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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 8, 2016 3:30pm-3:59pm PST

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>> here in nevada polls are open for another three and a half hours. we're gearing up for a long night of election coverage across channel 3 and our sister of networks. >> everybody welcome to the aria. this is democratic headquarters. all of the democratic campaigns will be here, not only the hillary clinton in nevada campaign but the catherine cortez masto campaign. she's harry reid's hand-picked candidate to succeed him in the u.s. senate. she's heck. democrats enter election night cautiously optimistic largely because they've built up a 72,000 early vote and absentee vote buffer here in clark county, hoping that that gets them through, gets them through election night. we could start to see what kind of evening this will be at 4:00
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close back east. at the aria, jeff gillan, news 3. >> reporter: i'm gerard ramalho reporting from the south point hotel casino. this is the gop watch party headquarters and in just a matter of a couple of hours, we expect this room to be filled with the party faithful and also the candidates here in southern nevada. in fact, the podium that you see directly behind me is where the candidates will be either celebrating a victory or they will be conceding a loss. among those expected here tonight, d course, we've recently learned has been participating in the most expensive senate race verses catherine cortez masto in history. over $100 million spent. so we are just getting started here at the south point. we'll be here throughout the evening and we hope that you will join us throughout the night. i'm gerard ramalho reporting. now back to you. >> thank you to all of our political reporters who have a very long and exciting night. nevada is making national
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a legal request. >> sergio avila is live at a polling location to break down what the judge decided just hours ago. sergio? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that legal request was filed in connection with clark county's early voting that ended on friday. the trump campaign and trump himself saying that some polling locations stayed open far and beyond the time of 8:00, which would have been the closing time for those polls. what they wanted from a judge all of the voting records that took place from those four locations after this incident of staying opened late happened. a judge told the campaign and donald trump today that that is something that clark county already does. so their request was denied because, according to clark county, that already happens. we also heard a statement from officials within the county telling us today that, in fact,
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presidential elections for early voting, staying open late beyond the 8:00 p.m. hour, it's something that has happen. as far as what will happen here today. they say once the polls close at:00 p.m. an election official will get in line and be designated. and anyone ahead of that person will be allowed to vote but people who show up later past that hour will not be allowed to vote. they will be told they are too late and the polls are closed. as far a location i'm told everything has gone smoothly. about 30 minutes ago, we did see a metro officer drive by here. we heard yesterday from metro saying they would be patrolling all polling locations, keeping an eye on them for any sort of disturbances or any activity. so far we've heard of no issues at any polling place, be it a disturbance, voter intimidation or anything else, problems with
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until the polls close. should anything arise, we'll be sure to report it back to you. sergio avila, news 3. >> thank you. you know one reason why so many people watch very closely at the polls is something that happened in 2000. who can forget that election that dare with the chads, the dangling chads? >> have we progressed 16 years later and snafus already. >> reporter: for the first time in u.s. history more than 200 million americans have registered to vote in 2016. nearly 100 million are expected to vote today. when you have that many potential voters there's bound to be hiccups. >> this is by it's really important in a bipartisan way people work to resolve all of these differences to make sure every vote gets counted.
