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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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you. m jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow. are you saying you are not prepared now to -- >> what i am saying is i will tell you at the time, i will keep you in suspense. >> he is denigrating. he's talking down our democracy. >> such a nasty woman. >> d democracy itself. setting the stage for a post election crisis. >> from a secret underground tunnel on the surge of iraqi special forces on isis, the battle for mosul heats up. an exclusive nbc investigation into the hacking of the u.s. elections. >> plus, could cleveland be headed for another world title in the same year? "early today" starts right now. good morning. i am ayman mohyeldin. >> i am frances rivera.
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debates in the third and definitely heated one. >> one of the most heated. we're in the final sprint of the presidential campaign. the likes of which the world has never really seen. this morning, front pages across the country really sum it up. a defiant trump used the high-profile moment to ampifies one of the most explosive charges of his campaign. that of a, quote, rigged election. refusing to say he could accept the loses. >> i want to ask you here on the stage tonight, do you make the same commitment that you will -- sir. that you will absolutely accept the result of the election. >> i will look at it at the time. i will look at it at the time. what i have seen is so bad. >> sir, there is a tradition in this country, one of the prides of the country, is the peaceful transition of power and no matter how hard fought a
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the winner. are you saying you're not prepared now to commit to that principle. >> i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> an audible gasp spread through the auditorium in that moment and clinton made sure to pounce on it. >> let's be clear about what he's saying and what that means. he's denigrating, talking down our democracy. and i, for one, am appalled that somebody hao is the nominee of one of our two major parties wouldak position. >> she also reacted to trump's comments onboard her campaign plane later in the evening. >> what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign and for where he stands in this election. as i said, whenever he is losing, he says the system, whatever the system is, whether it's being in court about trump university or losing the iowa
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sake's, it's rigged against him. >> here's what trump's running maim mike pence had to say about the headline making moment as well. >> the reality of voter fraud in polling places and in some jurisdictions around the country, i think he has a presidential candidate said tonight that given those two factors that he'll take a wait and see approach. >> and now pence may be the only elected official backing trump's skepticism as lawmakers both democrats and republicans pushed rnc chairman reince priebus refighting trump's own worlds. >> with the debate started it seemed normal. americans watched even from 35,000 feet as one person shared this image as a flaen, and they watched policy and substance from isis to the supreme court. but that soon went off the rails as they took shots at each other. here was clinton comparing her record to trump's.
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to reform the schools in arkansas. he was borrowing $14 million from his father to start his businesses. in the 1990s, i went to beijing and i said women's rights are human rights. he insulted a former miss universe, alicia machado. called her an eating machine. on the day when i was in the situation room, monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was hosting "the celebrity apprentice." >> and here was trump hitting >> she has been outsmarted and outplayed worse than anybody i have ever seen in any government whatsoever. >> but the debate quickly devolved into a war of words, and here is one notable exchange over russia's vladimir putin. >> look, putin, from everything i see, has no respect for this person. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states.
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you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you're the puppet. >> the russians have engage in cyberattacks. >> this moment lit up social media as the most combattive of the night when they were discussing entitlement reform. >> i'm on record as saying we need to put more money into the social security trust fund. that part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. my social security payl donald's assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it. but what we want to do is -- >> such a nasty woman. >> cnn's snap poll has clinton beating trump 52 to 39 in this debate. that's a much smaller margin than she enjoyed in the prior two debates with trump's numbers growing by 12 points by the first. >> today on the trail, barnstorming the battleground
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wisconsin. mike pence remains on the stump in nevada. president obama and vice president joe biden will head to new hampshire and florida for clinton while michelle obama goes to the new battleground of arizona as tim kaine tours through north carolina, and clinton and trump will meet face-to-face again perhaps for the last time as they headline the famer dinner in new york tonight. >> we have breaking news. word that turrish jets are militias in syria. it's happening north of aleppo. as many as 200 militia members have been killed although a kurdish leader said that number is smaller. the kurdish separatives have been blamed in turkey over the past year. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. >> iraqi special forces are now leaving mosul offensive to drive up to 8,000 isis fighters from
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thousands. >> u.s. officials tell nbc news that hundreds of fighters could flee mosul and head to europe to launch terrorist attacks against the u.s. and its allies. matt bradley joins us from erbil, iraq. any indication on which advancing forces can reach mosul? >> i can't tell you exactly when the iraqi security forces are going to penetrate from their perimeter into mosul itself, but i can tell you that this battle is going apace and w murga and iraqi security forces to take more of the christian villages surrounding mosul. a lot of these villages are uninhabited as they have been for the last several days of the fight. some will be presenting quite a bit of defense. we were down at the front line yesterday and we saw some of the weaponry that the iraqi security forces are up against. we're talking about vehicle-borne explosive devices,
