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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> dana: good morning. it will be about 12 hours from now we find out the name of our national hockey league team. >> kim: people have season tickets but we don't have the name until hours from now. we're the wagners here on this tuesday morning. we're so excited about this. knights. you fill in the blank. i guess it couldn't be the blackhawks because chicago has a team by that name. so maybe they'll have to avoid that. >> kim: that one has been taken but it's something we'll be talking about throughout the broadcast. because it has to do with ice it's nice because we're turning to that season. >> dana: they could call them
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>> kelly: we already have our theme song and everything. not cold enough to make ice outside naturally anyway. cooler temperatures in the 40's. highs today warmer. mainly sunny skies throughout the day. 58 at 9:00 a.m. 63 at lunchtime and 64 at 4:00. we're going to talk about the thanksgiving day forecast coming up. >> dana: a local 35-year-old woman has been of shooting her boyfriend to death in his car. we had this as breaking news 24 hours ago. this is the woman in question. she said she shot her boyfriend in self-defense. she told police she was fighting with her boyfriend inside that car. that was late sunday night. while he was getting his belongings at home she put a handgun in her purse and put it
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when he got back into the car he threatened to kill her and slammed her face into the dash board. the neighbor said -- >> he was fighting for the knife and she was going for the gun and she got him. >> she faces an open murder charge. detectives did not find another weapon in the car. why she didn't run from the car she told him she feared he would chase her done. >> kim: we have an update to the breaking news you saw here. a local mom can't believe heifer son's best friend accused of stabbing him to death inside
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and this mom says she heard her son screaming for help down the hall. when she turned on the light to his room she saw he had been stabbed several times and she saw the suspect. he was crawling out of the bedroom window this. mom saying that is her son's best friend and he had bee family home. police have arrested him. they caught up with him about a mile from the crime scene. he is charged with murder. this victim's mother can't understand why he would do something like this since they treated him like family. >> dana: this bus driver out of tennessee facing charges in the death of six children killed in that bus crash. bus ended up wrapped around that tree. this happening yesterday afternoon. bus packed with 35 children
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six children have died. more than 20 others transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. the 911 calls are just chilling. >> a school bus flipped off the roadway and there are children. there are ejections. >> i can see an arm moving but i don't know if anybody can get to it. >> the bus driver is under warrant to remove the black box from the bus. there is a team determining what happened but they believe speed was a factor. >> donald trump will be at the mansion for the holiday and putting his transition on hold for a few days to spend some time with family. >> vice president elect mike
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rejoin the transition team. they are no no hurry to announce more cabinet officials before thanksgiving. >> it could come this week or today. but we're not in a rush to publish names just because everything is looking for the next story respectfully. >> former new york mayor is beinger considered for national intelligence. newt gingrich will advise but not be cab knelt. >> rudy is a better pick and has the right temperment. >> in a video released by the team president elect trump says his first 100 days will focus on jobs. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time.
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from the transpacific partnership and reduce regulations across the board focusing on energy. >> it's about 12 hours from now, 13 hours we're going to find out the new team name for our national hockey league team. they are going to unveil this next to the t-mobile arena. what are they going to call this team? it's been five months since the national hockey league announced it's possible names being floated out there. the hope is that having a professional team in las vegas will mean that more local children get interested in the
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team. the team colors are gray, red, gold, black and white or a combination of those. vol a chance to buy memorabilia. we'll have live coverage tonight. you won't be able to buy the sweat tore night. i do think tonight you'll be able to buy t but not the sweater itself. still to come kanye west hospitalized after this bizarre behavior. what was that rant all about and where is he now?
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your way.
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>> dana: live pictures out of chattanooga, tennessee. six children were killed in the bus c, injured. the driver has been taken into custody charged with numerous crimes. they think he was driving too fast. the road in some directions still shut down as we see a growing memorial at the site. the school will be open today and they will have grief counselors on hand. >> kim: here is kanye and kim kardashian during happier times.
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rised reportedly because of stress and exhaustion. he went on a bizarre tirade up on stage. check it out. going after beyonce up saturday night. something about she wouldn't perform unless her video got video of the year. this happened for about half an hour. he called it quits on that particular night. we know that he's been taking jabs at jay-z, at politics, at mtv in general. he did cancel a show in los angeles on sunday. then he cancelled the rest of his tour just yesterday. he's in the hospital now.
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health. we'll stay on top of this developing story. >> dana: the man accused of shooting a police officer while the officer sat in his patrol car right outside the sheriff's department talking about why he did it. we'll tell what you he had to say coming up. >> kim: the iowa governor pardoned a turkey that has the
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>> dana: an everything struck japan overnight. this thing affected commuters, travelers because of the suspension of morning flights and train services in the region for a while.
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13 people have been injured there. the quake was an after shock of a march 11 quake urging residents to be on alert for aftershocks for up to a week now. >> kim: parts of up state new york buried in snow. we have more video evidence mother nature has arrived with three feet of snow. 7-foot drifts reaching up to rooftops. cars blanketed, homes blanketed. this is lake effect snow. the weather has made the commute especially dangerous. a pair of tractor trailers wrecked because of the conditions. the area now bracing for the possibility of more snow as people get ready to go to
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>> dana: in areas in up state new york it's been snowing for 50 straight hours. >> kim: you got to love southern nevada. >> kelly: makes me grateful i live here because i remember how that lake effect snow works although it doesn't stop many people. here is a look at what we saw yesterday. we started out with a bit of sunshine but check out the clouds as they rolled in. precipitation over the bring mountains and parts of utah seeing snowfall yesterday. current temperatures heading out the door, summerlin lakes 48 right now. centennial you are at 46. get that warm coat as you are heading out there. this afternoon we're looking pretty pleasant conditions. all of the rain has moved off.
