannesburg ? ? freedom ain't nothing but a word ? ? ain't nothing but a word ? hah. ? now, let me see your i.d. ? ? let me see your i.d. ? ? prove you're you instead of me ? ? johannesburg ? ? so what's the -- ? right here, brothers. ? yeah ? [ music fades ]
10:59 pm
[ laughter ] >> if you didn't watch the show, we hope you made love. thank you and good night. >> good night. [ applause ] [ band plays ] >> announcer: the muppets are frank oz, jerry nelson, alice tweedy, richard hunt, and jim henson. also featured in tonight's cast -- kathy mckey and this is don pardo saying, "who do i have to shake hands with to get off this show?" good night. >> rights now on news3 live at 11:00, donald trump vows to stay in the race but many are not any
11:00 pm
a search for a suspect about and a train derailment, what caused that train to leave the tracks. >> news3 starts right now. >> trump in turmoil but not back down. the presidential candidate telling supporters he won't quit. despite calls from his own party to step down. gerard ramalho. trump caught, making sexually crude comments. nathan o'neil is at the center where the candidates are about to debate in about a week and a half. >> reporter: trump says he will participate in the second presidential debate tomorrow and
11:01 pm
.. trump sun relenting despite 24 hours of temperature ploil. >> an 11-year-old tape leaked. trump making sexually charged comments about women. >> i think our only action is to formally ask mr. trump to step down. >> joe heck, one montef >> i cannot look past the comments made by donald trump. >> track challenger katherine speaking from reno tonight. >> based on bigotry and misogyny. >> a political ploy. >> for heck now make this decision is clearly because he
11:02 pm
>> congressional candidate danny tartanian. says: >> where is danny's moral compass? >> democratic jackie rosen, condemning her opponent and donald trump. >> i was shd trump is running to be president. and when no one is watching, that's the true test of character isn't it. >> reporter: spoken out about this issue today, you can find their comments and much more on our website, back to you gerard. >> thank you nathan.
11:03 pm
vegas on wednesday. this latest controversy is sure to come up between trump and clinton. we will have the football game on this station, we will instead have the debate on the sister channel, come 36. analysis and reaction from a panel of experts, monda 4:00. streaming on our website if you would like to register to vote by nail mail that deadline has just been extended. you now have until tuesday to get it post marked. after that you have to go to an elections office in person. you will find more information on voter registration and early voting at
11:04 pm
officers have surrounded a home in palm springs, california. officers were talking calmly to the man trying to resolve things when he suddenly opened fire on them. killed was leslie zarenby, the mother of a four month old daue of eight, a 35-year-old veteran of force who is scheduled to retire in december. >> i'm awake in a nightmare that's me but you know as a chief of police is going to step forward and stay focused. >> the other officer who was shot is said to be injured but alert and talking with
11:05 pm
hurricane matthew continues to reek wreak havoc. wreak havoc. monster storm has enweakenned, matthew still packing a punch, some areas have gotten over 2 feet of rain creating dangerous conditions. >> any roads that have water we don't want you them because they could still have power lines underneath them. >> president obama has been in close contact with the governors of the four states being hit hardest by hurricane matthew. those states include north carolina, south carolina, georgia and florida. he has in fact already declared emergencies in those states to jump start the process of getting aid to the region once the hurricane moves out.
11:06 pm
jerry brown has been tracking that hurricane as well from the news3 weather center. it's still a storm in prarts jerry. >> they're still listing it as a category 1 storm. interesting time lapses, first, our own lake mead marina, not a lot of boats going out there, it seems. good ship cape in wilmington, north carolina, you literally could get seasick on that. matthews, 75 minor winds, moving off, taking a bigger view right now, it is centered outside the
11:07 pm
late tomorrow afternoon it is going to be a wet day over southern new england. getting caught up in a cold front, the energy and the storm itself will be moofning east southeast, and it's going to be a rougher night over the carolinas and the delmarva area. >> thank you for news3 traction platt thou as it continues its track through the southeast. head to for the latest on the storm. 30 people were rescued after a sailboat sunk, eight people including a five-year-old child were taken to a local hospital.
