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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 22, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- the raiders' owner warrants to move to las vegas, but oakland not giving up without a fight. what happened today that could keep them in oakland. got stabbed. her feet are pressed up. >> a woman found beaten and nearly dead. why police say this case shook them to their core. this car came out of nowhere. he plowed right into the back accident conditions. what he says kept him going as he fought to live. the plans to move the raiders to las vegas hit a speed bump. >> there's news that a deal was struck about a stadium being built and keeping the raiders in oakland. jeff given has more.
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news hit, i hit up randy and amber. i'm at espn las vegas. this is the studio where mitch and pritch hold court every morning. let me get you caught up on what happened. our sister station in the bay area broke the story this morning that there's another serious push to keep the raiders in oakland. apparently, the mayor said she's reached a framework of a deal with investors headed up by former raider ronnie lott. espn as you know we've been working very hard to build a stadium here in las vegas. the raiders would call it their new home. nevada lawmakers signed off on $750 million in public money. the raiders and sheldon adelson are pitching in the rest. radio host mitch moss says, everybody stay calm. >> but framework to a deal could basically mean anything. it could be the very embryonic
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ever come to fruition. i think she's throwing it out there to say we're going to keep the team but there's nothing to pappic about. >> they are committed to moving to las vegas. i think this is one of the last efforts that will come out of oakland. >> reporter: and that is the county commissioner who sat on that big tourism committee that hammered out that deal with the oakland raiders and as you heard him say, the raiders have been telling him since day one that they are las vegas. the big if, they have to get the league's approval to do it. they need 24 of the 32 league owners to say yes, go to las vegas. i did reach out to the raiders and the las vegas and sheldon adelson's company. i have not heard anything back. back to you. >> thank you for that update, jeff. as las vegas tries to draw in the raiders our new nhl team prepares for a major announcement of their own.
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and logo we've been waiting to learn. a ceremony is set for 5:30 outside of the t-mobile arena. everyone is invited. it's open to the public. be sure to stay tuned to later editions of news 3 and to see the logo. we're also streaming the event at we have breaking news at 3:30. right now, we can tell you local police are work on a pair cade situation --ri situation. >> this is on fremont. it appears there are no injuries. a suspect has barricaded himself inside a room. evacuations are being made at the hotel. fremont is closed between bruce and 21st and lewis is closed at bruce. well, exploding pieces of mail it happened in philadelphia that sent a guy to the hospital. philadelphia police say the explosion happened inside of a kitchen where the 62-year-old man lives.
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package had a power source and loop switch when it detonated. they say when it went off, there was the smell of sulfur. the man was transported to the hospital. his condition is unknown. police, bomb squad and other agencies are investigating. north carolina governor pat mccrory has requested a recount of his race against roy cooper. the latest tally thoughs the gop incumbent trailing by 6600 votes. r candidate can request a recount if they are trailing up to 10,000 votes. isis using chemical weapons and a travel alert ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. here's more from the terrorism alert desk. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. isis has used chemical wellens at least 5 -- weapons at least 52 times in syria. a new report said one-third of
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around mosul. the attacks were scattered in their delivery systems. the state department is advising u.s. citizens in europe to be aware of heightened risks of terror attacks. it's urging travelers to avoid large crowds. the advisory is set to expire at the end of february. a new york man is under arrest for plotting an attack on times square. the 37-year-old is also accused for trying to join isis at least from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. a florida map finds a woman badly beaten in the -- man finds a woman badly beaten in the woods. >> her feet are messed up. she's really dirty. >> police say two people beat the 17-year-old and locked her in her home. she escaped one night after she was attacked.
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officers say she's lucky. >> she wouldn't have been alive very much longer. she would have died had she not run. >> the couple is charged with abuse and neglect. they say the 17-year-old would often injure herself. caught on camera, commercial airline makes a dangerous landing in strong cross winds ingy brawl ter. winds. we can tell you no injuries were reported. rally. financial markets have been on a roll since the election. today, they reached new record highs. stocks on the dow jones closed above the 19,000 mark for the first time. today's gains marked the 6th record close for markets since the election two years ago. an idaho man lucky to be alive after a car hit him, then he fell 50 feet from a bridge into a river. the man says that he hit -- he was hit trying to help another car that slid on black ice. after falling into the river, the man forced himself to swim
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was broken. he said he was only thinking about one thing the entire time. >> the only thing i could think of was my son. you know, that was my drive. my desire. my motivation i was going home to see my son. >> he is still recovering in the hospital and waiting to see his son but he's happy that he still has the opportunity to see him. it's a yearly the consumer products safety commission demonstrates what can go wrong when cooking a turkey. the video reminds everyone to make sure they are properly preparing all foods and to have have something handy should a fire break out. have to be careful. >> yes. if you are heading home for thanksgiving, and you are anxious about a political food fight at the dinner table, you are not alone. >> dianne gallagher has more on how to think civil post election.
