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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 18, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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looking. we begin with breaking news. in a stunning reversal, donald trump settles his trump university lawsuit. >> trump will reportedly shell out $25 million to make the suit go away, admitting no wrong doing. the attorney general said trump fought them every step of the way and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phonyni attorney general. the clark county school district is on trial fighting accusations that they put two students in danger for not doing enough to stop bullying. >> it's the first bullying case to go to trial here against the clark county school district. sergio avila is live from the courthouse. today the judge heard from a band instructor where the alleged bullying took place? >> reporter: it was in that band class that the two mothers involved in the case and the two
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happening. two boys claim they were verbally harassed as well as sexually assaulted in that house at the high school. the high school district is adamant they did everything they could to try to stop what was happening in that classroom but the parents say they did not do enough. just stood idly by. listen for yourself as the band teacher testified to a judge in this case about what he personally did after he found out about these allegations. listen. >> i would walk near them as they came in. i would stand near them when they put their instruments together. put them away. almost like a shadow. i just didn't -- i was so upset that it was still going on. >> reporter: and right now, the dean of students of the junior high school is testifying before
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incidents. initially we thought the bullies themselves might take the stand. now we're learning that one of them, at least, may not be in the state. he's not been found. so we're unsure at this point if we will hear from them. we were told there may be a disposition used in court. we'll have that wait for more on that next week. sergio avila, news 3. >> thank you. news 3 is your weather authority. a lot of you, chances are, put >> that's right. chloe beardsley has your first look at that weekend forecast. >> yeah. it was very cold this morning. here is a look at how chilly is got in our neighborhoods. temperatures down in the 30s. spring valley, 30. in the 20s for blue diamond. the rest of us, mostly in the 40s. . you can see for paradise. it was pretty darned cold
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mount charleston. 30 degrees in pahrump. it's not going to be quite as cool overnight tonight, though, thankfully. here is a look at temperatures outside. slightly warmer or more bearable than yesterday. you can see temperatures mostly in the low 60s this afternoon. winds are fairly calm and will remain so for the next several hours and overnight, this evening, when you are commuting home, it will be in the upper 50s for most of our neighborhoods, dropping down to the low 50s by 9:00. we'll get a nice break from the -- i guess you could say chaotic and cool weather over the weekend. very dry conditions are expected to continue. we're watching this deep trough of low pressure as it continues to progress inland. that's going to bring us a chance of showers in the week ahead. we'll show you the odds coming up in a few minutes. jim? >> thank you for the update. news 23 is your traffic authority. we have another big closure to tell you about.
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that's from 9:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday. crews will install parents of a flyover offramp. if you need to get to mccarran airport, you can navigate through detears but expect delay -- detours but expect delays. avoid this part of the 215 and take tropicana to the airport. a second suspect is off the street, wanted in connection with a home invasion that turned deadly. metro police say men are in jail. jorge latorre was he arrested and booked yesterday and cody sullivan this week. this is surveillance video we're about to show you. metro police released it hoping to catch the two. according to the detectives, they are responsible for the death of thomas jones. police got called about a home of invasion robbery and they found jones dead.
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lineup. let's take a look at this video of the aftermath of this violent crash. the woman killed was just 27 years old. metro police want to know why the driver would take off and run away. now because of that, they have a manhunt on their hands. that's the bad news of the story. the good news, police say plenty of evidence at the scene gives them a lot of clues to find the guy. you can help if you have any 702-385-5555. another person in pahrump faces animal cruelty charges after deputies discovered 15 exotic animals in a home. the nye county sheriff's office responded to multiple reports of exotic animals in very bad conditions. upon arrival, police found several large exotic cats locked in bedroom. police also discovered a fox inside which is illegal to have in nevada. one neighbor sis he's surprised by it all.
