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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> dana: donald trump saying he will live in the white house but what about his wife and youngest son? more on that coming up. >> i love my husband president obama and our chire >> kim: poking fun. she did this just hours ago during the american music awards. now people are taking to social media to responds. we have it headed your way. >> dana: thanksgiving week it will be very busy at our local airports. >> kim: we've shown you live
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early hour. fur traveling this morning like i know many of you are because school is out this week, we have you covered as far as the looks at the major airports and we have weather to go along with that as well. >> dana: tom is going to get us caught up to date on traffic. we know the airport connector was shut down all weekend. let's talk to kelly, quite the light show out there this morning mainly to the east of the of thunderstorms moving eastward. mesquite, that's probably what woke you up this morning as those showers continue to track towards st. jr. looking to the south and west, it's light scattered showers. the possibility for cloudy
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>> dana: murder in the las vegas valley happened just hours ago. craig now joins us live from the e. the girlfriend may have shot the boyfriend, is that what happened? >> reporter: this unusual story began to unfold with a knock at the door in an apartment complex in the area of lake mead and lamb. a woman opens the door. there is another woman at the door says she's been involved with a shooting with her boyfriend and asked that person to call metro. detectives responded to this
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police said the woman led them tie car in a rural area. police say they found a car and in the drivers seat they found a man that had been shot. incredibly he was still alive but did die at umc. >> she's cooperating and speaking with us right now. we don't know what the argument was between the two of them, if this was a self-defense type issue. >> now there is the big question w if it was, what was the motive? police have no record of domestic violence reports between these two people, a man and woman described as boyfriend, girlfriend. the man who died was in his late 20's or early 30's. >> kim: thank you for that. on the topic of local crime, we're focusing on an argument between roommates that turned
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bars this. happened early yesterday morning near decatur and washington. other roommates heard jacob arguing with the victim. he stabbed the victim several times before running out of the home. he was arrested a short time later. the victim passed away at umc and local police have not yet released his name. >> dana: the pilot flying that ill fated air ambulance saved lives by crashing it into a parking lot and we told you about this crash on friday night. shortly after the plane went down, crash killing four people including this man the captain, patient on board and two crew members , the twin engine med flight plane heading to salt like city when it experienced mechanical problems. >> kim: local police want you to stop and check out your screen, focus on that face because they are looking for that man who has
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robberies in town. police believe he held up a bank on desert inn on november 1. they believe this is the same person holding up a grocery store and drugstore. he's between 25-30 years old. maybe driving a white older model four door sedan. if you know anything about this person or those crimes we just detailed, please call crime >> dana: san antonio police released a photo of a person of interest in the deadly shooting of a police officer during a traffic stop early sunday afternoon. investigators say the detective had stopped a vehicle and was writing a traffic ticket in his control car outside police headquarters the gunman pulled up. that's when the gunman got up, walked up to the passenger window, fired twice and took off. the detective pronounced dead at
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baggy pants, beard, believed to be driving a black car. a motive is unknown. >> kim: another developing story takes to us st. louis where a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot in another ambush style attack in our country. the 46-year-old officer has been with the force 20 something years shot in the face twice. that officer was sitting in traffic in when another car pulled up alongside when at least two shots were fired. the wounded officer was conscious and able to talk to responding officers after that attack. the suspect did get away and a manhunt is under way as we speak. right now he is listed in critical condition. >> dana: president elect donald trump arrived at his new jersey golf course for another round of
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trump welcoming emanuel yesterday calling him the king of trump then met with ross and finally trump met with kansas secretary of state and bet
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we expect some announcements shortly on cabinet positions. >> kim: he's expected to meet today with rick perry. if that happens during this broadcast we'll take you there for continued coverage. on the topic of president elect donald trump, he is confirming reports that his wife and youngest son will not move to the white house right away. the "new york post" have been reporting that was how it was going to go down. he says yes that's how it's going to be at least i york until the end of the school year. donald trump responding to the report after meeting with the kansas secretary of state yesterday. they will stay in new york so he will be able to finish the
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trump confirmed yesterday. the paper saying the future first lady will fly to the white house on a needed basis. >> dana: we have live pictures of the vatican on your screen. we hear that pope francis allowing all priest to absolve the grave sin of women who have abortions. you may have heard something about this last year. he's extending that special permission for the just ended holy year of we have pictures out of up state new york. this out of the sir cute area. snowfalling at the rate of one to two inches per hour. they've had strong winds up to 30 miles per hour creating blizzard conditions flying to the northeast united states today, tomorrow maybe dicey.
