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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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respond. we have coverage headed your way. plus -- >> people start to look at it and the number of arrests for minor possession, it's going to be huge. >> new rules, recreational marijuana will soon be legal. when will you be able to go in a store and purchase it? >> kim: rebels, rebels, season opener hours away. they are tipping off for the first time where it counts at the thomas and mack tonight and we have a preview of what to expect. >> dana: good morning. welcome in on this fabulous friday morning. it is 6:00 november 11. it was on this date that world war i officially ended. it is vince day.
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dana's late great father a world war ii veteran. my grandfather, father and brother all veterans. we want you to know that we appreciate your tremendous service to our country. >> dana: we're the wagners on this friday morning. we're going to check in with tom and that water main break in a second. as it is veterans day, i want everyone to go out there and hug a veteran. >> kelly: beautiful day to get outside and do that. we have beautiful weather couldn't be better. by noon today we're talking 77. at 4:00 79-degrees. we may break a record. not necessarily a record high but a record for 80-degree temperatures in the month of november. we'll talk more about that which cooing up. >> tom: dana made reference to this water line break. this would have been a real
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but have you a lane blocked southbound so this is an outside look. you can see they are doing the repairs there. we'll see what it looks like deeper in the rush hour. travel times looking good as we get this hour started. no mayor delays on the freeways on this veterans day morning. >> dana: we take you to the streets of portland oregon hours ago. police in portland are calling these protestors rioters as things got out of understand a hurry. at one point police announced everyone would be under arrest, used tier gas to try to break up the group. more than a dozen cities having huge demonstrations as protestors chant anti-trump slogans such as not my president. it's unclear what they hope to
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clear i did lynn nation of that. some have said they want the electoral college to elect clinton because she received more of the popular vote than trump did. that is not going to happen. trump said just had an open and successful presidential election. now professional protestors incited by the media are protesting, very unfair. >> kim: on the topic of your voice, your vote. you vd legal in the state of nevada. there are new rules to go along with it. craig is all over this developing story. joining us live and people are going to have to get familiar with the future here. >> by a margin of 95,000 votes voters in clark county on election night made recreational
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it will be january 1 when this new law goes into effect. it will eventually be legal to purchase by anybody who is drinking age in nevada. yes on question 2 was yes to legal recreational marijuana. it will take many months for state lawmakers to device the rules for sales and taxation. there is a major change coming to state law new year's eve. >> not quite yet. bu cannot arrest you for having possession of up to an ounce. >> what will not change is the fact your employer if they do drug test can still dismiss you if they choose if you test positive for marion. you can't smoke it or ingest it in public either. it would take three to eight months perhaps for the state legislature to device the rules
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>> dana: meanwhile police looking for the person who shot and killed a homeless man here in the valley while that homeless person was sleeping. we had this as breaking news yesterday. tom the first reporter above the scene in sky 3 about 24 hours ago. police don't have a motive or any leads or any witnesses so they are requesting anyone who can help solve the murder tore speak up. >> that is no place for our community to have their life end. everyone in this community should take this crime personally, as personally as the officers who responded to this case, the detectives investigating this case and me personally as the captain of this area command. >> dana: this is just north of downtown las vegas. close to las vegas boulevard and owens. you can see wood lawn semitori on the edge. police are trying to find his
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if you know anything call crime stoppers. >> kim: we have another update excusive in nature to the breaking news we had for you first on the program yesterday morning. kendall was reporting live from a 7 eleven where a deadly shooting took place inside. and now through surveillance images that you are seeing over my shoulder local police are trying to piece together what they think may be a serial robber situation right here in our community. yesterday where police say an armed guard killed the person who was the thief going in trying to hold the place up. metro investigating whether that man who was shot and killed inside the 7 eleven is the serial robber here in town. police say the surveillance video we've been showing you shows the man walking into a smoke shop within that area of the 7 eleven wearing a hoodie that looks similar to what they saw yesterday morning, also a
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eleven yesterday. area business owners say within the past two weeks a hooded robber looking similar in nature in all of the surveillance video hit up a taco bell, that same 7 eleven, a smoke shop and also a metro pcs store. a clerk at one of the stores didn't want to show his face but he does tell us that he faced this exact same person last week. >> anytime they rob somebody, it's seems to be the same hoodie and a gun. >> we don't want anybody to kill each other but he went maybe to kill us if we don't give him the money. >> police sources believe the man that was killed inside that 7 eleven yesterday by an armed security guard is the person who has been hitting up all of these businesses within this location within the past couple of weeks. as they continue their investigation we'll continue to
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>> dana: bail has been set at more than half a million dollars for the local school employee accused of raping a student. he faced a judge yesterday morning. the 35-year-old worked as a sports coach and campus monitor, kind of security guard facing multiple charges including sexual assault of a teenage student and kidnapping. expected back in court next month. >> kim: the child in our community is going to be ok. a bike that somehow ended up underneath that bus. this child is going to be all right. this played out yesterday afternoon near cactus and jones. the school bus was dropping off students in the afternoon like they do every day when all of a sudden they hit a young girl riding her bike. a witness waiting for her son to
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and trapped under the bus with with the bike. the victim's parents were notified. she was rushed to umc to be treated for injuries. her condition is not known at this time but we are hearing from witnesses they believe she'll make a full recovery. >> dana: a local judge called two men animals during their sentencing here in the valley after being convicted of raping a woman. this happened in september five years ago. the man onou 15 years old at the time. the man on the left there was 22 years old at the time. both admitted they raped a 28-year-old woman in the predawn hours in the fashion show mall parking garage. homes given 33 to life in prison. gin given 30 to life in prison.
