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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> right now on news 3 live today. former cuban leader fiddle castro is dead. we are looking at areas around the united states and the world where hundreds of people are now out celebrating and protesting. details on exactly what they are. for up next. and today is sma saturday. how local owners are preparing. and a look at how the economy is bouncing back after black friday. also we are your traffic author. we have to warn you about a few major road closures you need to know about. especially if you plan to head to the airport after this holiday weekend. news 3 today starts right now. >> live in las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. thank you for joining us here on
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i am kyndell nunley and starting with top story. cuba is announcing the death of fidel castro. rebellers hitting the streets across the world. and cuban americans in miami celebrated the death. these images you can see from moments ago. definitely a lot of people out there. you can see in miami. florida. here in united states. and heading over to havana cuba. hundreds of people also celebrating the death of the former communistea filled the streets and packed areas outside of a cuban restaurant in little havana. rebellers carried flags and banged on pots and pans. crowds chanting spanish word for freedom. thousands of cubans flooded to miami during the 49 rule of the country. and president castro announced his brother's death on state tv friday night. he was 90 years old.
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all of my life. i am 34. waiting all of my life for this moment. castro has damaged a lot of cubans around the world. 11 million in the world. without food and nothing to eat. they are going through struggles. >> and just background information on that. as you have heard. critics called him a dictator. out celebrating his death. no cause of death given for the leader of the 1950s cuban revolution. bruce hall looks back on the life oth communist state 90 miles from u.s. shores. >> for more than four decades fidel castro was anti-americanism personified. through the cold war, dictator delighted in being a thorn in the side of u.s. presidents. fiddle castro revolution born in cuban, brilliant attacktion,
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and backed the dictator. the 33-year-old revolutionary proclaimed his markist beliefs and forged close alliance with soviet union that would endure for remainder of the cold war. u.s. struck back, spearheading 1961 invasion of the bay of pigs. castro personally led the resistance and american invasion failed miserably. embarrassment for kennedy. year later castro and soviets hosted nuclear crisis, after tense standoff, soviets relented and pulled missiles from cuba. and during the 70s and 80s castro used financial support
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america and africa. but as conditions worsened at home thousands flee the island risking their lives in a 90-mile boat trip to united states. as soviet union collapsed so did cuba's economy. with no subsidies he is forced to court hated capitalist asking businesses to invest in cuba. and as time passed castro began to show effects of age. in a stumble 2. years later had intestine surgery and he turned over power to his brother raul. with fidel castro's death cuba faces uncertain future. bruce hall, nbc news. >> anchor: now, switching gears. news cleis your weather authority. dana wagner is in.
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for jerry brown today. big changes on the way but not until later this evening. tonight, tomorrow. right now pleasant morning. 41 degrees. winds at 5 miles an hour. this number will change big time. this number will be going down. current temperatures across the valley. on our network. 37 degrees in downtown las vegas. 38 at the base of sunrise mountain east side. nellis 36. barely above the freezing mark as we speak. winds in the single digits right now. this afternoon, pleasant enough day today. to battle for fremont cannon out at the stadium at 1:00 this afternoon. unlv hosting unr. 65 degrees. sunshine. winds are not an issue. but winds will be an issue. we will have a chance of rain and also talking about snow in the forecast. tell you when. coming up in a bit. kyndell. >> anchor: thank you. looking forward to that. news 3 is your traffic authority.
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the airport connector to know about it. last weekend they did not finish, and it has one girder left to add. steel bloom. on the flyover on 215. the reason why monday night eastbound 215 will be closed from 9:00 to 5:00 a.m. tuesday. so you need to know this. especially with visitors coming in to town. or if you are visiting, welcome. but you will head to the airport. stay with news 3, your traffic authority on air and online at for latest airport connector project. and turning more serious. woman twice be convicted of killing a homeless man is getting a new hearing in front of a judge, kristin labot tow said the man tried to sexually assault her and cut him in the groin. but body found across town behind a dumpster near the palms casino. the man's body was mutilated and
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she was found guilty. and appealed and new hearing is ordered. 137 million people have lined up at stores and continue to flock to their computer screens across the nation. in search of bargains over the extended thanksgiving weekend. experts say presidential campaign caused the stock market to rise and customers to open up wallets. shopping center operators say 7e reporting sales that were equal to or better than last year. an local owners say saturday is what they are looking to. today. small business saturday. fueling more customers locally without competing with big box stores. >> there is a human touch to it. my customers know all the people i stock and very family. very different. >> anchor: all right. so head out the door there today. it is small business saturday.
