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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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speech coming up. >> kim: big night. it was a race the entire world was watching because the balance of the united states senate was hanging there. what happened between dr. joe heck and katherine cortez masto. >> dana: dow futures down overnight. what we can expect when the markets open in an hour and a half from >> dana: good morning. a new day in america. >> kim: nbc news declared president elect donald trump winning the race. it was an upset of a big magnitude. they are calling it a political shakeup. >> dana: polling was wrong. we have not heard from hillary clinton yet.
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we take you live to the streets of new york. tracy potts is standing by. she's been covering this election and now joins us live with the latest. >> this was a shocker even for some trump supporters especially when they started seeing all of the blue states like wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan turn red for donald trump. now the question on the clinton side what went wrong. she's expected to address the public late they are morning and president obama congratulated trump and invited him to the white house on thursday to begin the transition. >> it is my privilege to introduce to you the president elect of the united states of america. >> donald trump declared victory. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be
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>> sources tell nbc hillary clinton called trump to concede. publicly her campaign held out hope. >> we can wait a little longer can't we? they are still counting votes and every vote should count. >> at both headquarters faces told the story. cheers for trump. >> we're excited about having a chance after eight years of failed pic they split battleground states. ohio, north carolina and florida for trump, nevada, virginia and colorado for clinton. this morning's opening bell uncertain, dow futures sinking lower than 911 over night. nasdaq halted. wall street is nervous. >> now it's a guessing game as to how badly hit this market will be hit in the morning.
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underestimated as the vote count continues. >> worldwide reactions rolling in from russia, europe, leaders congratulating trump and some expressing concern about what their relationship might be with the counting the popular vote and clinton is in the lead, is that what you are hearing as well? >> that's correct. and we could go bush gore again where she wins the popular vote and does not win the electoral college. that could spark discussion about why we do it that way. that's what this country has decided. electorals elect presidents in
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electoral college. we're seeing that popular vote get finalized and she's enjoying a bit of a lead there. >> dana: we're going to check in live with tracy in about an hour from now to get the latest because there is breaking news concerning this. but the fact she won the popular vote or is ahead now in the popular vote and he won the electoral college vote has happened several times in american history. is she brought up a good example bush gore. >> kim: we also have tom and kelly curran in the studio with us. one thing is for certain, that glass ceiling that tracy was reported from yesterday morning is clearly in tact today. >> kelly: i think we're all going to need a lot of coffee today. we're looking at lots of sunshine across the area today.
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71-degrees. 78 at noon. at lunchtime 80. we're going to get close to another record today and we'll talk more about it in 10 minutes. >> tom: i was looking at an accident over here but just as i was watching looked like the tow truck cleared the last vehicle out of the way. that is good news. travel times are running up to speed and everything looking good on the freeways to get your wednesday morning >> kim: we just heard from tracy potts on the streets of new york city. let's take it local and see how you were reacting last night. >> i think we're in for a very difficult time. if you saw his behavior at his hotel, why wouldn't he extend that throughout the country. >> i'm so happy. we need trump in the white house. >> and we're just getting started on reaction from all of us locals.
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in live with kendall who has more reaction from southern nevada. before we get to that, we also want to show you what happened in the streets last night in san francisco. a group of some 50 protestors gathered outside of a republican watch party and all of a sudden you saw fires breaking out in the streets of san francisco. a similar scene in portland, oregon traffic on the west side of town. >> dana: on this day after the election and republicans will maintain control of the united states senate but not getting help here in the state of nevada because the democrat katherine cortez masto beat joe heck by some 26,000 votes. this is the statewide map and you can see only one county out
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that is clark county. every other county voted for joe heck but because of the population advantage here that's why she was elected to the senate. joe heck winning senator harry reid was one of the few democrats in the country who had a good night. nevada went blue and masto won the race for joe heck. she had over 47% of the vote compared to heck's 44%. she told supporters she will be a check on president elect donald trump. >> i'm going to hold him accountable.
