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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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your way. news 3 is your weather authority. chloe is busy tracking the latest developments for your holiday weekend. new details regarding a north las vegas las vegas murder suspect. back in september, we showed you how he got away from police custody. tonight police have linked him to new murde it's our top story. as antonio castelan explains, newly released ballistic tests have linked alonso perez not homicide. >> reporter: it was from one of these buildings that alonso perez escaped. according to details, it shows that he was high on meth when he committed those last two murders. police say these two men died because of 25-year-old alonso perez. reports show the same bullets
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mohammed robinson and jeff johnson. >> i love my dad with all my heart. i never got to say bye to him. >> reporter: you are hearing from candelario duran's mother who is still fearful and doesn't want to show her face. north las vegas police believe duran was perez's first murder victim and then they believe he struck again allegedly killing mohammed robinson. his family says they hold the door open for alonso perez's girlfriend at a mcdonald's. this is mohammed robinson's sister. >> you took him away from your kids. you will pay for it. i promise you that. >> reporter: while in north las vegas police custody in september, video shows him escaping from the interrogation room of the police station. four days later, he would be recaptured. the police report shows johnson here was perez's last victim.
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his motorcycle and saw perez in a friend's backyard. johnson was concerned about why he was there and chased down perez. that's when perez fired two shots at him striking the helmet he was wearing. a witness said perez, he felt like they were automatic to get him. that everyone was out to get him. perez is scheduled to be in court in january. antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you. metro police searching for clues that c suspect believed to be involved in a deadly shooting of a man in the central part of your valley. it took place at eastern and fremont. they've detained a woman in the case but they are not saying if she's a suspect in a murder. metro is still talking to witnesses. the hiker who plunged 80 feet in red rock emerges without serious injury after spending 12 hours trapped.
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find him. members of search and rescue had to rappel down to him and freed him around 5:30 this morning. paramedics took him to the umc trauma center. now to a developing story, a woman convicted of killing a homeless man after cutting off his penis in 2001, she will get a new hearing with a new judge. kirstin lobato was 18 at the time when police say a man tried to sexual assault her. well, that's when she pulled out a knife and cut bailey. no knife or weapon was discovered at the crime scene. police eventually recovered incriminating evidence they say lobato made. she was convicted twice, once in 2002 and again in 200 of. now the nevada supreme court believes she deserves a new hearing based on quick decisions made by a judge. news 3 is your weather authority and chloe beardsley is standing boo i. >> yes. enjoy the clear skies, cool
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our friends in northern nevada very cold, in the 30s for eli, elko. we're in the low 50s. it will get a lot colder around here thanks to this system. you can see it moving into the coast already across the pacific northwest. and also bringing nevada a nice amount of cloud cover mostly to the north of us. now we're expecting the biggest changes tomorrow night into sunday. that's when we're expecting the winds to increase quite a bit an weekend. tomorrow, we're safe, though. waking up to sunny skies. still going to be off to a cold start by the time you grab lunch, you will probably need a light jacket. i will get you know when you will need to bust out the parka coming up in the full weather segment. one person is dead after a dispute in a walmart parking lot in reno. police say the road rage incident began last night reportedly over a parking spot. they say the two vehicles stopped near the exit of the parking lot and both people got
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at the scene. no arrests have been made. but police have located all persons involved in the shooting. the walmart remained open for black friday shopping. now on a lighter note, the busiest shopping season of the year is here. it kicked off with a bang early this morning. a lot of black friday shoppers lined storefront shops across the united states. >> las vegas, of course, no different. our faith jessie is life at the galleria mall in henderson where there was no shortage of shoppers. faith? >> reporter:ot the lines are literally wrapped ash the store and the parking lots are full. the guys out here have a high level of shoppers' endurance to survive all of this black friday madness. crowds of people flooded the galleria in search of the best deals. >> just things that i normally like that are on sale. >> reporter: they joined the estimated 970,000 black friday
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the retail association of nevada. monica carr came out to shop with her grandson but reflected when the shopping wasn't so hectic. >> used to be you stayed at home, did games. >> reporter: but those days appear to be over as more than 15 galleria retailers opened at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. >> we start shopping at 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: increased shopping hours could be a factor why more people are leaving home and their computers and coming out fo t but are the deals worth it? >> spider-man jacket, 60% off. we had to put it on right away that. was definitely worth it. >> reporter: is it worth it? >> yeah. i got a pc-3. >> reporter: a survey by the national retail federation shows american consumers plan to spend on average $935.58 during the holiday shopping season on both their kids and themselves. >> so far we've been spending
