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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. >> right now on news 3 live at 11, a growing epidemic on the roadways and a call to action to the community. a ?iew way victims are being remembered u crawsdz the valley tonight. plus, we're keeping an eye on our changing weather as the holiday travel week kicks off. what you need to know before hit the roadways. and a serial robber in las vegas, grocery stores, a bank, and other businesses p. police say he's robbed them all and they want him caught. >> news 3 starts right now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. police on the scene of a deadly shooting in the northeast part of the valley. here pafs look at the scene now, it happened in a neighborhood
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and was later taken to umc where he died. a female suspect has been detained in the case tonight. we'll continue to follow developments good evening everyone thanks for joining us i'm gerard rom rarks o we want to turn to the changes headed our way weather-wise as we begin our holiday travel week. jerry brown standing by with a first look at our forecast. >> it may not have rained on your parade, but there was some rain today. there's some pictures to prove it on mount charleston. mean while up the 93 overland hotel looking up the 4/100 at mount charleston, and also pahrump has had some moisture. goose eggs here in the valley. however, i did have one station on our weather bug network, sierra vista high school at
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here's what's going on. fronterral system out to our west, low pressure up here. that's going to drag in some cooler air and the energy associated with it could produce some showers overnight. probably after midnight and actually toward the wee hourses of the morning. we do have a threat of a possible wet commute in the morning. valley doppler not showing anything right now. so look for some scattered showers around overnight mostly cloudy, a little warmer than last night in the low 50s. but we're gonna eye on those showers. back to you. >> thank you for that. appreciate it. we hear about them almost every day from impaired and distracted drivers to pedestrian crashes. traffic deaths are hitting our community hard. now for the first time las vegas is taking part in world day of remembrance. a time set aside to honor the lives lost on our roadways. nathan o'neil is live in the northeast part of the valley tonight with more on the efforts
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>> we bring you stories about fatal crashes every week, crashes that could have been avoided. tonight we're hearing from family, friends, and victims sharing their story in hope of saving lives. >> a life lost. >> it didn't have to happen. >> now a life remembered. >> she was killed new year's day 2013 by an impaired driver. >> each ornament carefully inscribed with a name, a name to mb >> we'll remember him as being bright. someone who had a future. >> 17 year old norwood is the same age as her brother williams when he was killed by a drunk driver three years ago. a young man robbed of his future. >> his dreams were to be cm a travel nurse and, um, play basketball for stanford. >> mina was also in car that day, thrown through the window
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>> she suffered severe spine and head injuries. her long recovery, an emotional one. >> you have to cope with your loss and it's never easy. on the person, on the sibling who survived because you feel so much guilt. >> the type of pain felt by countless families over the years. in fact clark county seeing 194 traffic deaths so far this year. suffer a loss until it happens to you. >> david lopez was also touched by tragedy. >> it's important we don't forget those stories so we can learn from other peoples mistakes. don't drink and drive, and please don't text. >> they call to action the community. >> you don't know whose life you're putting in jeopardy. you don't know whose future you're gonna take away. >> in clark county traffic
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advocates are urging caution here because as we head into the holiday season that can be particularly dangerous time of year. reporting live, nathan o'neil, news 3. >> we'll hope for the exact opposite. thank frow you for the update out there. now we want to update a deadly pedestrian accident that we first reported last night here on news 3 live at 11. the metro identifies the victim as 31 year old van harris from san diego. died he crossed valley view near the rio hotel and casino around 7:3. police say the driver fully cooperated and showed no signs of intoxication. news 3 is your traffic authority, and we are almost done with a big traffic headache in the south end of the valley. here's a live look out at traffic now. it has been crawling around mccarron airport because i-215 is closed near the airport connector. this started friday night, but it is expected to wrap up
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crews need the closure so they could install parts of a new fly over off ramp over 215. an argument between room mates turns violent. tonight one is dead, the other is behind bars. this happened just after 1:30 a.m. this morning near decatur and washington. other room mates say they heard 20 year old jacob driskell arguing with the victim. they say driskell stabbed the victim several times before running out of toe house. driskell was at the victim died at umc. police have not released his name. police now say the pilot flying that ill-fated air ambulance saved lives by crashing it 92 a parking lot. and avoiding nearby homes and businesses. news 3 first told you about this crash friday night shortly after the flight plane went down, the crash killed four people including the captain, a patient, and two crew members.
