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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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day? be honest, we'll have some tips to make sure that compulsion to connect doesn't turn into an all-out addiction. >> news 3 starts right now. >> three night after an election that divided our nation, we in appreciation of those who fought to protect oir democracy and the freedoms we all enjoy. happy veteran us. >> honoring our veterans is a top story tonight our team coverage begins with news 3's christy wilcox who was at a special candylight vigil that took plate. >> yeah, tonight mayor, city of henderson councilwoman deborah marsh and nfl player steven jackson took to the podium to thank our veterans tonight. the most heart-felt moments were
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>> as candles flickered strks outside veterans village. the girl at this candle light vigil is a reminder freedom is never free. veteran paul young, a former airborn ranger has been an amputee since his service. he now home. >> a lot of place we go to there's not hardly ima want to talk about anything, and they did a pretty good speech tonight. >> the crowd here welcomed by the roaring sound of bikes, then listened in as mayor caroline goodman took the stage. >> a very confrontational political debate, a lot of hate, anger. you know what?
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>> non-profit organizer arnold stark says veterans village expanded because of the the positive reinforcement of communities willing to give back. >> it's time to heal in our country. the only thing i don't want to happen is for veterans to pay for it. >> as boy scouts like andrew palmburg march with the american flag. >> this is the first ceremony i've actually been to something like this so i just love it. >> young or old, rich or poor, brings us all together. >> now back out here live t the folks at veteran village say they're working hard on veteran village 2. and they've had four home make overs recently. they're working on a building here that they've just added to the dedevelopment to provide counseling services. live, news
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now to a welcome to las vegas that even the biggest high rollers don't get. 70 wounded warriors getting the vip treatment this weekend courtesy of mgm resort. news 3 joins us live overlooking the strip. sergio, hundred of men and women opened these people with open arm. >> the sixth year the mirage right behind me has hosted this salute the troops event to give these men and women just >> it was a welcome for a hero. valley high school marching band leading the way for 70 wounded warriors welcome to las vegas to relax ob veterans day. as they made their way inside their hotel they were greeted by hundred of patriotic mgm employees decked out in red, white, and blue. army captain practicing her best parade wave.
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awful. >> she was injured while on deployment in the middal east. she says this is exactly what the doctor ordered. >> this is like a welcome break from going to medical appointments every day, all day long. this is so important to me. thank you so much. i really appreciate this. this is really - - . >> although these wounded warriors are the focus, vietnam vet sam said he had to be here to cheer them on. welcome. >> for him, passing on a little gratitude to these brave men and women was the best way to celebrate veterans day. >> the most meaningful veterans day i had for awhile. a mel rbl weekend for dozens get the chance to forget about their physical pain and traded for a little fun las vegas style. >> those wounded warriors will be in las vegas until next
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the great shows that everything mgm has to offer. reporting live, news 3 back to you in the studio. >> some pep in your step, sell celebrations to honor vets downtown las vegas. hosts one the biggest veterans parades in the nation and today's didn't disappoint. featured military groups, color guards, marching bands, hundreds cheered them on. >> as veterans day was who got the surprise been waiting so long for. [applause] >> major surprised kids at elementary school today following a 9-month deployment to kuwait. after the surprise, the whole family went down to the veterans day parade. says it is a family tradition to go and honor all who served. >> it's nice to honor those
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freedom. >> we've been coming out to this parade since they've been little babies first time he came out he was three days old. >> and now that he is home, says he looks forward to what makes home so sweet. that includes watching his boys play soccer. you can find more veterans day coverage on our website news 3lv dot com. >> new at 11, a motorcycle rider was killed at fort apache tonight. metro tells us a mini van hit the biker, made a u-turn throwing the rider off his bike p paramedics pronounced him dead there at the scene. this is the 24th deadly motorcycle crash in metro's jurisdiction this year. >> for his third straight night thousands across the countryit the street to protest against president elect donald trump. you're looking at live pictures from both portland and los
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flash bang grenades to disburse crowds, three separate marches took place throughout the city. similar scenes played out in other major cities tonight, look, protesters in miami blocked a major highway and several thousand people gathered on boston com toon voice their opposition to tuesday's election results. more protests pland for saturday here in las vegas. hillary clinton stepped out into the public for the first time tonight since the election, thanking her staff m brooklyn. during a brief speech, clinton thanked everyone for their tireless work and handed out rows to each staff member, former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea were also in attendance. >> a moment of silence in paris tonight. france's national stadium right near the side site of the terror attacks came before a big soccer match between the french and swedish national teams. players and spectators included the french president joined in the tribute.
