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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning. thanksgiving is next week. >> kim: reality check at 4:30 in the morning on this monday. speaking of reality check with how busy we were in town. i hope you or someone you know not caught up in the parking garage at the airport this weekend. three hours for some people to get out of short >> dana: let's find out what is happening with our weather this week. big changes coming. >> kelly: it's going to feel more like thanksgiving. temperatures still going to be mild today. lots of sunshine across the area. at 9:00 a.m. 67, 75 by lunchtime and at 4:00 we're looking at 77-degrees. we're going to talk about the
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going to be shocked by the temperature change. >> kim: as republicans meet later today to discuss last week's election results the trump transition team is in full swing. tracy polls shows us what is happening. >> when we started out -- >> the trump transition team announced ryan's prescribes will serve as chief of staff. trump transition in my view as well as they should. >> in an interview president elect trump admits he won't completely replace obama care. >> are you going to make sure people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period, we're going to try and keep that.
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mexico could be a fence and millions of immigrants will not be quickly deported. >> we're focused on securing the border. >> as protest continue democrats are concerned. >> i caution anyone who in their protest becomes the very thing that they are protestst against meaning turning to hateful speech, violating principles and ideals that are sacred in this country. >> dana:r it was scene on the las vegas strip, thousands of people marching toward the trump tower which is just off of the las vegas strip. 7 people actually arrested over the weekend because they blocked traffic. mostover this was peaceful but not happy donald trump was elected our 45th president. this was tense at times. 7 people arrested.
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protest yesterday. >> kim: a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a van on the 15 in the southbound lanes last night. we take you to the scene about 6:00 last night. this is just south of craig road where it happened. according to the nevada highway patrol, trooper's on scene, a man was walking in the right travel lane and was hit by a van. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a woman driving the van was also injured. a victim inei to avoid this person. spun out after the collision crossing multiple lanes before hitting the concrete median. >> dana: these two brothers taken too soon over the weekend. their family say it was the result of a d.u.i. crash. their mother is now grieving. they were on the way to buy a birthday gift for their mother. crash happening saturday night
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saturday night they pulled out into traffic to make a u turn when police say a suspected d.u.i. driver in a chevy camaro crashed into them. the tragedy leaving a mother to bury two sons. >> flying down a residential street. it's 35 miles per hour. and they took my best friends from me. >> the suspected d.u.i. driver identified as he is not in jail yet because he was injured in this crash. he's in the hospital expected to survive facing numerous charges. >> kim: the search continues for a driver who crashed a car and left behind a seriously injured passenger. this happened just before 7:00 on saturday night at this location on the northeast side of town. metro telling us the driver in a honda ran a stop sign crashed
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the driver and three passengers took off leaving behind an injured teenager. that 15-year-old is in critical reason right now at umc. police are urging anyone with information on the driver of that crash to please call crime stoppers. >> dana: 70 wounded warriors ended their veterans day weekend on a high know. helicopters treated them to aerial tour of the las vegas strip yesterday. one of the highlights of the salute to traps trip which brings members of our mel tear to las vegas for a weekend filled with appreciation and love. it was a special time for the troops but also for the people who organized it.
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happiness and future. >> it's good for their soul to be able to get out and aaway from what they are doing all the time. >> dana: i love that he is giving back to these troops. eighth year they are teaming up with american resort and others to sponsor the
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>> dana: a very special
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>> kelly: this is the first skit
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serious. >> kim: this served as a moment of solidarity rocked by the election's outcome and as a tribute to the song writer who passed away earlier this week. >> dana: an eric killed two people. we'll tell you where it happened and how long the shaking went on coming up. >> kim: still to come, thousands on the las vegas strip doing this. they are rocking and rolling.
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man is doing this and saving lives in the process.
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>> dennis: r. >> dana: welcome back n. crews are surveying the damage after two earthquakes hit new zealand. a 7.8 and then a 6.2 struck. and damaging buildings along the south island's east coast. prompted emergency crews to warn people to move to higher ground. a couple of people were killed in this. people say the shaking went on for three minutes followed by a number of strong after shocks. >> kim: last night a shooting in florida leaves three dead, two others injured. we take to you jacksonville for
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we're talking about four people, a man, two women and an infant shot inside a car. they were able to drive to a nearby fire station. one of the women died before she could be rushed to the hospital. three others rushed to the hospital where the infant other lady passed. authorities say the motive still under investigation as we speak. no arrests have been made and they could hav victims they are unaware of. >> dana: two people hurt including a pennsylvania police officer started as a mental health check and ended with shots fired. this is the neighborhood where it occurred. police shot jonathan young after he attacked one of them with an axe and a baseball bat. they went on a mental health warrant. tried to get inside the residence as he barricaded himself in there.
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shots rang out. an officer came out with blood pouring out of his head. a sergeant treated and released from the hospital. young remains in the hospital this morning. he did survive his gunshot wounds. investigators say they are continuing to figure out why this man acted the way he did. >> kim: to paris for a somber moment. this was the scene last night remember the victims of last year's terrorist attack. those lanterns the colors of the french flag. the canal in the 11th district of paris close to the bars and cafes targeted in the attack last november. 130 people lost their lives. 5,000 lanterns were set floating along that canal.
