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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  October 23, 2016 8:30pm-9:30pm PDT

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i would have burned them all. >> al: arians decides he will take his next chance with the coin toss. >> referee: that is the end of regulation play. >> al: so, it's the end of regulation. i say regulation is underwhelming. 3-3. the 2-1 ratio in total yardage >> cris: arizona has to be sick looking at these numbers. double. double. you know, that's a game you win by 20 points. >> al: rushing is 3 1/2-times as much. >> cris: wow. i mean, give credit to the seattle defense. it is so easy, when you're playing on defense, and yo offense is doing nothing, to sort of roll your eyes and -- not give up. but you know, more or less, get frustrated.
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hammering and got it done. >> al: the way this game is going -- maybe you kickoff if you win the toss. >> referee: all replays will be in the booth. the first to four wins, unless it's the team in the first possession gets a field goal, then the other team has an opportunity to possess the ball. what's your call. >> al: the rookie backup quarterback, gets to call it. >> referee: it's heads. >> al: arizona will get the ball. a touchdown wins the game. a field goal or something short of that extends the game. overtime, we go on sunday night.
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>> al: go to overtime. seattle is 4-1, looking for their fourth-straight win. arizona, 3-3. a huge game in the division. as we conclude week seven. hauschka to kickoff. golden and nelson back deep. for the cardinals. that kick will bound through the end zone. the cardinals will have the ball at the 25 yard line. >> cris: the reason i think i would have burned the time-outs is pete carroll would have been forced to run the ball twice. he could not pass protect. you would have forced the punt there. now, could something crazy have happened?
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i thought pete carroll and darrell bevell, said we can't risk dropping back here and losing our quarterback on a fumble. >> al: second and 30. but arians decides to go. for overtime. wins the toss. now, has johnson at the 30 yard line. such a weird game in so many ways. we come out here tonight, maybe it would be a defensive struggle. but you're not thinking about >> cris: not between these two teams. their defenses are very good. this seattle defense has been on the field for so long. you turn around and keep giving it to david johnson at this point. and wonder, can we just -- are they to that point when maybe they are ready to give up a long run here. >> al: johnson, his longest run is 14 yards. but gained 101 yards on 28 carries. the leading yards from scrimmage. they fake it to him.
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caught. and admit field, it's nelson, who spun away. got a couple more yards. and has it at the 50 yard line. tackled by shead. >> cris: they brought larry fitzgerald to make it look like run all the way. and larry's feet on the outside, because seattle is forced to come up and play the run against david johnson. they go hard play-action. he's one-on-one on the outside, against maybe the fastest guy in the national football league. space. >> al: from right at the midfield stripe. nothing happening there. crosses the line of scrimmage, where it gets there. tony mcdaniel, right side of the tackle, will be second down and ten. >> cris: take a look down the line here.
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was just -- all over the fact that he says that michael bennett is offsides on every play. >> al: three receivers to the right side. palmer looking the other way. ooh, threw that into traffic. thirds and ten. >> cris: done you get the feeling that some defensive play is going to win this game? the more you watch it, every you hold your breath. but the play to nelson was a huge play. even if they had to punt the football because what it did was it brought it to midfield. if you punt, you have a chance to pin them back and put pressure on seattle's offense to play back up. >> al: they've been doing that all night long. and now, seattle takes a time-out. and you only get two in
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down to the final one. before third down and ten. >> cris: bruce arians will throw it anytime, anywhere. but he's seen what michael bennett and cliff avril, have been able to do against his protectors. >> al: palmer tonight, 238. wilson had very few days or nights like this one, in his career. on the ground, wilson carried the ball twice tonight for minus two. >> cris: if i were to throw the ball here, i would want this one out of my hands before anybody has a chance to get there. third and ten. >> al: palmer throws.
