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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  NBC  November 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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don't care about someone's sex life, who they are sleeping with they care about the issues that impact the lives. is the media bit on decided the el so, it is clear what we will talk about today.
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it's the unbelievable low in the selection. there is no question that the media has declared war on donald trump. >> i think this has been what a lot of people say is the reality show election. we have someone who that's how he made his living. he likes to use twitter and likes to use the broadcast media and the first part of the select out against him from his past it comes out and he comes out against it just as strongly. i'm not sure the media is driving all of it. donald trump hits back against bill clinton with every negative piece of information that he gets but this has turned all of it into a reality show. i think it's irresistible to cable news outlets.>> i hear what kimberly is saying.the
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just overkill of donald trump's personal life. should we care about what happens 11 years ago? does how someone talks to women no matter how disrespectful it is should it disqualify them from being president? who is surprised at donald trump? he ran casinos? >> i don't think it's disqualifying. it does matter in a way because >> doesn't matter to the american people are to the media. >> i think it matters to both in some regards. we looked at president obama one of the biggest personal influence it is's life is reverend jeremiah rice. he would question whether his extremist views were falling in line with barack obama's views. while at the time when he was attending that church he was
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most. before goingon to the illinois senate. i think that , in some regard, while trump has comments and actions that are certainly indicative of his character it might not leave as a president and head of the executive branch. >> what presidential candidate is thegop nominee that would take on the speaker of the house ? come on! >> it's something you don't see every day. >> john mccain >> he has gone after the whole party nuclear at this point. >> for what gain? >> that's what we're going to find out. i am not sure. i don't know if it will work with the selection. i think it world with the supporters. tom's problem is is that he doesn't have enough. he is 39 40 percent support.
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elected. he will need 50+1. getting the 10 percent is his problem right now. i don't know how he will expand the base by going after speaker ryan or other republicans or whoever else he is going after. i think it's not the brightest move. >> help me here. listening we get it. we get it. we get him. i think we get a lot of things but i am not talking about the last debate that was held on october 19.i'm talking about that unforgettable debate that was a certainclass . a certain elegance see that people expect. a certain discipline that you have as a presidential candidate. there's some wine that is a host of the show i will never caught cross with my guest. it's about respect and decency. i am trying to understand. as much as i think the media gets him he fuels it.
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need to do exactly what they do . to say to the former first lady to say you belong in jail i will have a special prosecutor look into your life and your deception. if you don't you will go to jail. >> unprecedented. we never seen anything like that. presidential campaigns often get personal. to say that it doesn't is untrue. in this level to say i will put you in jail if i am elected first of all, it's just shocking second of all, he can't. this is one of many instances where donald trump . >> if you don't respect the rule of the law you can. what donald trump says is he
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it exceeds the power of the presidency. given the republican party for the entire tenure president obama's time in the white house he is accused him him exceeding presidential authority for everything from his immigration reform to obamacare. now, to have donald trump saying he will do a host of things this is many. it's in the power of the presidency under the constitution. it is astonishing. >> is mind-boggling. >> i have read wikileaks like i've read my favorite book. she knew they werecrossing the line. she knew something was very corrupt . she said her father this is wrong. there is nothing that indicates
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criticize them all you want but she has a lot of integrity and the lines are being crossed. the daughter was having the same concern. it gets lost. it gets lost in all of this. >> it's really been a discussion moving away from wikileaks and more about what donald trump has said and the clinton response to what he has said. it pushes back on the kimberly point for the justice in the same way president obama uses the justice department to keep her away of the indictment. getting back to what we were discussing i think it's interesting that chelsea clinton knew. she is a millennial. >> hold the chelsea. hold that.
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parents. there is integrity and character. don't go away we will be
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armstrong williamsi am armstrong the right side form.
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you were talking about chelsea clinton making a point about her being a millennial. >> she grew up in a generation where she was in the public forum. public domain where the world and america's eyes were watching her and every asked jen that she took. she was very cautious fearing bearing a millennial she grew up in a digital age and she could understand that on the horizon that anything having to do with emails or what you did would eventually leak out to the public. >> question for us today is the extent of the damage done to the institution of the media. the presidential candidate. you will have 50 percent they will hate the other candidates. are you prepared and how do you recover from the damage? what does the damage do?
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the media has been damaged in part by the candidates. the media is one of the favorite things of donald trump. he always calls them the dishonest media and the disgusting media. he said on the phone that she was a disgusting human being. the followers eat this up in sheer to the point that i haven't but colleagues of mine are being outside supporters and needing a police escort to get them out. right or wrong, there has been a lot of damage done in the institute of journalism. whoever wins the election and those in charge of the media and how to tell people how to restore the face and journalism.
