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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the trump protest across the country. home people were arrested on the las vegas strip coming up. >> kim: victims remembered. just hours ago this was the scene in paris. thousands coming together to pay tribute to lives lost one year ago. we'll take you there for the special ceremony. >> dana: good happy monday. and the super moon has just gone down bethrow western horizon but it will be back up tonight. >> kim: we are coming off of a super weekend. we'll get to the weather in moments. we're the wagners sharing with studio with kelly curran who is all over the forecast this week. you see jeff has travel times. we begin in the skies of las vegas with tom up in sky 3.
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is right behind the stratosphere. this was called in as a hit and run. looks like that vehicle it was one that was hit. someone else kept on running. not going to affect a lot of people here on industrial avenue. this is just to the east of i15. that's the one accident we have right now. let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: we are not seeing any accidents on the freeways on this monday as we kick off a new week so that's a all freeways clear. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we're going to get to see the moon later on in the evening hours. now we're ready for the sun to come up to get this day started. 67 at 9:00 a.m. at lunchtime sunny and 75. 77 at 4:00. we're going to talk about a big storm on the way this week that
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both of her sons. both of them gone in an instant. this is a developing story. craig joins us live. it was what her two sons were doing on behalf of her that will have people talking. >> it is. and the two people who were killed robert shaun roberts and jermaine asher both in their 20's and they were killed saturday night and we understand from police the driver t vehicle that hit the car, that person had been drinking. the high speed crash happened on saturday night on south rainbow. the driver of a camaro slammed into the sonata. robert and jermaine inside were killed. they had been on a shopping trip for their mother. >> they were on their way to get me a birthday gift.
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young men. >> flying down a residential street. it's 35 miles per hour. and they took my best friends from me. >> back here where that crash happened. the driver of the camaro is 25 years of age and he has been arrested now charged with speeding and with driving under the >> dana: thank you. two people accused of kidnapping a one-year-old girl from here in the valley due in a local courtroom. 23-year-old dennis gentle and 21-year-old samantha campbell took an stays i can't during a fight with her mother at a home in north las vegas in may. then they issued an amber alert. so the two suspects according to police dumped the one-year-old girl with a witness.
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two outside of a wal-mart and take them in custody. they've already been in court. we'll have more on this case in a live report coming up in our next half hour. >> kim: what is going on here? it's another protest of president elect donald trump. do you notice where they are protesting? here in las vegas in front of his hotel that bears his name here in town. this was just hours ago. more than 1,000 people marching. it takes us back night where this took place. they were at trump tower and in front of the link. that was their marching route. people upset by the outcome of the presidential election chanting not my president. this going on while supporters continued to march peacefully. it did get a little intense at times because the vast humanity
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did arrest 7 people because they were blocking traffic. >> dana: lieutenant dan was not in the protest but he was hanging out with wounded warriors this weekend here in the valley. gary in town honoring 70 wounded warriors. they do this every year in the las vegas valley treating them to special sights from sundance heco during veterans day weekend. >> get together and there is an instant pull that pulls you together and you ping off each other's happiness and enthusiasm. it's a great feeling to be around these amazing veterans and to be one of them. >> it's good for their soul to be able to get out and away from what they are doing all the time which is facing the challenges of what they have gone through
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>> dana: great actor. he was in town this weekend. part of his foundation honoring these 70 wounded warriors teaming up with american airlines, sundance helicopters, mgm resorts to salute our veterans. >> kim: we take you live to the fabulous las vegas strip. this is at harmon where you are going to see a taco bell marquee lit up there. it's the taco opening up the two story restaurant for dining. it's not your average taco bell. you can get a twisted up cocktail there. they are going to serve alcohol and will have twisted freezes and beer. it's a unique offering provided only in canteen na locations and now we have one on the las vegas strip.
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the images are unbelievable we're seeing this morning. we're going to share them with you. lives have been lost and you'll see a peculiar position for some animals. >> dana: we can't wait for to you meet this young lady. she's the volunteer of the year. what does she get out of it? we'll find out coming up. >> tom: a little trouble here.