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years. they pled guilty to those charges. we're going to tell what you metro is doing to fight crime to make sure everybody is safer on the las vegas strip. >> kim: i want to undercore how heinous that crime was for the judge to go on the record and called them animals. that was particularly bad in nature. local police doing everything to save a life. we would have turned sideways. there was a guy with a real gun shooting at a trash can. they wanted to disarm him but 23409 kill him. they used bean bags to get him to properly respond to their commands. he was taken to sunrise respect for evaluation before eventually being brought to jail. this sagas station at patrick. our local officers definitely
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case. >> dana: the marvin era begins tonight at the thomas and mack on the campus of unlv football. runnin rebels will host south alabama >> dana: we have a water main break on paradise. tom will give us a live update on this coming up. >> kim: we have a great parade in our own community. and also per tradition you are seeing what the president of the united states is about to do, a
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>> dana: he was a great singer and turns out he was a pretty good artist too. some of david bowy's collection is going on auction.
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>> dana: police say as the car
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he was taken to the hospital where he later died. it's 23409 clear why he was running from police. >> kim: we take you to this community. a candlelight vigil for those sworn to protect and serve who came under attack. we talked about the two pennsylvania police officers who were ambushed in the line of duty responding to a domestic violence call. you see the community coming together to honor those men. we were a yesterday morning unfortunately before the broadcast ended one of the officers lost his life. the suspect according to police killed his pregnant girlfriend before taking his own life. more than 1,000 officers from our great nation are expected to attend the funeral for the fallen officer. the other officer remains in the hospital in stable condition. >> dana: happening today, in fact just a couple of hours from now president obama will honor
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short drive from the white house to articlington national cemetery. the president of the united states will lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown and make formal remarks thanking veterans as >> tom: the road is now open as of 6:00 this morning. there is a water line break. there is a lane restriction
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we're up to speed. news 3 is expanding its traffic team and we invite to you join the waze team. head over to for more details. we're doing traffic and weather together with kelly and dana. >> dana: wildfire season lasting late into the year this year. >> kelly: we've been hearing abou f southeast. we have a brush fire as well. despite the fact near residential neighborhoods firefighters say there are no buildings in danger and novak situations have taken place. transportation officials shut down a trolly service in the area. hoes are being pulled across the tracks to fight that fire. winds have been light lately so
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we have clear blue skies to get things started. these are our morning lows. downtown cool, 50 right now, we want to make sure you have a coat, a blanket if you are going to head down to the parade early to get good eats. good seats.more sunshine and wam temperatures today. we're look if we hit 80, it will be the eighth 80-degree day in november which will tie a record. tonight looking at mostly clear skies, 56 for that low temperature. our seven-day forecast showing somewhat cooler temperatures for the weekend. mid 70's is still above normal but cooler than it has been. next week we have a bigger storm system coming in and that is
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>> kim: perfect weather for a hike around here. hillary clinton swapped out the pantsuit for switch pants. this mom saying her proudest moment as an american was going into the voting booth and voting for hillary clinton as president of the united states. her young daughter behind her also went into the voting booth >> dana: how much would you pay
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art? this is stuff he owned. proceeds of the sales vastly exceeded their expectations. $31 million more than doubling the presale high estimate. the auction the first of three to be held over the coming of bowway's personal collection. >> kim: it's a unique form of therapy but seems to be working at this subway station in new york. what is written all over those post its and why? >> dana: local police looking to make our streets safer but the
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>> tom: traffic lighter than usual on veterans day. >> kelly: it's cool to get things started.