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we don't know what to expect. it's president clinton or president trump. especially it's president trump. >> it will be difficult. we are just being candid. >> you don't even see the pathway. >> the problem is math right now. math. i think it's his mouth. >> it's probably both. right now he needs all pennsylvania and ohio and florida and north carolina. it's not looking great. i was just there for the last few days and and will expire on monday and the problem for him
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hillary clinton is doubling them up in the suburbs. that's a crucial spot for any republican. >> he pulled out of virginia. >> he did. what does that tell you? he either doesn't see it as a crucial state for him to win the election or he is setting fires every goals. to as he pointed out that she needs another swing state and maybe something else. he might be trying to look at colorado or new mexico. evan mcmullen is an independent candidate. he is a former agent. it states high with donald trump and hillary clinton. >> let's ask this question
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clinton? away from the theater that she's very good at at the debate. she's very well posed and discipline. who is she? if the voters vote for her who is she? >> i think she is a driven woman. i think she is very classy. i think that if people knew who she was i don't think they would hate her nearly as much. the race with so much private baggage from her husband and the years of being through whitewater and working for gary is a young republican and i think even hillary clinton knows who she is. i think she is still figuring it out. >> who is donald trump?
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are right. hillary clinton hasn't done a good job of defining herself and she is allowed others to define her. she is allowed others to define her for decades. he has defined himself. he defines himself as the outsider and straight talker. you get what yousee ? it's been what's coming back to him.he is trying to convince people. the things that you heard me say are my own mouth on the videotape is not me at all. it goes against the message that he has painted of himself the whole time. the successful business guy with a lot of bravado who speaks the truth and i think this is the image that he created of's starting to crumble and it's difficult to maintain. it's when he has to distance himself from his own words.>> we will cheat time and i don't want al to be interrupted.
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armstrong williams.welcome back nguyen the question to you is who are the american people? man, that is a loaded question. it a looking for now. right now you have hillary clinton, very established politicians and donald trump and tell us who theamerican people are ? they are fed up. they are fed up.
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with the race of getting enough people who still pine for that type of politician mostly, the vast majority are fed up with what's going on and they look for a new direction. warily will get it i doubt it. >> they are definitely there. they are sick and tired of what happened. >> in the selection we have not talked enough about us really having an impact. >> media treats the presidential race. also, how it brings out a lot of interesting opinions with regards to how the american people view the media as opposed to not being able to trust them. don't listen to a word they say.they still go to them. the american peopleare very fickle and fed up .
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in front of us has been going on. it's been under the surface and it will boil and it's about to reach a critical point. >> what happens to ryan. >> i think that's a concern of all republicans now. i think it's unknown.i am not sure i believe nancy's policies position that the democrats will retake the house. i think that's a tough sell to get 30 seats. it definitely harms the am the house but it will make it difficult given the blood that will be left on the floor after the selection. it might make it difficult for paul ryan to keep his speakership. >> what about the rnc?they seem to be so conflicted. he doesn't know what to do. >> the rnc is in a tough spot now. he is in his third term coming
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i am not sure. you've seen a lot of turnover therein the past few years. i am not sure what will happen with trump moving forward . it's really going to be in the fourth term.he will be there. if he leaves i think you will see that it will probably be one of the highest profile positions for any republican to hold.carly has been talking about a lot of high profile it will be a very interesting thing with the ballot race is the trump effect on the senate will be telling. i think that's most interesting part. we haven't seen enough polling to see what will happen and if there is a senate majority. i think that's the most underreported thing in the election. the majority.
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for future as friends of the democratic and republican side who is the winners and losers thus far. >> not the winners who are the losers?>> the winners and >> i think ted cruz is a big loser right now. he the one line that started this and the primary with a marco rubio thing saying he was calculated. i think you're saying that when he comes out and makes the big speech. knocking on the door of trump and comes out to support him and now he is waffling again. it's after the new video came out. ted cruz he always is the guy
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what are principles. >> how old is ben carson? >> ben carson is probably emerged less damage than most of the candidates. quite frankly. i think that he was on television condemning statements along with everyone the same time trying to stand up to defend trump and defend the republican party. problems. i agree about senator cruz. marco rubio even though it seems to be doing well. he still is in the trump corner. he is twisting himself into not justifying that. >> is pence damage query. >> mike pence was looking like a sure bet winter. seeming that hillary clinton will win the election. now that he has to defend donald trump and he is not
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>> were out of time. thank you everyone.this is a fun half-hour. thank you for joining us.
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