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>> dana: we don't know a motive. we don't know who is involved. no arrests have been made. authorities say there >> kim: two people were hurt including a pennsylvania police officer. it was during a mental health check that ended with shots fired. 38-year-old jonathan young attacked one of them with an axe and baseball bat and then went after other people trying to help. he tried to barricade himself inside his home when police in pennsylvania were responding to a mental health warrant. that's when officers broke down
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witnesses heard shots ring out. neighbors saw an officer come out of the home with blood pouring from his head. young remains in the hospital this morning but we don't know his condition. an investigation is under way to determine if police used appropriate force in this particular situation. >> dana: hard to believe it was a year ago. this is the scene in paris last night. thousands of people coming together to remember the victims oft attacks in that city. these lanterns floating in a canal colored in the red, white and blue. this canal situated in paris' 11th district. close to many of the bars and cafes targeted that left 130 people dead. around 5,000 lanterns float in the canal. one of the worst attacks took
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metal returned to paris to pay tribute to the victims. they were playing there last night. they were emotional yesterday as they were talking about what happened. they were able to escape outside of a back door. sting reopening it over the weekend. he had a live performance. the first one they've had in the last >> kim: had an emotional performance just hours ago. >> tom: that thing still fresh in people's minds even though it's been a year. we're at the 215 and airport connector. things are in good shape. we'll see overnight closures coming up soon. they are about to stick in a set of girders over the freeway. no closures have been announced yet. looks good from here. let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: a smooth start to the new week.
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where traffic is moving along just fine on the 95. summerlin parkway east to downtown a 10 minute commute. you can join the waze team. download it from the app store and update us on what you see on your commute, just make sure you do itel moon. it will be a little brighter, a little bit bigger. >> kelly: going to be pretty bright. it was awesome to see this morning when it peaked during our 5:00 hour. this evening toss going to be very impressive. if you didn't get a chance to see it this morning, step out this evening and get cool pictures. we want to see them. appearing 30% brighter than
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moon again until 2034. all the reason to get those pictures. i posted mine, now i want to see yours. here is a look at what we're seeing right now. we're off to a beautiful start already. temperatures on the cool side. make sure have you the sweater or jacket as you step out the door. green valley 53 this morning. going to want that t shirt for later. it's going to warm up again. we have rain showers well to our north. that ridge kind of in place now. we're looking at highs today topping out in the upper 70's again. 78 will be our forecast high for the day with light and variable winds. tonight looking at a low of 53. clear skies. a little chilly at night. i had my heat on in the car on
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79 tomorrow. some neighborhoods could see the 80-degree mark and then it comes to an end. breezy conditions on wednesday. thursday we're talking a high of just 60. factor in the winds and it's going to feel colder. >> dana: thanks for getting up early with us. it's a make a wish monday. normally we talk about the these wishes but none of this gets done without the great volunteers at make a wish. you are the volunteer of the year. you will be 31. how did you get involved with this at such a young age? >> they are doing great things and social media shows all the things they do. i started volunteering and fundraising. >> you got involved at 28.
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granted? >> a couple dozen. >> over three years. this is almost another job for you but a labor of love. >> it is. it is worth it. it is like a second job. >> you raise a lot of money for the organization as well. we know you are going to be honored in vegas gives. this is part of vegas magazine. my lovely wife was one of the recipients there recently. tomorrow you are going to be honored? >> yes. i'm excited. >> i know you don't do this for what does it mean to be involved with make a wish? >> every opportunity to raise money for charity. a lot of businesses and people want to get involved. it's greeted bring that all together and tie it in and do something great. >> what do you notice when wishes are granted for the children you are involved with, what do you notice from the children and families? >> greet gratitude, they are going through so much and to be
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focus to something better than just an illness or a bad time. >> i have been around these children as well and i've seen some of the wishes that have been granted and they forget about their illness for a short time. you are doing god's work. you can do the same. you can do one wish a year. they are free to volunteer. just go to the news 3 page right there, there is a make a wish icon. you click easy ways for everybody to volunteer out there. we thank you for coming in. >> kim: the top fundraiser. that's why she's volunteer of the year. terrific work. thank you. we transition to these live pictures in the heart of new york city. look what arrived over the weekend at rockefeller center. the christmas tree arriving.
