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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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15 minutes. we're talking to these people. live pictures from inside the studio. >> kim: most valuable player. chris bryant getting the biggest honor you can receive in the world of baseball and he's talking about it. we have him in his own words head ed your we have big breaking news in the world of politics. we're the wagners, kim and dana here. we have donald trump announcing he would like to see our next attorney general be alabama senator jeff sessions. >> dana: he's talking about a representative out of kansas to lead the c.i.a. we'll talk more about that
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>> kim: we have jeff covering travel times for you. in the. >> kelly: we are looking at clear skies this morning and chilly temperatures. crank the heat in the car this morning. temperatures in the 30's in many locations. by 9:00 a.m. only 53. at not much warmer than yesterday. the weekend looks like a bit of an improvement. we'll talk about it in 10 minutes. >> jeff: we are looking at 15 southbound. both directions looking all right. southbound is slow moving. we have a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder.
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commute. this guy is a harvard law we'll have more on this developing story throughout the morning. >> krystal: it's the breaking news we've been staying on top of out of riverside county. this is a pallet fire about a half an acre burned up. we are hearing riverside county fire department said several explosions coming from propane in the yard. that could be a likely cause of this fire they are fighting
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surrounding structures and no injuries to report. to give you an idea they have 60 firefighters and 18 engines on this. >> kim: a local mom is talking about how upset she is that her daughters were sexually assaulted by a neighbor. you are going to see her in her own words. crag reporting live on this one. it's unbelievable but she says it happened. >> reporter: good more victims in this case that's why the story is still in the headlines. the suspect is a person we've been reporting on for more than a day. his name is jose and it's believed that he preyed on children, kids in his east las vegas apartment complex at charleston and nellis. they say he used candy to get them into that apartment complex and told them if they talked about what happened that
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mother. >> they told me their grandfather would touch them. i asked how would he touch you. he would take off our clothes they said. what i want is he pay with jail. a lot of things are going through my mind of what i want them to do to him so he knows the pain that he caused. he's going to pay. i want him to feel what my girls felt. >> reporter: he is in custody. that was and she's describing what happened. he's expected in court monday. >> dana: local police still looking for a driver who ran away after a deadly crash on the west side of town happening hours ago. car crash, somebody killed in this. the passenger in the sports car was killed. officer say the driver from the other car ran away from the
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this crash shut down westbound lanes on flamingo for several hours last night. police searching for the man who attacked a female student on the campus of unlv. happened around 8:00 in the evening on tuesday in a parking lot along harmon. university police tell us the attacker grabbed the student from behind, hit her on the back. she managed to get away. her attacker ran off. the victim describes her attacker as a clean shaven african-american man about 5'10". he was last seen wri hoodie. >> kim: we have body camera footage just been released showing the tense moments before a local officer opened fire on a teenage suspect. you saw this story first right here on news 3 when police say they tried to pull over an
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richard. it was over an expired registration. he apparently took off but police caught up with him a couple blocks later. officer scott hinkley fired off 10 hounds. he was not hit. he was arrested shortly afterwards. the 18-year-old recently bought the car off craig's list. it's unclear why he took off from the traffic stop in the first place. from the police previously. we haven't vetted that out thoroughly enough to identify if that would have been a motivation. >> the that teenager remains in custody expected in court in less than two weeks. the officer has been placed on administrative leave. this is standard protocol after a police shooting in our community. >> dana: local police try to get a handle on crime across our
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crime in another way by asking to get out of their lease sos they can move. this couple lives near lake mead and had enough of the crime in their neighborhood. they asked their landlord to switch from year lease to month to month. i guess the attitude toward them changed as well. >> said i could do a month to month and then wanted to give us a 235 day notice to either -- 25 day notice >> they are going to take them up on that and get out of that apartment within 30 days. if you want to find out more about the crime in our area, check out alert i.d. on and click on the features tab. >> kim: can you believe it's happened again? second time this week we're talking about exotic animals found on property not far from where you are watching us right now. two more people under arrest as a result.
