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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  October 31, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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beginning tomorrow. a lot of questions this time around. what you need to know before you make your choices. >> michelle: halloween for hearing. a special party is held for those people who have children who have trouble hearing and we're going tell you how they're making sure that everybody feels welcome at this event. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. we're continuing to follow breaking news just coming in to our newsroom right now. north las vegas policere fired outside of a wal mart near craig and mlk. >> krystal: let's get straight to sergio avila who joins us live from the scene? what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: i can tell you the investigation here seemingly over at this point. north las vegas police detectives were here on the scene for awhile when we got here then quickly left. from what i heard from the public information officer from the department they're telling me they got a call of shots
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nobody involved. there was supposed to be an altercation going on. that was part of the call. when officers arrived everyone involved in that altercation was gone. several shots were fired. we're being told some vehicles in this parking lot were hit. but at this point the good news is is that there are no injured victims that have come forward at this point. north las vegas police officers tell me they have been calling on the hospitals to see if anybody has arrived with gunshot wounds. injuries. so there was a shooting but no one was hit. some cars were damaged. again, looks like north las vegas police have wrapped this up. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. >> michelle: thank you for that. we'll stay on that and bring you more information as it becomes available. happy to have you with us for the second half hour. the clark county school district and metro police stepping up security district wide today in response to a possible clown threat but something that we've
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community but also really around the entire country. >> krystal: absolutely. the threat not new to here in las vegas. let's go ahead and get to our faith jessie live. so, faith, have they determined whether the latest threat is in fact a hoax? >> reporter: well police believe this threat as continuation of a threat that happened not just here in clark county but all over the country. but they aren't taking the threats lightly. there was increased security academy this morning. now this latest threat stemming from a social media post. it was at least one instagram account under the name shooter the clown directly targeting las vegas academy. the post sending a direct threat to students through a series of emojis resembling a shooter and people running from gunshots. the school not taking this lightly sent an email to parents on saturday about the threat and assuring them that plenty of
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this isn't the first time we've seen clown threats at local schools. earlier this month students at bridger middle school got a threatening text. and two students at leavitt school were injured after smen yelled clown forcing a major panic. >> it does present a danger not only to students and faculty who are working but to those individuals who think it's funny, who think let's go dressed up as get shot. there's been instances of people getting shot and stabbed in clown outfits. >> reporter: it's business as usual here at lva. but it is halloween. so students do want to dress up. some of them have. but they're not allowed to wear clown costumes, masks or any props. i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> michelle: if you are done being haunted by halloween there's another thing that's truly scary for some.
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>> krystal: we are talking about open enrollment for health insurance. a lot of questions. but experts say there's several things you can do to keep it from being so frightful. nbc's chris clackham has details. >> reporter: even with expert advice, a common mistake people make selecting the right health insurance plan is paying too much attention to monthly premiums. >> you could actually end up paying more out-of-pocket to fill prescriptions or see a physician e what is seemingly the least expensive plan. >> reporter: dr. thorpe is a professor of health policy at emery university and chairman of the partnership to fight chronic disease. his group just conducted a survey just in time for open enrollment on americans fears about healthcare and health insurance. >> the scariest part is just really not knowing where to start to really compare these
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pick a plan and professor thorpe suggests you start with a pen and pad. >> because you are going to want to compare across the different plan choices you have. whether your hospital is covered. whether your medications are covered. if they are covered, how much you pay out-of-pocket. >> 93 percent of insurance americans are gathered through employer based health insurance, medicare or medicaid. all of which thorpe says also offer incentives and wellness chris clackham, nbc news. >> michelle: a woman who was missing for five days has been found alive. rescuers found this woman here, 69-year-old barbara saturday in this vehicle in san bernardino county. rescuers were called to the scene after somebody saw her humvee. it had rolled down an
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spotted her likely saved her life. >> i mean, in truth if nobody found her who know what's would have happened. i can't really speculate, but in the area that she was in, who knows how long it would have taken to find her shell she was transported via helicopter to a hospital. she is in serious condition. but she is expected to survive. it could be one of the largest congregations of any mammal in north bats spend the summer and early fall before they my grate south. >> krystal: the bats are being threatened. denise rosch has a preview of her special report. >> reporter: they're nation's bug control. bats will eat hundreds of millions of insects every single night. but in recent years there agency threat scientists -- is a threat scientists have been tracking.
