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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> right now on news 3 live at 5, a warning for anyone out there considering holding a garage sale. why authorities are concerned about counterfeit money circulating the valley. plus, presidential protests planned across the country this weekend. why one group hopes to over turn and honors america's wounded veterans on this veterans day weekend, we'll take you out to the ride to recovery. >> news 3 start right now. >> thanks for joining us, everyone, i'm i'm gerard romaro. a warning of a new scam that may be targeting your neighborhood. a rash of counterfeit 100-dollar bills hitting yard sales today. it is our top story tonight. nathan o'neil, speaking with one
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oakley and flamingo. nathan. >> yeah, gerard, the folks running this yard sale were hit with a fake 100-dollar bill. and we're learning that they are not the only in town to become victims of scammers today. >> checked for a water sign, didn't have one. at that point, um, there was already an under cover cop in the car with another victim asking if they were her >> that was andrea, who was tricked out of a 100-dollar bill, a fake one, that she says she was given when a group of two men and a woman showed up to her yard sale. she noticed afterwards the bill was smaller than usual and even felt different. we've received several report of yard sales being hit with fake 100-dollar bills today, and up to three reports that we've
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$1.4 millions in counterfeit money has been recovered in las vegas. that's according to the secret service. as for andrea, she is disgusted anyone would target a friendly neighborhood yard sale like this. >> it's a private yard sale. and usually we have nice people coming here, and they come when we open, they always turn up again. so you don't really believe that people are that bad. >> as for andrea, she says she was instructed to hold on that fake 100-dollar bill and take it to the police department on monday to file a report. she just hopes that if anything people will see this and take the warning, and just try to take into consideration who do you trust when you go to yard sales like this, or even if you decide that you want to hold one yourself, gerard. >> a real shame. hopefully police will track down these suspects. nathan, thanks for the live report. a man is in critical condition after a hit and run accident in
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this one happened just before 5:00 p.m. on jones between flamingo and tropicana. when police arrived they found a 27 year old man. he was taken to umc. police say the 25 year old driver identified as clement lamb fled the scene and then returned in a different vehicle. he showed signs of impairment and was arrested. a man who ended up shot after police say he tried to rob a grocery store has now been identified. authorities say 24 was working as a slot clerk, and saw the alleged robbery take place. fled the store and was located by offersers shortly afterwards news 3 obtained exclusive video of the incident you're looking at it here. detectives believe may have been responsible for a recent string of robberies in the area. authorities are also reviewing the incident to decide if they will file any charges against the shooter. metro police gearing up for
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this was the scene earlier this week. organizers are hoping for a much bigger turn out tonight. upwards of 1,500 people, they say. there are reports that some trump supporters are also planning to rally in the same area at the same time vrn metro police is well aware they are prepared support the peoples right to peacefully protest. news 3 will key keep an eye on developments this evening and bring you updates tonight on new 3 live at people continue to take to the streets in protest, but the president elect remains focused on his transition, and appear to be softening some of his positions from the campaign. chris palone has the latest. >> protesters are back in the street, in new york, thousands marched to trump tower in mid town for the fourth straight day. they say they're trying to send a message to president elect
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say that america has a stronger voice against the racism, the sexism, the islamophobia, the anti-immigrant - - . >> since trump claimed the presidency early wednesday morning, thousands turned out to pro protest in cities across the country, chicago, atlanta, miami, portland, los angeles and new york. hundreds of have been arrested and one protester was shot in oregon friday. most of the protests have been please for women. for my daughter. >> inside trump tower the president elect continues to put together his transition team, and the framework for his administration. >> now it's a matter of who... to do their job. >> willing to adjust some of his campaign promises in an interview airing sunday night he told scictd minutes there are pargts of obama care he'd like to keep intact. >> are you going to make sure
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covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest as ts, also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep that. >> very much try and keep that. >> a shift, perhaps, from trying to win votes, to trying to win the support of a divided nation. nbc news new york. >> so ballots are still being counted, believe it or not, in several states. hillary clinton who lost the election in the electoral college has a lead in the million votes. that number is still growing. turkey has issued a travel warning for its citizens about going to the u.s., citing the protests in the wake of the election. the foreign ministry posted a statement on it website increasing verbal and physical attacks and harassment of anti-immigrant and racist nature. >> hillary clinton is blaming the fbi's decision to revive its examination of her e-mail accounts for her surprising defeat in the presidential race.
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top campaign donors to the. clinton says her campaign was winning the race until fbi director james comey's letter to crawj. the letter sent on october 28 announced the fbi uncovered e-mails possibly related to its earlier probe into clinton's use of a private server as secretary of state. a special bike race dedicated to restoring hope to veterans along e known as ride to recovery, putting together this year's ride. the honor ride taking this morning along sahara and las vegas boulevard. the non-competitive cycling event lets the public ride along side our local veterans. and our very own kevin janisn mced today's special event. about 800 participants took part in the ride, organizers say local support is key in the lives of veterans of success in events like this one.