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first down at the 32. >> cris: straight zone defense. and what a throw by palmer here. he's going to split the gap between the two underneath coverages. that's not sherman's responsibility. and the guy that had been struggling to catch the ball this year, michael floyd, makes a great catch in a clutch situation. >> al: give it to johnson. and johnson a five hard-earned yards. he gets to the 27. he's closing in on the rushing lead. ezekiel elliott of dallas, i believe, would still be in front. but not by much. >> cris: this is like a repeat of the new england game, right? >> al: opening night. >> cris: to come down and win it with a field goal. an i think bruce arians would rather try to score a touchdown than try another field goal. >> al: oh, yeah.
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a touchdown wins the game. this was the case of the green bay playoff game we did last year. and arizona takes a time-out. >> referee: first time-out, arizona. each team, one time-out. >> al: look at the scene next sunday night, philadelphia/dallas. ezekiel elliott, the leading rusher. dak prescott, who has been great. carson wentz. they knocked off minnesota. a few story lines in that one. washington, losing today for detroit. and giants over in london, beat the rams. 4-3. everybody above .500 in the nfc east. >> cris: the pass rushers in
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the dallas cowboys. >> al: david johnson, 30 yards behind elliott for the rushing lead. and palmer, going to the end zone to try to win it. it's broken up. intended for nelson. and that's shead, back covering on the play. going for the win instead of third down and five. >> cris: watch how patient he is. he does not interfere wi i was sure he was going to get pass interference and the ball on the 1 yard line. that was tremendous. i mean, that was tremendous. i felt nelson could have drawn that flag. but great patience. >> al: third and five, from the 27. palmer, good protection this time. throws, and the 14 yard line. and it's not caught by floyd,
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down. instead, you have to bring in catanzaro, for an attempt of about 45 yards. >> cris: makes a great catch in his hands. lets this hit him in the shoulder pads. nothing wrong with using your pads to make a catch. you have to put your hands on it, the same time it hits your pads. catanzaro from 45. high drama on the kick. and this time, the kick, by catanzaro is good. so, it is 6-3, and seattle will get one possession. 3:30 into overtime.
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but he's explosive. and catanzaro, will not give him an opportunity to run it back. so, wilson and company come out to the 25 yard line. >> cris: here's arizona's defense. they're getting ready. >> al: one thing about overtime, you look at the overtime, on the trampoline. nothing to lose. and that is the situation. backup rookie, tack until the game. george fant. rookie right guard, germain ifedi. >> cris: and you're playing tight to the receivers because you're confident that seattle's defensive line can't block. >> al: they give it to mike.
8:46 pm
runs off the backside. graham lays down a nice block. it's a gain of ten. and a first down. >> cris: jimmy graham has to clean up the backside of that one. it was good, when you're struggling with pass protection. a ten-yard run to start things. >> al: you have the longest rush of the night. from the 35. the fake to mike. and the pass is caught at the 48 yard line by jimmy graham. a little change-up to him. jefferson makes the tackle. that's another first down. >> cris: i think this is one of the better throws that wilson makes. he is on the move, he has an innate ability to lob throws out there. i've seen him do that on multiple occasions. running towards the line of scrimmage.
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not many people can do that. gain of 13 at the 38 yard line. stepping up. fires over the middle. that's the gain of about seven. graham again making the catch. chandler jones couldn't get to him. three, nice plays to start this drive. >> cris: pressure getting there almost instantaneously. the last couple of plays, russell wilson, bootleg up right. and step up through the pocket. starting to get in a little russell wilson groove here. >> al: gain of eight. second and two. and going through the hole goes
8:48 pm
line. about to the edge of field goal range here. >> cris: that set that one up. >> al: a perfect time for the best drive of the night. >> cris: that's confidence when you get that extra down. >> al: from the 38. wilson, hanging in the pocket. throws. open again. this is graham. and jimmy graham has him some overtime period. to the 23 yard line. a gain of 15. >> cris: he helped in protection. knock down josh morrow and pick up the first down. that's the reason you pay superstar players like that. and it's really an effective thing to start working the quick throws over the middle now, to
8:49 pm
in this game. >> al: at the 24. stops them about at the line of scrimmage. markus golden. now, you're in three down territory to get the fourth down you have to get a field goal. >> cris: markus golden is relentless. i like to see guys that work as hard as he does. all of the extra stuff he does. they have great respect for. now, starting to get the resul and the sacks that he deserves. >> al: second and nine, from the 23. four-man rush. as good again. caught, 19 yard line. that's lockett, making the catch.