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that's just one reason we traveled to a cave high above ely nevada where an important tag and release program is underway. up close and personal with these often misunderstood creatures. >> they'll cluster in as many as 5,000 bats per square meter. there's so many of them in the cave they create their own thermal environment. >> reporter: so did the bats bump into us occasionally? yes they did. it was also a fascinating assignment. special report tonight on "news 3 live at eleven." >> krystal: that's going to be a good one. our denise rosch always delivers. >> michelle: people think bats are really ugly? i think they're kind of cute. i don't know. they're just -- >> krystal: you may be the only one. kelly says they look like hamsters with legs. >> kelly: with wings. little hamsters. >> michelle: i know everybody
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it's fine. >> krystal: she hates spiders. bats, good. spiders no. >> michelle: pumpkin carving a popular tradition for halloween. >> krystal: nasa decided to have a little competition of its own. it's created creations making social media jealous. people are saying how in the world did they do that? inspiring and empowering youth in our community. how a former contestant on "the voice", lauren diaz, is group to make a difference. coming up tomorrow at noon, liz hope smooth and fascinating gospel singer will be in studio with a preview of her upcoming holiday show. tonight it's all about the trick-or-treat forecast. >> kelly: we do have high, thin
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this monday financial high, thin clouds out there to get in this afternoon hour here. still mostly sunny conditions. this is virgin valley high school in mesquite where we did have quite a few clouds during the morning hours. now mostly sunny skies. a lot more blue out there than clouds. temperature wise? mesquite you are at 74 degrees right now. pahrump coming in at 66. laughlin, 79. boulder city, you are at 71.
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60s to low 70s for the most part. these are the temperatures we'll probably see around much of the area for the trick-or-treaters as well. temperatures will climb a couple more degrees in the afternoon but, of course, the sun goes down earlier and earlier. about 5:45. let's look at the satellite radar. we do have a system moving on shore northern california bringing rain and mountain snow. here at home everything is quiet. we do have a little more cloud cover to the south. laughlin and boulder city further north it is clear blue skies. here is a look at our high temperatures today. they're pretty pretty close to normal. this what's we should be seeing this time of year. mesquite 75. pahrump 73. boulder city the same 73. that's the expected high. again, as the kids are heading out for trick-or-treating right around 6:00, that's probably the peak time here, we're looking at 72 in las vegas. temperature will have dropped three degree from our high which
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by 8:00, 67 degrees. overnight lows are going to continue to get even cooler during the overnight. indian springs you are going to go down to 45. boulder city 57. our 7-day forecast? tomorrow? 72. that will be the high. but it warms up. back up into the upper 70s by the weekend and daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend. don't forget to fall back and enjoy that extra hour of sleep. >> michelle: metro police have released a mugshot of this man he is the man arrested in connection to the death of a 7-year-old boy. that happened yesterday. we've been talking about it all morning. happened at the siegel suites on the 4800 block of boulder highway near flamingo. officials say the boy appeared to have severe trauma throughout his entire body consistent with child abuse. they're arrested this man here. now we have his mugshot. let's get in to trending today. you know pumpkin carving not
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exactly -- you don't need a rocket scientist to do it unless you are doing something like this then you do. >> krystal: that's cool. looks like nobody bothered to tell nasa. they're all smart rocket scientists and they say hey we can do it like nobody else can. these are crazy creations that nasa scientists cooked up as soon as they heard the word carving competition. no one -- well their entries are out of this world. get it? wars", pacman, even the presidential election. it's pretty cool. i must say. they really out did themselves. >> michelle: i got pumpkins this year and the closest i'll come to carving it is putting one of those -- you can get like these phelps smiles. like the lazy pumpkin carving. >> krystal: i just go get a pumpkin pie. >> michelle: then you carve that. if you have a really cool pumpkin carving we'd love to see
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show it. show us our awesome halloween pictures. make sure you put the hashtag #news3halloween and you guys have been adding them. because these pictures are new since we last checked in. >> krystal: that's right. keep them comeing! we appreciate all the pics. we want to share more. so send more. even though it's hashtag #news 3 it's not about us it's about you. so send the pictures. >> marie: we're showing them throughout the night. staying on the halloween theme. university in california throws a halloween bash forld >> krystal: this is really cool. as joe reports, the party was a big hit. >> reporter: unlike most kids it isn't always easy for young bailey jenson and his family to enjoy big festivals. he's completely deaf. his brother logan is hard of hearing. >> there are a lot of families that really struggle to find something like this.
