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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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fans. >> kim: position accepted. we have breaking news on the trump transition. a former rival is now a team member. wait until you hear about the first woman who has been picked to serve in his cabinet. >> dana: good morning. welcome n. it is 4:30 on this wednesday before thanksgiving. america is on the move will be hopping. they have the busiest schedule in all of las vegas when it comes to air carriers. we take to you atlanta for one of the busiest airports on planet earth. people are at least walking through the security line smoothly. once they get to the other side who knows how that goes once they are trying to get on their planes. we have a team of people in
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wherever you are going, even if you are just driving we have you covered. we're the wagners here on this wednesday morning. >> dana: a lot of people headed to san diego, phoenix, los angeles, kelly, the all important travel forecast for today, we know that almost 50 million americans on the move but most of them driving to their locations. >> kelly: if you are driving around town today you should be good, especially in the morning hours. it is cool so 59 at 9:00 a.m. but we're going to warm up this afternoon. 65 at noon and 64 at 4:00. there are snow showers pretty close by. we're going to talk about where coming up. >> dana: breaking news on the trump transition this morning. the donald trump administration brings in its first woman. donald trump in florida celebrating thanksgiving with his family and we're hearing the
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interview with the new york sometimes editorial board. >> very happy to be invited. >> nbc news learned south carolina governor accepted the offer for ambassador to united nations this morning adding another notch to trump's cabinet. she was highly critical of the campaign. mitt romney is front runner for secretary of state and ben carson is being housing and urban development. >> donald trump hints it's time to make peace with his former rival saying in part hillary clinton suffered greatly in many ways and he needs to move on from -- a filing violated i.r.s.
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taxes. the president elect focused on oh filling his cabinet. >> these are incredibly inspiring meetings and not everyone will not end up in the cabinet or government and most are not even seeking that. >> kim: a live picture from o'hare and they have weather there. if you are bound that direction, and then connecting to another flight, if you are northeast for example, you may have some trouble. let me give you what aaa is predicting overall when it comes to travel in our great nation. this season is going to be the busiest thanksgiving travel week in nine years with 48.7 million americans choosing to get out of town on turkey day. 89% of them are expected to hit the highways. those road trippers are going to be paying a little more at the
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the second lowest we've seen on thanksgiving week since 2008. if you are taking to the friendly skies, you will likely not be cheaper this year versus last year. 20% higher is what aaa is predicting air fare is higher than 2015. that doesn't mean that people are skipping the skies. it is ready to greet 1400 now security office they are summer. we've converted about 2,000 from part time to full time. added another 50 or 60 canines which allow us to rapidly move people through the line. i think we're ready for holiday traveller this year. >> kim: this is the busiest time of the year and when it comes to
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time is between mid-morning and late afternoon. be prepared for a delay, make sure you have medication on your person, don't pack it. be careful on the roads to be sure you get to the place you are going in one piece. we're just getting started. we have a team of reporters in place. don't go anywhere. live team coverage headed y >> dana: not only are we seeing inned traffic on the roads and skies, we are seeing increased visits to the emergency room. a lot of accidents happen in the kitchen. deep fried turkeys can be a hazard. people putting up lights falling off ladders. people going out for black
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traffic accidents. >> when you are driving you need to be 100% aware and not thinking of other things and people get distracted so there will be an up tick in the crashes we seen. >> dana: food bourn illness people leaving the turkey out too long and people get colds and flu this time of year as well. >> kim: are thankful for. i'm in front of the tag board. this is when you take to social media and # it news 3 turkey day and send us a picture or video, it shows up here and we can choose it from and put it on the broadcast for you. are you thankful for family members, friends, maybe you scored a great job this year. we want to hear from you. maybe you have a great recipe to
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# it news 3 turkey day. >> dana: the vegas golden knights. some people taking to social media and they don't like the name of our team. a lot of people like it though. they did drop the los from the l one guy got booed out there and it was the nhl commissioner. >> keep the booing, that proves you are now an nhl city.
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>> kim: i don't know enough of the history. >> dana: the los angeles kings took aim at our new team saying that the knights suv kings. we'll see. i think this is going to be a great rivalry between the kings and the knights. people were able to buy t shirts and hoodies and sold out fast. they will be open again selling that merchandise again today. president obama giving out his one recipient got into tears. another had to lean and one almost missed it altogether. we'll show you who did what coming up. >> kim: speaking of being thank informal morning. a team of workers at that fast food joint being praised because of what they found in a car. wait until you hear this one.
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>> live pictures on your screen out of atlanta. 50 million americans traveling somewhere this thanksgiving holiday. most people doing it by car. a lot of people taking to the skies because air fare fairly affordable these days.
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in. >> dana: ellen cried as she got
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are already long, people waiting to get to their destinations. almost 50 million americans on the move this holiday. most of them will be driving, not flying. interstate 15 between las vegas and los angeles expected to get very busy. more than 300,000 visitors expected in las vegas this weekend. >> kim: we're going to take you back live to o'hare in moments where we have an expert in place that has everything t your travel this morning whether it's on the road or by the skies. right now we are checking in with kelly because a lot of people want to know flag football in the weather in week? >> kelly: that's why people come to las vegas for thanksgiving for the nicer werth. a beautiful day yesterday. high thin clouds working in. this is a time lapse picture of the day school camera.
