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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now live on news 3 live today don't jump meeting with another one time presidential hopeful will mitt romney be the next to join the trump administration. plus, a fire plane crash in the this morning what we're learning about who was on board. >> abundance asian style. inside look on las vegas newest hotel and casino in the strip. news 3 live today starts right now. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. >> john: good morning thank you for joining us the sun coming up already on a sunday morning. nice look outside. thank you so much for joining us. jerry brown with weather.
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the heater on she says it's turning to call. >> will wreak at our house. >> jerry: we had some clouds provided some insulation it will be a little milder tonight. are you sure do the skies over the last hour. 54 degrees down on the las vegas strip. humidity 27 percent to brahmer to down a bit from this time yesterday. little unstable we do have a chance for showers this afternoon with a much better chance overnight into monday. 50s predominating we do have some 40s on the weather but 40 or 48 at a downtown studio 40 down in anthem 45 over at blue diamond. around southern nevada to 39 up in tonopah that will get your attention 47 up in the mountains and 63 down in laughlin and 51 in pahrump.
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system moving in off the pacific some virgo aloft to some of that could hit the ground this afternoon. a little more ominous than it seems but 8:00 a.m. 5566 at noon and partly cloudy through at least the first part of the day but we will pick up some more clouds late in the afternoon about 67 down from a high of 69. probably see 70 degree reading or two across the east part of the valley. should get is taking over night into monday my forecast for you up ahead in my main weather. >> john: the newest casino in town is officially open. news 3's nathan o neill was at the grand opening. >> reporter: the lucky dragon is the first casino built on the ground up in las vegas since 2010. >> an asian themed casino
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the first time. >> 203 hotel rooms and a casino floor with nearly 300 slot machines and more than 30 table games. i resort timidly modest in size by las vegas standards. >> the hope is to tap into the global asian tourism base but to also attract locals with an from asian cuisine to popular games. >> the lucky dragon was designed with the asian torsten mine every detail here takes into account including the signage. the second chinese the second
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elevator you won't find one fourth floor that's because the number four is considered unlucky. and just doesn't belong in a place called the lucky dragon. >> learning more about that fiery plane crash in elko that left four people dead. she was killed on friday along with two other crewmembers in one patient on board. the plane took off as i was headed to utah when it lost alde injured. we know the plane was transporting a heart patient to salt lake city. three of the victims including the pilots were from the elko was from utah. news 3 is your traffic authority. were approaching the halfway point of that difficult but necessary shutdown of one of the most heavily traveled sections of road. in the las vegas valley. a live look at the area this morning.
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this airport connector at the i-15 expected to be very slow during rush-hour. road construction thankfully will end tomorrow morning. at 5 o'clock. crews are installing parts of the flyover ramp on the highway. the best tip avoid the area altogether. but if you have to go that way traffic being rerouted to the airport connector expect delays in the area.those who want to use a 250 westbound will access after leaving the airport others heading eastbound have to find another way. the politics now. president elect donald trump says his meeting with mr. romney quote went great. the 2012 republican resident or nominee met privately with mr. trump on saturday. for about an hour trumps golf course and bed minister new jersey. romney told reporters that he appreciated the chance to talk to trump.
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conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interest of the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas. exchanged our views on those topics. very thorough and in-depth discussion of the time we had. appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect. >> during the campaign you may remember romney was a very outspoken critic calling trump a con man and a fraud. but since things happen the two start to make amends. romney did not answer questions about whether he would consider joining the trump administration. donald trump said he agreed to settle lawsuits over trump university so we could quote focus on our country. he took to twitter on saturday saying the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that he did not have time to go through long but winning trial.
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million to settle three lawsuits against trump university. former students claim the school fraudulently misled them. failed to deliver on promises to teach success in real estate. trump has denied the allegations. coming up on news 3 live today resident obama in peru this weekend. what he is telling world leaders about the present
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. >> have left syria rebel held in aleppo without a single hospital full capacity for this video may be disturbing. actavis say the five days 300 people have been killed marking the bloodiest days yet for the city. >> a number of native trauma hospitals knocked of service during recent attacks. rescuers desperate to save people in desperate need of care.
