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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 16, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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hats handy. the big shift in the weather coming through the valley. and donald trump's immigration plan. the first 100 days in office always very important. what you can expect to see from the president-elect in that time. and we crack open the video vault. there are plenty of books that tell the story of the las vegas strip, but one of them comes alive at the touch of your fingertips. hold onto your hats. the winds are kicking up. >> news 3 is your weather authority. we go right over to chloe beardsley with a first look at the wind coming today. >> that's right. very chilly weather is expected. we're tracking this very strong cold front that has brought us very strong winds this morning and through the afternoon. you can see the movement right here over the course of the last few hours. we're still going to be pretty blustery this evening. after this area of low pressure passes, very cold temperatures will settle in. we have some freeze watches in effect for portions of the area.
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home, we have the wind advisory which remains in effect through 1:00 a.m. on thursday for gusty winds expected to reach 40 and 50 miles an hour. we're talking very strong winds all across the area. you are certainly going to want to be careful if you are going to commute within the next couple of hours. we do have strong cross winds, areas of debris and blowing dust are expected as the strong winds continue all across the area. here is a look at the sustained conditions throughout the rest of the evening. this isn't even factoring inhe wind gusts which could reach up to 40 and 50 miles an hour still. i will let you know when things are going to calm down coming up in the full weather segment. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump insisting that his transition process is very organized. >> yeah. despite a lot of reports over the last 24 hours, he says they are on the same pace or even going faster than recent presidents. in fact, he tweeted out, i'm the only one who knows to the finalists are. his campaign team is backing
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process is in disarray are flat-out wrong. >> we feel good about it. i would say it's false to say it's not going well. i know the president-elect himself. i talk to him regularly he's very happy with how the transition is going. >> well, democrats in washington warned of a tough tight against some nominees but did they say won't automatically oppose. from a wall alonghe mass deportations, what is really realistic in the donald trump presidency? >> scott thuman examines what we can expect in the first 100 days in tonight's behind the podium. >> reporter: it may have been trump's loudest rallying cry and earned him millions of votes, securing the boder and a promise deport millions.
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>> reporter: what's likely now that he will have his chance extending the wall or the fence he says in some spots, takes cash and that will mean congressional approval. as for deportation, early on, trump would rid the country of all illegals, possibly 11 million but his right-hand man says they are scaling. instead trump indicates it will most likely be criminal. regardless, usa today reports that he will have the power to choose and can on his own halt immigration from countries he sees as a threat. president obama had approved more than 100,000 refugees for next year. trump's personally has the power to make it zero. >> i think this is going to be a country by country decision.
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depend on how cooperative is the country we're talking about, how many records can we get. >> scott thuman reporting there. now we want to hear from you with our question of the day. what is your message to the election protesters who are demonstrating across the country? do you think they should keep at it or they should stop? head to to make your voice heard. the election is more than just picking a new president. >> of course, there are a lot of congressional seats to talk about as well. one of those re-elected here in nevada, dina titus. she spoke with dana wagner today in our connect to congress section. >> i wanted to say thank you for making time available and congratulations on the big victory on election night. >> well, thank you. thank you for talking to me. it was bittersweet. it felt good to win and nevada turned blue. but we were disappointed in the top ticket. >> do you think the democrats can find any common ground with
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talking about some of that. we can't give up our basic principles. but we're going to look for ways to cooperate like infrastructure. i sit on the transportation infrastructure committee. if he's serious about investing in roads and bridges and water pipelines, then that's something we can work together on. >> let's talk about senator harry reid. he will be saying fairwell as a u.s. senator coming up here in about two months from now. senate majority leader, then what does his loss mean for the state of nevada? >> it will be tremendous. harry has done so much for many years in terms of bringing home resources, protecting us from yucca mountain, protecting our public lands we're going to miss him. it's nice, though, that we replace two seats in the house with democrats. so we'll be a stronger block here on the house side to do things like fight against yucca
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of issues just as hard as they can once senator reid leaves. >> that's what i wanted to talk about, yucca mountain. there's whispers within the beltway that they may bring tons of waste. harry reid almost singlehandedly fought that for years in the united states senate. will likely that nuclear loss will come to the state? >> they will try to push it to nevada. he's blockedded it time and time again in the senate. senator heller is opposed to it. we've got to stand together as a delegation. the main thing going for us, though, this has been shut down. it would take billions of dollars to get it up and running again. and i just don't know where the republicans are going to come with that kind of money.
