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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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in the south valley. >> let's get right out there to faith jessie. what have you learned about this child? >> reporter: well, witnesses are telling me that around 2:40 p.m., the school bus behind me was bringing kids back home from school from aldine elementary when it hit a young girl riding a bike. now, metro and ccsd police were on the scene shortly after. one witness who lives in the neighborhood says the victim's bike was t causing her to be dragged. that witness's son saw everything happen from inside of the bus. >> i was on the bus. i got jumped off and then i was driving hope and i saw a girl got banged by the bus and she was under the bus. >> it makes me nervous that the driver wasn't pay attention. it makes me nervous that the child's parents weren't paying attention and it makes me nervous the kids are on the bus
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on his brakes? >> reporter: the victim's parents were notified. she was taken to umc to be treated for her injuries. her current condition is not known at this time. i'm faith jessie reporting. >> all right. we'll be hoping for the best. five out of five ballot questions passed on tuesday. >> we're here with the witnesses. news 3's sergio avila is live near and one of those questions mr. pro-- will provide more money for road projects like the one behind you. >> reporter: yeah, construction crews, there's about to be 4,000 jobs expected to be added to the construction industry because of a yes vote on question 5. tonight, just a brief look at each one of those questions with what you really need to know. question 1 means gun buyers have
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january, 1, 2017. >> making it harder for criminals and other dangerous people to get guns. >> reporter: question 2 legalizes recreation pot. if you are 21 and older you can have an ounce of marijuana and grow six plants. how you get it may still be illegal until recreational pot sales begin. question 3 deals with your electricity. it will allow for a new marketplace for power. >> they compete with each other additional services. >> reporter: when do you get to pick your power provider? it's a change to the state constitution which means it will need to be approved by voters in 2018. if passed, lawmakers have until 2023 to make it happen. question 4 eliminates taxes on medical equipment like oxygen tanks and wheelchairs if prescribed by a medical provider. >> some people think this is just covered by insurance. well, it's not.
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so it needs to be approved in 2018. when it will take effect is still unknown. question 5 really all about our roads. it extends the fuel tax through december of 2026. the money from the tax will go directly to road projects. how much will it cost you? 2018 will three a 3-cent hike per gallon. future increases will be dictated by okay. i know that was a lot of information packed into a small amount of time. if you would like to look at each of those, you can go to just search for the question that you are looking for. we've done multiple stories on each question. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you. from shootings to stabbings to drug deals, metro police see all of it on those pedestrian
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tell us. news at 6:00, denise rosch is live at the boulevard and flamingo metro is in the process of training new recruits. >> reporter: yeah, jim. a new academy class is getting set to graduate. once they do, they are headed to the streets, including las vegas boulevard and a number of years ago, crossing this street was very difficult for pedestrians. now we have those bridges. we and that brings a new set of issues. ? >> reporter: at 65 years old, jerry walker just wants to sing. ? >> reporter: and for the past few years or so -- >> at least ten years. >> reporter: -- he's been doing on the strip. more specifically, the pedestrian bridges. but when the sun goes down, he goes home.
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play. he's not talking about music. >> people grab your buckets at night. i don't play at night no more. i used to. it's dangerous at night. >> for police, this is a choke point. >> reporter: harry hadfield with metro police said the bridges serve an.purpose keeping tens of thousands of pedestrians away from traffic. unfortunately, with crowds come problems. >> people think that they are not visible while they are on these bridges. we have real-time crime cameras monitor that. >> reporter: this week, this was the cameras that led police to 26-year-old rashaud jackson accused of shooting two men on a bridge near harmon. police think it was drug-related. >> an officer deters crime just by being present. >> reporter: he says on every shift officers will walk the bridges, addressing nuisance crimes, such as impeding the walkway and sleeping in public
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coming. new police recruits preparing to graduate. >> you will find cops that will be more on these bridges than you've seen before. >> reporter: as for jerry -- ? >> reporter: -- he just wants to sing and maybe make a few bucks in the process. another big part of keeping the peace out here on the strip is the relationship metro was with all of the resort properties. remember, they each have their own security department all are working with police. reporting live on the boulevard, i'm denise rosch. back to you. >> thank you. a metro patrol car vandalized by a suspect in downtown las vegas. police say the man was trespassing at a 7-eleven on las vegas boulevard near ogden. officers arrested the man who kicked out of the window of the squad car. meanwhile, a homeless man was shot and killed this morning while he was sleeping on the sidewalk. it happened right outside of the
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morning. shooting was reported arounden 4:30 this morning. police tell us the victim is 46 years old. a male. he was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. police say they don't have any motive, leads or witnesses in this one. they are asking anyone who might know something to speak up. >> that's no place for any human being who is a member of our community to have their life end. and everyone in this community should take this crime personally as personally as the officers who case, the detectives who are investigating this case, and me personally as the captain of this area command. >> right now, we don't know the victim's name because the coroner is still trying to find his family. something police did tell us, this is the second murder of a homeless person in the area since the beginning of oath. exclusive surveillance video you are seeing shows a robber possibly tied to this morning's attempted robbery the a 7-eleven in north las vegas.