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channel. they'll have 50,000 lights and it will be turned on on novembe. also still to come the broncos game yesterday. wow, was it one for the books, especially the ending. an amazing comeback. you're going to see it on this program ahead. plus -- >> dana: this is part of saturday night live. where is the punch line? we'll show you more of this
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>> tom: traffic looks great and look that the golden sunshine ton las vegas strip. >> kelly: beautiful start to this day. temperatures going to start rising now that the sun is up. still on the chilly side. pahrump 45. overton you are wind not an issue for us today. temperatures are going to rise. mid and upper 70's for highs today. they are not going to last. we'll talk about the storm system coming up. >> kim: the nfl some say stands for the no fun league. fur a viewer that does not apply. >> dana: back and forth. denver playing in new orleans yesterday.
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down. drew brees throws a touchdown pass. they are lining up for the game winning extra point blocked. we're going to overtime. the guy from the broncos picks up the ball and races in. you get two points for doing that. denver wins it 25-23. from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat in about 10 seconds yesterday. >> kim:ha betters. on sunday night football on nbc it was a cool one. it was a rematch of the super bowl between the seahawks and patriots. >> seahawks won on the road. beat the patriots, huge upset. >> kelly: we have a live moment to take to you. it's on your screen. this is access pipeline protest.
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they want to make sure they protest peacefully. we've not heard of any violence this morning. looks peaceful. we'll monitor this. >> dana: mega star pink making a big announcement over the
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>> dennis: this local couple accused of kidnapping a one-year-old girl from her home due in court. michelle live with more. >> kim: president elect donald trump starting to announce who will be a part of his cabinet. and you are seeing a couple of the faces on your screen. you are hearing from one this morning.
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>> dana: saturday night live not opening with the funny. they opened with this. we'll tell you what it's all about coming up. >> dana: live pictures from sky 3 of the airport. >> kim: the parking garage in particular because we had jam packed weekend. it took some people four hours or long tore get out of short term parking last night. we have a jam packed half hour before we hand you off to the today show. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the
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parking garage last night. >> tom: i guess that was not the place to be over the weekend. right now we're looking good. >> jeff: 15 southbound running a little slowly this morning but no accidents on the freeway. a smooth start to travel times are looking great. boy are we in for change this is week. >> kelly: we sure are. we're looking at lows in the low 50's but warming up kickly. by lunchtime 75. 78 is our high. we're talking temperatures 20-degrees cooler later this week. we'll talk about when coming up. >> kim: a local mom is mourning
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both losing their lives in an awful accident here in town over the weekend. you are seeing pictures of robert and jermaine both suddenly killed on saturday night. they were hit by a driver who had been drinking. it was a high speed crash on saturday south of rainbow. the driver of a 2010 camaro slammed into their sonata. they had been on a shopping trip for their mom. >> dana: a local couple accused of kidnapping a one-year-old girl are due in a local courtroom hours from now. michelle joins us live in front of the regional justice center with more. >> michelle: according to the police report the two suspects in this case met the girl's
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kidnapping. they drove the girl's mother home in her car because she was too drunk to drive to the house where the little girl was being watched by the grandmother. after the grandmother left the two rummaged through the house and started stealing stuff and spotted the little girl and took her because they said they were concerned for her safety. she was recovered after an amber alert went out unharmed. the kidnapping. over the summer at one of the hearings they had the defense attorney for samantha campbell ask her bail be reduced because she recently found out she was pregnant. the judge denied that request and she's being held on $500,000 bail. today they are due in court for a status hearing. we are going to be there and will have updates throughout the morning on social media and will have an update live at noon.