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when it experienced mechanical problems. new tonight, police are asking for your help finding a man who's committed as many as eight armed robberies. here's a a look at the stus pect now. police believe he held up the bank on desert inn on november 1, as well as committing a series of grocery and drug store hold ups. he's described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old and he may be driveinga white older model 4-door sedan. if y 385-5555. another police officer shot in the line of duty, this time in st. louis. someone shot the officer twice in the face. the attack happened just south of the police officer's union hall there. the officer is in serious condition, but is expected to live. it is now the second attack on a police officer today. the first one happened earlier in san antonio, and tonight we continue to get more details on
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interest in the murder of detective benjamin marconi. this afternoon, someone shot marconi in the head as he sat in his squad car outside police headquarters. investigators say a driver in a dark car pulled in behind the detective. the driver then got out and shot marconi in the head twice. the detective was a 20 year veteran and his death hits his colleagues hard. >> most families would be celebrating thei own because of an ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice. >> police say still have no motive for that shooting. president elect donald trump met with another dozen candidates interviewing for spots in his administration today. mr. trump and vp elect mike pence met with some familiar face out at the billionaire's new jersey golf club, including
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chris christie. some picks have already sparked controversy like lieutenant governor mike flynn for national security adviser who has called islam a malignant cancer. >> what you're seeing donald trump do right now is bring the best and the brightest together to make the best decisions for america, for all americans. >> trump's interviews continue monday and tuesday at his home in new york securing the southern border is still a top priority for president elect donald trump. there's already a small army in place guarding the line between the u.s. and mexico. full measure's sharyl attkisson report on the risk of border agents crossing the line to the dark side. >> customs and border protection is the largest federal law enforcement organization in the u.s. 60,000 employees secure more than 100,000-miles of borders
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all that security looks a lot like opportunity. >> we have a number of adversaries south of the border, whether it's mexican drug, uh, trafficking cartels, as well as alien smuggling organizations who actively seek to corrupt u.s. government employees to facilitate their criminal enterprise. >> briefing us at the border crupgd task force in san diego, california. >> what kind of money can the illegal activity bring in for a corrupt agent? >> they could in theory make more in an evening than their annual salary would garner. >> the fbi now has 22 border corruption task forces dedicated solely to rooting out dirty officers on the take. they caught officer michael gililand on surveillance video allegedly carrying a cash payoff in a bag. he pled guilty to letting in hundreds of illegal immigrants for 120,000-dollars
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agent marcos manzana junior hid illegal immigrants in his family's house. and officer martha serving 20 years for smuggling, her lavish home and suspicious behavior raised red flags. >> all these individuals take an oath to protect this country against enemies foreign and domestic and they are violating that oath, and they are violating the trust of the american people. >> from 2004 to 2014, 168 customs and border or prosecuted on corruption charges. >> the vast majority of men and women who work the border are honest, but the impact of even a few bad apples could be devastating. they could allow in terrorists. for full measure, i'm sharyl attkisson. >> as always you can catch full measure with sharyl attkisson every sunday night right here on channel 3. a warning tonight about a tasty treat that may be in your fridge right now.
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this product immediately. plus, crews clean up a spill of products usually used to clean up. and in sports, a las vegas native reaches an nfl milestone today. why he wasn't celebrating, though, after the game. amber has that, straight ahead.
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>> now a recall alert involving a very popular brand of humous. sabra dipping company says some of its humous and spreads may be contaminated with listeria. made before november 8 january 23, 2017. the listeria bacteria can cause serious and sometimes deadly infections. symptoms include fever, muscle aches, stiffness, stomach pain, and diarrhea. facebook is taking new steps sto fight its fake news problem with 44% of american adults getting news on facebook it has been cm a hotly debated topic on what the social media giant is, and is not responsible for.
