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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a group of national guard soldiers back in town just in time for veterans day. >> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this thursday morning, november 106789. >> kim: we are going to see the president elect and the president of the united states at 8:00 our time at the white house. their first face to face meeting in three years. the was that white house correspondent dinner. >> dana: when the president of the united states was roasting donald trump that night. could be awkward there today. these two have a history. it was donald trump that forced the president of the united states to produce his birth certificate. >> kim: we have chris christie on "the today show" this morning. we'll have that for you first here on news 3 today. we're the wagners on this thursday morning.
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is that salmon? >> kelly: red toned down. that looks really comfortable and i like it. >> dana: it's actually a nightgown. >> kellyly is going to be another warm one out there. we're looking at a high around 80. tons of sunshine once again. as you get readyo door, right now the temperatures are in the 50's. 79 at 4:00. >> dana: we start with breaking news out of pennsylvania. police looking for a suspect after two police officers were shot overnight. happened about three hours ago. the officers were responding to a call at the timement one
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pittsburgh. the names of the officers have not been released. >> kim: we take to you los angeles where overnight in that location more than 30 people were arrested in anti-trump protests. some of those protests in l.a. got pretty these destructive scenes out of los angeles on your screen. it wasn't just l.a. where they saw trump potatoes test. trump protest. some were just marching in the streets. in oakland about 7,000 people ended up marching within the city.
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businesses and threw rocks at police officers. we'll have continued coverage. dana has more to talk about right now. >> dana: this is in los angeles the 101 freeway. you can see the protestors stopped traffic. this is a major freeway through the heart of los angeles. a faceoff with police. numerous fires there as well. not a good night in many cities across america. most of the protest were peaceful, however, this one destructive in downtown los angeles. in portland hundreds gathered outside the courthouse to protest against president elect donald trump. protest reported in 16 cities across the country. >> kim: i talked about oakland a little while ago. now the full picture of oakland. huge crowds pouring into the streets. they thought this was at least 5,000 people.
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protest, just carrying signs. however you see fires set in the streets. >> dana: donald trump headed to the white house to meet with the president of the united states at 8:00 our time. tracy potts reports. >> i say it is time for to us come together as one united people. >> that begins today with the extraordinary image many thought would never now president elect donald trump and his wife side by side with the obamas at the white house this morning. for private meetings the president says his transition team has been preparing for for the last year. >> we're rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> there is a lot of work to do. mr. trump has 10 weeks to select a cabinet and hundreds of members of his administration.
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replacing obama care, building a wall, tax reform, filling the last vacancy on the supreme court. >> this is very exciting. >> not for everyone. >> protests have broken out around the country. president elect trump promising unity. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> preparing toton aee divided nation. >> kim: police in seattle still searching for a gunman who opened fire outside of a convenience store wounding five people in the process. this happened near a trump protest last night. this particular shooting was not related to the protest. it was coincidence they were so close to each other. four men and a woman were hurt after an argument at a busy intersection.
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stable condition. from what we understand their condition is on the improve. >> dana: metro hoping you can help identify three men caught on cameras stealing from local phone stores. these guys go into phone stores on the west side of the las vegas valley. they ask to look at smartphones, they cut the security wire and run out of the store. the men were spotted leaving in license plate 4rwz590. they can't find them? if you recognize these men, please call crime stoppers. >> kim: happening today, somebody working on the campus of a local high school who was arrest asked supposed to face a judge for the first time this morning. we're talking about the arrest monday this week and facing
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sexual assault and kidnapping. details not released other than those i just shared with you. aaccording to the clark county school district parents were notified about this arrest. this is the person we're talking about under arrest. the person was arrested monday. parents were told on tuesday. a lot of them were upset and unsettled. >> my first thing was really, i put my son back in school for this, i put him back school for this? do i feel good about it? no. >> you don't know until it's almost too late sometimes. >> kim: he was hired to work at the school in october of last year. the district saying he was vetted and successfully completed a background check before being hired. he's on unpaid leave. >> dana: an emotional day yesterday in the valley.