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been in calling him out when i see it, thinks he can sexually assault women which is an area i've fought against my whole career and build a wall with mexico and attack gold star families, i'm going to call him out on it. that is not what this country is about. >> reporter: she is the first latina to represent in the senate and she also is the first senator. >> kim: thank you for that, we're focusing now on congressional district four, ruben beat the incumbent. >> i know that america is great because today we just elected an immigrant to the house of representatives. i'm excited. we have a lot of work to do in this country and i look forward to take on those challenges.
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>> people chose other individuals. i have no regrets in what i've done and where i've stood. it's been nothing but a privilege and i thank you for the opportunity and those of you who voted for us. i want to especially now thank my wife and my family. >> dana: we have four congressional districts in the state of nevada. prior to yesterday three of those were republican, one was we know that the democrat retained her seat in district one. mark retaining his seat in district two, he's the republican up there. we are looking at districts three and four last night. this is district four. democrats have a registration
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>> kim: this is upsetting to see a scene like this outside of a polling place. one men was killed and two women were wounded when a gunman
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rifle. it's unclear whether the gunman was killed in the shootout with police or took his own life. the sheriff's department does knots believe this shooting at polling locations in southern california was connected to the election. >> dana: we had a couple of big questions on the ballot yesterday in the state of nevada. this is question one expanding the gun background checks on all narrowly passing by 10,000 votes. clark county is the only one that voted in the affirmative yesterday. the other 16 counties in the state of nevada voting no. because of the population disparity, clark county carried the day on question one. question two marijuana, recreational use of marijuana will now be legal in the state of nevada.
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polls. this is where reno is located. this is just to the west of clark county. those three saying yes. the other 14 rural counties saying no. because of the population disparity question two legalizing recreational marijuana passes by 99,000 votes. it easily passed. >> kim: let's check out the morning commute by checking in with >> tom: which includes a problem. this is eastbound over the top where you have a rolled over vehicle. they just up righted it. watch out for that on sunset over the top of 95. travel times looking good on the freeways. no delays there. let's get to your weather with kelly. >> kelly: it's going to be similar to what we saw yesterday. temperatures in the 50's to get things started and near record highs as we get into the afternoon. time lapse look at yesterday
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temperatures stepping out the door summerlin 61, paradise 58, nellis you are 55. a sweater for now. you are not going to need it later. that big ridge of high pressure still in play. tons of sunshine for us and highs going to get close to a record. 81. today the record is 82. light winds out there. hard to believe it's november 9. 58 tonight. still looking at above normal temperatures. our seven-day forecast above normal temperatures. 79 tomorrow, 77 on veterans day and mid 70's for the weekend. >> dana: donald trump appeared to serve quite the dessert at his election night party last night. this victory cake delivered last night to the trump tower complete with secret service escort. the cake is a life size bust of the nominee and now our
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>> kim: what does victory mean for your 401k? we take you live to the floor of the nasdaq. world markets don't like uncertainty and looks like people feel uncertain as far as traders had when it comes to the future president of the united states. >> i think a lot of people had just built in a hillary clinton victory. so there is readjustment going on. that's a nice way of saying a sellout. we saw overnight the futur that was the maximum loss we saw other markets affected too. the mexican peso hit a record low. that's been seen as a gauge of the donald trump presidency. we have futures this morning cutting those losses quite a bit. the dow down 220 right now. still substantial losses at the hope but not as bad as what we
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>> kim: marijuana won big in the state of nevada and beyond. >> this could be a huge new industry. carnado, nevada, massachusetts approved recreational marijuana initiative. other states passed medical marijuana provisions. california has been seen a bellwether by proponents of marijuana reform. if it passes which it did, the thinking is that could pave the wayor to have legalization of marijuana. >> kim: i'm like everybody else and you waiting for about an hour and 10 minutes to see what happens on wall street and then we'll talk it out tomorrow morning. thank you very much. time to do a little time travel. it's a video vault morning. >> tom: 66 years ago this week a senate special committee to investigate organized crime came
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political star. >> he was a young senator. he was very ambitious, had presidential aspirations. subsequently ran for office and he became the vice president nominee on the stephenson ticket. >> executive director of the national museum on organized crime, the mob museum. >> these were a organized crime and politicians and other business people who had less direct links. >> the aim is to find out if this is true whether facilities of interstate commerce are being used in violation of state laws. >> tom: some of what you see is recreation this. is real. this is the federal courtroom where the hearings took place.