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mainly sunny conditions and temperatures actually going to be above normal today. 65 is our expected high with winds out of the north shifting to the east 3-7. tonight mostly clear skies. 47 for the low. our seven-day forecast showing warmer temperatures tomorrow. we're going to see wind gusts seasonal. >> kim: we take to you utah where police have released video of two d.u.i. crashes that they had to deal with over the weekend. those crashes taking place early saturday morning.
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hitting the back end of the car. hours later a drunk driver slammed into the back of a squad car while the officer was issuing a ticket to another drunk driver. thank goodness nobody was hurt. >> dana: several people recovering after they were hit by a car. outside. at least 7 people were injured. the cause of this thing is under investigation and they have no idea if that red car has any connection to the auto show. >> kim: we're hearing from the man whose been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting of a police officer in san antonio. he's talking to reporters as he's carted off to jail offering a possible explanation as to why
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>> kim: i wanted to see my son and something something happened to somebody who didn't deserve it. this is the officer who is no longer with us. you just heard from the suspect. that det traffic ticket in his patrol car just outside of police headquarters when he was shot. he was shot in the head. the district attorney these suspect is going to be charged with capital murder. >> dana: that police officer he shot did not deserve to die that day but he was taking his anger out on somebody that didn't deserve it. >> dana: the consumer product safety commission holding its thanksgiving cooking safety demonstration today.
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cooking a turkey can be dangerous. these demos will include turkey fryers, stove tops and ovens. there are an average of 1300 kitchen fires on thanksgiving day each year on average. >> kim: also happening today president obama will deliver his final round of presidential medals of freedom. we have a look at the group who will be this there is ellen. she's a contributor, she donated more than $35,000 to his victory fund in 2012. tomahawks and elite athletes in the mix. michael jordan, all going to be honored. bill gates with miss wife and there is lauren michaels of snl fame. this is going to take placet . once it happens we'll take you to the ceremony here on news 3.
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today show they are continuing their series of stories of children who have been treated for cancer by st. jude's hospital. now these kids are doing amazing things in their life. today we're introduced to a young man battling leukemia. he's a freshman in high school. he received a bone marrow transplant. he's healthy with a great prognosis. >> your in high school. >> i never thought i would either. i saw the name jordan and thought it was a guy. obviously a young lady. jordan now says riding her horse makes her feel free when for so much of her young life she was
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on "the today show" after this newscast. >> kim: they are also all over politics on the today show especially with new video that's surfaced from the at right. >> donald trump releases plans for his first 100 days in office. we'll tell you everything yearned to know about hiss agenda. >> and ben opens up in his first television interview about his battle with controversial test he credits for saving his life. and when it comes to wine, do you need to splurge on the expensive stuff. the test that may save you a lot
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pardoned chris bryant and anthony rizzo. check it out. >> therefore i governor of the state of iowa do hereby proclaim rizzo the turkey and bryant the turkey free from the harm of the carving knives and grave on this thanksgiving day. >> rizzo and bryant are no turkeys, they just won the world series for the c because they are famous. they are going to retire and go to the farm for the rest of their days. two more turkeys pardoned by president obama be did urge the annual ceremony at the white house coming up tomorrow. >> kim: we take to you california where some people will have a happier thanksgiving thanks to snoop dogg.
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the rapper handing out 3,000 turkeys. snoop dogg loves giving back to the community who needs them. >> blessed so puts smiles on people's faces to help. i love to help because i was given opportunity. if i wasn't given opportunity for someone to help me. i'm the gift that keeps on >> it's the third year for this sort of turkey giveaway. you are about to see somebody far away from home but still in his element here in nevada. you might call him the camel whisperer. one of their key employees is a true nomad lending his expertise to those here in the united
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>> my tribe is the last nomad i can people in the world. >> coming up live at 6:00 tonight here on channel 3 denise has more about the special connection to these animals and where he thinks he's returned to his roots here. >> dana: i hear they spit. that would be gross. shooter on planet earth. some say he may be the best
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>> dana: is steph curry the best shooter of all time? probably top five for sure. made a good shot yesterday. too bad it didn't count. it came after the buzzer. it's he's smiling. his teammates don't look all that impressed. about three quarters court. the red indicatesta clock had expired. warriors beat the pacers 120-83. curry had 22 points on the night. >> kim: they are just used to it. still to come we know a lot of you are in holiday travel mode. for those of you running to the
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>> kim: murder investigation. this is an update to the breaking news we had for you on the program at this time yesterday morning. police have arrested that local woman on your screen. some are calling it murder, others are saying it was self-defense. we take you inside the
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>> get ready. a little more than 12 hours from now we're going to find flush name of our national hockey league team. >> kim: hospitalized. kanye west after going on a bizarre rant on stage over the weekend during his concert. he is now in the hospital this morning. we have what happened headed your >> dana: 5:00 on this tuesday. those purple lights off in the distance the t-mobile arena. >> kim: we're opening up on that picture for good reason. hours from now we're going to find out the team name for our first professional franchise here in town. i'm going with desert knights for that hockey team. there are a plethora of options out there. there is free swag on the line


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