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mines. this is all going to make for a pretty slow advance, but the real barrier, as you mentioned earlier, is going to be civilians both in mosul and some of the surrounding villages. we know there are about 1.2 million civilians still left in mosul and we believe that islamic state is going to be using a lot of them as human shields as they have in the past. >> all right, matt bradley live for us in erbil. >> new details emerging about a gas explosion that rocked the city of portland, wednesday. the lieutenant is called a hero after taking critical steps to save lives. >> any given fire that you arrive on, vehicles take an opportunity to place themselves in a situation where they can be best utilized for the call. in cases like this, where there's good gut instinct, they'll be placed in a manner outside of what the potential hazard is. he made that call. he had a very good instinct today. showed good judgment. >> he is one of three
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injured in that explosion. thankfully, no one was killed. this morning, the city's mayor is calling on residents to donate to those displaced as an investigation continues. >> just ahead here, an nbc news investigation into the role russian hacking and the use of wikileaks is having on our elections. it's a cynthia mcfadden exclusive and it's must-see tv. >> first, bill karins has the latest on the ongoing fire danger in southern california. >> good morning. another day of santa ana warm temperatures and dry conditions. high pressure and the downsloping flow, and the descending air warms up down the mountains. red flag warnings continue. totally different ball game in the pacific northwest. that's where we're dealing with more rain and very wet weather continues. anywhere in the seattle area to
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temperatures are cool in the northwest, and a completely different story where we get warmer temperatures around fresno. today, even san francisco is nice. looks like the northwest will see an nicer day tomorrow than today. >> thanks. is america going to pot? a new survey takes that question sky high, and their words, a rash of plane crashes on wednesday, what's going on? "early today" has the details next. xt. more "stay" per roll. re "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper.
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women who live in or have recently visited florida's miami-dade county to get tested for the zika virus. >> three small plane crashes in three separate states. first, there was this one, a rough landing at the will rogers airport in oklahoma city. watch the nose. the pilot forced to land with malfunctioning landing gear and the nose of the plane dragging down the runway. the pilot was able tok unharmed. next, to ft. lauderdale. eye witnesses say the twin engine plane burst into flames. an investigation of the plane's landing gear is under way. the pilot and a passenger onboard were not hurt. and a different story for the pilot of this small plane. he and a passenger were onboard and crash landed into the backyard of a house in southern new jersey. first responders found the pilot and passenger trapped in the cockpit. it took about 30 minutes to free them and both were taken to the hospital.
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investigated. >> scary instants. no fatal incidents as a result of them. so is america about to have a new sports capital? and intelligence officials say they have stopped the russian hackers. nbc news investigates that next. - free to seize the savings on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ?? . ?? then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll.
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in the air in foul territory, the cleveland indians are going to the world series.
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very, very late or waking up with a huge smile after the indians beat the toronto blue jays to clinch the american league championship series. it's been 19 years since the indians last played in the world series and 68 years since they won a championship. lebron james tweeted to his fellow clevelandites, world series, here we come. congrats, boys. >> frahm one championship to potentially another. >> now to an exclusive investigation. as wikileaks continues to play a major role in the presidential sourceerize taking us inside the effort to top the flow of documents hacked by russia and published by wikileaks. here's cynthia mcfadden. >> a high level u.s. intelligence force tells nbc news that the u.s. is confident it has cut off the flow of election related material being hacked by the russians. the u.s. claims the kremlin has been behind thethet of a wide range of documents, many of them
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the highly placed intelligence official tells bc news new defensive measures taken by the u.s. and its allies are choking off the path the russians have been using to steal e-mails from high-profile democrats and other prominent americans. >> i think it's credible that the u.s. government is doing everything possible to stop the cyber bleeding. >> u.s. intelligence officials also tell nbc news they're more confident than ever that the founder julian assange to help distribute the hacked materials. telling nbc the u.s. considers assange a, quote, willing participant in the russian scheme. assange has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london for four years. >> they're frustrated because wikileaks has done a fair amount of dang. >> and the u.s. is making it person. multiple intelligence sources
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julian assange's internet access. isolating him from his organization. the state department in ecuador have publicly denied that there was any pressure. the reverberations of russia's cyberassault are felt across the political spectrum. even republican senator marco rubio came out swinging against wikileaks. >> do we really want to be a country where foreign leaders or intelligence agenies can blackmail our elected tweeted moments of the final presidential debate. that's next. what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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chris wallace asked donald trump if he would accept the results of the election on november 8th, and trump had this to say. >> are you saying you are not prepared now to -- >> what i'm telling is i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> oh, oh, sow spence. cliffhanger. i do not envy his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, and i'm told we have footage of her taking questions from reporters about it in the spin room. >> that pretty much summed it up. >> people were tweeting uma storm during the debate. the top three moments were when they discussed treatment of women, when trump refused to
4:23 am
when clinton called trump putin's puppet. during the debate, clinton gained 13,000 new followers compared to trump's 6,000. overall, trump has 12.6 million followers compared to clinton's 9.9 million. so you know, this campaign has probably been one of the most covered in social media, even trump yesterday broadcast a little bit of his predebate speech on facebook live. so it's really proving to be a force in this election. >> a lot of work for you and me and everyone else. you're not only watching but you're sitting there with your phone keeping up with the tweets, that's if you're not tweeting. >> you don't want to miss anything. >> celebrities didn't miss anything. they were also adding to the twittersphere and putting their two cents. josh gad said snr rr at this point is considering just re-airing this debate. this picture is eva longoria.