8:50 pm
russell wilson on the edge, bootleg, quarterback draw. all the things that come into play. do they now or not? i think jimmy graham is the option play for me here. he will be brought down to the bottom pfr right? >> al: out wide to the right. bottom of the screen. third down aerofour. and ls it's incomplete, stopping was graham. tony jefferson was back there. it's fourth down. hauschka comes in to attempt a field goal. and this would be about 36 yards. >> cris: i have no idea what jimmy graham did there. he did not anticipate at all. >> al: last one, took a divot
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can't end in the regular season in a tie. very infrequent does that happen. the last one was two years ago. the bengals and carolina, wound up in a 37-37, tie. >> cris: there were a few players that didn't know it could end in a tie. >> al: you want to call donovan out on that? >> cris: no. he wasn't the only one. >> al: correct. >> cris: only one that admitted it. >> al: hauschka, the kickoff. brittan golden and j.j. nelson, both back at the goal line. hauschka's kick. taking a knee is nelson. and palmer will get the ball at the 25. a little recap of the game tonight. all-defense. but david johnson, with 164
8:54 pm
russell wilson, he's had better nights, with a nice drive there. special teams, of course. huge two-blocked kicks for the seahawks. first one, leading to the first score. and hauschka, with the 36-yard field goal in overtime to extend the action. from the 25. play-action. palmer. deep downfield. and it will be caught at the 50 yard line by momah, who made the first catch of his career in regulation. and of all guys, second-year guy out of boston college, came off the practice squad in week four. 26-yard gain. >> cris: you can see, michael
8:55 pm
that area to allow carson palmer to fire that in there. not always, big-arm thrower needed in the national football league. that was one that was laid in perfectly. >> al: you get a chance to play. fells, is hurt. three-yard gain to david johnson for the 45 yard line. >> cris: you can only imagine how exhausted this seattle lifetime in this game. and have not folded yet. they keep hanging in there. and this is the defense that has a way of making plays. >> al: defended 84 plays. and have been on the field for over 40 minutes. >> al: richard sherman, earl thomas, some of these guys have a knack. >> al: second and seven. palmer, protection.
8:56 pm
everybody wants a flag. everybody rooting for the cardinals, of course. but they're not going to get one. third down. stars go at it. larry fitts jaerld. no call. that was a correct one. thursday and seven. five receivers. a bunch to the left. palmer coming in. fires over the mid. caught at the 31 yard line by j.j. nelson. off he goes. j.j. nelson to the 5 yard line. carson palmer.
8:57 pm
40 yards. richard sherman comes back and can't make the tackle. j.j. nelson has made some big plays in this game. stepping up, john brown, unable to go. michael floyd. missed the key pass. and he's getting some love on that sideline now. >> al: you take the ball. and still the play clock was at one. >> referee: final charged time-out. >> al: take a time-out. when do you kick it, right now? >> cris: ordinarily. but bruce arians, how often did he talk about what happened to his field goal teams and how it hurt them this year and how they could be undefeated and all those things.