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guard killed the thief. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live near cheyenne and the 15. do they think this person hit other businesses as well? >> reporter: jim, many business owners that i talk to feel they were a victim of this robber. they describe the robber as wearing a hoodie and having a bandana. very same clothes found on the man that was shot here. on monday, bannan da-wearing robber terrorized this smoke shop owner. the thief left with a lot of money. last tuesday, the same scene prayed out -- played out with the same individuals involved. he walked into the shop on cheyenne and left with cash. this woman says her husband perry is lucky to be alive. >> it's too much. the first time we see the guy
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but we are doing what we can. >> reporter: this morning, the 7-eleven was involved in a deadly attempted robbery. north las vegas police say this time an armed slot machine guard fired and killed the robber attempting to steal money. police found this blue bandana and gun. police believe the robber who died this morning is the same thief who terrorized them. >> we don' w other but he want maybe to kill us if we don't give him money. >> reporter: area business owners say in the past two weeks a hooded robber has hit a taco bell, the very same 7-eleven, the smoke shop and a metro pcs. this pcs store clerk didn't want to show us his face and he says he faced the robber last week. >> it's the same person, mask,
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thief behind a series of robberies in the area. detectives are still finishing up their investigations to confirm that. the coroner still has not released the identity of the man who was shot here. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you. time for a check of your traffic with your traffic authority. a live look at your evening drive time and showing you the speeds. parts of 215, it's downright slow at 26 miles per hour and th matching with 15 miles per hour. drive safe when you see those taillights. just slow down and make sure we all get home for suppertime safely. southern nevada is grappling with the reality that donald trump will be president. >> we're just hearing from our producer that tom hawley is over something that is of interest to all of us. there is a car on the curb near sahara.
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>> reporter: it looks like an accident where the driver just sort of went awry and was heading south on decatur and smashed into the curb. did some damage to the landscaping. so southbound on decatur. it's blocking a lane. it does appear to be a sing of-vehicle accident. they should be clearing it up pretty soon. someone is >> thank you. and coming up we're going to talk about the dreamers we have here in southern nevada and -- coming to terms with the news that donald trump will be our next president. >> the uncertain future they face as the president threatens the current resident protections. a medical clinic for veterans is open for those who have served our country.
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expect the changes with the full forecast. a group of immigrants welcomed to the united states days after the big election. how they plan to take on the american dream as citizens under a new president. >> that's coming up at 6:30.
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>>pe than those protected from deportation. >> yeah, president obama's executive order is their shield but it's one of the first things president-elect trump says he wants to take away. >> so the question is will he do it and when. new at 6:00, our jeff gillan reached out to the immigrant community today. >> that's right. good evening. there are thousands of people in nevada who are now very, very nervous. this woman is 19. she still remembers the trip
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>> i thought we were going to go in the truck and they just dropped us off in the desert and we started to walking. >> reporter: she's among the 22,000 people in nevada president obama has protected from deportation. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land -- >> reporter: her future changed election night. >> it could happen but i really thought that people to stand up to racism and sexism and everything that he expressed and we weren't gonna let a bully be our president. >> reporter: to his supporters he's no bully but a leader following the rule of law. to his critics he's the new face of official america. >> i worry. dreamers are scared. they are worrying. they don't know what's next. >> reporter: this latino
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they give you something, they let you taste it and now they are going to take it away. >> he said he was going to end the program. >> reporter: this is a professor at unlv's school of law. >> they could be directly canceled. the next question is would he really move to deport people who have been here since they were children and who have no criminal record. >> reporter: as we wait for answers, miriam wonders about her future and her family. she has a little brother born here. >> now i have to explain to him the bully is now our president. >> reporter: and i did attempt to reach the incoming trump administration for a comment. i was not directed to a spokesperson. when we get comment, we'll pass it on to knew we want to move onto our weather.