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definitely container park, i will be out there later this morning. come out to join us. coming up on news 3. just ahead. in video vault. 30 years ago this month. the investigation into the skimming by the mob at the stardust was winding down tom hawley takes us back. pop up style look back. ? ?. >> anchor: these workers did not man how did they find the time? it was all caught on camera.
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>> welcome back in. good morning. about 6:10 on saturday. big quake hits northwest of china.
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shows chandeliers and people scrambling out of a restaurant. 6.7 magnitude. hit a sparsely populated area prone to seismic activity. not many people there. several homes collapsed and few people there, many more were damaged. one person found dead in a home that had actually caved in. and new details in the deadly bus crash that killed six tennessee children as they were on the way to school. records show student weeks before the crash in chattanooga. records included two written statements from students complaining about 71 than walker's driving. claiming he drove so fast the student was afraid the bus would flip. another wrote driver turned so quickly kids flew out of seats. six other children voiced concerns of the safety on walker's bus. another disturbing incident in chattanooga to talk about.
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police say one person shot in the arm, another in the leg. neither are life threatening. officers say one of the victims is known gang member. they have one suspect in custody and are questioning another person. >> anchor: and switching gears now. time for video vault. if you have ever seen the movie casino. you are tributed to a mobster skim. we are looking not at the midlevel mobsters that pulled it off in the actual property. tom hawley takes us back 30 years to november of 1986. >> reporter: on friday these former stardust hotel executives were convicted of falsifying tax returns by not reporting the millions of dollars they pocketed from the casino. >> casino managers had been filling out false fill slips and sending difference to midwest bosses. >> reporter: investigators
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figures with the stardust skimming operation. but phillip ponto and josephtalreekco would not testify. >> 51to made man in chicago and talreekco teamster official. >> elected to go to prison rather than testify. they did go to prison. >> reporter: prosecutor perry went into private practice and retired in las vegas last year. >> prosecutors say they have spent more than 12 hours a day working on what has turned out >> well, you have now a team and a record of prosecuting skimming cases. >> which many owners later is planet hollywood. that's the acronym for alan r
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for governor are former owners of the stardust. >> saxon tobin opened sundance which is now the d. >> reporter: they have had to sell the hotel, when skimming charges surfaced. now owned by boyd group. same owners of sam's town. >> anchor: that former reporter beth rivera still works in tv and movies but on entertainment side. stardust torn down in 2008 planned to be resort world south of circus circus. dana wagner you are the weather authority. let's get to it. >> weather: do you have ear muffs? those things you wear on your head during the winter. >> anchor: it is cold. >> weather: you don't have those, do you? >> anchor: i don't. >> weather: buy some. chilly weather is coming in. we caught a good scene from red rock resort westside of the las vegas valley. you will see the moonrise this morning.
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from. now we see a few clouds on eastern front and clouds. weather maker comes from the west today. 42 degrees. winds are calm at shiela tar school. fort apache 48. and check out george harris elementary, east side. flamingo and sand hill at 37 degrees. and not going to want to be on the lake tomorrow. although today will be a decent day to be on the boat. up until later tonight into tomorrow. a chance of rain in the forecast as well. this is the weather maker. draping the westcoast to united states. heavy rain showers in portions of seattle. very close to portland this morning. and along the california coast. all of this stuff moving our direction. it will go from west to east right across the top of us. so we will have a chance of rain showers in the forecast. few sprinkles tonight possible. tomorrow, better chance of rain.
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as a matter of fact, we also have a check of our future cast. las vegas right in the center of the screen from west to east with a chance of some rain showers. snow in upper elevations above about 4000 feet in spring mountains above 6000 feet, two for 4 inches. sunday we have a northerly flow that brings in cooler temperatures. and cooler temperatures will remain all week. today's high is 46 mount ch 65 degrees in pahrump. tomorrow morning the morning lows, 32 at pahrump, 22 at mount charleston. into the 30s indian springs. alamo 28 degrees. and this is the next seven. today not bad. 65. lots of sunshine. winds picking up later in the afternoon. big football game today between unlv and unr 1:00. winds are not an issue during the game. winds pick up later tonight.