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the in-shopping experience, the convenience of shopping online is still an attracter. national retail federation says cyber monday is expected to draw in 36% of consumers up from 34% in 2015. >> we use amazon to our advantage for sure. [laughter] >> reporter: and these black friday establishments, some of them are now in their 25th hour of the black friday madness. if you haven't been out yet, get out quick. iie galleria will be closing around 10:00. you have plenty of time to shop. i'm faith jessie. >> fetus a mrs. field's cookie -- get us a mrs. field's cookie before you come back. thank you so much. shameful, right? fists flying at a mall in modesto, california, jints after -- just minutes
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the fight spread to a nearby j.c. penney. modesto police say police were not called during the fight saying mall security guard had the to stop it. ready, set, shop. in georgia last night managers let shoppers in early but told them they couldn't buy anything until 6:00. watch what happens when they find out it's time. they started to grab towels so fast, shelves and bins were empty in no walmart has a great deal on towels. towels, really? as the holiday shopping weekend rolls on, we want to know what you think about black friday. are you out there scrambling for those deals? if not what's your post-thanksgiving tradition? join the conversation and take our poll on facebook or twitter. search ksnv las vegas or at on twitter to weigh
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[ chanting ] >> protesters chanting hey hey, ho, ho rahm emanuel has got to go and no justice, no peace. this is in chicago. a group of 100 people staged the boycott black friday event. the demonstrators included a number of community organizations, churches and union groups. they calling for him and the chicago city council to implement and elect a well, the south carolina man accused in the shooting of nine black church members will stand trial for murder. today, a charleston judge ruled that dylann roof is competent. the 22-year-old had been federally indicted on 33 counts related to the murders in the horrifying 2015 killings at an african-american methodist episcopal church. roof, who says the death penalty, tried to avoid execution by offering to plead guilty and accepting a sentence
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that bid was rejected by prosecutors. jury selection in his death penalty murder case is scheduled for monday. the elections may be over but not everyone is ready to throw in the towel. tonight, money is being poured in to force a recount in three states. former presidential candidate, jill stein of the green party, is filing recounts in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. today, stein's campaign filed for the recount. they submitted to pay for it as well. >> what we're seeing there is a enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated. we are not doing this to the benefit of one candidate over the other. we're doing this for the benefit of the american public so we can trust that our votes are counted. >> wisconsin is the first state to file for the recount.
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computer experts urge the campaign to investigate the election in the three states because of notable differences because of voting machine tallies and exit polls. these days you can bet on just about anything happening. >> including video games. how you can place a war craft wager. and big stars leap off the silver screen and into a museum. where people can get that upclose and personal jurassic
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we all know that las vegas is the place to be when it comes to makin b our home town unique. but tonight there is a new venue to gamble on. it's called video game tournaments. as sergio avila reports, it's the next step for nevada gam bers who can bet on a video game tournament. >> yay! >> reporter: jonathan wendel
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he took the first bets last weekend for a tournament in oakland, california. e-sports are played for cash and bragging rights. >> gamers are playing for massive amounts of money, you know, why -- why can't it be like a traditional sport? >> reporter: we found 28-year-old dale did simmons inside the e-sports center. he said he would have never would explode into a worldwide sport. >> if i was 8 and thought this would be possible, i probably would have told my mom, i would spend more time playing because we could make a lot of money. >> reporter: they get sponsorship and endorsements as well. >> my kids my want to grow up and be professional video game players one day. i will encourage them.
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of the major video game events. one of the largest ones happens here in las vegas at the mandalay bay event center. it does sell out. sergio avila, news 3. well, dinosaurs come to life at a philadelphia museum. it opened today at the franklin institute. it creatures dinosaurs that stand 24 fe dinosaurs, the display includes several hands-on exhibits. it's the first stop on the tour. it day bid in australia. you can buy tickets for the rogue one starting monday. the movie is about the spinoff of "star wars" as well as a prequel. it's the tale of rebels trying
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some target team members staged their own mannequin challenge before the store opened its doors. everyone who worked the thanksgiving night shift participated. the worker who shot the video said it put everyone in a good mood and made the night go by faster. what started as a text message ended in turkey yesterday. turkey that you eat. two virtual strangers, a and teen from phoenix spent part of their thanksgiving together. she somehow added him to a text message inviting him to her family dinner. >> even after they figured out the mixup her invitation stood. the two met up before the teen went to his real grandma's for thanksgiving. >> people are saying i have faith in humanity again and i'm just thinking wow.
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i liked my first impression of him. >> the story spread far enough to get stovetop's attention. it was giving a year supply of stuffing for their party. another time that the season is upon us. the ice skating rink at the cosmopolitan is now open. they transform their pool into an ice rink. not only will you be able t manmade snow flurries every wednesday through sunday between 6:00 and 10:00 at night. it's a beautiful night outside, although a little cooler. our weather authority, chloe beardsley, is here to talk about that and our westbound forecast. >> temperatures are going to drop even more by the tail end of the weekend. next it will get downright up comfortable. it's clear and awesome outside.