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front here. >> these hearings electrified the nation but had a different long term effect here. >> the most profound impact on las vegas is that any aftermath of the hearings there was a great public backlash particularly against legalizing gambling. other states that were considering legalizing gambling chose not to which made las vegas all the more the mob museum is noting the anniversary with free admission for residents november 15. >> dana: a fire to report. live pictures out of new york. this is just south of the buffalo area. firefighters responding to a major fire at the former steel site. you can see this thing is raging. firefighters on the scene with a
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story throughout the morning. >> kim: in about two hours and 10 minutes from now we expect to hear from hillary clinton. she conceded by phone in the middle of the night but yet to address the nation. that is still to come. also we're checking in with kendall who has how you are reacting to the news of president elect donald >> dana: dozens of people
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>> tom: this vehicle was rolled over. they are getting ready to transfer it out of the >> tom: conditions today similar to what we saw yesterday. highs in the 80's. as we get into the afternoon upper. >> anchor: 's, low 80's for highs. will we break a record? i'll let you know in 10 minutes. >> dana: people lined up not at a polling location but at a grave site putting their i voted stickers on a gravestone.
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anthony. that cemetery staying open last night to let people pay respects. >> dana: that did happen at a cemetery. we had lines outside of a polling location. people had to wait a long time. they got much needed stress relief. we'll have coming up. >> kim: you're wake up to
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>> kim: trump wins. we have live team coverage of what this means for all americans headed your way. >> voter reaction. what do you think about the election results? we'll have more of what you think about this coming up in just a bit. >> kim: making headlines. the 10-year-old next to his dad hours ago.
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so do many of us on this morning after election day. more coverage headed your way. >> dana: good morning : for the first time in the history of our country someone will reside in the white house that has no political experience and no military experience. we have hired donald trump as our next president. >> kim: just opened up over a li there 1600 pennsylvania avenue. down the street is another coveted piece of real estate that donald trump has and that's that post office he just refurbished into a high end hotel. 5:29 on this wednesday morning. >> tom: post election wednesday right now. we're looking at a pretty good commute with one exception. sunset road eastbound over the
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show this is rolled over vehicle being hauled up on the back of the tow truck. they are moving right now. should clear within the next minute or so. we're keeping an eye on that one. that's the only accident at the moment. let's check weather with tellly. >> kelly: we tied a record yesterday, 83. today we may do that again. 81 at 3:00. the record high at 6:00 75 as you are heading home this evening. >> dana: we take you live to our nation's capitol. our national correspondent is standing by. and some are calling it a political earthquake. >> that's right. certainly this morning a lot of people waking up here in washington stunned and amazed. but a lot of people are saying we shouldn't be that shocked.
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the system is broken, washington is broken and this was a message that seemed to resonate with voters. however a lot of people are wondering what kind of changes we're going to see in the months and years to come, is it possible that things will be business as usual? >> we should talk about immigration. this was the foundation of trump's campaign. when wall? will mexico actually pay for it and to what extent will fixing the immigration system be dealt with in the first few months of next year? trump talked about obama care, overturning it and replacing it. he has a republican senate and house. what does healthcare look like a year from now. will people who didn't have coverage and do now still be covered.
