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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> at this point we have no idea for a motive. i haven't heard anything about a fight or anything like that. >> reporter: police got the call at 7:47 this morning. an altercation in the boys' locker room led to five students getting stabbed. and the suspect suffering what police called a self-inflicted stab wound. >> it appeared to be about a 3-inch blade, knife. >> reporter: most of the students at the school were unaware of what happened. ever feel any danger at >> i always felt really safe. >> reporter: a handful of students showed up at the morning news conference to learn more. >> really sad to know that felt that way enough to do something like that. >> reporter: police say faculty members cornered the suspect in the locker room until a school resource officer arrived and tased the 16-year-old subduing him until police arrived. >> this is a new student, a new sophomore, straight-a student, attends regularly and no prior
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for the faculty to get things under control. with no other perceived threats at the school, classes continued. >> the crime scene was isolated at one end o o the school and it was something we were able to maintain away from the students. >> a tragic day in oklahoma to tell you about. the father of a kansas city chief's football player killed in an oklahoma airport shooting. james winchester confirming his father is the victim in this bizarre shooting at airport. winchester's agent calling this tragic. police say the victim was shot in the airport's parking lot. tonight authorities say the suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the airport's parking garage. we've been hearing from a lot of you following this one closely. construction on the dakota pipeline is on hold. the pipeline has sparked protests all over the country, including here in las vegas.
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construction for further discussion and analysis with the sioux tribe. the pipeline would span from north dakota to illinois. the developer sought permission from the army corps of engineers to tunnel under the missouri river in north dakota. the standing rock sioux tribe that relies on the river for the drinking water objected over concerns. paul ryan is going to keep his post as speaker of the house. house republicans re-elected ryan today. while he's acknowledged the vote on social media, the official vote comes in in january. outgoing nevada senator reid spoke about donald trump. he softened his tone at times
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the results of the election, considering donald trump lost the popular vote. >> i've been in politics for five decades. i've not seen anything like we're seeing today in america. lost the popular vote by 2 million votes and is president-elect. he lost the election by 2 million votes or more is now the president-elect. >> senator reid also called f the appointment of stephen bannon. but he went on to say senate democrats will work with the new president whenever possible. meanwhile, donald trump has reportedly not left trump towers since tuesday. he's choosing his staff and cabinets. >> president obama is headed overseas to explain the transition to america's allies. it's expected to be his last trip as president and president-elect is on the
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developments on the developments from washington. ? >> reporter: president obama touched down in athens today for the first leg of his last major foreign trip. obama spoke with the greek prime minister about the economy, the refugee crisis and his successor. >> you have seen some of the rhetoric among republican lengthed -- elected officials. enough votes to win the election. >> reporter: the last time he was abroad, he called trump unqualified and assured foreign leaders he would not win. today he's assuring them things will be okay. >> the future of humanity and the future of the world will be defined by what we have in common as opposed to those things that separate us. >> reporter: america's post-america direction will be determined in part by the decisions being made inside
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by mike pence. sources say rudy giuliani is the leading contender for secretary of state along with john bolden. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anyone better? >> maybe me. [laughter] >> reporter: under trump maintaining foreign relationships will be important. according to a memo, trump's first 200 days would see the u.s. reverse decades of a the new approach to foreign affairs that's tough even for obama to sugar coat. we learned a name that will not be part of a trump administration. dr. ben carson. he ran against trump. he was offered the job as health and human services secretary but declined. >> four of the biggest names in the las vegas casino will have a
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has been named to the committee. the inaugural committee is responsible for the planning of all activities surrounding the inauguration. you know, just in time for president-elect trump's inauguration, reno sayses to the capitol dome are done. the dome was so badly corroded since it was last restored that. administration. over the past three years, workers removed hazardous materials and used 1,200 gallons of paint and the rotunda is shining. the renovation price tag to tax payers, $60 million. along with the destruction
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damaging to the hearth health to those. the number of heart attacks tripled. a study found those heart patients were likely to have other ailments like diabetic, hypertension, high cholesterol. they say it's important to realize disasters can impact a person's health in the long-term. coming up -- a big surprise when a woman buys a dress. >> what she said she found that's left her to the rebel football team to get resourceful. who is playing at wide receiver this week might surprise you. and a beautiful shot from ethel m chocolates where kevin janison is filling bags and bags of chocolates for us, if you are listening. >> hopefully he is. when we come back we'll ask him if he heard us and we'll get a look at your changing forecast as we head into the middle of
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chevrolet has new bragging
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the year. the magazine's review calls it a good small happen -- small hatchback of any type. it's not to be confused with its cousin the volt. the bolt gets about 238 miles on a full charge. chevy expects it to go on sale by the end of the year. the sticker price, about 37.500. so many people say i want my social media feed to enema. twitter says over the next few days they are going to add features to allow you to curb online harassment. it's an expansion of the mute feature so you can filter out words or phrases that you don't want to see. i hope you're not eating dinner right now. this one is kind of gross. a woman is suing a clothing store claiming she found parts
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she's said she suffered emotional distress and a rodent-borne disease after wearing this dress. you can see the parts sticking out there. the court documents show this was hidden beneath the fabric sewn into the hem. >> i'm checking. >> all clear? yes. no rats. let's take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. the naked truth caught on camera. what police t away with when he robbed a pizza store naked. >> should have been an interesting suspect description. and national outrage over a seemingly racist football post about the first lady. two government officials involved. those stories and any breaking news as it happens at 7:00. news 3 is your weather authority. we're about a week abe way from thanksgiving and that means the holiday season is here.