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woman who was arrested earlier in the week for having lions and a monkey living with her and her daughter. two more people in trouble because the sheriff's office in pahrump says jackie freeman and abby had a license to keep some animals including a lion tiger and panther but did not have a license to have a fox. that's illegal and all those animals were living in the home. when it comes to this just days after the texas woman was arrested in pahrump, they are not mesng they will crack down on anyone who is living with exotic pets that are no longer allowed to be in that location. the investigation continues and we're going to continue to stay on top of it here at news 3. when we're not talking about it on television, you can follow updates on >> dana: if you are looking for a job, turns out that southern nevada is a pretty good place to be these days. yesterday the governors office of economic development approved
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looking to move to or exunderstand southern nevada. the biggest expansion for amazon. they are building a new distribution center in north las vegas and bringing 1,000 new jobs with them. it's a move that excites those working to get nevadaens back to work. >> i think one thing that is important for nevada is that we keep our skilled labor force at a level where they can serve the employers that we bring in. what would be the tragic shame is to bring these good employe around your community and we can't find anybody and we're going to california. >> dana: good economic news keeps rolling in in our state. our unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in almost nine years. for a full list of the companies coming here to nevada and tax abatements that the office granted, head to >> kim: the original hard rock cafe here in las vegas is
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owner that they are going to shut down the cafe and management plans to focus on the strip location for the hard rock here in town instead. they have a restaurant, concert venue on the strip. the cafe on paradise will close december 31. those workers will get priority consideration for open positions at the hard rock on the strip. >> dana: the kid grew up in las vegas played for bonanza high school and now h most valuable player in the national league. it's chris bryant. last year he was rookie of the year. this year the most valuable player and his team won the world series, the cubs. >> this is -- you can't really put into words what this feels. this has been an unbelievable year. >> dana: want to see chris bryant play here in las vegas?
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march of next year the cubs will take on the red at cashman field as part of big league weekend. tickets will go on sale first to season ticket holders for the 51 and then the general public after that. this thing sells out every year. >> kim: still to come president obama has left berlin, germany. he is now in route to peru. there he is saying goodbye to world leaders his final time on a foreign visit we know what they talked about earlier this morning. we'll share it ahead. >> dana: road trip. these turkeys are headed to our nation's capitol. what makes these guys so special? we'll tell awe head. >> tom: the trick is getting the girders from here to here.
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>> dana: one person shot to death and 7 others injured. this was a shooting at a 2-year-old's birthday party. 7 people shot at. this is a party for the two-year-old in tennessee. police say a 21-year-old woman dead when they arrived.
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gunshot wounds. neighbor helped the six-year-old performing first aid at the scene. police are searching for one to three people they consider suspects. neighbors believe the shooting was gang related. no further details available at this time. >> kim: president obama has left germany. before he did so he joined key leaders of the european union today discussing security and economic challenges transatlantic partners. he met with the leaders of germany. also with britain, france, italy and spain. this is likely barring some sort of breaking news event his last setting of the nature before he exits office. it will be president elect donald trump who will be entering the white house in january so he will be taking over the position of the leader of the free world.
