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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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tonight she talks about her surprising decision. >> growing demand in nevada when recreational marijuana is sold in stores. >> news3 starts now. >> one of the biggest contracts for city of las vegas, is being renegotiated right now touching up a battle over who gets to pick up our trash. good evening everyone i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan in for marie mortera. >> top story at 11:00, news3's gerard ramalho joins us in downtown to tell us what's going on. >> reporter: jim, there is one company that has hemmed the contract since the mid 80s. you guessed it, republic services, now they're trying to extend their existing contract
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if you live in southern nevada, republic services is a name you know well. the company responsible for trash pickup and recycling in las vegas is pushing for a 15 year extension on its current contract. a contract that isn't set to expire until the year 2021. in a statement sent to news3 a spokesperson said in part, the city of las vegas will be better served continuing to partner with republic services. but at least two companies want in. trash contracts are lucrative and generally long term. sometimes lasting decades. city councilman bob beers,. >> you compare the rates we play to san diego, anyplace in southern california and other major metropolitan areas our residential rates are amongst the lowest of any of those locations. >> and while cost will be a primary consideration so will things like efficiency and safety.
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like to improve. >> more recycling. >> recycling has evolved in the past decade but slowly. he is open to see what other companies have to offer but for now his inclination -- >> i would be careful about tinkering with the system. >> and one of those other companies jim and reed is called western elite. they currently have some contracts commercial contracts with casinos here in las vegas. councilmembers are going to have a lot to consider over if you will. a decision is not expected until early next year. i'm gerard ramalho reporting live. now we'll send it back to you. >> lot of cash and trash no doubt about it. thank you. have a woman was attacked in a downtown hotel last month, this man attacked her on a stairwell on october 17th then ran off. police say he's a tall african
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know anything that will help crime stoppers calm. police may have identified a person of interest in a recent double murder a man behind bars. they want to talk to shane valentine. they were found dead inside his apartment. two of ne valentine was a suspect. he was upset with them before their murders. three weeks before they're deaths, valentine fired a gun at their home, it hatched close up. >> i heard a bang and so much activity out here i thought that was a fire cracker. so when i came out there was a car in front of their driveway, and when they saw me, they sped off. >> well neil wasn't home when
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information about the motive for the murders. a man killed a southwest airlines employee before taking his own life. news3 la toya stillman has this information. >> police found the suspect dead inside his truck in an airport parking garage. tonight they're trying to figure out what happened. >> tuesday afternoon things came to a screeching halt at wim rogers world city oklahoma. southwest employee here for work lost his life in a parking lot. >> we do believe this was a remeditated act against the victim. this was not random. >> police have not said what led up to the shooting but they believe the suspect killed himself. they found him dead inside a vehicle inside a parking garage. >> we are definitely encouraging people to reschedule all of the airlines here in oklahoma city
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a reservation. >> in oklahoma's busiest airport was shut down for six hours. there were about 25 cancellations. >> we made a clean sweep of the airport to make sure there were no potential suspects or any other possible dangers. >> the victim michael winchester was the father of kansas city chiefs football player james airport incident we had a few weeks ago. >> kelly thorn was found, had been last seen more than two weeks ago near owens and marion, police feel that she was suffering some sort of emotional disturbance when she
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the bundies are being held at the same pahrump detention center as their father. a jury in oregon acquitted them, federal trial in nevada is expected to start in february. >> she was a lifelong republican now she's an independent. state senator patricia who spoke with our own john treanor about her decision. >> what does it mean to be a democrat or republican? the country is divided, the parties are reeling. donald trump redefined the republican party on the way to his historic win. the democrats watched a pagously independent politician challenge an establishment favorite and as
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platform is. >> farley is a lifelong democrat, she will head to the state house as an independent. >> that was part of it for me, i think that i'm better off driving an agenda this i truly believe in versus joining a group of people to drive an agenda that was handed to me. >> reporter: the senator tells us it's the only way she could get things the party platform is like a play book. like michael roberson. >> he leads that caucus and setting the strategy and the agenda. and the fact that at the end of the day, in my gut i felt this was the right thing to do. >> farley's decision may be reflective of a nationwide push.
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option. >> some people get frustrated and they fight within the party to redefine it and others get frustrated and step outside the party for a while. i think we'll see both. >> state senator farley is redefining her place in it. >> i don't think there's a place for politics at usual in nevada. >> reporter: the question now will any politicians in nevada or nationally make this move we spoke to her about this and she says she hopes so. back to you. >> officials held their annual homeless connect today, it happened at the cashman center. get in touch with services that will get them back on their feet. more than 3600 people were there
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authority, there's a big closure coming up this weekend, the 215 will be in both directions at the airport connect from 9:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. morn. all weekend long when crews snawm parts of a flyover offramp. details in the area, you can expect long delays there, best bet, avoid that part of the 215 and instead. >> what police say caused this cement truck to turn over not far from here up next. >> up next pot of gold, growing demand for marijuana just weeks before it becomes legal in nevada. >> huge drop in temperatures, your full forecast right around
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>> welcome back. now the question 2 passed and recreational marijuana is passed,. >> people in the industry are preparing to grow an even bigger cash crop. >> you might call it nevada's modern day gold rush. all has to be grown and tested in nevada. now, to fill thed >> ceo andrew jolly. >> a lot of challenges leading to this industry in nevada. once those regulations are ready to go we look forward to applying for licenses and hopefully are able to obtain licenses for adult use. >> currently hold medical marijuana sales licenses will
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recreational marijuana license. about 120 could end up with those licenses statewide. >> that will give preference to the existing people. which they should, they have stuck their neck out. >> when it's legal to carry an ounce of marijuana this january and when dispensaries can sell it a year later. >> is it a way to expedite the process even on a temporary basis. >> he will travel to oregon to >> how to get it up and running. >> as key marijuana producer hit conferences over the next few days, nevada business owners say it's about getting ready for the next big gold rush. >> i believe nevada is prepared more than any other state that has adopted recreational sales. i feel good about our industry's
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customers. >> jolly says the focus is on having a good medical marijuana business but if he's able to get the recreational license, first it's all about getting those regulations in place. >> we'll see how long that takes place. kristie, thank you. turning in the middle of a busy intersection in feeks, pho. there i trying to make it through intersection, before the light changed, and the truck narrowly missed the guy standing on the sidewalk. thankfully nobody got hurt. >> get ready, the holidays are right around the corner. henderson, flipping the switch on their annual cactus garden. our own headliner kevin janison among those on hand hanging out with the kids here.