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let veterans know they're not by themselves, they're not alone. they don't have to stay inside of that gate, that cage. and it lets them know that people actually do care out here for them. >> if you'd like to donate or take part in one of the organization's events in the future, head to our website,, and click on the find it tab. >> well, it's a busy weekend in las vegas, and there are some road closures that you need to bere the annual rock and roll marathon takes place on sunday. 45,000 people will be taking part and running up and down the strip, in downtown las vegas as well. officials say both side of las vegas boulevard will close starting at 2:00 p.m. sunday. several i-15 off ramps between tropicana will also be shut down. freeways are your best bet to get around the closures. the strip should be back open by
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closures again on our website, >> terrorists attack one of the most secure military installations in afghanistan. a number of americans killed, next at five, how the bomber was able to get inside. plus, a day to look back and look ahead. the concert hall where so many died in the paris terror attacks reopens. news 3 live at 5 is back in just two m
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>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack at one of the main military air fields in afghanistan. two u.s. service men and two american contractors were killed at air base just outside the another 16 u.s. service members and one polish soldier were wounded in the incident. a suicide bomber managed to infiltrate the base. laborers employed at the base usually line up at the gates around dawn. the attacker could have been among the men who got inside the perimeter. the concert hall in paris reopened today one year after the deadly terrorist attack. a concert by british musician, sting, marked the reopening of
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the proceeds to two charities that helped victims of the attacks. on november 132015 isis extremists stored the barks taclan and killed 90 people before a raid ended the rampage. other coordinated attacks also targeted bars, restaurants, and a sports stadium. they killed a total of 130 people. more than 1,700 people have been officially recognized as victims of the paris attacks. 600 are still receiving psychological treatment. was one of the people who was able to escape the bataclan. >> a little bit like i leave all my have to live with this souvenir. you cannot make them pay but you can learn to live with them. >> so plot at first thought the gun shots were fireworks when he
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on, he and 15 others hid in a small room and called police who told him to remain quiet until emergency crews arrived. well, it was a crazy afternoon out at sam boyd stadium. later on news 3 live at 5:00 p.m., you may do a double take when we show you the highlights and final score of the unlv rebels football game against wyoming. >> the clouds cruise through our valley, but they didn't keep the temperature down. 12 days into november and today of 76. cooler temperatures are in my
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>> new evacuation orders have been issued for communities in western north carolina, where a wild fire has crossed a containment line.
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just 15% contained. the shelters are open atd nearby churches, north north carolina's governor has issued a state of emergency in 25 counties and a burn ban is in place because of the persistent drought and strong winds. authorities investigating about two dozen wild fires in north carolina, georgia also south carolina, as suspected arsons. the wild fires are spewing smoke so thick people are being urged to wear special masks if they must do out door >> news 3 weather authority, we want to check in with jerry brown, who's taking a look at our local forecast, a really nice day today. jerry, a little gloomy almost, but very nice outside. >> visually it might not have been the nicest, but i tell you temperature-wise, it was gorgeous in the mid-70s as expected we did have the clouds they're much adieu about nothing, we're not going to get any rain out of it. let's go to it, and put some of
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our valley. gave us a pretty sunset. that's where we stand right now. going to start this evening off cloudy we are looking at a gradual clearing. still in the low 70s down on the strip, 71 at the miracle mile shops, pressure high, humidity elevated a bit. west side ion town center 67, the dawson school, and hanging at 70 down in green valley at bartlett elementary the very high barometer there. uh, 72 over on valley you're in at 70 and southern highlands in at 68-degrees across the region, 50 at the mount charleston lodge. 73 in mesquite, 67 in pahrump, at laughlin we take a look at some top of the hour temperatures, 73 officially for las vegas, to 71 in los angeles, 62 in the city by the bay. and reno in at 64-degrees.