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boulder city at 61. fur getting ready to head down to the parade, you want a coat if you are going to get there early to get all set up. when the parade kicks off at 10:00 a.m. 72. sunny pleasant and nice light winds. >> kim: i don't know about you but i'm prone to drive by therapy with friend and family members. sort of what is going on at this subway station with these post its. >> dana: this started by a local a way to get something off your chest. some of the messages including -- >> kim: we have live pictures not far from that location in new york city. why are all these people
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show studios at 30 rockefeller center? they are preparing for the arrival of the christmas tree you saw on the program yesterday morning. they just cut that tree down in up state new york. it's making its way to 30 rock. the extravaganza that nbc news does every year is so much fun and that is coming up in a few weeks from now. >> dana: november 30 they will light that thing gathering out there for sting. cleveland cavaliers hanging out with the president of the united states. it's the video the cavs took
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>> dana: more protest on the streets of america. police are not calling them protestors anymore. we'll tell what you police are calling them now.
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horrific. a judge calling the suspect animals. a young woman's life will never be the same and kendall reports live on what local authorities are due to change things. >> dana: viral video. president obama welcoming not only donald trump to the white house but the cleveland cavs. it's the video that the team took with his wife that has everybody talking. we're going to show you that coming up in just good morning. it is veterans day. live pictures coming out of articlington national cemetery. >> kim: anyone else have goose bumps on this friday morning. we are so proud and thankful for your service if you are a veteran watching right now or a family member of a veteran, you lose your loved one for months
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duty going beyond to defend our freedom. we want to you know that your sacrifice is something that we do see and we acknowledge and we thank you for it very >> tom: i want to start out with good news. that's a new road opening where western avenue opens. we have an outside view from our d camera. traffic is going through on this new connection providing an alternative for north south travel in that area.
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>> kelly: this morning a jacket would be a good idea. @s in the low 50's but we're going to be warming up quickly now that the sun is up. 80 at 3:00 is our high. 74 at 6:00. we'll talk about what to expect for the parade today and the weekend coming up. >> kim: as we thank our veterans for the right to go protest in the they are calling them rioters because things got violent. police taking to twitter saying someone is throwing projectiles at officers and damaging cars. they said these are rioters we'll dealing with. anyone they encounter doing anything dangerous will be under arrest. more than a dozen cities are having huge demonstrations. they are chanting anti-trump
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unclear what they hope to achieve although some said they want the electoral college to elect hillary clinton which they can do by law. >> dana: hillary clinton got more of the popular vote. that's happened many times in the past but the electoral college is what counts. local police looking to amp up safety on the pedestrian bridges on the strip. >> as you may remember earlier this week a 26-year-old man was arrested accused of shooting two people from near where i'm standing on one of the pedestrian bridges here. we know many crimes happen on the las vegas strip and metroless are looking to crack down. one case that made headlines was a woman that was kidnap and raped near the fashion show
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received 30 to life in prison. no secret from shootings to stabbings to drug deals met tremendous police see it all along the strip. >> some of the crimes we see are pick pockets and some of the theft crimes and narcoticking related. >> metro is beefing up patrols. almost 80 police recruits w graduate in december. they will be spread out throughout the entire las vegas area including here on the strip. the main goal to keep everyone across the las vegas valley both locals and tourist alike safe. >> kim: the local judge who called those suspects animals in that horrific rape of the woman at the fashion show mall. this is the a aman who has been representing our community whether it's been an attorney or
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crimes. for him to use that language shows you how horrific in nature that crime was. >> legal marijuana coming to las vegas. you the voter approved this. your voice has been heard. recreational sales getting the green light on election night. what exactly happens before you can go in and buy. starting january 1 possessing up to one ounce of marijuana will no longer be illegal in our community. local police will not cite or arrest you for it public. attorneys say they could have immediate impacts on the criminal justice system here. the one thing this law is not changing is the ability for your boss to fire you if you are using it. employers are still allowed to drug test or fire people for a positive test if they choose to do so. >> now after years of delays a brand new medical clinic for
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ceremony yesterday. veterans had a chance to tour the $12 million clinic which replaced the small crowded one that was built in pahrump more than a decade ago. now these veterans don't have to drive all the way to las vegas to get the care they need. >> they can take care of it and it's about time. we started in 2005 trying to get this done. >> dana: u.s. senator who sits on praised the completion. they will have three doctors out there but hope to add more in the future. >> kim: taking place right now in our great nation numerous veterans day observenses. one is taking place live at the world war ii memorial. we are awaiting at 8:00 this morning here las vegas time president obama to arrive at articlington national cemetery where he will place a wreath at
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we will monitor the satellite feeds of the special services taking place across our great nation. >> dana: remembering the end of world war i in 119. the battle continues for forces working to take back the iraqi city but an isis leader has been killed. we'll tell you about this man >> kim: getting ready for a ufc fight and he's running his mouth and it leads to this.
