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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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saying to small children in town to get them to do what he was after. >> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this thursday. old glory is waiving in the dark this morning. >> kim: do not be surprised if you have a few sneezing attacks. a lot of dust blowing around out there. people were talking about why do i had the attack yesterday at a restaurant. we're the wagners on this thursday morning. it is a windy one. >> dana: let's talk to kelly over in the weather center. things were gusting not nearly as strong this morning though. >> kelly: the winds are diminishing from what we saw yesterday and they will continue to diminish through the rest of the day. be prepared for gusts around
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work this morning. at 9:00 a.m. 57-degrees. make sure you have a coat this morning. 60 at lunchtime and at 4:00 just 61 and it's going to get cold tore night. >> dana: security tight in berlin. president of the united states is there this morning staying at a hotel located next to the brandonburg gate. the area around police were seen checking the seals on manhole covers overnight. president obama set to meet with merkel later today and with other european leaders tomorrow and after that theaters in he will be headed to south america and peru. >> chris: back in this country it's all about the trump transition. we might not know anything until after thanksgiving.
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cabinet. mike flynn as security advisor, missouri jim talent as defense secretary and ted cruz as attorney general. >> i'm 'king tore help any way i can. >> nikki haley is being considered as secretary of state even though she publicly opposed trump. >> we discussed the transition -- >> it went really well. >> former w former u.n. ambassador but there may be enough democrats and republicans to block both. >> i don't think you want your chief diplomat to be an advocate for war. >> mike pence is in charge of the transition but today he's back in washington meeting with top leaders from both parties who could choose the next supreme court justice, even with a republican majority confirmation may not be easy.
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thing they better think twice about that. hillary clinton made her first public appearance urging democrats not to give up. >> please don't loser heart and don't give up on the values we share. >> let's hear more from hillary clinton. she was being honored last night for her work with children. she said it was not easy to make it there last night. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the ees for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. for the sake of our children and our families and our country, i ask you to stay engaged, stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you, your energy,
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that's how we get through this. >> dana: hillary clinton being honored for her dedication and contributions to children across the country. >> kim: the clark county school district on trial in public opinion and more than that. there is a local mom who says officials did not do enough to stop a bully from abused her son and another student. two boys were being one boy claims he was stabbed in the groin with a pencil. the administration is arguing they were never made aware of the accusations by the student. the plaintiff say the school was notified those boys were sexually harassed and called derogatory homophobic names.
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agrees that everything that happened to those students was wrong. they are victims. but the school district did follow policy and staff was not aware of the full scope of the allegations. this case is expected to continue to next week and a judge will decide the outcome. >> dana: a local man has been locked up after police say he lured children into his apartment with candy and then sexually assaulted them. police are concerned there may be more victims out there that haven't come forward. this he's accused of luring children into his apartment on the east side of the las vegas valley. metro investigated a complaint against him last month but a month went by before henderson police found and arrested him. neighbors told us they knew him as david. a friendly guy who would talk with the neighborhood children. they are shocked at the horror police say took place in their community.
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i've seen kids coming in and out of the apartment. i've seen him walk around with kids. >> dana: that mother didn't want to be identified. he's facing charges of kidnapping, sexual assault of children and multiple counts of lewdness with a child. this is located near charleston and nellis. take aing good look at the apartment complex and the man's face. if you believe your child may have been abused by this man or have any information in the case call metro's juvenile sexual assault division or call crime stoppers. >> kim: there is his face one more time. we have stakeout cam in full in effect germany. we are awaiting the arrival of president obama to a particular locke. we know he dined last night with chancellor merkel.
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still to come a hot air balloon goes down hard. amazingly when you check out this video and your heart is in your throat, we're able to tell you that nobody is hurt. we do have what the pilot is saying about this incident and we'll share that coming up. >> dana: a police officer punches a woman in the face. why did he do this?
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>> dana: the officer and another man were trying to arrest the woman. she told them multiple times they did not have a warrant for her arrest and she struggled with them as they tried to handcuff her. then the officer punched her in the face. people watching yelled at the officer. the flagstaff police department is beginning an internal investigation into the incident immediately. >> kim: still to come this train. two people in the car take off. why did they do something like this? police are on the hunt and we have what happened to some people nearby. that is headed your way. >> dana: donald trump's name being taken off the side of a number of buildings in new york city. jeanie most talking about this
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>> dana: they are going to light that thing coming up the wednesday after >> kim: we have a take a look at this sort of moment. s a hot air balloon making a hard landing. this was in philly. the video shows the balloon descending just before landing in a field. after the balloon briefly touches down it looks like it's going to keep going. people run to catch up with the balloon to help stop it. this was a planned training
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attention police say they are looking into it. >> dana: starting to look more like winter than fall. this is in utah. the area under a winter storm warning. light snow expected to continue today as well. i notice snow in support can, washington. >> kim: it's starting to feel a lot more like fall around here. however, you may feel like you result. >> dana: there is a little dust out there for sure. that cold front really dropped the temperatures. >> kelly: it sure did. the strong winds stirred up all the dust caused sniffles today. the winds are diminishing now. this is a time lapse from yesterday. quite a few clouds early in the day. the winds really going yesterday afternoon and evening before the
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pretty dramatic. many locations right now in the 40's. 48 in summerlin. spring valley 49, henderson you are 51. we have to factor in these winds. still gusting up to around 30-35. for your morning commute be prepared for that. the winds will diminish through the rest of the day. there is lingering snowfall moving out of utah into now. we expect mainly clear skies throughout much of the day today. a few high thin clouds a possibility but that's it. the next big story is a freeze warning for indian springs and pahrump for tomorrow morning. if you have potted plants outside, bring those in. today 62. that's it for our expected high. diminishing winds throughout the day. it will be better as you head home from work or school this evening.
