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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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are accused of terrorizing the entire neighborhood. one senior citizen fought back with gunfire. >> this is 67-year-old peter caris. he's accused of killing one of the people that he thought didn't belong in this neighborhood. >> news 3's antonio castelan has our top story live from the clark county detention center. antonio? >> reporter: peter caris, friends and neighbors shouldn't be here. people living at the mobile home feel like he was a defender. >> i was on my front porch when the shooting took place. >> reporter: it's something that 84-year-old jerry help never never imagined experiencing at the mobile home park off flamingo and decatur. sunday morning shots rang out. >> i counted six rounds all together. how many times did he hit him?
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>> reporter: when helptner saw this, it brought back memories of his korean war days. peter paris fired the shots, they say. >> unbelievable it had to come down to this. >> reporter: fay seymour says for the past two years, the victim and two of his friends have terrorized this quiet senior mobile home park. >> they are not seniors. it's shocking. and it's scary because we still got one or two left here. we're >> reporter: seymour said dutch was trying to protect the mobile park. >> they want to go there when nobody is awake and use the showers and duck was down there and protected the clubhouse. police ended up arresting the 67-year-old. >> really bad. it didn't -- it didn't have to come down to this this.
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shocking. i never thought that dutch would do something like that. my thoughts and prayers go out to him. he was trying toe broke what was ours. >> reporter: the coroner has not released the name of the murder victim. as for caris, he appears before a judge tomorrow. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. a 53-year-old remastered sex offender is in jail after police say he attacked a woman inside her apartment. police say a white got in through a bathroom window and tried to assault the woman. he robbed her and took off. it happened on 10th near bonanza. police took him into custody on saturday. to a mother's heartache after losing two sons to one suspected drunk driver. willie wortham is behind bars tonight. police say he hit and killed the young men while they were on their way to buy their mother a birthday present. kelsey thomas is live where the crash happened near smoke
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>> reporter: friends and family come oath here, leaving candles and flowers for those two brothers who were inseparable. they were only a year apart. tonight their mother is offering a story of loss and love. >> you ripped my entire soul out of my body. >> reporter: sharithea everett is preparing to bury not one but two of her children. >> i'm a single mom. that they were not a product of the streets. robert sean roberts and jermaine asher were killed. police say the brothers made an illegal u-turn and 25-year-old willie wortham was speeding and driving drunk when he ran into them. >> he made a stupid, selfish decision.
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numbers show drunk driving crashes are up this year in clark county and state lawmakers will soon push new legislation that would require interlock devices in the cars of all first-time dui offenders. >> if it's too difficult for you to press a button on your phone and have uber, lyft, whoever, come and pick you up, then that's a pretty good indication of what impaired driving does to your judgment. >> reporter: lives can change in a second. sharithea everett knows. her two sons home. >> and this animal who have no regard for no one's safety, for no one alive, you are flying down a residential street. it's 35 miles per hour. and they took my best friends from me. >> reporter: and that suspected
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willie wortham, will sleep in a jail cell tonight. he's expected to face a judge tomorrow morning and news 3 will be there. reporting live tonight, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> our thoughts go out to that entire family. one man is now in police custody in connection to a murder that may have been drug of this lea lated. late -- drug-related. this is cody sullivan. he was taken into custody and now facesha this is surveillance video of the man before the murder happened. sullivan is the man in the checkered shirt. they are still looking for the other man wearing that backpack and the baseball hat. look closely at your screen. if you recognize him, you could be eligible for a reward. call crimestoppers. some more surveillance images. police are looking for this man
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he has a gun. hands the employee a note demanding cash. happened at the casino near flamingo and co salt. if you recognize him call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. somebody forgot to tell harry reid to play nice. he threw some pretty big punches that still has washington talking. jeff gillan has more. >> good evening. reid held a press event outside his office at the capitol. we were hoping to get more red meat about donald trump. but senator reid had other ideas. >> i'm going to give a speech tomorrow, and i'll talk about what took place last tuesday. >> but it was the prospect of more fireworks on monday that brought the press to his doorstep.