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appreciate it. >> no. thank you. any time. >> if you would like to watch that full interview with dina titus, head to terror-related deaths around the world surge and the u.s. continues the assault in mosul. details from the terrorism alert desk. ? >> i'm jonathan elias. there is a new report out that shows terror-related deaths have surged 650% on people living in the world's biggest worldwide were carried out in some capacity by isis. terror deaths are down in places like iraq because of military intervention battling isis. u.s.-led coalition forces are striking i list relentlessly in iraq. a spokesman said the coalition has hit isis with 4,000 bombs, artillery strikes and missiles.
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vehicle bombs and killed hundreds of fighters. iraqi forces reportedly regain control of one-third of the eastern side of mosul. i'm jonathan elias. >> thank you. caught on camera, this violent case of road rage in california. it happened at a grocery store in temecula. look at that. witnesses and police say a man started to act erratically during an argument with his girlfriend. bystanders stepped in to stop the confrontation. that's when the driver tried to he was arrested moments after that video was shot. alaska police getting a possible break on several unsolved murders in the state. it all started when the anchorage police officer got involved with a shooting on the with a robbery suspect over the weekend. detectives discovered that gun was the same used in five other murders in the area. the rob rib suspect ultimately was killed in the shootout with police. police in pennsylvania say a
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and assault at a pizza place. two gunman walked in, forced two workers and a customer to the ground, then pistol-whipped the customer. that customer pulled out a handgun and shot both of them. one of the suspected robbers died. the other is in serious condition. police are looking to see if the customer had a license to carry. americans pay more for healthcare yet are sicker. a new survey shows the united states is last when it comes to other high-income countries. the other countries in the survey have universal healthcare coverage. well, ricky martin is coming to las vegas. >> the singer, actor and author announced his residency. he will perform at the monte carlo.
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tour. that wraps up next month. another big announcement by martin, he's engaged. so congrats to ricky martin on both the gagement and his new residency here. >> this is the place to come to get married. we'll do that quickly for knew a child wakes up to find something very wrong inside her home. >> how she saved herself and her mother from a burning building. a las vegas native remembers the strip in her unique way. tom hawley brings us the e-book
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now and then, i will pull a book that tells us something new about southern nevada. gambling on a dream is an e-book
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strip into an interactive experience. >> the landscape of the town i knew was quickly starting to change, and so it became very important to me that the history -- the 20th century history of the town not get lost. >> lin zook maintains the classic las vegas website and remembers the strip as much less cluttered than it is today. >> it was hotel, desert. hotel, desert. >> this book covers 1930 to 1955 and is split into sections. it's filled with pictures of unlv, the las vegas news bureau and more. you can tap on a collection and bring it to full screen. and you can choose a history like when a rising singer inadvertently upstaged may west. >> 75% and above it, may west's name, seven letters.
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had seven. she said what do you notice? i said i notice my name. she said what about mine? i said i don't notice it as much. you only have seven letters and i have 23. >> the e-book takes us into the showrooms of a different era. wearing more mink stoles and you got dressed >> robert clark back in the 1950s, he was the only one that put his name on the hotel. >> clark was a publicist -- he was a wonderful, wonderful guy. he would go along with anything. >> one of my favorite stories is, you know, sam butera talking and tells the story of how he got the phone call on christmas eve from louie prima. >> i got my kids and i can't leave, you know, on christmas.
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26th. he says sounds good. >> he gave me a call and i joined him on the 26th. >> gambling on a dream is available for ipads, kindles and we have a link at zook is currently working on a followup which will bring us from 1955 up to the present. for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing a lot of good. >> a 9-year-old florida brother from falling off a changing table. the whole thing was caught on camera. you can see the mom turns away from the infant who immediately begins to roll off the table. and then in comes big bro with the save. the mom said her son is a hear row and -- hero and hopes the video will be a lesson for others. diana says she woke up and noticed smoke all throughout her bedroom.
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her dad was at work at the time and couldn't be there to help the family. she did all of the work. >> my mom was glad i woke her up. because if i didn't, we would probably be in the hospital. >> firefighters are proud of her. they are still investigating. some 6th graders are trying to stop all of the arguing and fighting they've been seeing since the election. they belong to what's the group is trying to spread joy to their classmates and come up with ways to reach out to students who might feel uncomfortable. they want everyone to stop and think about how they talk and act to each other, the group's young leader, admits it can be a challenge. >> we're trying to get the drama to go away. but it's -- it's kind of hard to get everybody to stop.
