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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the american people understand that. >> dana: debate reaction. other politicians and locals telling us how they think the final debate went. >> kim: trooper involved shooting. this is a local story. many of you watched it play out live on this very channel yesterday morning. now we have the story to go along with it. >> dana: welcome in. it is 5:00 on which was held at the thomas and mack on the campus of unlv. >> kim: the campus was rocking. a lot of reporters taking live reports from that campus. we're the wagners, kim and dana here. kendall will be reporting live from the thomas and mack center. you also see we have tracy potts here in town. >> dana: normally she's in washington, d.c. but not today. she was at the debate last
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campus of unlv to break down what happened last night. >> good morning everyone. donald trump won't say for sure if he will accept these election results, didn't say he wouldn't, didn't say he would. he's going to keep it a mystery for now and that means a lot of people are wondering if this long campaign will really be over on november 8. >> tru election rigged declined twice to accept the results if he loses. >> i will keep new suspected shoplifter spence. >> that is horrifying. >> are you serious? you think if someone is committing fraud they should accept the results regardless. >> his team hinting this could be a long drawn out fight. >> if the vote is fair, i'm confident we'll accept. >> it's the most suns tantivy
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overturning rowe versus wade. >> that will happen automatically because i'm putting pro life justices on the court. >> there were moments of confusion. >> i am not -- >> and contention on russia's president. >> because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> you are the puppet. >> debt, the economy, immigration. they hit sensitive subjects like leaked emails. engaged in espionage against americans. >> i didn't do anything. i think they want fame or her campaign. >> trump claims the latest campaign against isis is political. >> because she's running for the office of president and they want to look tough. >> clinton brought up trump's unreleased tax returns.
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paying more taxes than a billionaire in america. >> today the vice presidential candidate, president obama, michelle obama out in swing states. and donald trump and clinton meet again not on a debate stage. but tonight they will be at the same event in new york. >> kim: it's supposed to be a light head this story is developing as we speak because both candidates are live on "the today show" had this morning. we're going to have those comments for you first. >> dana: no handshakes before or afterthe debate.
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>> kelly: we have a red flag warning. no delays on the freeways.
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yesterday. >> dana: spieth of the debate we send you back to the thomas and mack center. kendall is standing >> let's talk about reaction. analyst have said the third and final debate doesn't see too much changes when it comes to the voter. what exactly did the students think? we know unlv has been ground zero for the debate the last couple of days. let's hear from one student and
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>> this is good enough. >> you saw president clinton -- >> yes, i did. >> in the middle of the debate madness, we found the most famous undecided voter in america. that is ken bone in his red sweater. if he is swayed at all, i can tell you he anyone. >> i had my eyes on twitter. it's extremely comfortable. las vegas maybe not the greatest venue. if you need the last days to adecide, don't let anyone make you feel bad. >> you heard the man. a little less than three weeks to go until voting day. both about cats are going to be hitting the campaign trail. donald trump making his way to colorado.
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was inside the thomas and mack where a portion of "the today show" is being taped live at this point. we'll bring that you interview in about 30 minutes. >> kim: looking guard to it. i mentioned a moment ago this story developed as we speak because both vice presidential candidates are live on today this we're efforting getting mike pence and also tim kaine in their own words. when you hear from tim kaine in particular, he spent time as a missionary in honduras and he takes donald trump to task on something he said on the stage last night in las vegas where he says he's putting democracy in jeopardy. >> dana: what do the candidates do after the big debate? donald trump got on his plane
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hillary clinton showed up at craig ranch park rallying voters about an hour after the debate was over. she went to the airport and took off on her plane headed for new york, no because they are going to appear tonight at a big dinner new york city they hold every four years right before the election. >> kim: will you find out the name of that dinner nit supposed to be very f interesting following what happened last night especially with the you're a nasty woman comment on the like. >> tom: i'm on it. >> kim: saturday in town is the next important date. early voting starts. election day if you want to vote on that day is november 8. election officials say they are going to have a ton of voting locations across town. it makes it easy for you.