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lights and weekend visits from santa himself. you can check it out yourself for free at the ethel m. chocolate factory now to new years day. >> kevin brought his chocolate and we call him willie wonka. >> the whole thing about the cactus garden, have you ever tried stringing lights around cacti? he went through 100 pairs of gloves. can you imagine that? >> how many band-aids? >> that will be the follow-up definitely. you will feel the shift, we could experience gusts over 40 miles per hour. it wasn't just the cacti illuminating today, we had the sky getting torched. lasted for about 15, 20 minutes
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news3 viewers to grab their cameras or their phones. send it on into us. we thank everybody for that. we start off with that beautiful blue sky, here come the clouds, thin clouds we were expecting and kind of shunted our growth as far as the temperature is concerned but that is late today. couple of neighborhoods will check in, it all depends who has gt a 62 up near alexander and fort apache, that's a huge jump over there and 73? near sahara and the heart of the valley. las vegas 61, downtown 65, lake's up to 62, just up the road at 66?, bobbing and weaving with those temperatures. 76 in spring valley, 76 on the
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valley, mccarran didn't quite make it to 76, show you why i'm not happy about that in a second. 68 in boulder city. we did see the 80s in the moapa valley, prim, sandy valley jumped to 87. mccarran, 76 all around the airport, why am i not happy it just kept us f perfect record of our 3? guarantee. .air quality in the moderate quality thanks to junk in the air from the east side, blowing dust tomorrow if those winds pick up. we'll work our way to the mid 70s tomorrow, it depends on when those winds fire up, if they stay in the southwest, this number could jump tomorrow. once this goes to the northwest, they are going to die.
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have some gusts to 30 in the afternoon, 15 to 30 miles per hour sustained with those gusts that could exceed 40 miles per hour. 12, 1:00 is when we think they'll pick up. there would be flakes flying up north of us. we won't get anything more than a few clouds but the front holding back that cold air and we're going to have a major temperature drop as this front goes through. you'll start to feel night into friday morning, that will be chilly. 49 in pahrump, 52 in overton, boulder city 76, pahrump 82, still 82 in laughlin. for the las vegas valley, going down to 68, manageable breeze, then tomorrow high temperature of 77 wifnedz pick up blowing in the morning very gusty in the
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and in some areas, southern and western edges, it could be up near 50 miles per hour. winds will be blowing 60? air. thursday night 39, that's tremendous airport some neighborhoods even colder than that. but we will be more normal temperatures towards the end of the weekend. five hours nine minutes and 48 seconds f the weather. oh my we're going to have weather-whining going on. >> friends in the mid east, saying man, we're shoveling snow right here. >> thanks kevin. >> still to come, sometimes even k9s night a friend.
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>> now new at 11 a police dog is recovering after being shot in the line of duty. >> two dogs donated blood which saved his life. the dog's name was jarno. this but should be able to recover over the next couple of months or so. and if you are wondering, thinking maybe i should get into the dog blood donation, to be a donor, the dog last to be healthy, be between 1 and 7, and for mine, being able to lay still for long periods of time.
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>> no.
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>> .call them the resourceful be rels. down four wide receivers, freshman quarterback dalton
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receiver broke his arm but kept playing. he didn't find it it was broken until after the game. while the team has lost 10 for the season, he stands to gain some serious street cred. >> it says a lot to him, and to his toughness. i think it's something that actually helps him moving forward. however had we known the arm the guy back in the game. we were shocked. >> unlv looks to shoak boise state on saturday, that ranking part of the new college playoff rankings, ohio state moved into second behind alabama with michigan and clemson still in the top 4 by losing the fourth time this season.
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ranked kansas. blue devils without several key players. sophomore forward getting the dish for the dunk, seven points four rebounds and three bronks, and the j hawks, mason gave kansas is 77-75 victory. back in las vegas got hot, thanks to sophomore center paris, made the free throw then watch them battle it out here, grabs her own rebound and put it back in. posted a double-double in the first half alone. unlv improve to 2 and 0.
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his young team, might try to emulate that, following their 76-68 loss to south alabama. >> we didn't do a good job of running last game and i felt like we dropped our heads and took a moment to you know be sad every time they scored or we had a mistake and that's just immaturity. >> immaturity playing young but hopefully they have played memory of an elderly person and forget this past loss and move on. is that an appropriate comparison or maybe not? >> we like that. >> up next, hole in 1 you just need to see to believe. we'll have to get our glasses.
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>> finally tonight, one of the fanciest golf shots you have ever seen happened right on the strip. >> posted this video of the bryan brothers, shooting off the mgm grand and green below. >> the grand winner took home $15,000. >> exactly. can't r [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- warren beatty, naomie harris,


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