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adults would grow up and spread joy like they are trying to do. join the conversation on facebook by liking our page. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. time for a look ahead at 5:00 today. >> president-elect donald trump signaling he could jump-start the yucca mountain nuclear waste dump project at 5:00. what the governor thinks about the possibility. and nevada voters have spoken and recreational marijuana will soon be the law of the land. but a at what risk to your job. nasa says firefighters can be spotted all the way from space. one of the satellites captured this image in north carolina, south carolina, georgia and tennessee. look at that. the fires range in size. the chestnut fire in north carolina has burned more than 4600 acres. the rough ridge in georgia has burned close to 24,000 acres. investigators say several of the
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time for a check of the forecast. news 3, your weather authority, chloe beardsley. we're not worried about fires but that wind is something serious. >> yes. yes. when you combine the two it creates a catastrophic situation. you can see the fires spread. thankfully, we're just seeing the winds like latoya mentioned. you can see the progression of our afternoon. very shaky conditions, dancing trees. pretty much everywhere in the sky. look at that. clouds filtering in very quick across the las vegas area. a very different picture compared to the calm weather we had yesterday. you can see off and on cloudy skies and then clear throughout the afternoon. wind gusts you can see them reach up to 40 miles an hour. in summerlin, you can see 43-mile-an-hour wind gusts. that happened within the last ten minutes right there. 41-mile-an-hour winds in paradise. anthem, 29-mile-an-hour winds. here is where we sit currently. still getting the breezes out of the southwest this afternoon.
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gusty winds at mount charleston. and taking a look at the windiest places, henderson, 47-mile-an-hour winds. at the airport, 45-mile-an-hour winds. on the calm side of things, in the downtown area, only 23-mile-an-hour winds just outside our las vegas studio. it will be a bumpy ride for the rest of the evening. but winds will start calming down by tomorrow. satellite showing y see this very strong area of low pressure. this cold front pushing through. they call it a cold front for a reason. well, cooler temperatures are going to settle in after this thing passes. our numbers are going to go way down. you will feel it overnight and tomorrow. as we look at the region, you can see multiple weather alerts have been issued. right now we're still in the wind advisory category right now for the southern nevada area. gusty winds still expected up to 40, 50 miles an hour.
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are still expected. as that system passes through, we're looking at a freeze watch in effect for portions of indian springs, pahrump extending up to sandy valley for temperatures reaching the freezing mark into friday morning. very cold temperatures are expected. a mixture of 60s and 70s in las vegas. temperatures outside the valley, 78 degrees at lake mead and the upper 40s for mount charleston. those numbers are just going to go down significantly. 49 degrees for your projected las vegas. and wait until you see what we're expecting regionally. 22 degrees on the mountain tonight. we'll be in the 30s for indian springs. 37 for pahrump. our highs tomorrow will be slightly below normal for this time of year. 62 degrees for our projected high in las vegas. winds will start diminishing by the afternoon. here is a time loop of what we're expecting that to look -- to look like.
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chilly and that cooler than normal temperatures continue through friday. we're supposed to be? the mid-60s. warming up as high pressure takes control over the weekend. your weekend is safe. we're winning in that department. just when we get used to the warmer weather, slight chance for showers on monday. >> so a little bit of everything coming our way? >> yes. bring the -- bust out the jackets for the next couple of days. layer up. send us your pictures. that doesn't require any prep time? >> why today's dedicated
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today is national fast-food day. >> on this day each year people
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ordering to go. wait. that's every day for me. it was popularized in the 1950s. american fast-food restaurants are located in more than 100 countries. >> it's an excuse to cheat. but there's healthy options as well. >> that's really the practice, right? i mean you are so good at that. you go and look at the menu and c >> i think when they have the calories next to it, it always checks me. i wanted the same plan that my mother had. senior dimensions. i've had senior dimensions for over 20 years. and i love it!
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to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from westfield, new jersey, it's the champs, it's the federgreen family! [cheering and applause] and from selma, alabama, it's the mitchell family! [cheering and applause] theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. well, let's go meet the mitchell family. [cheering and applause] gloria, how y'all doing? gloria: i'm great. how are you, steve? steve: y'all from selma, alabama. gloria: yes! whoo! whoo-whoo! steve: introduce everybody, gloria. gloria: well, i have my gorgeous daughter geralyn here with me today, my beautiful niece brittany, one of my 3 sisters and my best friend, edna,


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