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deployment. they were in kuwait for nine months providing food, water, supplies to numerous countries over there. when they are called, they have to leave on deployment. most of these people have regular day jobs. for some of others it was many. >> have to go through training and take time off and be with the family and worry about the job after the new year. >> dana: we welcome them back here to the united states just in time for veterans day tomorrow. >> kim: you're going to see a woman who becomes a victim of a
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mode and she has quite the title. the full story is headed your way. >> dana: a guy on a motorcycle lead police on a wild chase
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>> dana: we're on the scene of a possibly dead lichting near nellis. you can see that -- deadly shooting near nellis. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. >> kim: a different type of crime scene. this is the florida mayor. what is going on here?
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after the purse snatching. look at her. she's saying not going to happen to me. she takes off after the purse snatcher. she had just been having coffee at a starbucks when this happens. she falls to the ground. she is a mayor and not deputized or anything like that but has the instinct to go after the guy. she was not incident. >> dana: a fisherman missing off the coast of california after a boat capsized. there were four others with him on the boat but they were found alive. a possible reason he's missing coming up. >> you will have successes and setbacks too. this loss hurts. >> kim: she indicates it's a painful loss and you see the pain in the room. tears everywhere when hillary
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>> kim: he just unfurbished it and revealed it right before the election. he'll be moving into the coveted spot where he will meet the president of the united states today. crews continue to fill that massive sink hole in a very busy intersection in a busy city in japan. dump truck after dump truck putting gravel into that hole. it's going to take about
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na thank goodness giant hole. it disrupted traffic in this city when this sink hole appeared. >> dana: a search continues for a lobster fisherman whose boat sap capsized off the coast. one of five people on a 24-foot long boat when the boat was overtaken by a large wave just north of the san diego area. victims and pulled two on shore. two others were rescued by life guards on a surf boat. those four had life jackets on. the fifth person who is missing did not. >> kim: time to check out the forecast with kelly curran. >> kelly: we tied another record yesterday. 82. that record was set in 1978. today warm temperatures but probably won't be tying or
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yesterday tons of sunshine. there was some high thin clouds that made their way through the area mainly during the afternoon hours yesterday. but overall gorgeous conditions. as you are heading out the door, you are going to want a sweater. temperatures on the cool side. las vegas mid 50's right now. summerlin you are at 61. temperatures will be rising rapidly so like the last couple of days have the layers that big ridge of high pressure is still in place. more sunshine, more warm temperatures but changes are coming next week. today's high 80. sunny, warm, winds out of the east 3-8. during the overnight hours tonight mainly clear, down to 56 for the low temperature. keep in mind the normal low for this time of year is 49. here is this look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, veterans day, lots of
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78-degrees. mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. mid 70's for highs. look at next wednesday. there are those changes. more seasonal conditions with a high around 68 and breezy. >> kim: we have an update to the breaking news we had at the top of the program. we take to you pennsylvania where we have gotten word that one of two police officers who has been shot has lost his life. this is western pennsylvania. police are still looking for the gunman who shot and w the breaking news, one of those officers has died. the shootings happening early this morning. this is 20 miles southwest of pittsburgh. the officer's name and condition for the surviving officer has not been released. authorities have not said what led up to this shooting. >> dana: we take to you los angeles. police after this guy on a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic. you know this is not going to
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crashes into the back end of that car. gets up, chucks off his helmet. runs down an alley and police give chase and eventually arrested the man. that guy looks like he's going to be ok and he has been arrested. >> kim: an ostrich seen on video hanging out on the side of the road in japan after escaping from a truck. it's been a tough week so we're taking a breakm officers using a rope to try and get the guy. people taking pictures adds it was running down the highway at one point. an hour after it broke loose, that ostrich was captured and not hurt at all. >> dana: brad pitt has been cleared of child abuse charges. child and family services
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incident. according to tmz the incident happened on a private jet in september while pitt was intoxicated. days later angelina jolie filed for divorce. for now she has custody of their six children. >> kim: a busy day for president obama. he welcomes the president elect at 8:00 and by the afternoon he's welcoming king james, lebron and the cleveland cavaliers to the white house the cavaliers defeating the defending champions , the warriors over the summer. that win marking the franchise's first nba title and the city's first championship in some 52 years. the cavaliers becoming the first to win the title after being down 3-1 in the series. >> dana: this is a giant tree in up state new york.