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strip. hours and days for each polling location vary but we have you covered. go to and we'll walk you through the process. >> dana: it's called the annual al smith dinner. facebook pictures and security video were a match with tattoos on their suspect. talking about the man behind bars connected to a shooting from a nightclub he shot davis. he's being held without bail. he's going to be in a local courtroom tomorrow. >> kim: we have a follow up to the big breaking news we were covering live all morning. a lot of you saw the updates during "the today show" and it started with a carjacking in downtown las vegas and ended in henderson. police still investigating but here is what they are sharing was. yesterday morning a car was stolen from a convenience store.
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trooper spotted the hijacked car driving dangerously fast so the trooper started to pursue the driver. the troop erased the hijacker was hitting curbs and hit another car. he then jumped out of the car to run to a nearby car dealership and pick up another ride. the trooper and the bystander tried to stop the suspect and the trooper was forced to open fire on this person. that person was taken to s they have not ginn us the identity of this person. >> dana: we have live pictures out of northern iraq where the battle to retake the city from isis fighters continues today. the battle is going more quickly than they thought it would. when they are getting to small towns on the outskirts, they are finding some of the isis fighters dead. the villagers in some of the
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fighters realizing that iraqi forces are going to have their backs once they reach these small towns. >> eight people injured. a building explodes at a shopping center. we're going to tell you where this happened and what caused the explosion coming up. >> kim: live from new york it is thursday morning and we're talking to jane king about how wall street is reacting to the debate last night right here in las vegas. >> dana: why were the anchors cracking in even that guy came in the background and said this is going to go viral.
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[indiscernible] rebels say it's part of a psychological campaign to get them the bombing of aleppo has intensified. >> kim: thank you. we take to you this developing story. and you are seeing the remnants of a building that exploded in portland yesterday. as dangerous is this is, people
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this could have turned deadly in a hurry. it exploded taking out that building and damaging several nearby. as a result of the blast first responders were able to get people out in a hurry before they knew it was going to blow. a contractor reported a gas leak so they knew they didn't have a lot of time on their side. a gas company said there was construction in this area. a gas line ruptured. police and firefighters not missing a moment evacuating just before that building exploded. investigators are working to determine what caused the gas leak to ignite. they don't know that part. they had enough heads up to get everybody out. even with that said, two firefighters suffered broken legs. eight people were injured but this could have turned deadly in an instant in anyone was inside that building. >> dana: one person did die after that theaters in
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the person died as they were trying to run away from falling debris. at least three other people taken to the hospital. others treated at the scene. you can see debris falling from that scaffolding crashing to the ground. they are trying to figure out what went wrong here. >> kim: it wasn't long ago, i remember you being up in sky 3 showing window washers that had here in town. >> tom: we've had a couple of those accidents. luckily those ones turned out ok. we have a couple of accidents. this is on the 515 and east leg of the 95. so you do have nhp in the northbound lanes of the 95 heading from henderson areason
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out for that one. elsewhere at the charleston curve looks good in terms of travel times. no delays on the freeway. let's get traffic and weather together. >> kelly: little breezy yesterday especially during the daytime hours. this is a time lapse. you see the grass there blowing in the still dealing with breezes in a few locations but temperature wise you are going to want a jacket heading out the door. paradise 61, nellis 57. mountains edge 57. winds starting to let up. calm winds reported in north las vegas. we have a red flag warning still in effect for the colorado river valley for gusty winds and low humidity.
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as well. otherwise quiet conditions across the southwest and rising temperatures heading into the weekend. today's high 82. wind out of the north 5-15. tonight clear skies. 60 is our low. our seven-day forecast shing warming temperatures, 87 for friday and saturday. breezy conditions developing sunday. showers and cooler temperatures on monday. >> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq. jane king is joining us and we were past your bedtime, i know that. but the candidates did talk about the economy a little bit. >> a little bit. not as much as i think the moderator wanted. but the bottom line is wall street didn't hear much new from the candidates about the economy. hillary clinton said she will grow the economy by focusing on the middle class, building the largest job creation program since world war ii.