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harvest carnival hosted by william jessup university in rockland. put on entirely for kids with hearing impairments. the boys dad sean says events like threes are rare but -- these are rare but they go a long way towards both of his sons development. >> something that really helps them not only get to know the community but understand [ inaudible ] our boys express themselves. >> most carnivals deaf and hard of hearing do not have access to be able to communica the booths. >> reporter: here all the games are run by students or volunteers two study american sign language. decked out in costume the kids won prizes, did crafts, and had their faces painted. and all the entertainment focuses on visual. >> everything was definitely geared towards their learning style and their abilities. >> reporter: perhaps the best part. >> they had a lot of fun. they were all about the candy.
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aim, much like logan's shooting, the event was a hit on all targets. definitely worth a high-five. >> krystal: so that was joe carril reporting. you can always follow us on facebook. just search for krystal allan news 3 las vegas and michelle velez news 3 las vegas. twitter and instagram. we got you covered on all social media platforms. check us out. we love to hear from you. and you are going to love to about a really cool event we have going on. it's all about the kids right ladies? this is a positively art foundation. and it has such an incredible mission. it's really focused on trying to empower and inspire and heal our young people in the community through arts. i can't think of a more worthy cause. we have the founder of this incredible organization. you are back. >> i'm back. >> krystal: so glad to have
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ryan. you recognize lauren diaz. yes. from "the voice." right here on nbc. let's talk about this gala and what people can expect. >> yes. we are so lucky that lauren diaz is now our new spokesperson for positively art foundation. she sponsors us. she will be hosting and performing at this event which is raising money for scholarships for young kids in the arts. we're used to donating money to school but now we want to give their teachers for their arts education. >> krystal: so they can decide where they want to take that. that's really cool. the money goes right to the students and obviously going towards these art programs which sometimes the funding isn't quite there as it has been in the past. there's really a need for this. >> you are right. we're so happy that lauren is going to perform and host. >> krystal: and they might be like miss lauren.
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this. >> just recently [ inaudible ] i got introduced to them. so just getting into this, you know, my son is going to go to the schools out here and, you know, she just has this awesome thing that she is doing for them. really giving back. so i'm just really excited to be part of it and be able to, you know, give back as well. >> krystal: that's so cool. cat you got family to come out to vegas huh? good job, cat. [ laughter ] coming up november 4th, at 5:30 p.m. in town square. very lovely place from what i hear. haven't been there. this gives me an excuse to go. the positively arts foundation gala. with that being said we're going to let our lovely singer take the mic. miss lauren. and cat. >> yes. thank you.
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>> michelle: time to recap the top stories. metro police have released to mugshot of 31-year-old kenneth robinson. he is arrested in connection with a death of a seven-year-old yesterday. it happened at the siegel suites on the 4800 block of boulder highway near fla thingo. authorities are investigating chi >> krystal: another powerful earthquake hitting central italy days after two quakes shake an area struggling to recover from powerful tremors. no one killed in this one. a 6.6 quake but thousands forced to spend the night in cars or tents after buildings crumble from the powerful quake. >> michelle: a new hospital is open in henderson. the 130-bed hospital welcomed it's first patient at 8:00 a.m. this morning. it's loethsed on galleria drive near the 95 and it includes a
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options. it's going to grow because it's going to be adding a level ii neonatal intensive care unit which is important. sometimes if you are not near a hospital that has one you have to drive after the newborn is bosch and that's hard to do. have a good one everybody! happy halloween. show us your pictures at news 3 happy halloween. show us your pictures at news 3 we've learned a lot about how joe heck works. follow the money. he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip" and took almost $700,000 from wall street, including some of the same banks who caused the crisis. who charge 521% interest. heck co-sponsored legislation protecting their predatory practices. add it all up, and joe heck is working for corporate special interests. and that doesn't work for nevada. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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>> john: damn it, damn it. >> steve: how is that son of a bitch still alive? >> john: i don't know, i keep asking myself that over and over again. >> steve: i mean, marlena saw him take the drugs, right? >> john: yeah. >> steve: we were in the room when she tried to revive him and failed. >> john: that's what he was counting on so we'd let our guard down, and we did it, pal. anywhere in the hospital, right? i mean, the minute you put out that apb, the place was swarming with cops. >> john: that's why i got the security footage here. we snuck 'em out. you know, all those cameras are on the exits, so all we got to do is figure out where they went out and then we'll know where to start looking. >> steve: what do you got there? where's the morgue? >> john: right over here. [tense music]


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