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medicine but syria and its main ally russia have not yet approved of the plan. >> south korean prosecutor say the present will be investigated as a suspect in a growing corruption scandal but he may never be found guilty. three people with ties to him have been indicted. but he will not be charged to a law that makes the present their immune from prosecutor say there was enough evidence to charge the present friends and former aides. the corruption probe explains is charged with abuse of power fraud and corrosion. he faces charges of related to leaking classified documents through email phone and fax. 63 people were killed many more injured and trapped in a train derailment in northern india for 14 cars of the express train went off the
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wreckage to pull bodies and injured passengers out of the mangled cars. the cause of the derailment is under investigation. present obama urged people in peru to not quote assume the worst about the incoming trump administration. in particular when it comes to trade deals. >> reporter: present obama spent a lot of time during his administration focused on asia-pacific no surprisest foreign trip and here in peru and economic summit with a number of american allies. present was asked a lot about donald trump. what his demonstration coming to america and its partners here around the world. present taking a philosophical view of the saying that not to assume the worst. wait until they demonstration is in place. it's actually putting its policies together. and then you can make your
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difference between campaigning and governing. this part of the world the biggest issue is trade. mr. trump said that he is against the transpacific partnership deal the big trade agreement that the next try to work out with many nations in this part of the world. the present elect also said some very aggressive things about china. mr. obama taken bear philosophical approach saying committed to a successful transition of power. >> we expect the present might meet with russian leader a difficult relationship to say the least. it is like assyria might come up as well as allegations of hacking into america election by senior officials that present obama and his demonstration have weighed. two days of summer tree here today and tomorrow the present on his final trip overseas for wrapping it up and sing again give the president-elect a chance. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg urging the world leaders meeting in peru to help get more people online.
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will help reduce income inequality and raise standards of living but right now have the world has no internet. because they have no access to a network can't afford it or don't appreciate the benefits. >> we can build our artificial intelligence to fight terrorism but we also need to make sure we >> zuckerberg told leaders at the asian-pacific trade summit that his company is taking more measures to deal with deliberately false stories on facebook and the internet. the measures include developing new tools to detect classified misinformation and make it easier for users to report the material. new beginning to feel a lot like the holidays as temperatures begin to drop.
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it temperatures were perfect to break out the snow gun. the resort now preparing for the upcoming ski season. in fact yesterday they hosted a parade for snow party in hopes of getting some of the real white stuff. the event was complete with live music even hot chocolate up there.>> never too early. right jerry? >> today is the biggest goo show of the year in vegas no jam down the street from us from 11 to 6. i'm going to sneak over. a lot of ski resorts will be west. we probably get some snow on the system upon mount charleston over the weekend. tonight into monday let's take a look at our impending sunrise it's at 6:23 a.m. official you can see plenty of cloud cover that will obscure appear for the most part. currently 54 degrees down on the strip the miracle mile shot humidity 26 percent barometer down from where it was yesterday at 29.95 inches of
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studio spirit 44 over blue diamond also some 40s on the west side summerlin pala birdie high in the three and it's 50 over in southeast las vegas 46 upon mount charleston 50 in prompt 52 in mesquite and 55 in boulder city.we take a look at some official readings from the top of the our las vegas clarinet 52. 57 over in the city of angels 49 up in salt lake going to get some good good ski snow out of this in the that area. 29 a pretty nice sunset yesterday of you were sent in this photo you can see a lot of clouds the that's going to be the case today as well.there's your storm system moving ashore right now plenty of moisture and head about this onshore flow. here's a forecast rater that does though some moisture through here rather quickly.
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get it but there should be some showers around southern nevada overnight into tomorrow. you can see the burqa aloft moving into nye county of san bernardino county. highs today low 70s eastern clark county upper 60s and nye county. looking at about 69 here in the city. afternoon shower a possibility better chance overnight up on the mountain fiftyish with afternoon showers more likely end down on lake mead breezy afternoon partly sunny and 72. overnight tonight that's what i expect some shower activity around the area will be a breezy at times with southwinds 10 to 20 miles an hour. your seven day forecast taken through turkey can see temperatures cool down noticeably going into tomorrow cursive the clouds and the rain. and then just staying in the low to mid-60s through the thanksgiving weekend. john. >> combination of pizza and wine happening at pizza rock downtown if you don't want to
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are you a new york or chicago style? >> i'm chicago style. >> i'm a new york style. >> this is different. people think chicago think of deep dish. fork and knife kind of thing but this is different. cracker thin. we cut a 15 inch pie it about 16 slices. more room for more pizza. >> less crust. >> crust last crust >> crust first. >> tell me details. >> every wednesday from open to close downtown location from 11:00 a.m. to close at midnight all of our bottles of wine are half off. all day long. get a nice bottle of champagne $100 bottle of champagne all the way down to a three dollar
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>> first time guest i recommend trying out one of world temperature winning pieces. my favorite is a two-time food network champion. i would pair with -- >> replied that we put a thick preserve over the cheesemaking nice and sweet. we take fresh slices of prosciutto and balsamic drizzle on top. flavor to go over that wine. >> we talked pizza you can get anything from really good sitdown restaurant is something we are grabbing a slice to go. you do a little bit of both don't you? >> we do 11 different styles of pizza. with nine different ovens running in all different temperatures to manage all the different styles of pizza. make sure that tony's pizza are the best.