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you know, they appeared to have a good enclosure and stuff. the rest of the things -- you hear a lot of things right now about this couple that i don't know anything about. >> police did not make any arrests. but one of the animal owners faces misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. this week, another woman was found with tigers and other animals in her house. she was wanted in texas because police say her animal freely in the house where her teenaged daughter lives. the first new report property to be built on the las vegas strip will open its doors tomorrow since 2010. we've watched the lucky dragon take shape. for a sneak peek of the lucky dragon, from its creators all you have to do is visit our website, >> looking good. well, tarkanian is now suing for millions. the republican candidate
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the most expensive congressional race in the nation. he's accusing rosen of defaming him with advertisements in the final days of the campaign. tarkanian lost by 1% of the vote. but the lawsuit is not contesting that. it's seeking $8 million in damages. the lawsuit accuses her of airing ads with claims about his 2004 failed bid. i sued and won $150,000 president-elect donald trump reveals three important picks for his team. >> brian mooar has more from washington. >> make america great again. >> reporter: when donald trump was fighting for the white house, senator jeff sessions and general michael flynn remained at his house. now they says their own fight to stay there. the president-elect has chosen flynn as national security adviser, sessions as attorney
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praised. >> he has a very good reputation from what i've heard. >> reporter: but flynn -- was known as kind of a bull in a china shop, someone who didn't work well with others. >> reporter: the former general tagged by critics is an anti-muslim hardliner. now the congressional black caucus opposes his nomination. >> i'm particularly pleased to offer words of cat will make an extraordinary attorney general. >> reporter: tis' and nikki -- ted cruz and nikki haley are being mentioned as possible cabinet picks themselves. >> i did vote for him. i was thrilled to see him. >> reporter: mitt romney is headed to trump's golf course in
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future. the meeting itself is surprising, picking mitt romney to be his secretary of state. the zika virus outbreak is no longer an international public health crisis or emergency. that's according to the world health organization. zika is spread mostly by infected mosquitoes and can cause birth defects. the organization says they are going to create a technical committee todl medicine to treat zika. avoiding mosquito bites is the only known prevention. fanduel and draftkings announcing their plans to team up into a single company. they will be better equipped they say to tackle the issues they face together. they will operate separately under their individual brands through the 2017 nfl season while the merger goes through
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jobs, listen up. the clark county school district wants to hire you. they are teaming up with troops for education at a job fair from 9:00 a.m. in the 1:00 at el doe -- el dorado high school. they are looking to hire 160 people, for teachers aides and bus drivers and custodians. for more head to a teacher in hot water after something she did student. >> why she thinks the whole thing is a big misunderstanding. then why some people walked
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welcome back. parents in west virginia are fuming over what one teacher did during a school play. >> but the person in the center of this story thinks that everybody is overreacting. here's mike valentine with more
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laughing or saying i love you, mommy and daddy. >> reporter: so kent squires was heartbreaken to see his son with autism in tears moments after the teacher in question takes the microphone off the stage. >> for them to do what they did is very appalling to me. >> reporter: squires says in the video taken by the boy's mother, their son was about to deliver his favorite gobble. >> there's no way to defend it. i saw it. >> reporter: doctor manchin said there was no malice intent and the teacher feels horrible but said the school never received a permission slip from the parents and the play ended. >> it's a play. they were first and second graders. i don't see the harm in letting that child say what he felt was very important. >> reporter: robin is an employee at the ark of harrison
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developmental disabilities. she left a comment on the video. >> the child's parents were there. if she acted that way in front of them, what is she doing behind closed doors? >> reporter: squires said this isn't the first time he's had a falling out with the school. he recalled faculty coming with him with complaints about his son every day after kindergarten. >> she is like, i need to tell you your kid was acting out today right in the middle of all of the parents. >> reporter: he has since resolved that but the school is under scrutiny with the video drawing national attention. >> with me being disabled, i thank god it never happened to me. i said, i can only imagine what kind of heartbroke i would be going through if it did. >> reporter: as for the teacher in question, dr. manchin said she will not be disciplined. >> that was mike valentine reporting. caught on camera, surveillance footage in
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on the top of the car zipping through. the driver tried to pull over the driver. after three blocks, the officer fell off the car. he suffered a few fractured bones and police arrested the woman a short time later. a toddler's birthday party turns deadly in tennessee. a guest opened fire during that celebration last night, killing the 2-year-old's mother and injuring a 6-year-old and six other people there to just celebrate. police have the accused shooter in custody and in than $2 million jail. all of those injured except for the of-year-old are out of the hospital. the secret service agents teamed up with per liveian police to seize 30 million in fake currency and discovered 50,000 fake euros. the bust shut down six plants and agents seized prints
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element to his clean energy empire. elon musk is the largest share holder of tesla and solar city. on thursday, solar city's shareholders signed off on a tesla bid worth $2 million. the approval paves the way for musk to merge the companies. chrysler is doing recalls for 2016 models. first focuses on a fuel tube in nearly 35,000 jeep grand cherokees and durangos. the second involves some 50,000 dodge darts. they apparently have an electrical problem that could cause the windshield wipers to fail. firefighters suspect arson in the spectacular pallet fire in southern california. look at this video. you can see the flames lighting up the early-morning skies. the fire broke out around 3:00 and quickly burned two acres
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multiple explosions from propane tanks there. they got it contained there at the top of a ladder about 6:00 this morning after three hours and a major fight. nobody got hurt. >> just amazing video. well, if you think it's chilly here in las vegas, wait until you see what's going on in other parts of the west. the first significant snowstorm of the season left colorado, utah and wyoming under a blanket of snow. in colorado, bad weather is blamed for a 20-car pileup as well as several cra closures. the state could see up to 8 inches before the storm passes. parts of south dakota faced winter storm warnings. that state could see between 3 and 8 inches of snow. practically balmy at the north pole by comparison. climatologists say it's 36 degrees warmer than usual. normally, it's subzero temperatures allowing sea ice to grow and thicken. that's not happening under current conditions. the amount of sea ice covering
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low. time for a check of the forecast. of course, news 3 is your weather authority. i feel kind of silly after we saw those stories about the snow. i put on my heat this morning. >> it's cool for our standards. we had temperatures in the 80s a week ago. that's 20 degrees warmer than the temperatures outside today. we've been used to the toastiness. you still need your sunglasses outside today. but bring a jacket if you are going anywhere with the in the low 60s right knew near flamingo and boulder highway at cunningham elementary school. upper 50s at jones and tropicana. so a nice variation around the valley. here is the rest of us. you can see mostly 50s and 60s like we just talked about, winds are light. it feels good. right now we're in between a couple of storms where things are going to change quite a bit in the week ahead.