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highs topping out in the mid 60's so pleasant conditions for us overall. the temperatures heading out the door right now we're looking at low 40's in most locations. little chilly out let's zoom out and take a look
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sunny skies. wind increasing up to 15 in the afternoon. tonight gusts to 25 miles per hour with a low of 43. little breezy for to us night. turkey day sunny and 62 but a storm system is on the way for the weekend. >> kim: we'll take you back live to o'hare airport where we have an expert there she is. thank you for being here. i have a feeling you are going to be hopping today with tons of information. everyone wants to know what is the busiest airport and what do i need to ono. what is the busiest this morning. >> according to or o'hare is the busiest in the country. atlanta comes in at number two. i think they are neck in neck
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los angeles is at number three. you have a lot of arrivals and departures and travelers getting connections that boost those up to number one. >> kim: so many people have smartphones. i'm holding up mine. if you have a smartphone, how can this be a great tool to help you out when it comes to knowing what we need to know. >> smartphone really becomes your lifeline at the air when have you potential for delays and cancellations. the best thing you can do is program your airline's number in that phone so you can be one of the first people on the line to get your issue rectified and get on the next flight out. make sure you are arriving early at the airport, two hours for domestic flights. print out your boarding pass. do everything you can to avoid
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straight into the t.s.a. line. if have you the precheck expedited status, that doesn't exempt you from getting to the airport early. so many people have that so those lines are long today so plan for that. >> kim: i'd be remiss not to focus on our local airport. have you information. anything locals watching before they head out the door need to know? >> beautiful day in las vegas so the airport there is looking if you are headed to other areas of the country, particularly the midwest where we're seeing this storm system come through, you need to keep your eye out. o'hare has potential for up to 60 minute delays. snow delays later today in minneapolis and detroit and 45 minute delays due to thunderstorms in houston. >> kim: final question here
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roads. we have a busy corridor between los angeles and las vegas. anything within your world you've heard of that drivers need to know about before they head out. >> just in general we see this window around 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. when people get off work and head to their destinations this. is the most congested time to travel on the road. if you can get out early, hit the roads early, that is your best bet. we see notn we head late beer the afternoon. >> kim: thank you so much. invaluable advice to get everyone started with here in las vegas. we appreciate you, have a safe one. >> dana: more than a dozen children still in the hospital in chattanooga, tennessee after that horrible bus crash earlier this week that killed five children. driver has been arrested. that's 24-year-old john anthony
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of vehicular homicide. he was speeding when he lost control and wrapped that bus around that tree. nbc news learned from stated records that walker had his license suspended for 25 days for failing to show insurance and involved in a minor school bus accident two months ago. one mother from that elementary school claimed she complained to the school about his education, i called the school. none of them kids deserved this. none of them. my baby had a whole life ahead of her. >> national transportation safety board now investigating trying to figure out how fast that bus was going. >> kim: we have an update on a developing story in our own backyard. it started with a shooting, led to a standoff in downtown las
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the suspect is not in custody. police say that a person shot at another man at 11th street and charleston. the victim was not injured sand cooperating with police in this case. after questioning him detectives discovered the suspect was at the sterling garden hotel. that's when he barricaded himself in that property. police evacuated the area during the standoff. guestswere shocked and not sure what to think. >> w serious because when we opened up our doors they had guns and rifles drawn. >> we are going to get a life report with craig from the scene as far as whether this person is yet in custody. >> dana: a couple of utah fast food employees and good samaritan hailed as heroes after they got a nine-month-old baby
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it was just sitting there and baby crying in the backseat. when they got to the scene they found that the driver was passed out. the nine-month-old baby was locked in the back of the car. they got the baby out and then woke up the driver. he was drunk. he was driving drunk with a nine-month-old in the back. when he woke up he took off without the baby and they haven't found him. the baby is ok but they >> kim: live team travel continues when this program anderson today begins. >> coming up on wednesday on todd our thanksgiving travel center is ready with everything you need to know before heading out. >> new details about that tragic school bus crash in chat nothing gathering and take a look at seatbelt safety. >> donald trump picks his first
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nikki haley is ambassador to the u.n. as he won't follow through on some of his campaign promises. >> grand finale all-star thanksgiving series. 30 she was are here to share their best last minute tips when we get started on a thanksgiving eve. >> dana: duchess kate drops in for a spot of tea,
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>> dana: when you hear about the skim these days you think about the pool in your backyard. 30 years ago it meant something very different. we're talk about this in about 10 minutes. >> kim: new in our 6:00 hour. she is apologizing for this
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incoming first lady?
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>> kim: tens of millions of americans hitting the roads, rails and skies trying to get to grandma's house. this morning we have live team coverage of your travel day with what to expect. >> dana: downtown standoff. it lasted several hours
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the guy that was holed up inside. a live report coming your way in a few minutes from now. >> kim: name revealed. we always do it big. vegas a part of the team name. we're going to take you there and show you the new team logo. it's exciting. don't go >> dana: welcome in. it is 5:00 on this wednesday. >> kim: we have breaking news right now concerning president elect donald trump and his transition team. south carolina governor nikki haley is going to serve as u.s. ambassador to the united nations under the up coming trump administration. there is a picture of the governor and we are getting this from a source familiar with the


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