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grabbing associate the window downtown. you can do that. >> absolutely. you got there grab a big nice work slice or purple potato grandpa slice and continue walking down the street. >> this is one of the events where half off of a bottle of wine. good to find a deal downtown. >> on top of that every day we went to happy hour monday to 6 and then tentacles overnight as well you can actually double dip on our discounts with our our wine as well. >> how did they find you? >> downtown at 201 north third street across the downtown grand hotel and casino. or inside the station casino at 2300 parkway. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> the rebels returned to the
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next in sports. plus, saturday night live
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>> john: whoever city tool to do anything never met joe thomas the 55-year-old justin one thing up his bucket list we
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south current state in 2012 with his son joe thomas junior. scott play on the football team. past decisions with the hope of finding his way into a game. on the first quarter on saturday thomas took the handoff for the first carry of his career. this was a dream come true. >> i've been waiting on the stream for 36 years. thank god it happened 32-0 is first carry went for three yards by the way. best three yards of his life. yes he is the oldest guy to play division i football in history. nacht randy howe with your morning sports. >> on wednesday night rebels fled the first one of the mentors air the record one and one last night cal state the next opponent two in one start averaging 80 points again
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duane morgan and seven point 14 31 for the rebels only lead by two with 1/2. second half rebels down by one. but running for chris kleiber with a layup 13 points in the rebels had the lead briefly at tight end two minutes to go kleiber going to find dale and pointed. beat the shot clock knocked on the three other team. they never look b now host northern arizona on tuesday night. let's not fight night las vegas best pound for pound fighters in the world t-mobile arena at a speed of light heavyweight championship both but is 30 wins no losses for unfortunate no pictures from our satellite last night just audio switch to show you some file from the way in but that your new champ because andre ward even though is not down the second round of the upset all three ringside
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to see what happens give you pictures and reaction tonight on sports night in las vegas. jaguars factory a championship game for the second time in three years. 22 point lead taking on unbeaten spring creek down 6-0 until keller williamson on the keeper scores they missed the extra point it was 6-6. williamson rides tony feels he was a stud yesterday when 41 yard rec down on this play. that set up williamson airing out to antonio wallace a great leaping catch. jaguars get the win 39- six. 1a temperatures again overclocking today one of four-game winning streak looking for the ninth straight state title but trailing spring mounted by nine in the fourth. maxwell causes no number two point conversion lead to one
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past takes it up the middle to increase the lead minutes later the golden eagles put the finishing touches on the upset of the year. >> to lashawn young and watch the movie makes it break the tackle he is gone. the panthers fall for the first time and one of five games losing 6846. after the game the panthers longtime head coach ken higbee >>. [indiscernable] congratulations to both teams. 104 straight wins national
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that's good do it for sports back to you. >> john: coming up on news 3 live today at 6:30 macy's world famous holiday windows are back. a peek inside. and then saturday night live
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john: right now on news 3 live today the most popular show on broadway the house show with a cold reception. the hamilton cast giver next vice president a cold shoulder. plus, saturday night live four years of skits in mind you might've missed just hours ago. local college students hope to make a career out of making beer. news 3 live today starts right now. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. >> john: good morning to i'm john traynor thanks for joining us on a sunny sunday morning. this trip waking up they can waking up with us and it is a chilly one it feels like fall. great time for thanksgiving. >> jerry: this little nip in the air. thing about cranberry sauce.