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feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. >> kelly: we remember the life and legacy of leonard cohen. he pass add way at the age of 82. donald trump keeping americans in the dark about his earliest conversations and decisions as
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standing practice intended to ensure the public has a watchful eye on his new leader. his camp refused to allow journalists to travel with him to washington. he said that the election is now over and we as americans need to move forward. >> dana: time to do traffic and weather. we do it every 10 minutes on the program. you have a water main issue out there this morning. >> this is at the convention center. this happened in the overnight hours. we have a live camera to show you what is going on. they have the trucks out there and heavy equipment. they've been digging up the asphalt. you can see they've got work to do so this lane is blocked on south band paradise will continue throughout the day. travel times are looking good
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>> kelly: as you are heading out the door this morning temperatures on the cool side out there. we're seeing a lot of 50's but we're going to warm up quickly. as we kick off our big veterans day parade in las vegas at 10:00 a.m. 72. >> dana: members of parliament showing up half dressed. why they were rushing into the building in the middle of the sting performing on the plaza on
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>> dana: new this morning a senior isis commander has been killed in the battle for the morn iraqi city. iraqi intelligence sources say he was hit in a coalition air strike earlier this week. confirmed his death. >> kim: you the voter, your voice has been heard and you
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nevada. some new rules to go with it. we have our craig all over this developing story joining us live this morning. >> good morning. question 2 passed by voters on election night brings changes with regards to legal recreational marijuana beginning january 1, 2017. one of the big changes will be up to an ounce of nevada is no longer a crime beginning on new years day. lawmakers will be devising plans for and taxation of the legal sales of recreational marijuana that will come at some point in 2017 because voters said yes to
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margin of 95,000 votes. >> dana: ed the to be tense behind the scenes, at least a little bit. in front of the cameras donald trump and president obama making nice at the white house yesterday. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> it was a great honor being with you and i l times in the future. >> dana: lot of work to be done by donald trump as his people. edward lawrence joining us live from washington this morning. we're talking about 70 days now until he takes the oath of office and he has a lot to get done here. >> exactly. that was a remarkable scene the
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election cyclingment donald trump saying he would possibly leave the door open to have another meeting with president obama. after that the white house spokesman did come out and say it went well and they feel like it was less awkward than many people thought the meeting would be. the white house spokesman went on to say that the president still believes everything he said during the campaign and still thinks that donald trump is unfit to be president. so just after that. a lot of work to be done and donald trump is diving into that this morning. he is looking at names for his possible cabinet to get some of his policies done going forward. he's at the trump hotel this morning and has no public event scheduled but holding meetings to talk about his transition team and who goes into the white house. >> dana: donald trump leading the birther movement forcing president obama to produce his
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least in front of the cameras yesterday in the oval office. >> kim: they have very serious business to get to under junior w. bush and the transition time to president obama they ran real world drills that were taking place during that transition time. it is something you are going to hear this morning on "the today show" from the former chief of staff from george w. bush. >> president obama did a america that created room for the awkward. we celebrate democracy by transferring power without being ugly. president obama did a good job. president bush created a good precedent. he allowed the transitions to be done. >> the peaceful transition of power and how we get it done in this great nation.