4:24 am
the big decision, glass or bottle. it's 1.5, get the magnum out there compared to that debate. trending moon many people including justin long, elizabeth banks and bill maher was concern about the lack of talk on climate change. so many celebrities, it's been their issue. >> an issue that draws so much international attention. >> the boss is also weighing in when he was asked about donald trump's rise, he pulled no punches. >> donald trump, who is talking about rigged elections, and he's not -- he has a feeling he's going to lieu now, which of course, he is going to lose. he's such a flagrant toxic narcissist that he wants to take down the entire democratic system with him if he goes.
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your early today travel forecast. we're watching the rainy weather, especially in the seattle area, eastern washington state, to start our morning. it will improve as we go throughout the day. windy and very warm conditions in southern california. look at l.a. today, 93 degrees. hopefully the fires, hopefully >> bill, thank you very much. >> the long race for the white house is winding down with just 19 days to go until the big election day. >> the new question popping up this morning is whether donald trump would accept the election results if he loses. that's just one of the haynes from last night's third and final presidential debate. for more, we're joined by tracie potts in las vegas. >> hey, good morning. so with all of the things that are trending overnight about this debate, the one thing that
4:27 am
whether or not donald trump may protest these election results. >> trump, who has repeatedly called this election rigged, declined twice to accept the results if he loses. >> i will tell you at the time, i'll keep you in suspense. >> that's horrifying. >> are you serious? uthink that if somebody is committing fraud, they should accept the results regardless? >> his team hinting this could be a long, drawn out fight. >> you remember al gore in 2000? >> it started as the most substantive debate yet on issues like guns and abortion. overturning roe v. wade. >> that will happen automatically in my opinion because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> i do not think the united states government should be stepping in. >> there were moments of confusion. >> russia, china, or anybody else. >> and contention. on russia's president. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no puppet.
4:28 am
immigration, they hit sensitive subjects like leaked e-mails. >> the russian government has engaged in espionage against americans. >> and sexual assault allegations. >> i didn't do anything. i think they want either fame or her campaign did it. >> trump claimed the latest offensive against isis is political. >> the only reason they did it is because she's running for the office of president. and they want to look tough. >> clinton brought up trump' >> we have undocumented immigrants in america who are paying more federal income tax than a billionaire. >> final arguments with less than three weeks left to win voters. turns out donald trump and hillary clinton are back together again tonight. they're actually appearing together at a new york fund-raising dinner where both of them were invited. no speeches, and we don't believe they're going to be on
4:29 am
will be at the same event tonight. >> thank yo.>> i'll keep new sud shoplifter spence. >> dana: donald trump asked if he'll accept the results of the election. he said he will tell us at the time of the election. more on this coming vehements from the third and final debate that employed out here 234 our own backyard. is that a welcome wagon for donald trump? you be the judge. we have it ahead. >> dana: the arrest in the murder of a man outside a nightclub. hear from the victim's mother
4:30 am
just hours ago finishing up at the promise and mack. >> kim: we're the wagners. kelly curran who is our meteorologist on duty this morning, i heard that reporters from 28 countries were here in town. if they are reporting in front of the t and m they had good weather to deal with. >> kelly: the winds twitter was on fire. winds not an issue, at least not in las vegas today. we're going to talk about where they may be an issue coming up. >> kim: a lot of reporters


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