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police. what protestors say police threw at them and how authorities are responding to those claims. >> kim: what if you were able to get the entire meal in one box? there is a company offering that. details to come. >> dana: and all the fashion hits and misses from the
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>> krystal: an overnight fire claimed the life of four children. the fire broke out about 2:00 our time. the mother of the four deceased children take on the a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation. the age of the children yet to be released and no word on what caused that tragedy claiming the lives of four children. >> kim: more breaking news to
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130 people killed when this happened. coaches that jumped the track in india. they can't even count. they are continuing to search for survivors. rescue workers had to cut torches to pull out some of the survivors. they had to use cutting torches. the death toll is likely to rise because rescue workers have devote gain access to one of the most dangled coaches . the train dli the morning local time jolting passengers awake. more than 200 other passengers were injured. we will stay on top of this developing story. back in this country proo test tosser continue to clash with law enforcement at that pipeline in south dakota. it does get draft picks mat nick nature.
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gathering on the highway there. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them. they say firefighters intentionally sprayed them way water cannon in subfreezing temperatures. a spokesperson for the fire department is saying the fire fighters are using hoses to put out the fires set by protestors. i said south dakota and i meant to say north dakota as this continues to play out. we'll have continued updates from the up state new york. lots of snow last night and today these are the live pictures coming out of sir cute, syracusenew york. getting around not fun and getting there not easy either. they've had numerous flight
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to our local airport over the weekend was no easy task either. >> tom: it was tough because there was a complete closure of the 215 at the airport connector. we have an accident just to the east of rainbow, watch out for that one. travel times looking good. everything running in the green. here is the area kim was referring to. we had a complete closure just reopened at 5:00 a.m. i think it opened before that. we'll take a live l we had a complete closure of the area but now it's looking great on the freeway. all lanes are open. you have a restriction on the right side as head west on the 215 but at least the complete closure is over. it was a mess over the weekend, things getting back to normal. >> kelly: we're tracking active werth. showers and thunderstorms moving through the mesquite area. those heading out into parts of utah, arizona.
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back to the southwest where we're getting the showers from, it's starting to break up a little bit. scattered shower activity is all we're seeing. thisth heaviest of the showers exiting the area and heading toward st. george these somehowers are moving to the north and east. maybe scattered light showers, here is a time yesterday where we had quite a few clouds and showers that made their way through during the noon hour. partly cloudy as the sun went down yesterday and temperatures this morning in the upper 40's and low 50's. henderson areason 55. summerlin you are 51. you are going to want a jacket heading out. temperatures not expected to rise a lot today. 63 is our expected high. that's only a degree below normal.
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then it will start tapering off in the afternoon. decreasing clouds during the overnight hours. 46 will be our low and tons of sunshine with a high of 64. wednesday the winds are going to kick up in the afternoon. lots of sunshine adds a high of 63. >> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq, january king is joining us early nevada is going to get millions of dollars from the volkswagon settlement. >> volkswagon will pay $22 million over that scandal. the 22 million is in civil penalties and attorneys fees and this is part of that almost $15 billion settlement that was reached earlier year this.