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stadium killing one man and 130 people were killed in attacks that night on multiple locations around paris. >> new at 11, two police officers were shot while searching for a suspect this afternoon. boise idaho. officers were lookic through the area for a fugitive believed to be involved in a double shooting and possible carjacking when shots rang out. the suspect was shot and killed, both officers recovering in the hospital. >> now to some video you'll only see here ons force paid off for metro officers in the video you're watching right here. they were able to stop a gunman on the east side of town. take a closer look. >> this exclusive cell phone video show how the officers used a shotgun loaded with bean bags to stop an armed man who was shooting at an air tank. it happened last night outside a big busy gas station on pecos and patrick.
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he told us what was going through his head during these intense moments. >> it really - - we're lucky he didn't hit anything. >> in the end, no one was hurt. police think the shooter was under the influence of something. >> news 3 is your traffic authority there are some road closures you need to know about this weekend near the strip, the rock and roll marijuana thawn takes place sunday where people will run up the strip into downtown las veg official say both side of the boulevard will close starting 2:00 p.m. sunday. tropicana and charleston were also shut down. organizer dan cruz offers some advice to avoid all the grid lock. >> the best thing to do is stay on the freeway. all the freeways are open when you're getting around town if you're trying to get from north las vegas to downtown use the freeways. >> and there's also expected to be a veterans bike ride happening saturday. that will impact the strip as
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should be back open by 11:00 p.m. sunday. you can look at a full list of closures on our website, if you are are heading to the marathoner or any events around town, download the waze app from the app store and google play and then become a part of our waze team and get tips to help you get to your destination. >> speak about apps a lot of us are very attached to our smart phones. some people say, yes, others cannot put their phones down. up next we'll look at this increasingly common compulsion and how you can break that habit. >> the running rebels hit the court for their season opener, randy will tell us if they posted a w. >> first sign things are beginning to change we've got a storm system moving into the west coast. we'll talk about its impact on us and the next one behind it. here we are in the 11th day of the 11th month and we are just
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>> look at my friend over there, holding the iphone. they can be great, never been easier to stay on top of things to connect to the world around you. >> we're check tg all the time, sometimes when you're trying to have a conversation, but there are down side like that. new at 11, our spiritual counselor and father figure tough talk tonight if you're getting addicted to your phone. >> in a mit minute, guys, i'm going to confess how addicted i am to my fine phone with an app that tracks how many minutes a day i pick it up. you're going to see the proof of this point of the doctor about addiction to phone. >> you see people with depression, anxious feelings. >> the ceo of a place called family recovery center.
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diction. >> it has not been given a diagnosis yet and the official diagnosis dsm-5 or 6. >> while smart phone addiction is a new concept, the effects bear a striking resemblance to another addiction, gambling. taking that tiny little slot machine away is leading to very real health problems. >> once we take it away, there is a sense of withdrawal. >> what causes us to keep coming back to our phones? why can't we just go without checking that the answer is chemical. >> individuals that use their cell phone an awful lot have that dopamine in our brain that is often excited by the use of drugs is also excited by the use of a cell phone. >> cutting back on phone use isn't easy either. says once you get hooked it's hard to let go. in fact, use using the phone become as compulsion. >> it's like going on a diet. you have to cut back slowly. >> cutting back is easier said
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turn it off during the work day, and don't leave it next to your plate at the dinner table. for some, going it alone won't cut it. in fact, treatment centers are sprouting up across the country to help. >> and maybe i need some of that treatment. confession time. how many minutes would you guess i've been on my phone today? >> i looked, i cheated, i looked at your phone. >> before looking, how many minutes. >> the time you're actually looking at the phone. >> 30, 45 minutes. >> it's all for work, though. >> look at this, download this app, everybody. wow. look at that. six hours and 47 minutes in my day, and this app called moment actually help you to track and see how many times you picked up your phone. i've picked up my phone 86 time. >> what? >> and look at that, really two minutes, ten minutes, four minutes, it logs it all think of what you could do with your family with six hours and 47 minutes. >> that's true.
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will help you, moment, so you don't miss the most important moments. >> absolutely. >> by the way seven hours that's a trip to disneyland. >> there you go fl. my bosses thinking i can get seven more hour of work done. >> new at 11, this time for the weekend for the first time you'll be able to bet on a ufc fight at station casinos, all station sports books posted odds on the bibbing fight earli before now because of a potential conflict of interest, had part ownership of both station and the ufc until his group sold the fighting league back in july. >> news 3 is your weather authority, and what a weekend is expected to be such a busy one. >> yes, all kinds of stuff going on, most of it outside, lot of people here visiting. >> the marathon, the honor ride, of course got the big air show, and unlv playing football. we have to deliver all sorts of
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i think we are going to deliver. you're going to like these temperatures although not a sun-drenched saturday we're going to save that for sunday. if you're looking for a couple ideas why red rock canyon. check out the picture, news 3 viewer jeff larson sent those in. you can see some of the view of the las vegas valley as we take a look at those picture on the old weather computer as they look from the far west side of the valley. because if we don't have the weather computer, i am in >> especially as it rose earlier today. the moon will rise monday evening at 513 as close as it's going to get to the earth going to be bright and about 14 percent larger, best time to see it is right when it comes over the mountain you'll be able to compare it to features in the valley. that will probably be 15, 20 minutes after moon rise
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>> facebook and twitter and keep you updated other ideas this weekend red rock the water's glass. we haven't had a wind gust over 10-miles per hour for the last few days. hopping very comfortable up there or will drive over to zion, a great weekend one of the closest to national parks zion and death valley share that honor. green valley ranch right now. breeze, 5, peak stop take up to where the air show will be going on tomorrow and sunday. over the hump, 55 and the wind is calm. temperatures cross the valley around the edges and in fact we've got some 50 downtown above that 60-degree mark. we did have some 80s on the east side of the valley but not nearly as real estate coverage with 80-degree warmth.