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political dialogue. this year, the emotionally-charged election is still swirling in the minds of many. >> i think there are protesters with a specific beef. >> reporter: politics will end up at many thanksgiving dinner tables as the red hot main course. >> do you think this year you guys will talk about the election at all? >> oh, my god, yes. >> some people are trump supporters. some people are clinton supporters. >> we like to win arguments. probably like most famil >> reporter: the 2016 election has taken an emotional toll. according to an american psychological association survey, more than half of all americans say it was the source of significant stress. for some -- >> some of my family actually supported mr. trump, which flabbergasted me. >> reporter: the anxiety of just being with the politically divided family member will keep them from showing up on thanksgiving. >> no. i will not be going home. >> reporter: others view
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inevitable. >> it's not that we're not going to talk about it. it's how long we're going to talk about it. >> election will be one of the topics. >> reporter: experts say there's smart ways to navigate the elephant in the room. >> families will be getting together where they differ sharply. >> reporter: georgetown university psychology professor suggests that the family come to the people with a pre-determined strategy, whether it's avoiding the topic completely, agreeing to listen t arguing or using a trusted family member as a mediator. >> somebody who is accepted by everyone and who is more moderate and who would listen to both sides. >> reporter: the goals should be on what brings you together rather than what tears you apart. >> to sit down with people and laugh and enjoy their presence and say they appreciate it. >> reporter: in washington, i'm dianne gallagher. back here, he's far from
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whisper per. er. one of their key employees is a true nomad from the sahara and now lending his expertise to those here in the states. >> my tribe is called the tuareg. >> coming up at special connection to the animals and what he thinks about returning to his nomad roots. that's in a special report, the camel whisperer right here on news 3 live at 6:00. well, it's the national feel-good story, the separation and recovery of two conjoined twins. >> next, another step forward in their progress, although they still have a very long way to go. >> plus, repo men are by definition supposed to repossess cars.
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opposite? temperatures in centennial are at 62 degrees. we'll show you what the rest of
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all right. for the good stuff segments. >> doctors who operated on twins who were join at the head, say they are recovering very well. they were separated after a very long and dangerous surgery a month a gets a lot of first. first time in separate beds. first time seeing each other. >> i think about their future all of the time. all of the time. i think about the first time they go to a park and i think about, you know, them getting married some day. [laughter] >> i think about -- i thought through their whole future a hundred times over. >> doctors say the twins still
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through it. a man makes his living taking cars away from people that don't pay. >> one day though while out on the job, he had a change of heart. here's more. >> i take cars. >> from who. who? >> from people who don't kay. >> reporter: this repo man wears his company name on his back and his heart on his sleeve. >> i've been shot at, ran over. just about efeverything you everything you can imagine. >> reporter: there's not a place on map that he has not traveled to repossess somebody's car for a bank but he wasn't prepared for what he saw when he arrived at the red bud illinois home of stan and pat. >> you know, it was one of those repos that you just -- it's like my grandparents are gone but i can see them, you know -- i knew what was going on. their medications have doubled,
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everybody. so i knew why they were behind. >> we had to go to the doctor, drugstore, and grocery store. that's about all we ever got to do but -- >> reporter: ford did repossess the car but he got on the phone with their bank. >> i pulled over about a block away from the house and i said to the bank we have to do something. i how about if i pay it now? >> reporter: he set up a gofundmecc hours. >> reporter: are you done? >> i think i might reactivate it. there's a lot of people who want to donate. >> reporter: monday, the couple got back their four-wheel freedom. >> it's just like hitting the lottery. i'm so happy. i cannot believe it. [laughter] >> gratitude. president obama will kick off his final thanksgiving in the white house this week by participating in pardoning
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one is named tater. one is named tot. they made a mess on the floor. the pardon is simple with a short speech. afterwards both birds will retire to a place that's known as gobblers ranch in virginia. >> and join the conversation on facebook by liking our page. search for ksnv news tv in las vegas. amateur video shows floodwaters in britain. firefighters were called out to the 157 incidents. further downpours and strong winds were expected to keep pounding england throughout the day. it's time for a check of our local forecast. news 3 is your weather authority. we'll take any kind of weather. >> take what i give you guys.