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fix. >> dana: best part of thanksgiving eating portion, worst part for some the cooking portion. now there is help. >> these boxes come with everything you need. turkeys, recipes, preportionenned ingredients delivered to your home. they are packed in dry ice. you can save time by not going shopping with these. some of c provide these blue prop, cheffed and purple carrot which is vegetarian. >> i know stuffing comes in a box it's called stove top and it's pretty good. >> it is not bad. >> dana: we'll see you tomorrow. >> kim: our resident fashionista is here. i know you did a lot of hard work for us last night. >> i did indeed.
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huge hit. >> she looked stunning. in a white tux with this beautiful hat. we've seen a complete reversal from her. this is quite a departure from the meat dress and things like that we used to see. >> kim: she looks fantastic. >> a lot of white last night. winter whites now. >> selena gomez made your hit list. >> selena looked amazing. refined, gorgeous, she was a big winner last night with an award. and really stunning here. beautiful makeup, very simple. >> kim: she's such an inspiration for young girls.
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>> by by made your hit list but what she said wasn't so tasteful. >> let's focus on her fashion which was fabulous. she was one of the hosts last night. she did about five outfit changes and this was off the shoulder, we saw a lot of off the shoulder last night. a lot of white and she was beautiful woman but this not so much. >> it was so gold. she might have well been a gold disco ball. it was very 70's and i think it was one piece but it looks very -- >> kim: she is the era of the solid gold dancer. >> we've come to expect not
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i love the pink fur and not the outfit underneath. but you can't win them all. >> time for her to step up the fashion game. >> kim: thank you. we're just getting started. now over to dana. >> dana: you were talking about gigi andha she did an impression that has people talking. you're going to hear it coming up. >> kim: how las vegas is remembering and honoring those who have passed away in awful accidents on our roads. something is being done for the
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anything bad right now. looks great through the bowl. one small accident on rainbow and lake mead just east of the intersection. >> kim: grab the umbrella and raincoat although you may not need it today. mesquite you got hammered this morning. as you take a look at the current temperatures stepping
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boulder city you are at 52. temperatures not going to rise much. we're going to talk more about it in 10 minutes. >> dana: a lot of people talking about the american music awards. this moment from this supermodel. >> kim: this morning a lot of people have take on the social media to rate this. >> i love my husband president barack obama >> she's mocking melania trump's speech. she lifted some lines by the speech delivered by first lady michelle obama. she told feral she had been working on that impress all
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social media what about they think about that impression. >> dana: so what is on fire in the back of this truck? it is a christmas present. we'll tell you what that toy is coming up. >> kim: look out, he's not padded up and he's taken down. it was quite the unexpected
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>> kim: many of you may be waking up early because have you a flight to catch. school is out all this week for clark county. if you have to travel our local airport, here is good news. the airport connector is open
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weekend. >> dana: good morning. we're the wagners. the airport connector back open. >> tom: the 215 was completely closed both directions. motorist were able to get into the airport but they were joined by a lot of people who didn't want to be there because they were detoured there against their better intentions because the freeway was closed. we've got an accident on lake mead just to the east of rainbow. watch out for that nothing to worry about in terms of delays. we like that. not too bad right now. let's check weather kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, grab the umbrella. no rain in the area but there is off to our east and more to our southwest. you're going to want a sweater today. temperatures not expected to warm up a whole lot. our high only 63. we'll talk more about anytime 10
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out what happened before a man was shot in what looks like to be a domestic dispute. a woman in an apartment complex called 911, told operators there a woman showed up at her door asking her to call police because she had been involved in a shooting with her boyfriend. she led them to a car anyway rural area. officers found a car and in the drivers seat they found a man who had been shot. he was still died later at umc. if this is a crime no word on a motive. they have no record of any domestic violence calls from that couple. the man in his late 20's or early 30's. >> kim: a man accused in the murder of a local woman who was left anyway dumpster to die is expected in a courtroom this morning. michelle all over this story joining us live from the regional justice center. from what we understand it was the man's own parents who turned