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there. >> kim: we do lye cut ins during "the today show," will you reach out to me so we can update people as they watch "the today show." the average american has $4,700 in credit card debt. is a cash only diet the way to go? here is craig with a preview of his special snort. >> $15,000 is how much credit has right now. when you add that to your car payment, perhaps a student loan, many people will tell you that they are broke. could you go on an all cash diet? >> that is radio host dave ramsay.
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or don't buy it. is the key to wealth found by spending only cash with zero exceptions? could you dump your favorite credit disregards. >> i was kind of sad when i had to cut that one up. >> join me for my special report cash diet monday live at 11:00. is an all cash existence possible? would you give it a try if you
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>> kim: rock and roll musician leon russell pass add way. he passed in his sleep early yesterday morning in nashville. he emerged in the 70's. was inducted into the rock and roll all of fame in 2011. he was 74-year-old. prosecutors will finally have a
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allegations concerning possible sex crimes committed in sweden six years ago. he will be interviewed today in london. >> dana: tom up in sky 3. >> tom: we're crews up in the north part of the valley coming upton 215 interchange. this part of the out is done. there are other sections where the buildout is under way. right now we're in great shape with no accidents. >> kelly: it's cool out there right now but another picture perfect day well above normal. you want a light jacket this
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are getting out of school this afternoon. time to dig out the winter coats, going to need them later this week. >> dana: donald trump setting his team in place where when he takes over as president of the united states. his choices generating
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>> dana: thanks giving is next week which means that christmas isn't far behind and the christmas tree has arrived at 30 rockefeller center. this thing was brought in by a flat bed truck which is a bit of a trick in midtown manhattan. they are going to light this thing up with all the lights on it live on the air the wednesday after thanksgiving right here on channel 3. that will be november 306789 they'll have a big show surrounding the lighting of the tree. do it holidays for one local mom will be heartbreaking.
6:45 am
developing story joining us live with the details that will break your heart. >> this was a terrible car crash that happened sunday night about 8:12 in the evening. both young men were killed when their vehicle was hit bity driver of a camaro. that driver is 25-year-old. he had been drig driving very fast. the accident happening south rainbow north of i don't .the two boys were out shopping to buy their mother a gift for her up coming birthday. >> dana: the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus will be his chief
6:46 am
this job? >> first of all, it's about an advisory role, it's an operations role. but i was elected by the grassroots members of our party across the country. i get elected by the people that are making the phone calls and putting up the yard signs and the people doing the work. >> dana: let's talk it out with tracy potts joining us live from washington. donald trump during the campaign saying he was going to drain the when he got to the white house but i've heard this morning reince priebus is the ultimate washington insider. >> because he ran the republican party, not only that but a number of advisors who they seem to be relying on are lobbyist. asked about that yesterday trump said you have a lot of people in
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now they know government. these are the people he'll have to rely on until he can drain the swamp and start to phase that out. he didn't say exactly when. reince priebus is on deporting millions will be on
6:48 am
deport criminals first. the wall may turn out to be fencing. >> dana: he had a lot to say including the fact he's not going to take the $400,000 a year salary and not going to take any vacations while he is president of the united states. tracy potts reporting live from washington. >> kim: donald trump is crediting his victory partly to his use of twitter, social media in general. while hillary cnt speaking to donors over the weekend. she told them she's heart broken blaming the f.b.i. inquiry into her email server stopping her momentum. reopening the controversy turn add way people who were giving her waiverring support. she did win the popular vote by almost 500,000 votes.