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it's going to be colder on thanksgiving. but look at this, at heat we have the sunshine. we've got a little bit of a disturbance headed our way tomorrow. more of an annoyance when it comes to see the winding change. temperatures outside right where they are supposed to be for this season. mostly in the 60s across the area. low 60s in summerlin and centennial and, of course, a little bit warmer on the far east side of town. conditions are calm outside. feels good. it will be a here is a look at your current wind speeds across the valley and outside of the valley. we'll look at temperatures real quick. 52 for pahrump. 30s for mount charleston. 60 degrees for indy yun springs -- indian springs. looking at the satellite. not much going on. but things are going to change by tomorrow at another pacific storm starts to push through our
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from washington to northern california. it will eventually swoop by us and kick up our wind speeds quite a bit tomorrow. here's what it's going to look like. as we fast forward, another front pushing through, bringing us not only the stronger winds with winds reaching 30 miles an hour. but also cooler temperatures are expected as the system passes. so thursday will be a little bit chilly as you wake up overnight tonight, very similar to last night, clear skies. temperatures dropping down in the 40s. we'll see light winds for most of the evening. they will pick up slightly after midnight tonight. nothing too severe, though. regionally, again, cold temperatures, 43 for overton. we have 30s for alamo, 27 for caliente. 44 for mesquite. 37 for indian springs and low 30s for mount charleston. mid-30s for pahrump overnight
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compared to today. so very unfall-like tomorrow afternoon. low 70s for lake mead. upper 60s for boulder city. and overton tomorrow. as you wake up, we'll be in the 40s. so put a jacket on for your commute when you grab lunch. maybe a light sweater. we'll see a few more clouds later on in the day. off-and-on sunshine. the winds will pick up later on in the day. we will talked about the winds, up to 30 miles an hour. be aware of that. days, like i said, temperatures are going to decrease as we make our way into the thanksgiving holiday. the turkey is still happy even though temperatures will drop. just do a little dance like he's doing. a second system will bring temperatures down even more by the tail end of the weekend with highs reaching the 8508s. in case you want to see a closer look at your thanksgiving forecast, well, we have you covered if you are going to be running errands. we'll be in the low 60s by the
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so depending upon what time you are eating, whether you are doing a turkey brunch. a -- lunch/dinner, a linner, lunch dinner. it will be nice. a lot of people collect some weird things. >> next -- one man has a history
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potato chips are a staple of just about efevery kitchen cabinet. >> one man is collecting the original canisters that are
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more. i'm mark hyman. peggy is an award-winning artist. her work has been shown nationwide including the smithsonian. but a new oklahoma law prohibits her from identifying her native-american heritage or displaying her work. here's what's happening besigned the headlines -- this law allows only those in federally recognized tribes to call their peggy is a member of the virginia recognized tribe. her ancestors welcomed the jamestown settlers. oklahoma prohibits her from calling her work american-indian made. she's been given award. this law violates her first amendment rights. it also gives unfair advantage to members of politically favored tribes. only those recognized in washington.
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recognition is long, complicated and very political. hundreds of tribes are not recognized. consider this -- today, an individual of one sex can declare they are another and the feds insist this must be honored. peggy can trace back hundreds of years but is not allowed to call herself native-american until a washington bureaucrat approves. peggy is suing the state. she's represented by the pacific legal foundation.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. steve: you got some money. how you folks? welcome to the show. appreciate y'all coming. thank you very much. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] thank you, folks. appreciate it. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey...
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today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from atlanta, georgia, it's the green family... [cheering and applause] and from denver, colorado, it's the bradley family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody just might drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the br family. hey, tommy... tommy: how you doing? steve: how y'all doing? tommy: fantastic. steve: all right. hey, man, introduce everybody, tommy. tommy: of course. this is my beautiful, opera-singing mother becky. becky: hello. tommy: this is my handsome, army-vet brother nathan. [applause] this is my brilliant lawyer father jon... [applause] and this is my line-dancing


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