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talking about jerry howard according to police who had always been very vocal about how they are grateful for the parents making this decision and doing the right thing to come forward when they realized their son it was man that murdered this woman kathy shines. it was a very brutal attack on this poor woman. she was sexually assaulted and then after the attack jerry wa back in january near nellis -- they arrested him near nellis and vegas valley after they found this woman who had crawled out of the dumpster and tried to crawl to find somebody to help her where she ultimately lost her life. this man facing ultimate charges back in january near nellis and vegas valley. he will be in court this
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on social media. >> dana: that i remember story. thank you for that. meanwhile police asking for your help finding a man who has committed as many as eight armed robberies. we don't have a great look at the suspect. there is surveillance video of him. police believe he held up a bank on desert inn as well as committing a series of grocery and drugstoreol 25 and 30. maybe driving a white four door sedan. if you think you know who he is, call crime stoppers. >> kim: from impaired and distracted drivers traffic deaths impact our community. for the first time las vegas is taking part in world day of remembrance. it is a day set aside to honor the lives lost on our local
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brother. she survived the crash. she is in a hospital bed. he did not. this was three years ago. doctors didn't expect her to survive either but she d. she suffered severe spine and head injuries. her recovery a long one and emotional. >> have to cope with your loss and it's never easy on the person feel so much guilt. >> kim: wiping away tears as she talks about it three years later. it's that pain felt by countless families in our community. 194 traffic deaths so far. that number happens to be down from last year. the holiday season is traditional a deadly time of year. >> dana: president obama says he
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short term prospects in syria. the president in peru for an asian pacific economic summit saying he raised concerns about russia's role in syria during this talk with slid my putin. while in peru he met with justin trudeau saying they discussed a wide range of things. >> kim: the newest casino here oped we'll have that on the lucky drag on your screen as we speak. the first casino built from the ground up since the cosmopolitan was completed in 2010. it has 203 hotel rooms with 300 slot mans and 30 table games. inside the hotel elevator you don't find a fourth floor because that number is
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belong in a place called the lucky dragon. the grand opening is december 3. they will have a variety of traditional festivities for that. >> dana: i've never heard about the fourth floor before. >> chris: it may be asian culture they are worried about the number four. we have pictures coming into us. there is jay gray getting ready for a live report at o'hare where people are on the m we'll have continued coverage of people as they move through the busiest airports. go to if you'd like to track what airport you are going to. we have a flight tracker on our website. >> dana: selena gomez back on stage just hours ago. hear what she had to say in his first public appearance after going on hi at us the because of
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recalled because it did something dramatic in nature before someone was able to play
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>> kim: go in, buy something and that happens. that truck being blamed for what we're seeing on your screen. it's truck that children play with all the time. there is a grandparent who bought this as a christmas
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what you just saw. they were head home when that do i burst into flames. toys r suspected shoplifter apologizing and refund, they are pulling >> tom: travel times all up to speed for now.
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across the area this morning. a big line of them earlier. we're going to keep a close eye on that throughout the rest of the morning. grab the umbrella. we're looking at temperatures afternoon. we'll talk more about rain chances. >> dana: new treatment approved for those battling lung cancer. this new advancement and what it means for people bat that disease. >> kim: it is the annual lenition where these lovely ladies all get together and they are some of the most generous people you'll ever meet.