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because a 6:23 was at sunrise and a lot of clouds obscuring it today we will have generally cloudy skies there will be some sunshine mixed in. 48 over the springs preserve that across the street from the meadows mall. alta and valley view 36 percent the relative humidity in the barometers down from yesterday 47 the downtown studios went to 49 at the north las vegas airport 54 down in green valley and henderson 51 in same rating in mesquite and 56 in boulder city. there is a mess there's a low center of it up to our north bringing rain to the northwest and bring onshore flow with the moisture in it to the southland here and you can see we have the clouds some burger loft this could hit the ground this morning the best chance though will be overnight tonight especially into monday morning. today keep an eye to the skies
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generally increasing thickening cloud cover temperatures going for the mid-50s by 8:00 a.m. to the mid-60s at 4:00 p.m. complete work week forecast is up i had john back to you. >> john: about 500 american and french citizens marched the state of paris to protest against president elect donald trump.they carried sides chanted slogans including donald trump is got to go.and the people united will never be divided. demonstrators said they would not accept monitor incoming trump administration. >> the election of trump has sparked many protests and
6:34 am
cities around the world. donald trump once the hamilton cast to apologize to his running mate mike pence. trump tweeting that the cast harassed his vice president-elect. during a show in york on friday night. the tweet also says actors were being very rude to pence and they should issue an apology. the cat spoke to pence from the stage at the end of the musical that focuses on founding father alexander hamilton. they said the they hope to the show were on behalf of all americans. cast member aaron burr later reply to trump street saying that's what happens at the theater was conversation. not harassment. >> snl was all new last night alec baldwin made his return to the sketch copy show as none other than donald trump.
6:35 am
>>. [indiscernable] . [indiscernable] >> backbend played mike pence. we close last night show. in two weeks will hear host for. >> here in las vegas there is big business and now that's allowing you another students graduate magna kuma liger. >> reporter: under the dim light of state and martini find the appropriately named
6:36 am
the restaurant. biotech pouring beer here for nearly a decade the being familiar with what you're pouring is all part of the job. >> the same logical for bartenders interacting with customers. to managers running the show behind the scenes. that brings us to the bright lights of the classroom were management is a focus. >> john griffin teaches the beers course at unlv college of hotel administration. >> grinstead is a homebrewer moved to professional brewing and considers himself a beer guide. >> those complexes you want students like sarah to understand.
6:37 am
beer per student. they try to save about a per class. knowing the basics is essential to running a successful restaurant. especially in las vegas. 2015 beverage sales in las vegas exceeded $1.2 billion according to the unlv center for gaming research. >> beers maybe the only class with a front row is filled first. dibs on the fresh cracked >> students take it seriously but again this about learning while having fun. fun for college students. >> learn about food bank that brewing and management are all part of the course. what would you care with this food was? >> adrian is majoring in
6:38 am
those beer beverages equal big box. >> the class meets every monday and the students is a good way to start the week. >> a touching moment takes place when a marine surprises his family. coming up the reaction from his mom and brother after the big reveal. this may be in your refrigerator right company found in the popular
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>> john: and gala benefiting sunrise children's hospital took place yesterday. our very own jim snyder we talent and seattle all took place over the mgm grand where those in attendance took part in a silent auction and dinner more information you can visit our page a marine shock to his family when he made a surprise visit home for thanksgiving. listen. >> heartwarming moment captured during the pep rally at the high school. the heartwarming moment again taken place at the high school
6:42 am
championship team returned home for the first time in three years. his brother and mother were told they were competing in a game with other players and parents at the pep rally. at first his mom did not realize her son was home. she understands collapse to the ground in tears when she saw him. >> your weather forecast about to get better. the goes our satellite was launched from cape canaveral last night. the launch was delayed for short time because of a technical issue but it eventually launched with no problems. the goes our satellite the first of three satellites being built to replace the aging united states weather satellite system. news 3 denise shows how they're trying to preserve goal for your special report. >> an age-old problem of many of our public lands enjoying what nevada has to offer without destroying it. once it's done it's done.
6:43 am
there's plenty at risk. native american dates that thousands of years but with the ancient art there is graffiti and vandalism. now the nonprofit runs of gold butte is asking president obama to take action before he leaves office. >> and supporters were if this doesn't happen now starting over with a new president will push any hope for protection back years. i hope you join me for my special report gold butte every monday night on 11. >> john: two major recalls for two very popular products for from the company sour hummus and auto company chrysler. what you need to know coming up next. what you need to know coming up next. the sica virus no longer
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>> john: russian spacecraft arrives at the inrn space station overnight with records dating action on board. peggy whitson returns 57 in february has become the oldest woman in space. she and her crewmates a frenchman and a russian will spend six months in space. they joined an american and two russians already on board the orbiting lab. species and kicks off in northern california in spite of a lack of snow. man-made snow allowed skiers and snowboarders to hit the slopes of the mountain resort
6:47 am
the lift line was long because the only one run was open but snow lovers say one is enough. >> i would've four months for this. i heard opening day and i was there. >> waiting for the big dump to come. >> hopefully get a big winter. >> may not be a big dump but the resort does expect to get four inches of natural snow in the morning. do like you know. >> i'm going to pump on by lots of ski resorts they are. definitely thinking snow but not so much this weekend except for possibility up in the
6:48 am
out there. let's go to it and our skies certainly have a certain ominous quality to it you can see the sun at rosen 6:23 it speaking through the clouds. were going to sit on and off intermittently today. center valley sahara and the 1550 degrees winds are calm 34 percent barometer hang out 30 inches mercury all you amateur max set your barometer of 48 degrees down the southern highlands wheels and 40s around and over on the eastern side lake mead sandy miller elementary in at 40 degrees as well. 49 of the north las vegas airport 53 paradise quarter and 54 thousand mountains edge. around southern nevada 15 pahrump 51 and mesquite and 56 in boulder city. they are the storm system that we are talking about bringing rain to the north and onshore flow bringing some moisture mostly aloft as you can see over seven california and southern nevada and arizona.