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hint. i know it's loud out there. you are out at ethel m and we want chocolate. >> reporter: have i ever let you down, jim? i don't think so. we're in the depths of the ethel m chocolate factory. you are looking at some of the boxes getting stacked with fine-looking chohote. every time i see something like this, it reminds me the "i love lucy" where the chocolate was going along the con the ceo is here. what exactly goes on in here? is this where they are making the chocolate? >> it's called a one-shot departmenter. it squirts it into a mold and pushes it along the cooling tunnel. it's set. we dump it out at the end of the line and put it in boxes. we have a great time here.
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these into chocolate. >> reporter: i love that. over here -- excuse me. you are dressed very nicely. >> thank you. >> reporter: fine job. we have where they are doing some of the tasting. these are strawberries being dipped? >> yes. they are making hot chocolate behind me and over to my left here, they are making dipping strawberries in chocolate and showing people actually just how you can do stuff in your kitchen at >> reporter: that's awesome. i want to fill everybody in with the changing weather forecast. we're going to walk and talk and check out the cacti. high temperature today, 75 degrees. i think we have one more of those before they start to change, in fact. significant changes especially for thursday. in neighborhoods across the valley, we're seeing numbers in the 60s. but a slow dip because of the cloud cover. it will only be that chilly overnight. the story is the cold front.
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satellite picture. when you widen out, it's the freckled clouds. that's the colder air. that's coming. the good news we're going to have winter. let's check out some of the temperatures. we'll begin with the low temperatures and really not that chilly tonight. we're talking about numbers that are going to be generally 30s up in lincoln county, 40s in pahrump, 50s in boulder city. tomorrow, high temperatures, still the 80s in laughlin. still pahrump. but that's going to change come thursday and friday. here are the overnight lows for the las vegas valley. we're thinking mid- to upper 50s depending upon your neighborhood location. winds pick up tomorrow morning. 20, 30 early. but by midday, 15, 35. by early afternoon we could have gusts over 30 miles an hour. still getting to 76 tomorrow. on the back side of the cold front, the seven-day forecast, we're talking highs around 60 or low 60s through friday.
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39-degree range. we might have a few breezes. that will be a shock to everyone's system. back outside we're in the cactus garden. you have a million lights. >> there's a million lights. our gardener starts to string them around october 1st. he's like chevy chase. he tests all of the lights. they go up and on. this is our 23rd year. we're excited about it. this t season. >> reporter: what i like about it, it's always been absolutely free. >> it is and it will be free all during the season. the lights will be up. you can come and see them. christmas day we're closed but other than that, we're open. >> reporter: that's awesome. thank you for the tour. appreciate it. that was a lot of fun this afternoon and i think i got an idea for a new motion picture, it's the cactus garden vacation. it might be coming to a theater
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we'll look forward to your arrival back to the station, conversation and especially the chocolates. [laughter] >> thank you. >> he does never let us down. time for sports. amber dixon has more on injuries forcing the coach of the rebels to get creative. >> yes. tony sanchez said known for this scramble will play wide receiver on saturday. since the start of the season, they've lost four wideouts due to injury. and are down to a qb, and flowers and two other -- two freshmen playing the position. it was only saturday when the rebels lost boyd.
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he continued to play. while the team has lost him for the rest of the season, the coach says boyd stands to gain something from the experience. second overtime, game tied at 59 and unlv junior wide receiver boyd with an aching arm. >> he felt like he could go and he did and he made big plays. >> makes a 17-yard catch to help set up a touchdown. unlv won, 69-66 in triple overtime. >> the rebels have pulled off the upset! >> reporter: after is when the coach said boyd found out his arm was broken. >> says a lot about him and who he is. and i think it's something that actually helps him forward. however, had we known the arm was broken, you would never put him back in the game. sanchez shocked. boyd heartbroken. >> knowing you can drive through places that people can't go
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he says he still has since playing ball at bishop gorman for coach sanchez. >> it looks like he will be out for a long time. he has a surgery. pulls the foot together and holds it in place so he can play. and when that game ended, he was out most out of it and show people your pain tolerance. >> he will have that screw in his foot the rest of his life. they are the underdogs. >> now going through airport security wandering about the beeper. >> did you see the picture?
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a group's effort to be the first to swim across the dead sea begins today. >> the message behind this challenging mission still ahead tonight and as we go to break, want to show you a fine evening of entertainment lined up right here on the big 3.
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welcome back. a group of swimmers became the first people on record to swim across the dead sea from jordan to israel. >> 25 swimmers started this morning. really not an easy task. they had to wear special masks to protect them from what's in the water. apparently, it's life-threatening if it gets in their the group wants to raise awareness of the famous body of water deterioration. >> they say the dead sea is at one-third of of the former size. environmental blame unsustainable water management as the reason for the shrinking sea. and with that, we'll wrap it up here at 6:30. thanks for having us in tonight. >> we sure appreciate it. up next, a major airline goes a long way to say thanks to the group of people that live in a
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thanksgiving early. >> hone you will stay tuned for that. have a great evening. we'll leak for you later on
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared w with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody.
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a local family tries to cope with the death of their teen son struck and killed while walking on i-15. two government officials in hot water after they posted an commented on a controversial post about the first lady. what happened to them, what did
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backlash. a man breaks into a pizza shop without any clothes. what police say this birthday suit bandit got away with. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. this is a followup story t a just before 7:00 sunday night, a van hit 19-year-old santiago miranda. it happened as he walked in a travel lane on southbound i-15. >> troopers say the 55-year-old female driver tried swerving to miss him but it was too late. he died at the scene. his brother had no idea why he would be out walking on


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