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>> kim: it is an area ununmatched beauty. the area is in trouble. >> it's an age old problem on many public lands enjoying what
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destroying it. that gold butte there is plenty at risk. with the ancient art there is graffiti and vandalism. now the nonprofit is asking president obama to take action before he leaves office. >> supporters worry if this doesn't happen now, starting over with a new president will push back any hope of protection for years. i hope you'll join me for my spec live at 11:00. >> dana: lung cancer one of the most common and deadly cancers. it takes more lives in the united states than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. now there is a significant advance in the treatment against lung cancer at least for certain types of it. we're joined life by dr. spiegel. let's talk about this new drug
5:47 am
it was just approved for the treatment of lung cancer. it's a type of therapy called immune therapy so it's designed to boost a person's own immune system to fight cancer. a medication that is a break through for patients and their families. >> dana: you talk about the fight against lung cancer but this immune therapy, i've heard about this recently. could have drug fight o >> there are several immune therapies approved over the last couple of years in a variety of cancers. it has approval in lung cancer and bladder cancer. we're hoping a number of therapies will be approved for more cancers in the coming years. >> dana: what are we talking about? just increasing life expectancy or the possibility maybe not today but down the road of actually eliminating certain
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>> that is a great question. there is a lot we don't know. a drug like this has shown to do a lot of great things for patients extend their lives being the most important. we have to remember these drugs carry risk of side effects. when you boost someone's immune system we have to make sure the immune system doesn't harm organs. this is something your doctors will watch carefully throughout your care through cancer. d joining us. it's an exciting time in the fight against cancer not only in this country but around the world giving hope to these patients who have been recently diagnosed. thanks for joining us. >> kim: the city of new york along with the new york historical society unveiling a special plaque today. it marks the official parade route and the starting route of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they'll have a ton of guest on hand for this.
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celebrities and stars and the big performance groups that take the route every year. you can watch the parade here on channel 3 starting at 9:00 in the morning on thanksgiving morning. that is thursday. >> dana: that's a fun one. >> tom: every year we tune into that one. we have a couple of problems on the roads this. is an lake mead to the east of rainbow. more serious accident on the far east side of town. a lot of people got caught in the complete closure of the 215 at the airport connector. that did reopen this morning. we'll check it out later from sky 3 to see what took place. there is the freeway we're talking about going into the airport connector area. looks good so let's check traffic and weather together. >> kelly: wet weather across the area this morning moving off to
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storms developing. we're seeing rain showers around mesquite. the bulk of the activity st. george maybe a little bit of snow too. that is going to be impressive. let's zoom down to the southwest where this is the rain we're watching as far as heading toward las vegas. it's breaking up. very spotty, very light. we're seeing a little bit along in anything we see in las vegas today going to be light. pretty spotty across the area as well. we saw a lot of clouds and then brief showers making their way through during the day as well. a few brief showers possible as we get into the later morning hours. that has moved off to the east. summerlin 51. spring valley 52 and sunrise 55.
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58. overton 65 is your expected high. boulder city going down to 46 tonight. mesquite 43. we're looking at lots of sunshine heading into tomorrow, 64 for the high. sunny on thanksgiving day with a high of 63. pretty pleasant weekend, 65. >> kim: more of the must see moments from hours ago during the american music awards. that includes that lovely what she said on stage about her health that is inspiring others. we have it headed your way. >> dana: the tackle yesterday fm
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>> dana: time for the water cooler. selena gomez making headlines after her emotional speech last night in los angeles. this her first appearance since taking a hiatus. >> it's safe the to say most of you know most of my life whether i liked it or not and i had stop because i had everything. and i was absolutely broken inside. i kept it all together enough to where i would never let you down but i let myself down. >> dana: she's been battling lupus. she was talking about body image in her speech after winning
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night. bernie is a little embarrassed. you ok? i'm all right. we have a story about a new exhibit that is going to take a and her fashion trend. it will show her ingans, work suits and more. going to open in february. many of her favorite designers will be highlighted. if you are into fashion, that is
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>> kim: local police interviewing a woman after her boyfriend is found shot. who turned her in and where does this story stand right now? details headed your way in a live report. >> dana: metro needs your help
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number of robberies here in the valley. the person you need to be on the lookout for. >> kim: remembering loved ones. >> tonight we don't have to deal with the >> dana: the host poking fun at the electoral college and the incoming first lady of our country. we're going to have the fashion hits and misses coming up in minutes. >> dana: live pictures of the airport on your screen.


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