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spreading on facebook. >> we can work to give people a voice, but we also need to do our part to stop the spread of hate, and violence, and misinformation. >> zuckerberg says he has a new plan to crack down on this information online include making fake news easier, and also using third party fact checking. earlier this week, facebook banned buying advertising. zuckerberg admits not all of their fixes will work, but says he's commited to getting this right. new at 11, an unusual spill on a california highway, a big rig wrecks and spews 10 of thousands of rolls of toilet paper all over the road. the semi hydroplaned o thn wetted highway, crossed the sent dr vied, hit a guard rail, and flipped. and then 29,000-pound of toilet
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80-gallons of diesel spilled on to the road. no serious injuries were reported environmentalists and native american tribes work together to preserve ape a an area rich in - - active - - . >> an age old problem, enjoying what nevada has without native american petriglyphs there date back thousands thousf years. now the non-profit friends of gold butte is asking president obama to take action before he leaves office. supporter were aif this doesn't happen now, starting over with a new president will push any hope for protection back years. i hope you'll join me for my special report gold butte airing
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11. >> i look forward to that one. we want to turn now to your traffic alert. a weekend project has crews changing the way they meter vehicles long one section of the 95. jeff has the details on this week's traffic alert. >> something new this week you will see on the 95 at rancho we're talking about the on ramp to 95 north bound where over the weekend there was a closure because crews wanted to add new ramp meter signs. they changed them indicate two vehicles being allowed per green light. and a reminder it's thanksgiving week that's approaching. you have a lot of relatives in town not familiar with car naid o and project - - . on the closures that are going to be consistent over the next several weeks. you don't want any additional frustrations for thanks giving on the roadways. be sure to catch tom and myself on news 3 today starting at 4:30 a.m., we'll see you then. >> all right, news 3 is your
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headed our way. once again we had some traces earlier today, jerry, but, uh, not real significant, i guess. >> a few drops for most of us. at most. but we are waiting to hear the pitter patter of rain drops, uh, up above. hopefully we're going to get some tonight. let's go over and look at our skies today from the northeast valley looking out to the west and some furious activity aloft and a sunset to throw in just for good measure. you didn't see any showers briefly you'll veer shower activity over pahrump valley high. that sour location for the weather bug camera. currently 53-degrees over at boy, excuse me 54. this is a live update. 2/100 of an inch. 47% currently the relative humidity. indian springs got some rain. currently 46 at the indian springs school and 57 in the central valley sahara and the 15 just south of the spaghetti bowl
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charleston lodge, i showed you the rain up there earlier at the top of the broadcast, 55 in mesquite. we looked at some rain up there as well. and 59 in bolder city. 57 in our downtown las vegas studios at ksnv. 53 at summerlin, and 59 down in henderson's green valley. some 70s in the valley. 73 over nellis, 70 in centennial, 70 also in spring valley. peeking at 69-degrees. so a mild one. tomorrow not going to be quite so nice. 69 the official high today. we're going to drop that six degrees or so foorm tomorrow. this was our 17th day above normal this month. we're currently 59, looking at a high tomorrow of about 63-degrees. only going to be in the 40s in cedar city. colder still up in the mountains. brian head they're making snow up there dismair rr
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take a look at that system moving in overnight tonight. most of the rain has moved to our east, some of it out to our west. as we pull out you can see there is a frontal system out door. bring the cooler temperatures tomorrow you will notice it and i think at least the computer's showing us right now some moisture around the area during the rush hour tomorrow p this is 7:00 a.m. forecast radar putting some of the heaviest rain to our east, then i think we're going to see afternoon and that frontal system to our west not going affect us. scattered showers, 52 for the low, checking out round the region, 30s up in mountain, 40s in nigh county, 50s elsewhere, and highs tomorrow down 5 or 6 or even 7-degrees. 63 for your high tomorrow. morning showers afternoon clearing. how do we get there? 8:00 a.m.ish 54. maybe a shower. 60 at noon. 61 at 4:00 p.m.