11:08 pm
condition. an investigation what caused the boat to capsize is underway now. of course a popular tourist destination, fishermen's wharf. police tilling us an incident between inmates was reported just before 6:00 tonight. details are slim but we will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as we get it. sll emergency on the tracks. a commuter train derails, irinjuring does. what we're learning by the bad spot the operation to save a bald eagle ahead. and buyer beware if you are
11:09 pm
i'm one of the lucky ones. i had breast cancer, but they caught it in time. there are many women who depend on planned parenthood for that kind of screening and care. so i'll never understand politicians like congressman heck, who tried to defund planned parenthood. he was even willing to shut down the government over it. heck was opposed to roe v. wade
11:10 pm
it's just wrong, it doesn't help anybody. congressman heck does not share my values. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. there's the nevada way. work hard. play by the rules. pay your taxes. and then there's the danny tarkanian way. penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. worse, tarkanian refused to pay it back, the danny tarkanian way? the wrong way for nevada. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> a commuter train has derailed
11:11 pm
a spokesman for the long island railway says the first three cars of a 12 car train derailed. the work train caught fire after the crash. traffic in both directions have been delayed until raf the investigation. >> w below normal in this month, today we were above normal. 87?, above normal. there's good any, mi forecast i'm tell you what to deal with it facing forward. i'm tell you what to deal with it facing forward. >> the best running back in the two billionaires,
11:12 pm
atherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto
11:13 pm
as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
11:14 pm
>> well, this guy is lucky to be alive after being stuck in the grill of a car in florida. the driver of the car said the bird flew out in front of him
11:15 pm
the fire rescue agencies, worked to turn the bald eagle to the wild and he's doing fine now. >> that perfect, halloween costume and accessories, usin shoppers to their sites. dangerous counterfeits, like fake makeup that can lead to lasting and painful damage. all right, nurts is your weather authority. we want to check back in with jerry brown and we've enjoyed a bit of rise of temperatures jerry. >> it's warming up a little.
11:16 pm
you could turn the ac off i suppose you could, it's 90s for the next couple of days. brace yourself. we started with a lot of high cloud cover as the view from cadence down in henderson looking out to the west, you can see your sunset there. we had cleared a bit by the time that occurred. currently 71 in henderson with southeast breeze at 3 were in the tense. little further to the northwest, carla elementary, 68? and 22%. you can see 65 north las vegas airport, 71 downtown hendz, 92 in spring valley. 68 out in summerlin.
11:17 pm
in boulder city. tomorrow we're looking for a high of 90 or 91. nationally going on,ing not much in the central time zone, tulsa time, but banks. a little low off the coast that i was talking about over the last couple of days, that moved into arizona as expected and it did spread those high clouds that we had emerier. we are going to be moving to the east, copious amounts of sunshine, i think you'll like the forecast, mid 60s overnight through the valley, quiet one, not a lot happening.
11:18 pm
that sounds refreshing. 43 up on the mountain. highs tomorrow, a couple of degrees, maybe 3? more than what we had today. eastern clark county. mid 80s and warm in the colorado river valley basin. through the afternoon hours, 5 if you are headed down to the lake, 94 with a water temperature, and 67 up there to 84 at red rock, light winds and lots of sunshine.
11:19 pm
is columbus day, a day we all celebrate, no mail. >> who gets columbus day off exactly? >> i think federal holidays. >> who gets the day off? >> i'm going to be here. >> i will join you. unlv a top of battle randy. school touch in a 25-20 win off fresno. las vegas also on that team, sneed threw a pick on his second pass to the aztecs. dominic baldwin in the end zone,
11:20 pm
0 for 5, no yards passing, rebels still in the game. later, the las vegas rookie, makes it 20-7 cex finishes with 141 yards. sneed now, no completions. finally hits da von taid fourth quarter, going to make it 27-6 aztecs. and the route was on. back to need now. fourth quarter to hit another completion to born again. 2 for 12, nine yards and a pic. rebels lose its 26-7.
11:21 pm
they beat arizona state, 27, 22. how mr. the cubs, a 1-0, jefd semarja the old cubs pitcher. ben zobrist, and first rub of the game, bottom of the sect, plate two more there's nothing can't make it, 4-0 they now head to san francisco with a two participant debate.
11:22 pm
tomorrow, 1:00 p.m, terch:00 in the morning las vegas time. and tanner york for washington. the the la kings taking on colorado for another preseason hockey gaifnlg. kings are rush, he gets it to the stick side. one minute and change to go in the third entry, ties the game they go into overtime and in the ot gabrielle land o swag t-mobile next hockey game will be our nevada team drops the puck.
11:23 pm
together for a day on the lake and it was all for a good cause. when news3 live at 11:00 learnings. ray steiber: i was in charge of homicide. i know when something's not right. the attacks on question 1 are wrong. question 1 protects the right of law abiding nevadans to bear arms. carry. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show or go online and buy guns without background checks. that will save lives. yes on 1. case closed. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs...
11:24 pm
to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say...
11:25 pm
that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
11:26 pm
>> all right from live in las vegas to a live look now at norvetion, where in just a few minutes, saturday night live will kick off. broadway star lynn manuel miranda, created and sard in the hamilton. lynn manuel miranda and 21 pilots following the way, by the way, alec baldwin will also be making an appearance in the show. wonder what that's all about.
11:27 pm
time outside, and hundreds did that, dignity health hosted the eighth annual rose regatta, drag an boats competed and even our own kevin janison was involved. five teams were composed solely of breast cancer survivors. weather cooperated, completely, and it was a saturday i'm one of the lucky ones. i had breast cancer, but they caught it in time. there are many women who depend on planned parenthood for that kind of screening and care. so i'll never understand politicians like congressman heck, who tried to defund planned parenthood. he was even willing to shut down the government over it. heck was opposed to roe v. wade and tried to criminalize abortion. that's just shameful, it's just wrong, it doesn't help anybody. congressman heck does not share my values.
11:29 pm
horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us. the the following is an encore presentation of tuesday night's


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