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coverage of the president's final foreign visit. he's off to peru now. >> dana: just six days before thanksgiving turkeys being prepared to be pardoned. these turkeys will be famous. they are going to washington, d.c. where president obama will pardon one of them. it's a tradition that became an annual event president george h.w. bush pardoned a turkey. these turkeys have been fed and groomed by the domino family in iowa for 12 weeks now 40 pounds and will arrive in our nation's capitol on monday. the domino family will be spending thanksgiving at the white house. >> kim: fur a loyal viewer of the program you know that tom has delivered us traffic turkeys right before thanksgiving in the
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dialed up this year but they have been funny in years prior. >> i've been known to do that. right now we have road problems of a different variety. this san accident bermuda and pilot. you can see a taxi cab and another car. someone was put into an ambulance. to the live scene we want to show you the girders are staging for placement over the weekend. the 215 will be shut down at the aior tonight until 5:00 tomorrow. going to be a huge mess. you'll want to talk alternate routes. >> jeff: we're keeping our eyes on the freeways for accidents. we have one at charleston. not seeing a lot of slowing on that yet. 15 southbound currently 7
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tropicana. you can join the waze team. give us real time updates with what you see during your commute. just don't do it behind the wheel. we feel the change in the air. people are turning their heat on at home. >> kelly: and in the car crank it on the way to work this morning. clear skies, the sun not up yet. temperatures are on the chilly side. here is what we're looking at right now. north las vegas 37. green val y 45. summerlin it is 39 right now. a little cooler than what we've been used to lately. want to bundle up as you are heading out the door. going to be cool today but temperatures will warm up as we head into the weekend. another storm system is on the way for monday. we've got blizzard conditions going on in minnesota. forecast high today 63. we're looking at mainly sunny
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winds 5-10. tonight 43 is what we'll see for the low. the weekend conditions are going to be warming up a little bit. 69 on saturday, 70 on sunday. and we're taking a look at the forecast. we're looking at a chance for rain sunday night into monday. that is when we're going to see this next storm system roll in. it gets out of here in time for holiday travel and looking fantastic sunny and 6. >> kim: sunny 16.5 is making the switch to christmas movie. they are joining us live this morning. is there some sort of giant button involved with the switch to christmas music? >> there is. there is a button involved and we've decorated the studio. it's very festive in here.
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we have so much going on. once we make the switch we're going to be giving away ticks to glittering lights and tickets to disneyland. a lot going on right now at sunny. >> dana: press if button buddy. >> you ready? >> dana: press >> dana: let's be honest, that button is not hooked up to anything is it? >> i wouldn't tell. >> kim: it is fun to hear christmas music. are you ready for the haters in the social media world we live. some people are going to be down on you guys you are playing christmas music ahead of thanksgiving. >> dana: who are those people?
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this the day after thanksgiving and then we started doing it two weeks before thanksgiving. this week we waited. the social media stuff started happening last week where they were like how come you are not playing christmas music. that's the first time we've gotten that. >> dana: making the transition live on news 3 today. >> chris: i love they started with a headliner on the strip, holidays. thank you guys. >> dana: we have breaking news out of southern california. a giant pallet fire. live pictures on your screen out of riverside, california. this is a pallet fire that broke out about 3:00 this morning. we don't have any reports of any injuries involved in all of this. thursday night football airing here on channel 3. coming up we're going to tell
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plus -- >> welcome to my couch. >> they are back with the funny. we have their latest installment just ahead of thanksgiving.
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>> tom: you are looking at a live shot in the southeast valley. seen light traffic on the freeway this is morning with one small fender bender on an off street. >> kelly: a little chilly out there this morning. let's take a look at the temperatures in your neighborhood as you are heading out the door. pahrump 31. boulder city 46. mesquite 38 as you step out the door. below normal. low 60's for highs. the weekend is looking a little warmer. we'll talk about anytime 10 minutes. that is carl edwards , jr. a pitcher for the chicago cubs and a south carolina native getting
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thought he was out of bounds. upon further review he is in. that's a touchdown. carolina panthers win it 23-20. didn't cover the spread but they did win the game. >> kim: some people got a back door cover. do i have that right? >> dana: some people got a back door cover. >> kim: there is a little girl. she has a dying wish. to have it granted she had to
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>> kim: job boost. we are getting attention here in southern nevada for a business boom and kendall has the live
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>> dana: thanksgiving parody. you are not going to believe how many hits this has received in one day. good morning. it is 6:30 on this friday. only november 18. sunny 106.5 has gone to they kicked things off here on news 3 for the first song of the holiday season. if you are just now turning on your tv set we had them live on the program just minutes ago. they were having a lot of fun. they pushed that big red button and now the season of giving is here. we're givers as well. we have a lot to talk about. are our rebels on national television tonight?