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especially with the weather we're seeing? really gorgeous conditions. you can't argue with this this afternoon. trees not even moving. that's how calm it was. it's pretty much over by tomorrow night. highs today ranging from the upper 50s in blue diamond, mid-60s for the downtown area and temperatures flirting with the 70s on the east side. right now, temperatures in the 50s. it's pretty calm outside. very light breeds. it will be very different tomorrow night, though. mount charleston, in the low 50s for pahrump as well as mesquite. 37 for overton and 55 for boulder city. and the chilly conditions, they are on the way, folks. we're tracking the movement of this front right here. you can already see it's bringing quite a bit of rain across the pacific northwest, not just there but also just off the coast of northern california. that's where it's currently at right now. we're going to see some of that
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as well. looking back over the last few hours, mostly just seeing the additional clouds cross portions of the state but stronger winds are in the forecast for tomorrow. here is how it's going to be spelled out. you can see as the system continues to move into the coast on saturday, we'll expect our winds to pick up quite a bit saturday night. by that time, the sierras is already expecting to get an abundant amount of noel. above inches. for us, it will be fairly dry. however, the best chances for seeing some shower activity will be on sunday to the north of us. it looks like it's going to be snow. nice weather for now. but certainly changing by this weekend and we already have a few weather alerts have been issued for our area. it's mostly going to be a wind event. this wind advisory goes into effect tomorrow night at 7:00
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sunday at noon. winds 25, 35 miles an hour with gusts up to 50. if you are going to be on the road, be careful. we'll see the strong cross winds. overnight, that won't be an issue. temperatures dropping in the 40s. very calm winds are expected. it will be cold again. 28 degrees at mount charleston and 30s for pahrump, reaching 65 by tomorrow. regionally, our temperatures will be pretty similar to what we saw today. if you are waking up tomorrow, we'll be starting off in the mid-50s right around in the day. winds will pick up much later, i'm talking the evening. it's a gradual increase during the afternoon but the strongest winds will be overnight saturday night into sunday. that's why i wrote windy later on the seven-day, not only that, pest chances for showers will be on sunday and the cold weather is in the forecast. look at that. going from 65 tomorrow, which is essentially what we had today,
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and overnight lows in the 40s. i'm shivering thinking about it. >> that's pretty cold. >> but i hear the two of you went shopping. so maybe you bought coats. >> i bought one. >> i didn't buy anything. >> let's go back. >> thank you. hollywood pays tribute to florence henderson. look at the flowers placed on her star on the hollywood walk of fame this afternoon. the actress best known for her role as carol brady on the show "the brady bunch." thursday night at cedars-sinai in los angeles. she was 82 years old. still ahead -- record-breaking holiday.
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amazon predicts record sales for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. it saw millions of dollars in alone. the company says it sold more electronics yesterday than it did on describer monday in 2015. it expects the sales to top last year's. they say customers bought more than 100,000 toys in just the past days. the irs has advice for anyone feeling benevolent this holiday season. make sure you give to qualified charities. you only get a tax break for
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make sure you document the donations. your bank records or a receipt from the charity will suffice just fine, they say. coming up at 11:00, take this. >> two men caught on camera busting into a restaurant to steal cash registers. how much these thanksgiving crooks got away with. and an 8 picks out tons of toys for christmas but none of them will end up under as it happens tonight at 11:00. >> maybe you have the holiday cold, too. finally, mcdonald's signature hamburger got company. they added two new buggers inspired by the big mac. >> the brand mac is made with one-third pound of beef while the junior is a single layer burger. all three will have the beef patty, the special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles onion
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>> it will be sold on menus in 2017 for a limited time. that's an incentive. >> i will take any excuse to have a big mac. when we're not on the air, head
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?? ? here's a story of a lovely lady ? hollywood loses a lovely lady. >> who wouldn't want to be carol brady and be loved like that? >> we remember the life and legacy of florence henderson.
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brady bunch. we will always be. >> "e.t.'s" holiday romance report. >> i was, like, whoa, oh, my god. >> who is shacking up this thanksgiving weekend? who is getting married today? who suddenly is single after a broken engagement? >> we're counting down the stars who don't need to shop for black friday bargains, it is hollywood's top earning celebs. >> i don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. >> exclusive interview with -- barbra streisand. >> telling "e.t." her new tour is secret. now, for november 25th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. >> we begin with sad news. cameron mathisen has the story. >> farewell to beloved tv mom flooence henderson who passed away at 82. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> famous around the world as


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