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trump's camp filed a lawsuit saying there were special rules for democrats during the early voting period which could make for a very interesting night in the silver state. so far, there have been reports of minor concerns and irregularities in 19 states. problems from check-ins to machines being done. the onl the commonwealth of pennsylvania is this -- most of the state uses machine ballots only. which to this former election judge and i.t. election can cause an 11th-hour election headache. >> the machines that are paperless have been shown to be completely unreliable. so if somebody claims that the election was rigged there and we want to prove that it wasn't, we're not going to be able to do that. >> reporter: that's why well-trained election judges and
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tally right. >> if we have any sort of voting fraud or voting error, it immediately undermines the authority of the incoming president of the united states. >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barn reporting. we have early voting numbers to bring you. and there are states where polls have closed. here is what we're showing right now -- nationwide results and this -- we want to temper this. this is just based on a small, little kentucky and indiana. so tiny, tiny reporting here. just by the tens of thousands really of results. but right now, nationwide results, 69% for donald trump, 27% for hillary clinton in some of the polls that are closing in kentucky and indiana. that's the first of what will be many updates throughout the night. metro police stopped a planned protest. the man who took a pic ax to
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behind it. he was removed from the trump tower property. tmz said he was planning to dangle from a room window on the 64th floor to protest his candidacy with the flag. according to tmz, otis has been banned from all trump properties. all right. so in addition to the news of the day, we are, of course, watching social media and the conversation about the election continues. we are showing that the their own hashtag and based on the total number of tweets mentioning the candidates on twitter. 72% are using the i'm with here hashtag and these are early numbers. they are live numbers. they fluctuate. while it may not be a reflection of voter sentiment. it says a lot about the conversation that's happening across the nation on social
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polling data also. now, to update you on that, according to real clear politics, clinton 48%, donald trump is polling at 44%. it's a tight one. ride sharing companies are offering special deals to get you to the polls to cast your vote. uber, lyft and zip car are offering discounts to those heading to the polls. if you have never used uber, you we hope that you will tune into news 3 for our special election night coverage right here and on cw las vegas channel 33, cable 6. we'll be live at the election watch parties for the democrats and the republicans with live interviews all night. and we'll have experts joining us here in the studio to break down the results as they come in. >> never miss a moment of our coverage on news 3 and the cw
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and twitter all night long. just visit our facebook fan page or follow us on twitter to watch on your smartphone. election day culminates with inauguration day. >> it's still two and a half months away, preparations are already underway. that's coming up next on news 3 live at 3:30. they can save a child's life in a car crash but alarming new information about parents' failure to properly restrain their children in car seats. and near record-breaking high temperatures are in the forecao
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while everybody heads to the polls, the battle of terrorism continues across the globe. details from the terrorism alert desk now.
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in washington, i'm michelle marsh. iraqi troops have found a large mass grave. this is one of many found in territory retaken from isis. investigators are now trying to figure out who is in this particular grave. an ohio man is under arrest for planning to join isis. authorities say he was trying to leave columbus, ohio with the intent of going to libya to join the group. prosecutors say he also sent money to an isis operative earlier this and sting's concert in paris sells out. the concert is saturday ased of the anniversary on sunday. sting will donate all proceeds to the victims of the attack. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. more kids are being not properly restrained in vehicles. proper use of child restraints in vehicles declined in in several categories from 2013 to
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7-year-olds properly belted in booster seats fell to 44%. the findings were part of the 2015 national survey of the use of booster seats which studies child restraint use through interviews and observations. mcdonald's could be launching a mobile order pay app in 2017. mcdonald's is finally ready to launch its long-awaited mobile order and pay technology for smartphone users. the app is set to be next year in the u.s. and canada and u.k. mcdonald's has fallen behind other companies due to mobile apps with order and pay options. google is rolling out an update for ios users. it featuressance undo pin. it will help prevent embarrassing e-mail mistakes. users will have the option to
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fix any errors. this is the biggest overhall of the gmail app in nearly four years. good news for parents looking to purchase those nintendos for their kids this holiday season. two special edition models of the happened-held gaming system will be available for under $100 on black friday. one model is black, the other is white. the city of orlano, pulse nightclub. the purchase price more than $-- more than $2 million. it will turn it into a museum. orlando's city council must still sign off on the deal. the paparazzi following the royal family is really nothing new but prince harry wants them to stop harassing his girlfriend. he says a line has been crossed