5:32 am
be more divided? >> there is a period of healing in america. that's what democracies are all about. our democracy with modern technology is one where we have a lot of information flow. these elections get very partisan. so a president's job, number one job i believe is to bring america together. >> of course that was the message in the wee hours of the morning from president elect donald trump. we didn't hear from secretary clinton last night. we expect to hear from her in about an hour to give that concession speech. we may also hear what she has planned next. this is somebody whose been in the public eye for decades whether serving in the office or being in the public life. hard to say what is next for the clinton family. >> dana: trump has talked about
5:33 am
different on january 20 when president elect donald trump will be sworn into office. >> kim: you are waking with up to a president elect donald trump this morning and we are getting your reaction. our continued live team coverage takes to us kendall standing by with how you are reacting this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i think at least the consensus with us locally is a little bit sleepy. many people staying up late last night. for about an hour i haven't seen a single person coming in and out of this location. i think a lot of people who are usually up early like you andry sleeping later because i know i was up late last night.
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and world, many people very shocked as donald trump pulled off a stunning up set to win the presidential election last night. going across global waters we've heard from russia's president vladimir putin and papers in france where the reaction. people waking up on the other time zones in our country up and getting moving, a lot of shock. peoplen celebrations last night going into early this morning. we're at the dunkin donuts. want to hear from you. come down here and get a donut and coffee. >> kim: we know america runs on dunkin donuts and coffee. we could probably main line the
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awake. the race the whole world was watching was harry reid's senate seat. he's retired. katherine cortez masto and joe heck. we are hearing that katherine cortez masto defeated joe heck having 47% of the vote to heck's 44% n. less than 30 minutes from now we are going to see how serve reacting to this news when we >> dana: the first latina u.s. senator in the history of our country. this is the energy choice initiative. n.v. energy has a monopoly on energy in this state. this is a constitutional amendment that passed easily yesterday by almost half a million votes in our state. every county except for one voting in the affirmative.
5:36 am
because this would change our state constitution, we're going to have to vote in the affirmative. the voters again in two years. this won't go into effect right away. but this will give nevadaens a choice when it comes to their energy provider if it passes again in two years. >> kim: we transition to this breaking news. live pictures on your screen right now. this is a steel plant that is on fire in up state new that is just south of buffalo. it was fully involved about 15 minutes ago. now we're seeing a lot of black smoke, an indication that firefighters are getting a handle on this burning steel plant in up state new york. it is a story we'll continue to follow throughout the broadcast. also still to come, it's a theme park where four people ended up losing their lives. what is going to happen now to
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dangerous/deadly? we have answers headed your way. >> dana: polling places going to the dogs. dressed up denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family.
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>> kim: the morning after election day and we know it was stressful for so many of you. we're a battleground state here in nevada and north carolina was hotly contested, a battleground state. they had a little therapy session yesterday.
5:40 am
because they didn't have enough voting machines in north carolina people in early voting were having to wait hours on end. people waiting for hours upon hours to vote on election day. they brought puppies to the polling site for people the dogs are available for adoption and they did a good deed yesterday. >> dana: i would call them voters best friends yesterday. >> tom: different people needed either comfort or someone to rejoice with. works both ways. we have one accident sunset eastbound at the 515, the east leg of the 95 and that is almost clear. the vehicle that was rolled over
5:41 am
should be clearing up any minute. traffic ahead forecast shows things bumping up by a couple of minutes in two hours. right now everything is looking good. another warm one out there. grab the sunglasses. right now 55. sun coming up a little after 6:00 this that's what we look at for the afternoon. layers key. want a t shirt this afternoon. >> dana: breaking news out of new york city as we take a look at the white house, donald trump will reside there on january 20 when he takes the oath of office. hillary clinton has revised the time for her concession speech. she will be giving it at 6:30 this morning.
5:42 am
the woman made famous from a national geographic cover. why she has been deported. that is coming up. >> kim: the empire state building is all lit up but then
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>> chris: coming from the breaking news desk, we are bringing you live images of a pretty big fire that firefighters are trying to get a handle on.