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this is the tree that they are going to cut down and put at 30 rockefeller center. that's the iconic location we see every year. they are going to have to hoist this on the a big flat bed and drive it into the heart of manhattan. scheduled to arrive on november 12. they are going to light this thing up on november 30. a live broadcast right here on channel 3. >> kim: you'll see many moments before we get to that, we have a heads up of what to expect this morning. >> coming up on a thursday here on today protests over the election of donald trump in major cities across this country as he prepares to visit the white house and president obama this morning. we have it all covered. the man leading trump's transition team, chris christie joins us for an exclusive live interview. what you can expect to see
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president trump. in the wake of her stunning defeat, what is next for hillary clinton and her family? >> kim: donald trump winning the election has sent shock waves throughout our great nation. >> dana: the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. jeanie most reports. >> instead of just listening to hillary clinton's concession, watch it on the faces of her staff. setbacks too. this loss hurts. >> the hurt was written all over as they wiped away tears and held hands and comforted each other with hugs. hugs and rubs and patted shoulders shaking off a loss they never expected. >> this is painful and it will be for a long time. >> it left congressman
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hand. >> hillary was on the verge of tears but kept her composure. >> to all the little girls who are watching this. >> you didn't have to be a little girl to cry. a nail biter turned into a heartbreaker. some in the audience struggled one minute. laughed the next when hillary finished conceding, she consoled her staff more consoled her. some had worked for hillary for years while others first day in pain, first loss. >> never stop believing that
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>> which left bill clinton mouthing the words that's my girl. >> kim: still to come there is a new breed of robot out there. it's been unveiled. we have it fur. check it out. looks prehistoric. we have these new dinosaurs headed your way. >> a trump presidency could mean harder times for tesla and marijuana could be the next
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>> kim: we have breaking news locally. our cameras on the scene of what we are hearing is a deadly shooting near nellis and lake mead. our crew is there gathering information. >> dana: a japanese company unveiled the largest walking and moving dinosaur the t rex the first to emerge into the event hall. roaring loudly toward the audience. i don't know why i'm telling that story in that voice. >> kim: you are doing your movie theater voice. >> dana: in a world dominated by humans, the t rex came to life. >> kim: we're done with movie theater weather.
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to go out for some sort of a walk during the day. >> kelly: it's the enjoy it while we have it weather because it will be coming to an end later next week. this afternoon upper 70's, low 80's yet again. t shirt weather for the afternoon. but grab a sweater right now. >> kim: still to come here on the program, she's just whining. it's a bucket list item. she gets to check it ahead. >> dana: how old is she? chris christie the head of donald trump's transition team on "the today show" this morning, could be awkward when his boss donald trump meets with the president of the united states. those two have a long history. chris christie talking new at 6:00. >> kim: we're going to take you to washington, d.c. before they have that meeting.
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>> kim: targeting trump. that is happening today. it happened hours ago in major cities across america. we have a round robin of what happened while many of you were sleeping. >> dana: local parents and students very concerned. they could be back out there this morning. what are their concerns? we'll tell you coming up. plus -- >> kim: she's a grandmother finally getting to cross the zip line off her bucket list. you're going to see her reaction and also why she was so excited about this headed your way. we have more breaking news to share with you. it takes to us pennsylvania where we've gotten word that one of two police officers who was shot has died. we have breaking news as we


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