8:58 pm
there's nelson working on sherman. >> cris: sherman almost broke before nelson did. and stumbled a bit. the famous dance, drew stanton. >> al: ellington, for the game-winning touchdown, with the fabled dance. now, a first and goal. at the 5. to johnson. he is going to hold on all the way to the end zone. but they're going to say he's out just before he gets to the goal line. knocked the pylon off its mooring. second down and goal. >> cris: earl thomas came out of nowhere to push him out of
8:59 pm
he does extend that ball. >> al: now, they come up to the line. they give it to johnson. and he cannot get in. bobby wagner, stops him at the half yard line. one more look. you can't challenge. it's reviewable in new york, if they want to stop it. i think you bring them in here. that was close. i think once that foot hit the pylon, though. you kind of have to look at bruce arians. you know he's watching this with half his eyes closed here. >> al: that's why he has a new snapper. the play clock is to zero. that's going to cost him five
9:00 pm
>> referee: delay of game. offense five half yard penalty. first down. >> al: got it right here. he has a new snapper. and a new holder. aaron brewer snapping. picked him up. ryan quigley in to punt, the holder. these are different guys that have the problems in the new england game in opening day in the buffalo game. >> cris: wagner, right in the middle. same thing. he will try to jump over the top. one of the guards need to reach up with their hands and make contact with it. >> al: 24-yard kick. hits the upright. it's no good. how in the world? >> cris: that's the reason. it has been a nightmare. it has been a nightmare for this team. here comes wagner over the top. and some pressure off the side,
9:01 pm
the edge? >> al: he thinks he has won the game. ooh. >> cris: wow. >> al: can't make this up. >> cris: wagner over the top. must have been incidental. >> al: now, the ball is at the 20 yard line. i just got it. christine michael, picks up one. arizona doesn't have a time-out. >> cris: my understanding of the
9:02 pm
you jump cleanly, you're fine. but there got earl watford putting his arm up and making contact. maybe, i don't know. >> al: if you're thinking that seattle can run it out and settle for the tie, there is a two-minute overtime in overtime. they play this like a fourth quarter. the clock will stop. second and nine. pass made up at the 26 yard line. that's doug baldwin. now, you have th can take it down to the two-minute warning. there's catanzaro. does he get another opportunity? down the line, they stop him here, going to get the ball back. a guy that is a big hero right now, is kelcie mccray. he's the guy that chased from behind and got nelson at the 5 yard line to stop him from going in the end zone, after sherman had missed the tackle.
9:03 pm
the clock will stop at two minutes, right there. so, you have a two minute overtime warning. not sure the players knew what the situation was here. >> referee: that's the two-minute warning. two minutes. >> al: man alive. third and four, when we come
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>> al: two minutes. seattle has a time-out. arizona does not. go back to the wagner play and the missed field goal. >> cris: by the time watford reached his arm up, that was watford initiating the contact. so, he did not hit the center. did not land on the center. moves out. >> al: sherman laid out. couldn't get to it. third and four. interesting pl lot of time after a punt. wilson. down the left side light. that's caught. by kearse. covered by marcus cooper, on a third and four. gutsy, gutsy call. >> cris: they brought all the pressure. watch all this stuff coming in here. and this offensive line, all
9:06 pm
one-on-one, one the outside, against cooper. speaking of a guy that makes big plays. jermaine kearse has made a few, too. >> al: 31-yard gain. michael, is going to get them very close to field goal range before he is taken out of bounds. the clock stops, 1:47. gain of six. >> cris: this is a pete carroll football game. i'll bet he said, don't give up. we're going to make a play. special teams, defense, somebody's going to win this game. we're going to win this game. i promise you're going to win it. >> al: that will bring the rookie, alex collins, into the backfield.
9:07 pm
and they give it to collins. a yard, maybe a yard and a half. right now, you are looking at about a 55-yard field goal attempt, if they don't gain another yard. >> al: russell wilson was telling us, sometimes he goes over to the sideline. in the toughest of moments. and he and pete carroll look at each other and go, i love this. i love being in this situation. can you believe we get to do this? here they are again. >> al: not much fun on the arizona bench. it's third down and three. at the 36. clock running down to a minute left in overtime. and wilson, fires it to the outside. and baldwin stays inbounds. and baldwin takes the ball inside the 10.