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boise tonight on espn 2. sun is up on this friday. tom is up in sky 3. >> tom: hoping for a big w tonight. we'll see how it goes as we pass above the 95 and 515 coming up on the eastern avenue interchange where traffic looks great. beautiful start to your friday morning unless you are at bermuda pilot with an accident involving injury. that person loaded into an ambulance. a tow truck might be needed for their taxi cab. right now team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. on this friday we're looking at 15 southbound starting to slow down a little bit but not in slow territory. it's technically clear. if you are coming in from henderson areason clear commute. same for 215 northbound. let's get a check of the forecast.
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many lockes waking up in the 30's this morning. crank the heat in the car. this afternoon we'll have sunshine. temperatures will r going to be below normal. 63 at 3:00. that is it for our high temperature. at 6:00 this evening 57-degrees. the weekend looks a little warmer. we're going to talk about athat in 10 minutes. >> kim: an update to a local story that has a lot of y they are heart broken after finding out their children were inappropriately touched by a child predator who happened to be a neighbor. that's the man in question. heats been arrested. we found five children who say they were victimized by that 63-year-old man. he preyed on those kids in his apartment. two moms said he would bait their little girls with candy.
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himself, make them watch porn and keep them quiet with threats. >> they told me he put them in the bathroom. he put tape over their mouths and tied their hands. my kids told me they couldn't stop going and visiting him because he told them if you don't come something is going to happen to your mother. >> kim: an unbelievable story. as you look at this man's picture, local police are asking for to us make sure you check out his face because they are victims in our community that they haven't been made aware of. that's where you come in. if you know anything about this developing investigation, don't keep it to yourself, call local police. >> dana: a former las vegas strip headliner admits he trafficked in child pornography. used to headline at the top can n. he pled guilty yesterday to possessing, receiving and distributing child porn.
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in march. investigators found more than 9,000 videos of child porn on computer files at his home here in las vegas. he will be sentenced on these charges in march. >> kim: it was an aemotional day for a local mom who took the stand yesterday saying her son was bullied here in the clark county school district and the district did very little to stop it. you see her there testifying about the way her son responded to what she bullying. telling the judge yesterday that really the last straw for her is when she discovered her son was considering suicide. >> searching on the internet things that he could drink, household chemicals to make
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school. >> kim: that trial is expected to wrap up next week and there is a possibility the alleged bullies will take the stand. we're going to stay on top of this developing story here at news 3. >> dana: if you are looking for a job these days, it turns out that southern nevada is a good place to be. kendall is in north las vegas and amazon is coming to that very location. >> reporter: yes and they are going to be bringing a lotf about 1,000. the total new jobs coming here to southern nevada 1500. and the key for those of you looking to come here to the state and grab those jobs is going to be well paying positions, family sustaining salaries. the governors office of economic development approved millions of dollars of tax abatements for six companies looking to move or expand to our state.
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they are building a new distribution center and bringing 1,000 new jobs with it. >> i think one thing that is important for nevada is we keep our skilled labor force at a level where they can serve the employers that we bring flea markets. what would be the really tragic shame is to bring these good employers in and have them say well we looked around your community and we can't find anybody and we're going to go california. >> reporter: that list of companies is on also if you'd like to dabble in tax abatement numbers we have those posted there on that is the latest from north las vegas, news 3. >> kim: thank you for that. she has kicked off the holiday season with her red coat as well. have a good one. >> dana: it was the gun once owned by al capone, part of the
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you can take an up close look at it. turns out it was never owned by al capone. it was loaned to the mob museum by the i.r.s. turns out the feds gave them the wrong gun. wall street journal reporting gun experts noticed a drawing of the original capone gun didn't match this one. i.r.s. apologized to the mob museum after realizing the mistake. we are following breakingew they are getting a good handle on this one with live pictures out of riverside county. this was really firing up about 3:00 this morning. s a pallet fire there. nobody injured in this one. >> kim: the video seen around the world of a woman being clocked in the face by a police officer. new this morning a different angle of that incident yet you don't see the punch.