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more sun shine. around the nation, a lot going on. a few showers working their way across the gulf. but a big story out west would have to be this frontal system that's moving through. not all that much energy associated with that. in front of it you can see that on shore flow and some moisture trying to work its way in here. you can see very clearly on this satellite doppler com posit it dissipates before it works its way in. we are n tonight. lows with the clouds providing insulation should stay above normal in the 50s. counter 41 at pahrump, and close to the freezing point up at mt. charleston, highs tomorrow just about where they were today in the mid-70s with a few warmer temperatures. 80 over in overton. mean while, overnight, clouds early, then clearing, light winds, 54 our normal 47, well above that. 77 tomorrow continued warmth this will be our 13th day
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8:00 a.m., 61 to 73 at noon, 76 at 4:00 p.m. winds inconsequential. 60 on the mount, to 74 at red rock again light wind down on the lake. 82-degrees, a warm day with the afternoon winds developing from the north at 5 to 10-miles an hour. okay, 7-day forecast. well, some changes are coming. gerard, as you can see, end of the week we take a big shock to the system as our lows drop eventually into the mid-40s at that. and our afternoon highs that will be due to a system coming in. we'll get some breezes on wednesday, that shall be our transitional day. i still think we'll stay in the 70s then. but big changes ahead going into next week, and it's finally going to feel like autumn already out here. >> yeah. >> maybe early winter. >> out there wondering if it was ever going to happen now, we know for sure it will be later this week. >> we need to get some snow on the mountain. >> let's hope that happens soon
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losing streak as they took on wyoming today out at sam boyd
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>> all right, the rebel football team returned home for their bye week they have three pretty tough opponents, one of the big surprises, the wyoming cowboys with game one of those three, a perfect 5 in 0 record in the mountain west, leading the
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they were 8-point favorites in this game. this game was a shootout. cowboys on the final drive down by 7, started from their own one-yard line, with five seconds to go, josh allen goes to the end zone, tanner gentry makes an incredible catch after being pushed out of bounds. check it out, one-handed snag ties the game at 52, they go to over time. tony sanchez in disbelief. bryan hill a15-yard touchdown 59n, cowboys ahead. played very well. ties the game at 59 all. second over time rebels get the ball first. 56-59 rebels. for that upset. wyoming comes back, though. josh allen, he's going to find a wide open, jacob hallester,
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third over time, allen threw a pick so all the rebels needed was a field goal to win. had a chance from 40-yards away, and he di does it. the second highest scoring fbs game in history by a single point we'll hear from sh of the guys coming up later at 6:00 p.m. how about some high school football. desert pines moves to the 3a state championship game with a big win over south tahoe, they lose to south creek, so pinespines and spring creek, thy will play in the state championship g bishop goreman against spring mountain for the state championship there in 1a, next saturday. playing pretty well in the third round, puts that one close to the pin, gets within birdie distance. get to 15 under par.
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shots off the lead. ufc - - first promotion event ever in new york, and the main event remain remembered. connor mcgregors in that main event. taking on light weight alvarez. shen an gans, mcgregor took alvarez's belt, alvarez threw a chair at him, he wanted to pick the chair back up and start a fight at the press conference. mcgregor freaked the security, he came back he gave his fight prediction for tonight. >> i predict i rearrange his face. he's too easily hit. to all the and everything else. he can be hit too easy easily. it's happened his whole career. >> how this guy looks is very important to him. that may be the single reason he loses his fight. but how i look after this fight isn't of my concern. i'll win.
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>> all right, connor mcgregor, a slight favorite. it's almost - - . >> the edge a lot of irishmen who flew in for this big fight, i'm looking forward to this. >> i wish we could watch this, yeah. >> your prediction on that? >> i like alvarez. >> okay. >> he's bigger. >> >: let's see what happens. >> okay, sounds good, randy, thanks. >> one of the showcases of the holiday season next on news 3 live at 5, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york
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>> coming up tonight on news 3 live at 6, the skies above the northeast valley alive with the sounds of aviation nation. it's always one of the most exciting shows of the year, and new at 6, we will take you to nellis air force base as aviation nation returns after
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a fun day for a great organization out at the craig ranch regional park in north las vegas, the las vegas valley humane society celebrating its 25th anniversary of helping improving the welfare of animals cross the valley. all types of activities, including animals showing off their talents. and finally here at 5, thanksgiving is 12 days away, but a lot of people already looking u hid to christmas. this year's rockefeller christmas tree arrived today on a flat bed the 94-foot norway spruce was cut down in up state new york and made the 140-mile trek. the tree's 50,000 lights will be turned on during television broadcast taking place on november 30, right here on channel 3. it doesn't really feel like christmas or even thanksgiving here yet, but jerry says it's coming soon. >> it will next weekend it will be noticeably cooler. >> all right. then we can pull our trees and
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>> yeah. >> thanks for watching we appreciate you. we will be back at 6:00 p.m., and then tonight at 11:00 p.m. and then tonight at 11:00 p.m. as w narrator: one day-- over 700 shelters across the country. one goal-- finding thousands of animals loving homes. she adopted me. i didn't adopt her. she's going to a good home. there's no reason why not to adopt. narrator: this is clear the shelters. i'm natalie morales. and today we're going to share some amazing stories that are sure to warm your heart. we're also sitting down with some famous faces and the shelter pets that have changed their lives forever. plus we'll introduce you to two brothers who say adopting their rescue has helped bring their family together. i too have had my own life changed. meet zara. our family rescued her five years ago.


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