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scene. this happened in australia. an early morning vote caught lawmakers by surprise. some of them showing up in shorts and regular shirts here as well. some people even applauding them as they came in to make their votes here. the vote call at 2:30 in the morning because opposition lawmaker was refused permission to give an unscheduled speech so they called for a vote. that means people at a nearby quickly and get down there so they could cast their vote. >> she's played a lot of tennis down under. sharapova will be reinstated next november as a goodwill ambassador. she was banned from the sport because last month and it was reduced -- she was banned for two years but her suspected
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the u.n. agency said it was glad to learn that sharapova can return to the sport sooner than expected. she was appointed a goodwill ambassador in 2007 but suspended this year after admitted to doping. wasn't this aan allergy medication? >> it was something she had taken for a decade and it was legal for a decade and all of a sudden they banned it and she kept taking her. they call it a performance enhancer so she was suspended. she'll be back soon. happening about three hours from now we're going to honor our veterans in the las vegas valley with the parade. there is the parade route in downtown las vegas. this is just to the west of las vegas boulevard. going to be on fourth street from hoover to stewart. going to be shut down for several hours this morning.
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nevada. to honor our veterans you can find a full list on >> kim: we've seen some of those great events taking place in our nation's capitol. our parade is one of the biggest and best this side of the mississippi. >> tom: people start lining up early and it's shaping up to be a good weather day. a brand new connection opened this morning western avenue tying int parkway. look outside shows that the road is now open. there is a car making the turn off western on to charleston there. that movement not able until this morning. we have this water line break southbound on paradise. we're going to see that lane blocked off on the southbound paradise all day long. travel times look good. we see things getting better as
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than usual expected on the freeway. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes, here is kelly. >> as you are heading out the door, abundant sunshine. don't forget the shades heading out to work or school. lakes 58. north las vegas at 53. downtown at 55. you are going to want the sweater, the jacket, you are not going to need it for long. the sun is out. big ridge of high pressure still in place. more warm temperatures today. we will likely tie the number of 80-degree days in the month of november today. pahrump you are looking at 80. tonight sandy valley you are going down to 52 for a low. our seven-day forecast showing the high today in las vegas around 80. mostly sunny skies for saturday and sunday. a little cooler. mid 70's, that is still above normal. next week around the middle of
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temperatures with highs in the 60's. >> dana: time for the water cooler. you just mentioned we were going to take you live to articlington national cemetery. >> kim: this is something people will be talking about throughout the day today. if you see someone in uniform, i'm going to give you permission to give them a hug and thank them for their service. as we await the president of the united states about an hour from now to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at national cemetery. we'll have continued coverage. our next newscast is live at noon. we want to thank our veterans for their tremendous service to our great nation. >> dana: time for the water cooler which connor mcgregor is a bad boy. here he is showing up to a news conference stealing alvarez belt and alvarez tosses a chair in his direction. he takes a chair above his head.
6:55 am
this one. he got fined $150,000 when he was throwing bottles at a news conference here a few months ago. this will take place tomorrow night at madison square garden. it is ufc 205. sheer video of him throwing bottles. getting find $150,000 for this one. they are trying to sell pay per views on this one which connor mcgregor is a sure. the nba champs were at the white house yesterday. this is not a still picture. >> it's a mannequin challenge. michelle obama taking a selfie with king lebron james. they did a great job with this. the cavs were there with the
6:56 am
joe biden as well. and mr. obama is funny opening with i said world championship and cleveland in the same sentence. trying to be funny. he thanked j.r. smith's shirt for showing up we will. he likes to go shortless everywhere. rob kardashian , the little brother of the kardashian. dream born yesterday. rob posting a picture on inbounds gram. caption says she's an exact copy, pop sent us angel. he's happier than anyone on this day. they posted a video of the delivery room showing them and
6:57 am
think we can do our own mannequin challenge. we'll freeze it and turn our attention over to our colleagues. >> i love it. it is weren'tful to honor our veterans on this day. we have a lot more to come. >> jeff: recreational marijuana becoming legal in nevada. the new rules and why your boss can still fire you for >> krystal: what you need to know about spacex. >> jeff: defying the odds. michael will be here to share what he has overcome and how he hopes to promote a heart healthy lifestyle after receiving a heart transplant himself. that and more.
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one demonstration in portland, oregon turning violent. police calling it a riot using flash grenades on the crowd. donald trump back to tweeting. what he's saying about the protesters this morning. making peace. >> if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> the president and president-elect meet for the first time in the oval office. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president. >> the first lady and first lady to be sitting down over tea. this morning, what was said behind closed doors.


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