9:08 pm
and now, a first and goal. and figures to be coming in at any moment. >> cris: mathieu, one of the better slot guys has been struggling with the knee injury. not himself just yet. >> al: first and goal. catanzaro. opening night disaster. through the middle, christine michael. >> al: this is as bad as you can suffer, if you're arizona. >> cris: to have a defense play the way they played tonight. >> al: and to be a chance to get a half-game out, instead of 2 1/2 out, and losing head-to-head. and before you hit the upright,
9:09 pm
game penalty. hauschka comes in to try to win the game. 28-yard attempt. jon ryan to hold. and he misses it. that's impossible. >> cris: oh, my god. >> al: that is impossible. >> cris: there is something inside his brain about this building. oh, my goodness happened. >> cris: you know what? maybe this is justice for all concerned. >> al: oh, man. if a game deserves to wind up in a tie this, is the one. ryan puts it down. hauschka, just pulls it. >> cris: i'm telling you. we watched this, al. every kick that hauschka has made tonight, he has gone up and fooled around with the turf and felt uncomfortable. i don't know if he stuck his foot in the ground that first field goal.
9:10 pm
he chunked that one a little bit. and maybe the happiest guy in the building right there. chandler catanzaro. oh, my goodness. >> al: and larry fitzgerald watching. peterson watching. ball at the 20 yard line. so, do you set up for the tie? or do you air one out and hope for a pass interference penalty that will extend the game? three receivers and a bunch to the right. get one picked off and have the offensive lineman back there. >> al: or do you run the stanford play here? fitzgerald out of bounds. and there's two seconds left on the clock. you run a five-second play. one more opportunity. defensive foul would extend the game, even though there would be no time. >> cris: be careful with larry fitzgerald going down the field. he can make it look like a pass interference.
9:11 pm
don't be stunned. >> al: who knows? who knows? there's your all-time prevent defense. three-man rush. palmer. running away. going to air one out. all the way downfield. jump ball. incomplete. a bomb. and incomplete. fitzgerald, the intended man in the end zone. that's the way it will end. two chip shot field goal attempts that could have won the game. these guys go 75 minutes. neither sees the end zone. that will make the race in the nfc, a little crazy when you throw the tie in that nobody figures you'll have.
9:12 pm
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welcome to the volkswagen golf all-track postgame report. here, now, mike tirico. >> five quarters, four fold goals, no winners. 6-6, touchdown in the national football league in some 44 years, the st. louis cardinals in philadelphia, played a 6-6 game. and both sides certainly will be thinking long and hard about what happened in this one. and on the arizona side, especially, three field goals, one that was blocked. one they decided not to try. and the one that hit the upright, only to see hauschka miss to the left for seat. and that game ultimately ending up 6-6. there were good performances in
9:15 pm
a game ball, one each way. guys that will be remembered on the "sunday night football" bus that travels around america. david johnson for the cardinals. over 100 yards from vimmage, doing that again this game. done it all season. and bobby wagner of seattle, came up with big plays. he visited with michele a moment ago. >> mike, thank you. bobby, i know this ends in a tie. how would you describe what we it was a defensive battle. made plays and just came out on top. figure the game out. >> keep playing. how are you feeling? >> if we get a win, it is what it is. we know what we have to get better at. and you know, not a loss. so --
9:16 pm
take me through that. what happened? >> i have to see the film. i had to get over it. and execute it. he did exactly what we saw on film and i executed the play. >> how would you describe the physicality of this thing and the emotional ups and downs and the kicks being missed. >> physical and emotional battle. missed kicks and that stuff, man. that's a great team that we played over there. >> thanks for talking, bobby. >> appreciate it, michele. >> michele, thank you. repeat matches, christmas eve in seattle. and to bring in tony dungy from our studios. does anybody walk away feeling good about what happened tonight? >> i don't think they do. you saw the disappointment in bobby wagner. but arizona has to be more disappointed. they are home. they are behind at the
9:17 pm
there. that field goal we saw missed. the blocked field goal by wagner. dominating the game, staying in seattle's territory so much and not get this win, they have to be extremely disappointed. i don't think anybody wakes up tomorrow feeling good about this game. >> but seattle will have a bit of an advantage with a tie. coach, thank you. bring in mike florio. this long sunday of nfl football, start 14 1/2 hours ago in lobden. case keenum, throw it 54 times. will we see jared goff at quarterback for the rams soon? >> immediately after the game, jeff fisher said he is sticking
9:18 pm
rams have been saying, since they traded up to get jared goff. they want him to sit as long as possible. they believe they have a chance to be competitive with case keenum. they don't want to rush goff into action. they don't want to ruin him by forcing him into the fray prematurely. this is the best opportunity at any point in this game, to get jared goff ready to go. they play carolina at home. we'll see if fisher means what >> mike, thank you. dolphins coach, adam gase got a win today. he will be with mike tomorrow, on "pro football talk live." al and cris, somehow will have the final word on this in a moment. "driving my life away" by eddie rabbit ? well, the midnight headlight blind you on a rainy night ?