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he says markle has been smeared in newspapers with undertones of racism and sexism. markle has not commented. the statement was actually the first confirmation that the two are even together. manny pacquiao arrived back in the philippines after winning against jessie vargas. the 37-year-old who went back to the ring after a brief retirement dominated the boxer in las ve pacquiao said his plan is to return to his sensational duties. this as we -- as we await the results for the election, preparations are already underway for inauguration day. in washington, d.c., a chain-link fence stands in front of the north side of the white house blocking off parts of
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workers are building what will be the viewing area for the parade. they've been planning the events for months. >> it's an historic event. so the american public and the international body, they want too see this. >> the new president of the united states will take the oath of office on january 20th. for many, the election has been stressful and some voters in north carolina got a little therapy on t the spca of wake county brought puppies to a couple polling sites in raleigh. while the dogs enjoyed extra pay time, voters got the chance to destress during those long wait times. the dogs are available for adoption. let's turn to our weather authority and animal lover. >> we're having some really nice temperatures outside. it's right on time. a lot of people are voting today. >> yeah, yeah. luckily, we have the forecast
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pretty nice. so you picked a good day to vote. i hope you are out there exercising your right. we have clear skies in las vegas. no excuse to not vote. it's toasty out there with this new record heat in the forecast for temperatures, say -- we forecast around 82 degrees with the record at 83. we'll be close tomorrow and then after that, we'll see more fall-like weather, kind of. still temperatures above normal. here is a look at the preliminary southeast in the upper 70s in summerlin. you can see the low 80s for the downtown area as well as paradise and north las vegas. overall, it's warm out there. 90 degrees at makline middle. on the cooler side, 70 degrees at charleston and the 215. boulder city is at 80 degrees right now. the rest of us us, 70s
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47 degrees, mount charleston. 8 is for pahrump right now. we're currently at 85 degrees for lake mead. again, very calm conditions do continue by the time you are heading home, we'll be in the upper 70s. when votes close, it will be 73 degrees. still pretty mild outside. might need a light jacket later on. high pressure is the culprit for bringing us the very toasty weather. not much change in our weather pattern. this is a look at the satellite over the last several hours. high pressure still remains in control and our temperatures will still be very warm around here for the next several days. significantly above normal. it doesn't family like fall. we're still expecting a lot of sunshine across the area. clear skies for tonight with temperatures dropping in the 60s when we're supposed to be in the low 50s. light winds will continue through most of the evening. 58 for boulder city. 55 for sandy valley. mid-40s for pahrump. 37 degrees on the mountain and
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pretty warm considering it's fall. mesquite, 82. 77 for primm as well as searchlight. low 80s for boulder city. 60 at mount charleston and 76 for indian springs. by the time you wake up and eat breakfast, low 70s. upper 70s by noon. wall-to-wall sunshine will continue for tomorrow. temperatures near record breaking for wednesday. not quite. may see a little breeze in the morning. not really. up to 10 miles an hour with light windsou of the next few days, still sunny. not much change in our weather pattern. slight dip in temperature as that ridge of high pressure starts to weaken. other than that, we'll have to get used to temperatures continuing for the 70s. >> all right. we'll get some breaking news right now. >> we're hearing from the l.a. times there is an active shooter that was -- that was at a school, a polling site.
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we're told the suspect is heavily armed. it's a volatile and critical situation. the school is on lockdown. we're also told a daycare nearby is on lockdown. we are looking at an active shooter in azusa, california. one person is dead. several people shot. again, the school is on lockdown. residents are told to shelter in
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this shooting that happened in a -- in azhu kaw california is near a polling site. it didn't happen at a polling
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the election returns. already some of the states are filtering in. election coverage is up next. and you can remember that conversation on nine. have a good night, everybody. about 3,000 people will die this year awaiting an acceptable bone marrow donor. here's what's happening behind the headlines. this year about 60,000 americans, children will contract leukemia. about half of the adult and one fifth of the children won't survive. there aren't enough donors in the national registry, especially for minorities but a simple change in the federal law can save thousands of lives each
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organ. it's a renewable tissue just like blood, sperm and eggs and people are permitted to sell those. donating marrow takes time. it requires a hospital stay and anesthesia. there may be lingering discomfort and even pain. not enough people volunteer to do it. but if people could be compensated for the trouble, then donors, saving more lives. it's time to change the law.
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from nbc news, decision night in america. here is lester holt. >> here we go, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to decision night in america here at nbc's democracy plaza. it is 7:00 p.m. in the east, polls have just closed in six states. we have our first projections up on thee plaza. nbc news projects that donald trump willin the state of indiana. we project, donald trump will win in kentucky as well. vermont goes to hillary clinton. the projected winner in vermont. we're watching virginia. the polls have closed there. too early to call, clinton however leading in virginia. georgia, also, too close to call. and south carolina, too early to call.


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