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chilly. some locations dropping into the 30's in las vegas and some below freezing especially western portions of clark county. here is a look at the seven-day forecast where we are looking at 63 for the high tomorrow. the weekend is looking very pleasant. quite a bit of sunshine. highs in the upper 60's and then monday a chance for rain showers. >> dana: the las vegas city council calls a timeout on the plan to put badland's golf course. more than 150 people jamming the city council meeting yesterday. city council voted 4-3 to let developers reconsider their plan to transform that golf course into homes there. you have people that live at queen's ridge. these are multimillion dollar homes in some cases and they like having the golf course.
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saying they can make money from putting homes on the golf course. yesterday's meeting may be a sign of hope for people who want to keep badlands as is. neither side is budging an inch on this one. it first called for 2700 homes and now down to 700. >> kim: we are hearing from the experts as far as the s your children. we're focusing on booster seats and they've evaluated a bunch of them. 53 in total. 48 are in the highest rating of best bet. it was in 2008 they started rating them and only a quarter got that designation of the whole best bet deal. the evaluation focuses on belt fit and does not involve crash testing. they just want to see the fit with children.
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a correct fit means that the lap belt lies flat across the child's upper thighs and the shoulder belt crosses snug over the middle of the shoulder. you can always get this checked out in town. they have done numerous stories. we'll have a number on our website at to make it easy for you. >> dana: massachusetts police looking for the driver of a car who narrowly escap this happened last night 234 a suburn of boston. officials say a car was trying to cross the tracks when they were hit by a passing commuter train. the impact so great it split the vehicle in half. no passengers hurt in this one. they were moved to another train. the driver and passenger ran away after the crash. >> kim: one person is dead and
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town in illinois. i you see the windows blown in. it was a shock wave of a blast. dust and debris all over the place. the explosion shook so much they thought something had crashed into their homes. several building were damaged and the search for victims continued late into the night. >> dana: president obama rolling out the red carpet for presidential medal of freedom. 21 heavyweights in entertainment, sports, science, architecture being honored next week. ellen degeneres, robert red ford, bruce springsteen, kareem abdul-jabbar and vin scully. presidential medal of freedom
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honor coming up on tuesday. >> kim: for those who don't pay attention vin scully is a long time voice of the dodgers. it is now 4:50 and another big name in music getting ready to call our city their home. ricky martin is coming to las vegas baby. at the monte carlo he'll headline shows. a live look at the monte carlo on your screen t. mars, stevie nix and cher. tickets go on sale on monday. the announcement comes as he says he is engaged to his long time boyfriend. we are going to roll out the red carpet and welcome ricky martin soon enough. >> dana: thursday night football returns to nbc tonight on channel 3. the saints taking on the panthers.
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old home. >> those are some of my good friends. it will be neat going back to charlotte a city i cherish and had great times there. i'm excited to go back there and try to get a win. kick them while they are down and keep them down. >> we have to focus and hone in on clutch situations and knowing that when it's time to win. the differenn that i've been here has been the teams that make certain things happen and it may be a third down, it may be a over the, a much needed first down running the clock, you just don't know. cameron knewton. newton.
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panthers. >> kim: our 11-year-old knows him from doing the dab. we know thattal roker and his turkey trot continues on the today show this morning. here is what else to expect. >> coming up on a thursday we'll tell you about hillary clinton's emotional speech. laura ingram whose name has been floated as donald trump's potential pressre highway fatalities, could popular driving apps be to blame. oscar winner stops by to talk about her new movie costarring brad pitt andal's turkey surprise. we'll find out where his bus has taken him this time. >> kim: if you are a regular viewer, maybe you saw this happening on the program
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trump's name from some prominent buildings in new york. >> dana: what is that all about? let's find out from jeanie most. >> his name may be on everyone's lips but it's no longer on three manhattan apartment buildings. off they came letter by gold letter. silver letters too. how do you spell relief. >> is that >> linda lives at the former trump place, luxury rentals overlook the hudson river. she started the dump trump name because she considers him to be a racist. >> who wants to live in a label like that and every time you come home you see it. >> it's been a joke. >> got almost 700 signatures. >> we didn't want to live in the
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really good deal. >> the company that tones three buildings equity residential said the petitioned didn't cause them to remove trump's name but rather than agreement with trump to use his name for free expired. they are assuming a more neutral identity will appeal to more residents. what do they letters? >> can i have some letters? where are you going to take them? >> no longer spelling anything theaism kind of hollow. >> what do you think this is worth on ebay? >> donald trump powered himself to the highest office but his name is being power washed off the wall. >> isn't this great. >> it makes me think of the song
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>> you can't shampoo him out of the white house. >> kim: there is a guy out there singing the national anthem at a hockey game but you can't hear him. we definitely hear the crowd. why did they start singing?
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>> kim: coming up in this half hour local police have arrested that man and they want to make sure that there aren't any other victims in our community. they need your help with this one. wait until you hear the details. it's headed your way. >> dana: child bullied. a local mother suing the clark
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son from being bullied at this local middle school. what the school district is saying in return ahead. >> kim: recreational marijuana has been voted in nevada. your voice has been heard. but doesn't mean your boss is down with it. what you need to know about the new law that could impact your there although not as strong as they were yesterday afternoon. >> kim: feeling like football weather. thursday night football -- we have the nfl on tonight. >> dana: we have thursday night football and sunday night football. >> kim: cam newton taking on the saints tonight. kelly warned us about those winds. we're going to talk to her in a moment. let's start off with team


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