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coming in at 62 degrees for pahrump in the mid-30s for mount charleston. 60 in boulder city and low 60s for lake mead. also seeing some very calm weather tonight. air quality is in the good range this afternoon. we'll continue to be good through tomorrow. i don't have much to talk about on the satellite right here. like i said we're in between storms but we're already tracking the next one. can you guess where it is? right here moving slowly into the coast, already bringing rain showers across portions of you can see right there. that's going to impact us next week. your weekend is safe, though. overnight tonight, not as cold as last night. but you will want to turn your heater on with temperatures dropping down to the low 40s. cooler than normal around here. and that's something i don't get to say very often. 37 for overton. we've got 40s for lake mead. 30 on the mountain as well as indian springs and 20s for pahrump. highs tomorrow will be a lot warmer than they were today. 72 for lake mead.
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well as searchlight. primm, 78 for laughlin. we'll take up for chilly temperatures, clear skies. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day. more clouds expected by tomorrow night. most of your day will be sunny with temperatures flirting with the 70s. look at that. went from the 30s. we'll be near the 70s tomorrow afternoon. winds will pick up in the morning, decrease later on in the day and like i said, i promise you, your weekend is safe. that storm i'm pointing out in the pacific. that's going to bring us the chance for showers and a lot more clouds across southern nevada and also cooler temperatures back in the forecast. we'll get a toastier weekend followed by changes on monday and then we'll kind of coast through the rest of the week. we deserve it. >> this was like a wakeup call saying i'm still around. >> don't forget. how much would you pay for a
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spooking some. good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. two turkeys in iowa being prepared. not to be eaten. for something else. you will see it next in "the
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good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today -- a family out of north carolina at it again, this time with a thanksgiving song of "my house." ? there's even says thanks obama ? ? welcome to my house ? ? welcome to my house ? ? don't give out your knowledge ? >> this thing has already
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and we know that thanksgiving is coming up next week. these two very special turkeys being prepared not to be eaten but to be pardoned. the birds are leaving their home in iowa en route to washington, d.c., where president obama will officially pardon them next week. a tradition that's been going on at the white house since 1989. and the 2017 boston firefir' firefighters within the boston fire department. the calendar cost $20. it's all for a good cost with 100% of the proceeds going to the boston firefighters burn foundation. i'm in shape. that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. >> thank you, dana. >> y'all look fine. well --
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>> no. they look fine. boos for kanye west. >> that after he announced his support at his concert for president-elect donald trump. >> i voted for trump. >> the rapper went on a 15-minute political speech between songs at his oakland concert. he told the crowd he plans to model his own 2020 run for the white house after the trump boos and cat calls. some stayed in their seats. others walked out. five times the joy. meet a kentucky couple's quintuplets and the unique birthday they share. an app that could help a lot of military veterans who suffer from pstd.
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- sanctuary cities like las vegas at risk for losing federal funding. a look at whether cities like ours have power to oppose the plan. a teen uses social media to show off his shooting the worst way possible. and a chance encounter gives a young man the chance to make his life better, all thanks to a police officer. mayors of so-called sanctuary cities across america vow to fight donald trump's immigration policies. >> jeff barn finds out if they have the power to oppose the law. >> reporter: emotions run high for the millions of undocumented immigrants across the u.s. now


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