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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> dana: not fun. >> tom: till operative word is stang. this is on flamingo between valley view and i15. that is a no go. an accident in front of the rio. you can see police down here looking from i15 and they've got the tape across the roadway. both directions completely shut down on flamingo. elsewhere we have an accident by he entrance to the airport connector. that one not causing a major problem. travel times looking great right now. we can tell what it's going to look like in a few hours barring no accidents, we add a couple of minutes on. >> kelly: as you are heading out
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winds light at four miles an hour. as the kids getting to school 63 for the morning bell and on the way home 86. quite a bit above normal. we'll tell you what to expect for the week end in 10 minutes. >> krystal: a live look out of iraq as forces joining kurdish forces and a u.s. led air strike trying to gain isis stronghold, the second largest city in iraq. cnn reporting there is a lot of concerns in the united nation that isis has taken 550 families from villages and using them as human shields. a lot of concerns for civilians trapped there as that battle continues. >> dana: hillary, donald hanging out in the same room in new york
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we'll tell you what happened last night between these two that did not happen the night before in las vegas. >> krystal: it is a friday with our favorite foody expert john curtis. he's showing us the amazing
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>> krystal: a cross border tunnel discovered just south of the u.s. mexico boarder in southern california. immigration and custom enforcement says a number of me surrounded the business. that selection less than five miles southeast of the port of entry in san diego. officials saying that the business is on the same street where a tunnel was found last february. border patrol agents surrounded a warehouse in san diego. officials not releasing any details but that is believed to be a drug running tunnel.
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commission investigating war crimes in syria says the temporary pause in the fighting over aleppo not enough to get aid into that city. you can see what's happened with the bombings of late. they have people hurt but they can't get them out. >> krystal: vice president biden will accept an award today named for his late son bo. he will receive the award in recognition for his efforts with the cancer bo biden died last year after battling brain cancer. >> dana: game five in the national championship series and look who showed up vin scully. he said it's time for dodger baseball.
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in the tend cubs blasted the dodgers. 8-4 cubs go up 3-2 in the series. back home to wrigley field on saturday. >> krystal: let's bring it back local and shoot it over to tom with traffic. >> tom: we have a serious accident. you can see flamingo road is completely shut down between i15 and valley view. scene now. you can see a vehicle on the side banged up. is that a motorcycle? we're having trouble making that out but we'll get details while they investigate this accident. this is where the closure is on flamingo road both dries. for an alternate move to spring mountain or tropicana.
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elsewhere travel times aring looing good on all the major freeways. we'll be over that accident in just a few minutes. one thing we know weather-wise is wind. they've got it back east. >> dana: just a horrible night in parts of pennsylvania. >> kelly: this is out of clinton county pennsylvania. this is just to the north of state cge wind and rain and lightning as well. people were taking shelter at this gas station until the power went out there too. quite a mess in pennsylvania. they have more storms forecasted for later today. here at home everything has been very quiet. this is the bowler city camera from yesterday. tons of sunshine all day. haze and clearing up in the afternoon hours.
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temperatures. current temperature at king elementary in boulder city 63. wind calm for us. not going to be an issue. temperatures in the las vegas valley centennial 58, spring valley 57 and southeast 55. big ridge in place getting tons of sunshine. showers to our north. we have another storm system on the way for the latter half of the weekend. today temperatures above normal. pahrump 87. death lake mead 89. might not be a bad time for the boat on the water. here is a look at the seven-day forecast where we're looking at warmer temperatures tomorrow. increasing clouds sunday. we'll see the winds start to increase as well. chances for showers sunday night into monday. be prepared for a wet morning
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give yourself extra time. 79 the high on monday. >> dana: we take you back to san antonio, texas. this is the site where a car chase came to an end. we showed this to you live on the program about 20 minutes ago. they were able to get the man behind the wheel of that stolen vehicle into custody easily. he gave up without a fight. the police presence still heavy at this convenience store in san antonio, texas. the car in question right in the cer the man was taken into custody just a short time ago. >> krystal: we saw that arrest play out live on this program. a coroner determined the cause of death of a playboy model. why he saided the to do with a visit to the chiropractor. >> dana: janet jackson. one of her songs is getting more
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>> krystal: north las vegas police asking for your help to find this missing child. this four-year-old last seen in the area of owens and mlk a little before 7:00 thursday
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girl. vernon is described as an african-american male about 5'8". he's bald and with a mustache. that's the last family member this little girl was seen with. if you know where they are, please call north las vegas. there is a picture of that family memr. they are. >> dana: hillary and donald smiling, laughing, shaking hands last night. something they did not do during the last two presidential debates. this is the al smith dinner taking place in new york city. this is a light hearted affair. it's a roast of sorts.
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taking jabs at each other. >> this is the first time ever that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> it's amazing i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be ok with a peaceful transition of power. >> dana: nominees traveling to battleground states today. trump heading to north carolina and then pennsylvania. clinton will campaign inhe the death of a playboy model being linked to an appointment with a chiropractor. los angeles assistant chief coroner cited neck manipulation as the cause of her injuries that led to her death. according to the coroner may died from a blunt force injury that tore her left vertebra artery. the injury brought on by a trip
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adjustment following a fall. decreased blood flow to the brain. her death was ruled accidental. she was famous for being a playboy model and online stuff as well. the debate gave a janet jackson song new life. streams of jackson's song >> krystal: doing a little grooving on this friday morning. we're going to see how a clothing company is using undecided voter ken bone. his new popularity to send an
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>> dana: we're going to tell you why people were chasing him as
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>> dana: presidential candidates sitting about a foot apart last night. there was a lot of laughing. >> krystal: traffic jam. they are calling it car nado. major road closures happening around the valley. we'll show you how you need to get around >> dana: good morning. welcome in on this friday. it is 6:00 on this october '1st." >> krystal: we're glad to have you waking up with us. we have you covered from traffic to weather. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we'll get to travel times and jeff in a second. we'll talk to kelly in the weather center.


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