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lately it's been fun to talk about and bask in. >> yeah, kevin janison says we may want to bottle this weather. >> bring it back next june or july. >> yeah. >> we like to call it product sampling. it's been gorgeous. sun came up on the east side looking bright and bold and warmed us nicely quickly during the course of the day before things started to cool down a little bit this afternoon. the lack of wind the last few is at the lake mead marina. we'll start near 28th and stewart, 72 degrees and talk about that lack of wind. their peak gust for the entire day, only 7 miles per hour. next stop, buffalo and warm springs, 66 and we'll go over the hump where it's 66 in the northern part of the pahrump valley. the rest of the temperatures across our valley we're seeing
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the highs yet again, loving this. low 80's even the mid-80s near sam boyd stadium. 81 out at the lakes. outside the valley, temperatures range from 69 in sandy valley, 71 in boulder city. getting chilly up on the mountain quickly. at mccarran, the official high hit 80. 11 degrees above normal. didn't tie a record. we've done that the previous two days. not quite today. it is t it to at least 80 degrees. the record is 8. there is a chance we could tie it tomorrow. we're not just talking about 80-degree days in november. we've hit 205 times 80 degrees. the record, 206. that one could be tied tomorrow. we'll be close. that's for sure. air quality, another green scene. we've been lucky without the wind. once the air starts to cool and it's heavier, you will get more junk settling in the valley.
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having normal temperatures. easily mid-70s by lunch. we'll get to the upper 70s for our high tomorrow and wind won't be a factor. as we look at the satellite picture and work on the forecast, that area of high pressure still solidly anchored throughout the southwest, acting as a shield. there is a lot of colder air here. that's going up into canada and alaska. we're going to hold steady for a couple of more days before this starts to break down. first thing you will notice, thin clouds on but that won't happen until the middle of next week. pahrump going down to 47. mesquite, 51. friday afternoon highs overton overton -- highs in overton, 82. the rebound should take us to 80.
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think we'll get close to that. seven-day forecast looking forward. the 80-degree days come to an end over the weekend. monday, don't forget that supermoon. that's -- we're not trying to moon you here. [laughter] >> the biggest and brightest we've had. not only a supermoon but there will be a great m the brightness of the moon will make that less likely to be that enjoyed. the sky will get washed out. >> thank you. a new hospital in southern nevada opens its doors to vets. >> nevada's soon to be senior senator explains his frustration with the years of washington red tape. two police officers ambushed in the early-morning hours. one of them killed. what happened to the suspects
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welcome back. it's finally here after years of delays. the brand-new medical clinic for veterans out in pahrump is open. hundreds of men and women who served our country can get the medical care they need and deserve a lot closer to home. a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today outside the new state-of-the-art facility. vets had the chance to tour the $12 million clinic, wh replaces a small, overcrowded one built in pahrump more than a decade ago. what was supposed to be a temporary solution. >> you really need something they can take care of you. it's about time. >> we started in 2005 trying to get this done. >> the long-awaited project was held up by red tape in our nation's capital. imagine that.
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completion. >> it took a team, a team to get where we are today. no, it is frustrating. i know it's frustrating. those wheels and trying to get those things down in washington, d.c. can be very frustrated. we're here today. let's move forward. >> for now, three doctors are on staff at the clinic. they are hoping to add more. days after the big election, dozens of people take the oath of citizenship. >> how they are feeling about the president-elect now that theyr our country. and competitors dig in to a rather more bid contest. -- morbid contest.
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welcome back. 23 people became citizens of the united states today just a few hours ago, in fact, out at lake mead. >> this comes two days after our country elected a new president. nathan o'neal something you see every day, a naturalization ceremony on the waters of lake mead. for 23 new citizens, this is the start of their new future. 23 people boarded a boat on lake mead this morning becoming proud citizens. >> i will support and defend. >> that i will support and defend. >> reporter: the ceremony conducted on the waters of lake mead. each person coming from a


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