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here's al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> it winds up as a 6-6. tony was talking about it. referring to the fact that arizona, so many opportunities. for seattle, the good news for them, they're a game and a half in front. arizona has the tough road schedule down the stretch, 5-7. and when the teams meet again, it's up in seat. >> yeah. seattle comes down here and gets a tie. now, they have to beat arizona when they go there. if there's a slight winner, it has to be at there's so many ways they could have lost that game. >> i think we're a winner next sunday night. philadelphia/dallas, always good. you have dak prescott. ezekiel elliott, leading the league in rushing. the defense good for philadelphia. it will be some night. >> and the cowboys trying to match the pressure on the defensive line of fletcher cox and company. it will be a great night. >> on to texas, partner.
9:22 pm
of action. some wild stuff at the end. arizona, 6, seattle, 6, on "sunday night football." we'll talk to you from arlington next week. michaels, collinsworth, tafoya, the whole gang.
9:23 pm
?? ?? ?? >> news3 starts right now. >> well good evening everyone. i'm gerard ramalho. we have a time for a brief newscast. our wet weather, news3 jerry bryan is in our weather center and talking about rain jerry.
9:24 pm
you see the raindrops on our camera, rainfall most of it in the west side and north side, southern high lands have had 2/100ths of an inch. heavier amounts as you move up to centennial. wind speeds have been all over the lace. place. not a lot in terms temperatures, 68 currently out in summerlin. around the region, 48 in mt. charleston, it's been a damp day, 80 in overton and 63 in pahrump. look at this 21/100ths of an inch on the mountain, 3/100ths in sandy valley and some in pahrump, you can see the flow off the ocean, off of l.a. there and moving up in our direction.
9:25 pm
you had about widespread precipitation briefly but moved off to the northeast. the flow now is for most part to the west, pahrump, we are out of the flow for now, that could change overnight. temperatures will be generally in the 60s. 50s in nye. highs tomorrow generally in the 70s to about 80?. overnight look for the showers to continue on and off, southwest chance for scattered showers. your seven-day forecast shows us under the threat of rain on non, and again on friday.
9:26 pm
it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying. he'd rather you forget about all of his failed runs for congress, senate, and secretary of state. ...and the shady record that killed his chances every time. the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up. he can try all he wants, but danny tarkanian just can't bury his past.
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. for the content of this advertising. >> tonight at 11:00, presidential politics, a record number of southern nevadans early vote, president obama
9:28 pm
and tragedy in southern california, a tour bus collides with a semi truck, dozens are jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar,
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because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas.
9:30 pm
ashington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. scott: six times a year, the serene central piedmont of north carolina becomes a battleground. the men who survive this final exercise will join the elite ranks of the army's green berets. and we were granted rare access to observe the 118 soldiers on the brink of becoming special forces. >> you wanna go? >> yep, let's go. sharyl: a documentary that details an historic prosecution of rape as a war crime. it is the too-real story of the horrors of rwanda, the courtroom drama, and survivors who found the courage to testify. victoire mukambanda: they killed our family.


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