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president-elect an olive branch. not him. he landed a left hook. if this is going to be a time of healing, we must put the responsibility of healing where it belongs, at the feet of donald trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate. ouch. three days later, local conservatives are still steaming at his broadside. >> it's life and local now, all across the state of nevada and >> harry reid's comments were -- were reprehensible. it's irrelevant. >> reporter: he wasn't irrelevant. >> my name is jackie rosen. >> catherine cortez masto. >> reporter: reid appearing in washington with the fruits of
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only battleground where democrats swept. hillary had a ground game, too. so why did what happens in nevada not happen elsewhere? >> but i wasn't involved in orchestrating what happened around the country. >> reporter: maybe he should have been. in the meantime, he has that speech tomorrow. we'll wait to see if it's an olive branch or a right hook. campaign manager hinted reid better watch what he says about the famously donald trump. time for a check of traffic. the cars are moving around the supermoon in the skies. traffic is not too bad. but news 3 is your traffic authority. tom hawley has spotted trouble
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it's westbound just before you get to the railroad tracks. there are flares, down to a single lane. we did see someone loaded into an ambulance a moment ago. it looks like a big rig. look at the traffic backed up there. it's about to third street. that's where it starts. motorists on their way out the door, be prepared to move to bonnieville or use sahara for westbound travel. th slowdown and there will need to be a tow truck to get that car out of the sky. back to you. >> all right, tom. we'll let you come back right now. the helipad is cleared out. nevada is one of the most seismically action in the nation. >> we'll take you inside the drill that could actually save
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a las vegas family lost a loved one in a tragic crash. it's a special opportunity to share the legacy he left behind. need to get outside the next couple of days and enjoy the warmth. it's heading out, big-time. we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast. as we head to break, there is a live picture of the supermoon illuminating everybody. we'll be right back. planet earth, it may be illuminating this picture in houston houston. authorities make arrest happened because of all of the crazy animals in the house. what was found when the woman
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rocked that area. rescue efforts still ongoing around the hardest hit areas, foy, who now, is completely cut off after huge cracks in the road formed. can't get cars in or out. landslides blocked others already in. the quake stranded some 2,000 tourists and toppled homes. a tsunami warning has been lifted. here at home, nevada is one of the most seismically active state in t new at 6:00, denise rosch is live in downtown las vegas and big training exercise today brought out the national guard. >> reporter: yeah, jim. we don't like to think about it but there are faultlines all around the las vegas valley and should the worst happen, first responders are ready to go. >> two casualty. one seems to be unconscious. >> reporter: it's the type of call they hope will never come.
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>> okay. >> reporter: a collapsed building. victims trapped inside. but here in the nevada desert, first responders prepare for everything. the national guard and firefighters and police officers from north las vegas staging what might happen in a 6.7 earthquake. >> it could absolutely happen in nevada. >> reporter: this lieutenant colonel said soldiers are here from all over the country. >> this magnitude of training has not been done in nevada nc has fallen, is the scenario. they search through the rubble. >> if you get too high on adrenaline, you will fail. >> reporter: all the while sending back information to central command. it's only a drill. but the skills they are perfecting, inval you aable -- invaluable. the training comes at las vegas is updating its own emergency response plan.
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exercise. this man says there will be others. >> they have clinical, a meth lab that was abandoned. they will need to decontaminate. oil and fuel lines have ruptured. they will need to respond to. >> reporter: and she says there are other questions following any disaster. >> how do we restore services? >> reporter: exactly what rescue teams are now facing in the very real disaster occurrin rescue could take days. here, it is all controlled. >> find out where it would be at. >> reporter: planning for that day no one wants to see. and nearly 600 national guard soldiers participated in today's exercises. these are men and women in from california, utah, colorado, all ready to lend that mutual aid if
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back to you. the tournament of roses parade is a big parade to watch. today, the family of russell put the finishing touches on this graph of him made up of flowers. the image will appear on the donate life float. he was an organ donor. is on january 2nd this year. not on new year's day. that's because new year's day falls on a sunday, am i right about that? >> i will have to check to. kevin is saying yes. that's a beautiful thing to look at. but i will tell you what else is beautiful, above our heads. >> supermoon! >> we're getting the best shots of it for you. >> and it really looked cole
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i think what you will notice is how bright it is. if you are looking around your neighborhood, it makes a tremendous difference because it's 30 brighter than your typical blue moon. the reason we're having this supermoon, this one is closer to the earth than it will be for quite sometime. next one this close won't be until 2034 and still 221,000 miles away. but it appears not only larger but that brightness. and if you go outside of the valley, get away from the landscape, it will be slightly illuminated because of the bright moon that's out there. great viewers from -- great pictures from our viewers from last night. now, the exact point when it was closest to the earth was 8:00, 9:00. about the same size. we're between the supermoon. crystal-clear skies.