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donald trump will cut taxes and criticized current trade deals and renegotiate them to get better terms or leave them all together. >> dana: soon i'll be able to drive to work while i read the newspaper and have my cup of coffee. >> what a time saver. this is what they were supposed to announce on monday. they made the announcement last night when the debate was going on. tesla says it's electric cars will be the first in the nation need to drive themselves. they will be outfitted with the hardware for full safe driving capability at a safety level greater than a human. >> dana: i'm going to let other
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>> kim: you are witnessing an emergency landing that went well. look at the nose. it is scraping that runway. this happened in oklahoma city. they were very nervous when the landing gear wouldn't deploy. so they changed airports. they were able to work it out. it never did fully deploy. what a great job this pilot did. airport firefighters rushed to that plane as the pilot safely walked off. successful flight if you're available to walk away. >> dana: i think that is textbook when the landing gear won't come down i think have you to go on to the nose like they did. today show hostess is here in town covering the big debate.
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her this morning to find out what she thought about the debate. >> kim: if you've been watching us for a while, you've heard us slip up many times in the past, much to your delight as we embarrass ourselves on live
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>> tom: this directions. those are your trouble spots. let's get to weather with kelly. >> kim: as you are heading out you are going to want a jacket. pahrump 49 right now. boulder city 64. it's 60. winds diminishing. breezes along the colorado river valley but highs in the low
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rise cooker recall. >> and then this happened. >> check your panties. about 175,000 rise -- i think that was supposed to be pantries. >> i saw it and i couldn't warn you. >> kim: you check your panties. his coanchor. she was probably going how is he going toan came up in the prompter and said panties instead of pantries. >> dana: the weather die game in behind him and said dude, you are going viral. this is naked donald trump. it's the statute. it made a reappearance last night in town. we'll tell you where coming up. >> kim: speaking of presidential
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two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us.
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>> kim: keeping us in suspected shoplifter spence. you just heard donald trump in his own words and what he's talking about is the election results. what does this suspected
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>> debate reaction. we're going to tell you whatle billionaires, politicians and locals are saying about last night's debate. >> kim: a man losing his life at an i'll legal nightclub according to police. now they say they have their man. >> dana: welcome n. on this thursday morning and the debate wrapped up just hours ago at the thomas and mack. >> kim: ken bone was there. we're about to hear from "the today show." in case you are turning on your tv set kendall had an interview with ken bone from the last debate. i know a little back story. his grandfather passed recently and loved him in this particular suit so that's what he was wearing to the debate.
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went to get in the car and split his pants. had to go in and get a new out fit on. that's how the red sweater was born. >> dana: i think we can all relate to ken bone and putting on weight. >> tom: we've got the one accident we'll get to in a moment. this was debate central last night. we saw one shot. it's fine now. yesterday afternoon it caused serious traffic problems including a temporary shutdown on 515 southbound. we have a couple of accidents. on sloan to the east of nellis. in henderson at the 95 or 515 at college drive. they have the inside lane -- inside shoulder blocked both directions but travel lanes are open so looks ok in terms of your commute.
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kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, a jacket probably a good idea. a little bit cool to get things started but this afternoon pleasant. sunny skies, 77 by noon. 81 at 3:00. winds diminishing today. >> kim: thank you very much. we take you back live to the thomas and mack center. we've been peeking in on the stage all morning long. that is where ken dallas along with tracy p. just hours ago. >> trump whose repeatedly called this election rigged declined twice to accept the results in he loses. >> i won't tell you, i'll keep new suspected shoplifter spence. >> that's horrifying. >> you think if someone is committing fraud, they should accept the results regardless? >> his team hinting this could be a long drawn out fight. >> you remember al gore in 2,000.