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thanksgiving day with plenty of sun shine. afternoon highs 60 to 65 overnight lows in the mid to, uh, low 40s. that's how it should be at this time of the year. kelly will keep you updated tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. >> thank you very much. now we want to check in with amber dixon, she joins us with more on an nfl accomplishment by a las vegas native. >> a vegas native and a - - today demarco murray reached 1,000 rushing season for the third time. in his six-year career. the tennessee running back needed 70-yards in today's game at indianapolis. and got exactly that. he also caught a touchdown. but because he dit did not run one in, his streak of consecutive games with a rushing touchdown would end at 5, tieing a good reason for him to
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they went for it on fourth and one. the colts defense stopped him just short of first down, he thought he got it, colts win 24-17. as if it's not hard enough being a running back in a pass-happy league, however it seem kickers don't have it all that good either. today nfl kickers missed like never before, setinga record with 12 failed extra point attempts. they missed left, right, had kicks nfl moved extra point attempts back before last season, the 20-yard attempt became a 33-yarder and apparently a whole lot harder to make. from football to f utbol, unflv's soccer team hope to have better luck kicking in goals. the rebels played in the second round of the ncaa tournament today. they faced fourth ranked denver
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second pass, unlv would take three shots, ebbly one was - - only one was on goal and it was not this one p. had a good opportunity here, but his hard shot from 25-yards out tboas right into the pres box. denver on the other hand would take nine shots in the second half. all of them were on goal, 3 would result in scores. the first, denver scott heading out former kick to homestead miami speedway now where las vegas native kyle bush looked to win his second straight cup today. he'd have to beat carl edwards, jimmie johnson and logano. edwards takes the second position from bush's. kyle's wife, here, she's not clapping to congratulate, she's clapping to say hur thea heck up. with 14 lapse to go, the team
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rear tire changer, he slip business hind the car, the stop is latal over 14 seconds and it cost bush an extra three spots. he would finish in six. jimmie johnson would win and claim his seventh sprint cup title tieing racing grace, richard petty and the late dale earnhardt senior. finally tonight, kyle bush's pit crew member still holding his head in his hands. someone should get him up to look at this. his slip, it does not compare to what happened at the a fox sound engineer got slammed by some of the vikings as they were running on to the field. we are told his name is bernie and that it looked a lot worse than it actually was because he went on to wo k the game. making all of us look bad. i'd want to go home after that. >> he didn't go through the concussion protocol. >> i didn't see that. some of those guys that slammed into him were on the vikings defense. made carson palmer look pretty bad.
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>> it's almost thanksgiving and for plenty of pet owners that loaded plate will be a shared occasion at the dinner table. doctors say feeding your pet a thanksgiving meal is fine in moderation, but the rule of thumb is stick it, uh, with the simple ingredients. think lean proteins, veggies, but tef definitely use caution. >> look at the stuffing. stuffing may be harmless, but stuffing has garlic, scallions,
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anemia. mushrooms can cause seizures. >> well, good to know. the best idea, doctors say just make a plate for the pets avoid table scraps at dinner and you'll avoid a trip to the vet later on. well, ski season quickly approaching here in southern nevada and around the west. today it was a ski and snowboarder's paradise out at cashman center.
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>> finally tonight at 11, ski and snowboard season kicking off. out at cashman center thousands turned out for the annual snow jam conference from the latest gear to you will definitely find it here, all of our regional resorts were there, brian head, eagle point, mammoth, and snow valley in california. by the way, they're debuting a brand new lift this year. fyi, most of these resorts open up on different dates depending n snow. make sure you check their websites for more info. >> i'm ready. >> they're making snow already. >> yes. >> what they'll do is open one
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>> yeah.
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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>> get ready for sports night. ? >> welcome to the show. i am randy howell and nascar champion week return to las vegas in two weeks. and kyle repeat champion. and plenty of highlights. >> there is 12 failed point attempts. >> and the ncaa tournament. and we look at the pound for pound show down and people are not happy with the outcome. will there be a rematch? >> let's get started and put the


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