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overton at 50, maying 80s death valley, lofton 84 today. mccarron's mercury not quite 80. 77, a full eight degrees above normal and even though we didn't hit 80 we were within our three guaranteed barely, still 100-dollars raise t for the nevada partnership for homeless youth. up for 100-dollars raised for them. the air quality's still a green scene. later next week, colder air heavier in the valley. i'm concerned about the air quality nex week. in the mean time it's in the 50s we'll get to the 70s by lunch time probably peaking in the mid-70s tomorrow. another day without any wind. we will have some clouds and systems into the california coast. most of the energy's going too to the north. a pretty good wawd of clouds. as early as tomorrow morning
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this is just a system number one. the change is out here in the pacific and that's when november is actually up in the farther northern areas there. and that's when it's going to actually have a major impact on our weather. 51 in mesquite. boulder city, 75, 84 in laughlin, and 71 in indian springs. in town, 55 will be the official low some neighborhoods around the edges will get a little cooler than that. mid-afternoon, looks the high in town of 75. 80 at the lake, water temperatures cooling, and that's in some of the shower. mount charleston after that low in the mid-30s should bounce back to the mid-50s and 7-tay forecast, looking ahead, here comes the big change maker. after the super moon the breezes pick up tuesday afternoon, last chance at 80, for 2016. gets down right windy on wednesday, and down goes the
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40s at night, there will be some weather next week. update on that for sure. >> that's for your forecast,
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>> new at 11, one of las vegas' most famous unsolved murder mysteries will be a subject of a new tv show. the usa network announced a new serial drama called unsolved, which will look into the deaths of rap super stars tupac, and notorious big. many of you remember tup killed in a drive by shooting in vegas. people versus oj mini series from earlier this year signed off of the project no word on when it will air. tomorrow the unlv football team will host one of the top teams in the conference as wyoming make as visit and the running rebels officially began the era with their first regular season
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>> we're going 2 in 0, putting up over 90 points in exhibition wins the running rebels laced them up. jaguars made the trip to las vegas, marvin new head coach of unlv, his era began in the first points of the era. christian jones made the jumper, tied the game at two.
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low. kicks it back out to greene, he hits the first three of the season, keeps that long three streak alive for unlv, rebels go on a small run. inside finds christian jones, heal he lead the team with 20, the jags had runs of their own. nick stover on the break to. and he puts down the alley-oop jam. south alabama up 34-30 at the half. second half, under a minute to play, rebel down 5, need ad doll ball stolen exb jags the other way ahead to gorgi that's the dunk and that does it. first rebel regular season opener hoafl home rebels back on the court on wednesday night. how about the lady rebels they're a lot better game earlier in the thomas and mack. the century mark, 102 points, dakota gonzalez with 17, they get the win over concordia. football team returns after a
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games remaining on the schedule, host wyoming. mountain west meeting the cowboys game looks like it could be a rebel win. now it looks like it will be a big upset with the cowboys. 5 in 0, lead the mountain west conference after knocking off boise state, and 8-point favorites over the rebels. coach sanchez says wi oamingis right where his rebels are now only a few year ago. >> you know, they come on in, and you know they get four wins the first year, two the second year, here they are 7 in 2, little things and again just following following the plan, the same thing we're doing here. again i think we're in a little different situation you know we've got three wins going into this game. there's still that possibility of getting smaller and smaller, and tougher, can tougher to get there, but our guys are still bought in working with a high level of energy and they're fully committed, had a great practice when we came back sunday night and they're ready to fight for a win.
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tournament, a tough first-round test on the road against fourth-ranked byu. michelle - - off a rebel defender, first goal from byu, 20 minutes into the game 1-nil. opening minutes of the second half. lady cougars attack again. paige barker slip, falls down, that draws the defense off and elena modero gets the goal 2-nil is the final, lady rebels go down and that's it for sports.
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>> get out early. >> yeah, i was looking for them. >> out of here. >> have a great weekend, [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeremy renner --


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