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out at red rock, the lake looking gorgeous. water is calm. that will change as the wind picks up and the cold system is coming in. there is a chance there could be snow up in pioche. about 180 miles north of las vegas. across town to buffalo and lake mead, they are at 64. their peak wind gust day 7 miles an hour. here is the rest of the numbers. low to upper 60s dedepending upon your neck of the cactus. downtown maxed out at 81. boulder city, 69. highs made it as warm as 87 in laughlin. at mccarran, the mercury marked out at 78 degrees. 11 above normal.
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been above normal today. air quality, you could see it, we had junk in the air, especially this morning, also grass pollen has managed to sneak into the moderate category. mid-50s tomorrow. we'll be in the mid-70s by lunchtime. peaking in the upper 70s. wind, not a factor. that will change in a huge way come wednesday. clear today, no problem. got some clouds sneaking in from the southwest. we'll deal with aew clouds tomorrow. then the front comes through. it's a pretty potent front. that's the colder air. while the bulk of it will be to the north, we'll get our piece. by thursday night into friday morning we're thinking 30s in the valley for the overnight low. sandy valley at 49. mesquite, 51 to start your day tomorrow. high temperatures, boulder city 75. 71 in indian springs and mid-50ss on the mountain. 53 for the las vegas valley. underneath that bright moon.
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clouds. we'll still be mostly sunny. 79, the expected high. tomorrow's record is 82. that does appear to be safe but we'll be in the neighborhood. the seven-day forecast, look out for the winds on wednesday. don't be surprised if we have gusts in the 40-mile-an-hour range. they could linger into thursday. huge drop in the temperature. thursday night 39 which means some neighborhoods possibly in the mid-30s. i don't think we'll see any frost but we could be close and there will be a slight rebound enjoy the supermoon. >> yes. >> enjoy the temperatures over the next 48 hours and then run for your lives. >> thank you. after a busy weekend, this is the first full workweek for president-elect donald trump's new transition team. >> ahead, even though it's just beginning, why some are already questioning his selection. it's a taco bell like you've probably never seen before. it's right here in las vegas. brand-new flagship restaurant
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taco bell is opening the very first strip location. it's complete with adult beverages. >> it has to be open 24 hours a day, being here in las vegas. and your typical taco bell. they tried to create an atmosphere like a club. it has a space for a deejay to pump up the volume. you see the booth here. they will sell cocktails. this marks taco bell's 7,000th restaurant and be what's called a cantina location. there's one in san francisco, and austin. the company says it's part of the five-year plan that will create jobs across the country.
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which involves over 2,000 restaurants over the next five years. we're adding 100,000 jobs in that time as well. >> it will open at 10:30 this evening. plenty of time to get down there if you want, grab some tacos, get back home to watch our late news. >> pardon me if i'm wrong but back in my day, you drank and then went to taco bell. >> that's the way it used to work. but now -- >> it's a sky. >> two flight attendants injured. up next at 6:30, the incident causing a lot of concern. then a father convicted of murdering his own child leaving the little one in a hot car to
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welcome back. under the light of a supermoon on this monday, and a houston woman is in a nevada jail accused of keeping these exotic animals in her house. we can confirm nye coun wandering in the backyard of a home in pahrump. >> they found eight monkeys living on the inside of the residence. bill spencer has the story of how authorities in houston caught up with this woman. >> reporter: 34-year-old trisha meyer, the houston woman who was housing exotic wild animals inside this home, is now in custody in nye county, nevada charged with child endangerment for keeping dangerous animals in


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