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>> dana: an olympic gold
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>> kim: vehicles wag season going to shed 30,000 jobs as they try to recover from that huge emission scandal. volkswagon announcing the company is going to cut 30,000 jobs. most of those are l come in germany where the auto maker is based. >> tom: lots of cars making their way down the 95 in the far northwest and have to deal with construction whereh overbridge is coming together scheduled to open in spring of next year. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door it is chilly. grab a coat or sweater. 37 is it. wind are light. 36 now and this afternoon a high of 63. >> dana: the holderness family is back. this time they have a thanksgiving message you are likely to appreciate this video
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>> krystal: getting reports of power outages around the boulder highway area. more than 15,000 people without power between lamb and russell boulevard. the outage reported a little less than an hour ago. it's listed as equipment related and the power is expected to b if you know someone in the area you can give them a heads up of what is going on. >> kim: we've talked with a couple of local moms and they are furious about what has happened to their daughters. this is according to them and it's being investigated by police. craig is all over this developing story. it just makes you sick to your stomach if the accusations become true.
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behind bars in the building behind me. that is the clark county detention center. his name is jose and the allegation is he had taken advantage of in a sexual way a number of kids. there are 10 criminal counts against him. it happened at an east las vegas apartment complex. that apartment complex is at charleston and nellis. according to moms of the children, they say he used candy to get them into his apartment and he told them if they talked this investigation started in october. the arrest just made earlier this week and now allegations coming to us because of the police report and the firsthand accounts that moms say they heard from their children. >> dana: thank you. mitt romney we're hearing is being considered for a cabinet post by president elect donald
6:47 am
hard shots at trump during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> myth is a very sad guy. >> we got a lot to talk about with tracy potts this morning. mitt romney of all people being considered by donald trump. then we have breaking news from about an hour ago. we're hearing trump made decisions on attorney general and who to lead the c.i.a. >> exactly. and also his national s security advisor during the campaign lieutenant general mike flynn. the n.s.a. not a cabinet post and it does not need senate approval. mike flynn accepted. that one is a done deal. then you've got attorney general who is alabama senator jeff sessions, definitely a cabinet position that will need senate
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reckons his name he's a kansas congressman who is now being looked at as c.i.a. director which will require approval. the romney thing is interesting. they are supposed to talk about romney possibly being secretary of state. we have at least five people i know of on that short list so far. bringing in mitt romney would give e definitely bring weight and possibly unit tito republican party. but you can't ignore the fact that romney was really active during the campaign and not a fan of trump at all. apparently they've mended fences where he's willing to come in and talk about it. >> dana: some of these positions controversial including michael flynn. even republicans are against him being the national security advisor. and when jeff sessions tried to
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couldn't get confirmed through the united states senate. get some rest this weekend. we'll talk next week more about donald trump's decisions on all of this. >> kim: and some of tracy's colleagues saying they are hearing through their sources that sarah palin is being considered for the a secretary of the interior prescription so stay tuned. donald trump is taking credit for persuading ford to keep a plant in kentucky r moving it to mexico and he's taken to twitter to take credit. this is what he sent out last night. ford planned to move production of the lincoln out of the louisville assembly plant so it can make more ford escapes there. a company spokesperson said she didn't know when the final decision was made to keep the plant there but she knows that donald trump had nothing to do
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arizona, the police officer punching the woman in the face. now we're seeing some of the body cam footage from police officer jeff bona who went to the home to help other officers with the eviction there. he was told he was no longer needed so he switched off his body cam so we don't see the punch from his body cam. he saw a woman had warrants out for her arrest so he tried to arrest her. she said i've taken care of those warrants and apparently she had. she didn't have a warrant out for her arrest. he attempted to arrest her and punched her in the face. that's when he turned his camera back on. why he believed norris had a warrant for her arrest and why he didn't turn his body camera