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confident we'll accept it. >> issues like guns and abortions overturning rowe versus wade. >> i'm putting pro life justices on the court. >> i don't think the united states government should be stepping in. >> there were moments of confusion and contention on russia's president. >> that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. you are the puppet. >> debt, t immigration, they hit sensitive subjects like leaked emails. >> the russian government has engaged in espionage against americans. >> and sexual assault allegations. >> i didn't do anything. i think they want either fame or her campaign did it. >> trump claimed the latest offensive against isis is political. >> the only reason they did it is because she's running for the office of president and they want to look tough.
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unreleased tax returns. >> we have undocumented immigrants in america paying more federal income tax than a billionaire. >> final arguments with less than three weeks left to win voters. >> dana: our team coverage of the debate continues now with kendall live from the thomas and mack center. we know that all the major networks where r in town including "the today show" as well. >> good morning. we're currently thomas and mack center. inside the thomas and mack is where "the today show" is currently broadcasting portions of their news cut ins we see. as we pointed out media from across the entire country is here. i did sit down with one of "the today show" host and got to talk to her about politics and the
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much of a pull on voters that have decided who they are going to be voting for but said we are interested as journalists in the undecided voters, whether the polls will have a big swing for either candidate after this third and final debate. i talked to her about las vegas and her visit here and what she has to say to you our news 3 viewers. >> we're thrilled to be here and i wish i were here longer. the nicer your hotel room is, the shorter your stay and that's true. i had a lovely hotel room here. so many people were still having a great time in the middle of the night and i wish i could join them. >> everyone who comes to vegas has a little more fun but she's been working. she's staying at cesar's palace.
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felt about the debate. >> kim: you know how people say vegas baby. in this case i don't know her due date but maybe it could have been a vegas baby. >> she's eight months pregnant. >> kim: getting close but not quite there yet. still a little more cooking to be done. we appreciate your live report. we'll have continued coverage the vice presidential candidates are weighing in on how their running mates did in the final debate last night. this is developing as we speak because both of them are live on "the today show" this morning. you are going to hear from tim kaine and mike pence in their own words on this broadcast first because of this great partnership with "the today show" and the time difference, we're going to get that from you
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that police can find their suspect. we're going to tell you how metro found this guy accused of murder at a local nightclub. that story just ahead. >> kim: some people saying cold out there donald. donald trump is back looking like that. the statute that ended up being hacked down during the life is beautiful festival has been repaired and it's back and you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day. but now you can get mcgriddles all day, and more. lse to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ba da ba ba ba you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks
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the right of law abiding nevadans to bear arms. carry. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. and no one goes to jail for swapping guns while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show or go online and buy guns without background checks. that will save lives. yes on 1. case closed. you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day.
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hing else to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ba da ba ba ba 2. >> kim: look who made a comeback. you are going to remember that statute first appeared in downtown las vegas last month. it was removed after somebody knocked it over and ended up doing all kinds of terrible things to the statute. >> dana: they need to make a
5:41 am
>> tom: i don't know that i want to see either one of those. we have this accident on 95 north so flairs on the roadway there. one other accident at sloan near the east end of sierra. that is the only problems we have right now. >> kelly: grab
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>> kim: social media played a key role in the arrest of the
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at a nightclub here in las vegas. >> good morning. the key clue or clues in this case turns out pictures on facebook. detectives say the pictures led them to a murder suspect. he's accused in the shooting debt of davis. take a look at hiss booking photo. we're talking about james here. he's currently behind bars at the clark county detention center accused of the that happened september 25. they pieced together a time line using security video. it shows him walking arm and arm with the victim outside the nightclub. online pictures of james. it appears they were a match for his tattoos. reaction now from the victim's mother. >> you just didn't have to do my boy like that. you really didn't have to just
5:46 am
>> we are in the downtown area of las vegas. that is where james is behind bars this morning. he is being held without bail. he will make a court appearance tomorrow. >> dana: we call them hurricanes in this country. they are called typhoons in this part of the world. strongest cyclone to hit the causing all sorts of damage. winds in excess of 140. at least eight people have been killed and now this super typhoon is headed toward southeast china. >> kim: we take you right now to iraq and all morning we've been checking in on live pictures of
5:47 am
have started to move forward to free the city taken by isis over two years ago. forces are pushing more quickly than we thought and certainly more quickly than we established in this campaign. sounds like things are going well. there is a u.s. led coalition here. stick with nbc news because richard ahas reporting from the front line and we'll have that all day long here on channel 3. >> krystal: check out this fire. we have video to show you here. pictures of the fire that broke out at a two-story house in san francisco. firefighters called out to battle the fire around 1:00 this morning. there is the video we're talking about.