6:49 am
trump reaching the 270 required to get the presidency. they go on the electoral vote on "the today show" this morning. >> dana: connor mcgregor did it on saturday night at madison square garden. the first ufc show in the state of new york. the irishman taking on eddie alvarez. threw a lot of punches. mcgregor 21-3 in his career. he holds two world title belts. another moment out of ufc 205 over the weekend. miesha tate considered to be the best female boxer in all of this announced her retirement. she lost to pennington , the world's number one calling it a
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>> kim: billy bob thornton starring in bad santa is live on "the today show" this morning talking about his new movie. >> your character willie, i think it is fair to say has not had a season of personal growth. he's as bad as ever. >> yeah, he hasn't changed a lot. i think the one thing in this second movie is t more of willie's heart. it's a little more emotional than the first one. has more of an actual christmas story. >> kim: you can catch that full interview with billy bob thornton. look who else is on "the today show." anna is talking about her new book scrap pi little nobody. and andy, watch what happens live on "the today show" this morning when this program ends
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not for the kids. >> kim: good warning. >> dana: santa has a bad mouth. this service scene more than 45,000 runners in town for the rock and roll marathon. every state in our fine union represented. 83 countries also represented. this is a great event they started back in 1998 on the las vegas strip . the guy who won it is from virginia. he ran the race dressed as the winner ran the race dressed as elvis presley. >> kim: i'll tweet out the picture later so people can see it. let's check in with tom who is a man on thisser but not this weekend. he's in sky 3 right now. >> tom: we have a fire up in the far northeast valley we've been covering. looks like they are getting the upper hand on this one. it's near craig and lamb out to the northeast. i want to show you what it
6:52 am
you can see this pretty much a goner. it appears it was an unoccupied home. you can see the windows are boarded up on that house. doesn't look like anyone was living in it. no word on what the cause >> jeff: a hit and run incident earlier in the hour. you will see change this is week with the forecast. >> kim: as we take a live look outside beautiful skies. the sun is up. temperatureson the cool side.
6:53 am
summerlin 60. nellis and sunrise 50. it's going to warm up pretty quick. got a oh lot of sunshine. rain showers well to our north in parts of washington and oregon. here at home plenty of sunshine again today. high temperatures pahrump 78. overnight tonight lows in tomorrow 79. still mild. but the winds are going to start pick up on wednesday. highs will be in the 70's but look at the drop. thursday's high 60 and the wind will make it feel colder. friday morning we're going to be waking up to morning lows around 40. >> time for the water cooler on this monday morning. we have a live look at the dow jones. it is in record territory this
6:54 am
closer to 19,000. the dow has never been even at 18,909. go to the review journal website. they did an article about the donald trump affect on your 401k. >> dana: time for the water cooler. saturday night live wasn't very funny. at least the opening act. this is how they began the program on saturday. >> ??? i did my bes couldn't feel so i tried to touch, i told the truth, i didn't come to fool you. and even though it all went wrong, i'll stand before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah ??? i'm not giving up and neither should you.
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non-reprizing her role as hillary clinton. leonard cohen pass ago way last week. a tribute to leonard and hillary clinton at the same time. >> a guy broken down on the side of the road. one guy goes are you bruce springsteen and he says i am. that's the boss on the right. he was riding around new he bought them a round of drinks and promised to get them tickets to an up coming show. so they are like yeah, we're in. pink took to twitter on saturday to unveil a surprise to her fans. she is pregnant with baby number two. her second with motor cross champ. in the photo posted her five-year-old daughter is resting her head on her mom's
6:56 am
mother and daughter wearing white dresses and hats as well. adorable. take a look at this. the sky blue diamond up for grabs this week. could fetch as much as $25 million at auction this week. blue diamonds are rare. this one more than eight carts. one of the largest of its kind. the diamond will be auctioned in switzerland. we talked about the mannequin challenge here this is starting to take the nation by storm. we noticed some locals got together to do the mannequin challenge at the red rock conservation area. couple of familiar faces in there. we'd like to see yours. can you go to our kim and dana wagner facebook page and post your mannequin challenge for all to see right there.
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tom as we send it to you guys. >> krystal: love it. now it time to work. >> jeff: coming up very sad story locally. a local mother in mourning after her two sons were killed anyway crash. craig live with details. >> janet: a mother kicked her son out vote for. >> jeff: the promenade set to
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good morning. trump's challenge amid protests for a fifth straight night. president-elect speaks out in his first interview opening up about his future of his campaign pr >> probably 2 million, could be 3 million. >> to abortion. >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. >> so that wall. >> i'm very good at physical construction. >> mr. trump also delivering a message to his supporters being accused of racism and hate crimes. >> i will say that and i'll say is it right to the cameras.


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