5:45 am
this is former steel site. reportest say they've been able to get a handle on the fire but they are dealing with hotspots to make sure they put it all out. >> dana: 100% of the presixths reporting here in the state of nevada. we want to take a closer look at question four this. is the medical equipment tax relief. this passed easily. all 17 counties voted in the affirmative. because it's a constitutional
5:46 am
in 2018, if you buy medical equipment in this state you won't have to pay sales tax on that. >> kim: question five a hot topic. calling for a fuel tax that is generated in the year 2013. there has been misreporting on this. this is not an extension. this is going to hike things up. $3 billion by this tax and it would help pay for 200 transportation projects. you are seeing how voters are leaning on your screen now. are these the final numbers? >> dana: this is only clark county. this is not statewide. people will be paying more at the gas pump over the next 10 years for road projects in clark
5:47 am
accused south carolina church shooter has been suspended. jury selection will resume in a couple of weeks so dillon roof can undergo a competency evaluation. he's the 22-year-old accused of opening fire during a bible study at an african-american methodist episcopal church last year. >> kim: the river rapids r this theme park where four people were killed. we know that ride will be shut down permanently. the c.e.o. of the theme park saying it's the only appropriate option following this deadly accident. the theme park is closed at this point. the c.e.o. adding no ride will reopen until a full safety review has been undertaken. >> dana: national geographics famed green eyed afghan girl has
5:48 am
you saw her on the cover. she and four children handed over to afghan authorities and are headed back to afghanistan. >> tom: generally good on the road this time of morning and we are not going to change that much. everything running in good shape except bit slow. we have one accident still in the clearing stages. metro still on the scene so you have a lane blocked eastbound on sunset at 95-515 on the east side of town. that's the only accident causing problems. >> kelly: beautiful yesterday.
5:49 am
highs in the 80's. north las vegas 55. green valley you are 59. these temperatures are well above normal but still cool enough you'll want a sweater. going to be a warm one this afternoon. the ridge of high pressure in control. warmer temperatures still expected around the area. the high today check numbers pahrump 81, mesquite you are coming in at 82. beautiful sunshine for veterans day. >> dana: the statute of liberty and not far from this location
5:50 am
at 6:30 our time hillary clinton is expected to deliver her concession speech. we will cover it live on this program coming up in 40 minutes from now. >> kim: still to come this morning with what is going on here in america. there is another country where their immigration site crashed as a result of our presidential election. we have the full story headed
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well to a trump president si here. the market started the morning slightly higher on the news that clinton was looking strong. that's what all the polling information was providing early in the day. that started to get taken down by a notch with the positive
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let's take you to mexico after the peso drooped. concerns weighing heavily on the peso for months because of his threats to rip up the free trade agreement with mexico and talk about building that wall and having mexico pay for it. weakening by more than 1% in after market >> dana: this was the victory speech early this morning by donald trump. this little guy having to stay up until 3:00 in the morning.
5:55 am
a job that hopefully you'll be so proud of your president. you'll be so proud. this thing trending on twitter last night. canadian government immigration website crashed last night. experts believe that our election played a major roll in this. business insider reports the site went down around 10:30 last night. online searches regarding moving to canada and becoming a canadian citizen grew in recent months particularly after trump won the republican presidential
5:56 am
newspaper as cross the country. wall street journal saying president trump. the dallas morning news trump triumphs. the same headline for the new "w york times" and the daily news a liberal out fit out of new york city with a shot of the white house and upside down flag house of horrors. the wall street journal got creative. it hired. and this newspaper is owned by sheldon addleson. he is a major republican donors in this country. >> kim: clinton still leads in the popular vote however it doesn't matter. we have elected many presidents through the electoral college. still to come, what is going on here? they changed the colors of the empire state building but then
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>> kim: we talk it out live with tracy potts in moments.
6:00 am
know who will take over harry reid's senate seat. a look at the race ahead. >> kim: election results. the latest when it comes to the legislature here in the state of nevada and beyond. we have complete team coverage headed your way. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. it is 6:00 on this wednesday and it is a >> kim: the concession speech continues to change as we welcome you in. if you've been with us since 4:30 this morning you've heard different answers about when we expect to see hillary clinton con steed presidency. it is back to 7:30 this morning our time. >> dana: we'll have it live for you. we're going to take you to the streets of new york city.


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