6:51 am
kneeing him in the groin and that's why he had the reaction with the punch being seen around the world. matthew brodrick is on "the today show" talking about his new movie "rules don't apply." he place alongside warren beatty. he's directing the movie. check it out. >> people say that warren came home at night you were his house guest, did he stay in character then? >> no, by then he was back to warren. when he had his costume on, he would say do it again but be more angry at me. i don't know if i'm being directed or the guy is talking to me. >> dana: that is funny. >> kim: you can catch that full interview and this one too. an interview with casey affleck
6:52 am
you can catch both of those interviews this morning on today. >> dana: i didn't recognize casey with that beard on. "the today show" has the beards too. on olympic gold medalist makes her professional debut in our fine city. boxer shields will box at the t-mobile arena tomorrow night. she's been living at this sport that's been so good to her. >> kim: time to do a little traffic and weather together. we go skyward. there is tom in sky 3. >> tom: looking a-t a pretty smooth commute. just getting busier as we get into the rush hour. passing over the 95n dot is getting around to repairs for an
6:53 am
where a big rig hit the side wall. we'll see now sound wall up where there has been a gap for months. >> jeff: another accident we're following at washington and bruce street, slowing on washington as a result of that. the 15 southbound commute is looking ok. we had a disabled vehicle off to the side. looks like it got moving again. 15 southbound 11 minutes from downtown to top can n. not a big change an hour from now. let's get a check of the friday forecast with kelly. >> kelly: as we take a live look outside, beautiful out there. blue skies, chilly temperatures. make sure have you the coat on as you are heading out the door. north las vegas 39, downtown at 41. green value i have 42. temperatures today are going to stay below normal. going to be similar to what we saw yesterday. high pressure rolling in.
6:54 am
we have another storm system on the way that will bring us wet weather for next week. here is a look at today's highs. mesquite 66. tonight another cold one. indian springs 31 will be your low. alamo 24. we'ring looing at lots of sunshine today. slightly below normal at 63. warming up for the weekend. 69 saturday, 70 on sunday. then sunday night into monday the forecast. it's all going to dry out just in time for thanksgiving. >> dana: time for the water cooler. here is an odd story out of england. a 14-year-old girl with a terminal illness asked the judge if she could be frozen. she wants to be brought back to life after they find a cure for her terminal disease. the judge went along with it. she passed away and her remains
6:55 am
and she can be unfrozen and live again. the ruling forces nick gordon to pay any future earnings to her estate. the estate did sue him saying that he was responsible for her death alleging that he beat her up after a cocaine and drinking bing. the estate claiming th caused her to pass out. she was found unresponsive in her bathtub in january of last year. she remained in a comma until she died six months later. can we talk about something happier? thanksgiving next week. this is the holderness family out of north carolina. every year they release these funny videos. this one is to my house.
6:56 am
say thanks obama. i got to say welcome to my house >> dana: welcome to my couch. wanting to talk about football and not politics. this has been up for one day. more than 4.4 million views. they are making a living doing these videos now. >> kim: i went to school with kim. they opened up their own production company. this has been a huge lit and we're excited they've been such a success.
6:57 am
able to be so creative. we're going to have kim live on the program next week to talk about how they get those creative juices flowing because they are always terrific. >> dana: they are making a living doing that these days. these guys are making a living doing news on the cw. >> krystal: happy friday to you. glad to be here. we're continuing to talk about this case about more victims coming a parent's worst nightmare. >> jeff: what parents are saying about what their children said that the suspect told them to prevent them from talking. this thanksgiving you don't want to burn your turkey or overcook the green beans.
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good morning, breaking news. the trump white house taking shape this morning. alabama senator jeff sessions, the president-elect's pick for kansas congressman cia director. michael flynn national security adviser. the experience and controversy each pick brings to the table, this as the trump team prepares to bury a major hatchet. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> is former massachusetts governor mitt romney one of trump's harshest critics during the campaign, on the short list to be secretary of state?


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