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message and set it sail. the lantern ceremony one of several commemorations taking place across paris. >> dana: if you look toward the west this morning you'll be able to see the moon barely above the ho rise zahn. they are calling at this time super morn because it's close to earth. slight i have bigger and brighter than normal. this is the closest the moon has been indians won the world series title. take those pictures and post them to facebook, instagram twitter with the # news 3 super moon. we're going to put some of those on the air tomorrow. >> kim: whatdo we have as far as the weather forecast moving forward? >> big changes are coming.
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of t-shirt weather here. this is from yesterday. ton of blue sky out there. temperatures as you are heading out the door a little school. you'll want a jacket. north las vegas at 50. downtown 52. southeast 51-degrees. temperatures will gets a whole lot colder later this week. dig out the winter we have activity to our north. at home sunny skies. still going to be warm. that storm system is going to knock the temperatures down and will start arriving on wednesday. today's high 78. still very mild. light variable winds today. overnight the low will go down to 53. a little chilly. this time of year we're doing the heat in the morning and air conditioning in the afternoon. our seven-day forecast showing
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tomorrow. 79 for the high. winds pick up on wednesday and look at the change. 77 on wednesday, 60 for the high on thursday. we're looking at a morning low of 40 on friday morning. as we head into the weekend temperatures will be where they are supposed to be this time of year in the upper 60's. >> dana: the average american has about $5,000 in credit card debt and for a lot of you it's more than that. could a cash only reduce that debt? craig tells us in a special report coming up to night at 11:00. >> $15,000 is how much credit card debt the average american has right now. when you add that to your car payment or student loan, many people will tell you they are broke. if you can relate to this, ask yourself could you go on an all cash diet? >> that is radio host dave
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approach to debt. credit cards cut them up. need money for school, sell stuff, get a second job. buying a car? forget the car loan. pay cash or don't buy it. is the key to wealth found with spending only cash with zero exceptions. could you dump your favorite credit cards? >> i was sad when i had to cut that one up. >> is an all cash existence possible. would you give it ar thought that was the key to never worrying about money again? you'll meet the people who say it works. cash diet news 3 live at 11:00 tonight. >> kim: we have an early heads up of what to expect this morning on today. >> good morning. coming up ohen a monday, will donald trump change his tone in the white house. what he is saying in his first
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reince previous will join us for a live interview. why the personal information you think you deleted could probably still be on the device. and the stars are >> kim: there was one guy in the
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motivation. >> every football a reminder of early mornings and late nights. running this marathon means something different to each man and woman. runners will shut down las vegas boulevard with meaningful footsteps of his own. >> there are people running like our group today that ran for about 13 years to raise enough money for research to save the life they saved happened to be mine. >> ash biis a curvier. he fought his second bout in 2010 h. asked how he could give back. >> they said you can do fundraising by running a marathon. at the time i said i'm 71 years old, i've never run before any race on any length i can't do
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second house from the block and couldn't make it to the corner. i came back and said can i do something else and they said new york city we want to you run a marathon. >> he did just that. he's run six marathons. treatment for cancer has taken 30 pounds from him this year. he'll miss the 26-mile race but he is not stopping. >> we're competing against el learned was yes. >> he will run the 10k and watch 560 runners support the foundation he says saved his life. >> dana: our evening anchor will not be running a marathon anytime soon because she gave
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he has an older sister that will help raise him. his name is honor. >> kim: ladies you are going to love what we're sharing ahead. check out your screen. we have the details to go with it ahead.
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>> kim: it could fetch as much as $25 million at auction. it goes up on wednesday this week. blue diamonds are extremely hard to find this. is more than 8 karates. it will be switzerland. >> it's just showing off. >> dana: you are going out in public with that thing? >> chris: kim kardashian used to. that diamond could be yours. >> dana: let's get a check of the forecast. >> kelly: the super moon. if you head out now you can
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send them to us. it's news 3 super moon. it's brighter, hearing. the next time we'll see the moon looking this big is 2034. temperatures, you're going to want a jacket fur going outside to take a look at the moon. overton 49. the rest of the temperatures will warm up. chilly start but afternoon historiesing into the mid and upper 70's across much of the area. big storm system is on the way. we're going to talk about it coming up. >> kim: black friday, usually the day to find great deals. they are changing it up this year when it comes to a brand new tv. we have answers about when is is the best time to buy a new set.
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>> i see nothing but support. >> dana: uplifting experience. wounded warriors, if something happened they will remember for a very long time. >> kim: fur hanging out waiting for black friday to get the best deal on a tv, the expert with ns bother. they have in an exclusive report the best time to buy a tv. >> dana: it is 5:00 on this monday morning. the super moon still above the western horizon this morning. >> kim: this is appropriate because we're coming off a super week end in town. we had a lot going on.


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