5:48 am
of this. firefighter did go to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. that was the only injuries reported from this fire in pablo sandoval. >> tom: we've got a good start to the morning commute in terms of the of the freeway travel times. 15 south is clear as is the 215 inbound. we have our traffic ahead forecast that shows in a couple of hours it will we do have a couple of fender benders. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. sheer kelly. >> dana: and dana.
5:49 am
country seeing snow. >> kelly: check out this video out of colorado. they got a couple of inches yesterday. the ski resorts getting ready to open. it will be the first colorado ski resort to open for this season tomorrow. a lot of people excited about that. no snow on our local mountains. pretty yesterday. we had a bit of a breeze out there but temperatures comfortable. a lot of blue sky. that was about it yesterday. the current temperatures in the 50's in many locations. you are going to want to grab a jacket.
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throughout the day today but is there still a fire weather warning for the colorado river valley. winds gusting to 35. low humidity so increased fire danger and not a good day for boating. highs today just above normal. pahrump 82. boulder city 80 your expected high. tonight temperatures dropping down to 42 in alamo, primm 52 will be your low. warmer temperatures the weekend. 87 friday and saturday. winds starting to kick up on sunday. 85 and a chance for wet weather. that will be sunday night into monday followed by cooler temperatures. >> we take you back to molls and you see there is action taking place as far as forces trying to take over the second largest city in iraq from isis fighters. authorities expect this battle
5:51 am
morning from the iraqi prime minister saying things are ahead of schedule. when they planned this campaign, they didn't think it was going to go this well this fast. >> dana: been a goodyear in cleveland. they won the nba championship for the first time ever and now the baseball team is headed to the world series. when is the last time the cleveland indians won the world series? we'll let you know has something to say about one of the presidential candidates. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death.
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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>> dana: cleveland's baseball too team is headed to the world series. we're going to find out if the browns football team can win the nfl title. what do you think the chances are on that one?
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sharper than ever. the rapper has a new single titled campaign speech. it takes on everyone from donald trump to george zimmermann. trump don't kiss expletive like a puppet. he runs his campaign with his own cash and that's what you wanted. the rapper announced on twitter he's working on a new album so he has a new singling out. excedrin hits the ache on the head. it's not an ordinary debate so don't use just any pain relief. the tweet got more than 1,000 likes. debate headache started trending on twitter.
5:56 am
rarely do well on twitter but this was the exception or excedrin. >> nasty woman and bod hombre. if you watched the debate then you saw donald trump say that. speaking of that still to come our live team coverage from the thomas and mack continues this morning. live pictures from the campus as we speak. we're checking in with our reporter cohost. she has reaction from mark cuban this morning who was a guest of hillary clinton inside the debate hall last night of the it's all headed your way. tracy potts. she's normally in washington, d.c. every single morning talking to us live on the program. but we switch it up this morning because she's in vegas baby. tracy potts also live from the thomas and mack and she has
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> kim: election results is what donald trump said hours ago live in las vegas that has everyone buzzing this morning. he says he's going to keep us in suspected shoplifter spence. what does that mean? we have analysis headed your way.
6:00 am
undecided voters last night? local social media ken bone weighing in on this one coming up. >> kim: craig live with the story about that man and what police say happened outside of an illegal nightclub here in wn at the thomas and mack center. >> kim: a team of reporters still reporting live from that location this morning. we're the wagners coming to you live. savannah is ore there. kendall is over there along with tracy potts. and our live team coverage continues with very interesting information that has developed while many of you were sleeping post debate.


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