6:49 am
desperate moisture moving through here fairly rapidly so we could get some shower activity slight chance this afternoon better chance overnight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning rush-hour could conceivably include some slippery roads. low 70s eastern clark county upper 60s and night and today forecast for vegas had about 69 with a mix of sun and clouds right now the emphasis on the clouds afternoon showers a 50 up on the mountain with afternoon showers a better chance little breezy south winds 15 to 20 miles an hour lake mead will pick up some afternoon breezes otherwise partly sunny and 72 overnight tonight look for the rain possible snow up on the mountain 50 seven-day forecast looking through the thanksgiving holiday and 69 was seen comparatively balmy come monday when will only be in the low 60s that means when the 50s much of the day. >> john: good-looking turkey day.
6:50 am
health emergency. the world health organization issued that declaration on friday. this does not mean zika may not be a problem where you live but on a global level the spread of sica is under control. zika is spread mostly by infected mosquitoes that can cause birth defects in unborn children.the world health organization says it will now create a technical committee to handle zika research and efforts moving forward. right now or medicine to treat zika. avoiding a mosquito bite is the only known prevention. government report released today calls attention to a national public health crisis drug and alcohol addiction. one in seven people will face the substance abuse disorder in their life. eric edwards report. >> reporter: this is a snapshot of a heroin overdose. taken before lifesaving help arrived. while the picture may be worth
6:51 am
200,000 to explore the death of american problem with drug addiction copies a new report from us surgeon general. >> i'm calling a country to action. the report includes sobering statistics. nearly 21 million people in the us have a substance abuse disorder. that's more than the number of people with cancer. >> drug overdoses are rising steadily. >> and highly addictive painkillers are used more n than tobacco. >> still the surgeon general report finds only one in 10 people with an addiction get the help they need. one goal of the new report is to reduce stigma attached to
6:52 am
>> economic impact of drug and alcohol addiction tops $400 billion each year. >> john: today consumer news saba different company issued a voluntary recall of some of its opposite spreads because of possible listeria contamination. the fda says the affected products are manufactured beforeem where listeria has been found. consumers rather urge to discard any product with a "best before date" to january 23rd 2017. listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children frail or elderly people and others with weakened immune systems. symptoms vary but usually include fever flakes stiffness
6:53 am
>> the outcry for recalling nearly 89,000 vehicles from the 2016 model year. for two separate problems the first recall involves nearly 36,000 jeep grand cherokee suvs and dodge durango suvs worldwide. a fuel tube had been damaged in manufacturing which could cause a leak and fire. the other recall covers more than 54,000 dodge dart compact vehicles in northern america. electric voltage caused short-circuit which could cause wipers to fail. again the vehicles and both recalls are from the 2016 model year. >> coming up after a quick
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meaning to the term windowshopping. last night macy's annual holiday window display this year's theme is believing in magic. the elaborate scenes sent in a communication center and led christmas tree made of 1000 crystal lights. macy's estimates 15,000 people
6:57 am
>> how about sunny and a little coolish. 62. can you handle that john? >> a chance for showers late today and then especially overnight in the mondaynd morning rush-hour could see some slippery roads. that is something to take especially with all the
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welcome to the dawn of a welcome to the dawn of a new republican government. >> all i want to do is curl up with a good book. >> this is my final trip overseas. >> we'll do our part to stop the spread of misinformation. >> good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. president-elect trump has filled in the cabinet. he met on saturday with 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney who is a harsh critic of trump throughout the campaign. this amid new questions about trump's entanglements.


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