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56 degrees for a high. a chance of rain showers. some more winds coming next week with highs staying in mid 50s. overnight lows dipping into the 30s by the time we get to wednesday morning. >> anchor: looks good out there. it is chilly. which means we turn our attention to winter season and holidays as well. this is abbey quinn from house of southern nevada. you have holiday initiatives. people are involved for thanksgiving weekend and moving forward into the christmas and holiday season as well, right? time and need for volunteers and community involvement. and so we are very excited. we did just serve over 1100 families with frozen turkeys and fixing. and did a turkey drive with our favorite radio station and smith. and get our grocery bags put together with junior league, so we provided 2200 grocery bags for those families. >> anchor: my goodness.
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had a nice warm big thanksgiving meal thanks to your service. moving past november holidays to december. a lot of families out there not only that will be receiving the help but families that can give back as well. right? >> we kickoff december with intake. so if clients, or people that are listening are in need they can sign up for that assistance. but we start our 18th annual [i so we start that. that kicks off on the first. and we are excited. goes 12 days. we collect tons of bikes and toys and gift cards. because we serve 3000 clients in the valley. that comes out usually to about 10 to 12,000 children in southern nevada. >> anchor: we have seen the rows and rows of bikes. i was there last year. it is quite the sight to see. really hits home for how much of
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and how much giving there is as well. for people looking to give back. how can they do that? you will need volunteers around the clock. >> we need volunteers. we need volunteers for toy drive. we have toy distribution we can use extra volunteers. for we have to load the bikes into trailers. so need help with that. during the toy drive we are looking for overnight shifts. so people in the community v different shifts. maybe they cannot volunteer because we do it during the day. an opportunity out and brave the weather. so if they are interested in that. or in giving. an amazing experience coming down to the toy drive and seeing that sea of bikes. and it is a great opportunity for parents to bring their children down and teach them what giving s log on to help and come see us or call us if they have a question or want to give. >> anchor: final push out there to the community to really just drill home what this season
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on that list. how many children again? >> you will see 10 to 12,000 children. then we assist -- last year we assisted 65 other non-profits in town. so when we do that you are looking at the number of 24,000 children. so one bike, one gift card, one toy is what we need. and how we will get to the goal and help to assist all the clients that are in need. no one should have to go without because they hit a bump in the road. l have. >> anchor: remember the image of the little one's face when they open up. >> anchor: it is amazing. >> anchor: we will get it all on our website, and coming up. major loss for rebels against it. cu. randy is next with sports.
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>> anchor: welcome back. disappointing loss for rebels fans last night. randy howe has a look back with morning sports. >> reporter: all right. last night rebels return to the floor to get the fourth win opening up the global sports classic with a win against tcu of the biggest 12. toughest challenge of the young season possibly. positiveser off the bat down the three keeping threes alive. he finds table and launches three. 11-2. but outscored the rest of the half and down by three. second half. rebels down 40. poser again. rebels down by five. poiser another three. cuts the lead but no late lead.
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take on western kentucky later this afternoon. over at the orleans. final of the las vegas invitational unranked arizona and butler. hot hand for arizona first game knocked down the three. 23-21 the lead. bull dogs come back. time wind go down first half. mcdermitt beats the buzzer and gets the lead at the break. final minute of play. find him down low for jam and foul. three-point play. butler pulls off upset. and rebel football finishes today. maybe most important game of the year. rebels off 42-25 loss at boise state. today, well they can make fans feel better about the whole season if they defend fremont cannon against nevada.
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sanchez excited about that win. and he and the program should be because cannons are a big deal. >> it is huge. but it is big for the program. big for the school. big for the community. it is a big deal. they have had that thing 10 or 12 years. they got used to having that as part of the furniture great. to have here. paint it red. and post season, great year, bad year, it doesn't m if you truly understand the rivalry, i think it is something we have talked about all year. every single meeting. spring all about it. has been something. on the walls. beat reno. big deal. >> reporter: also a big deal. 4 a final 4, you can see this on my lv tv at 1:00. and that's it for sports. back to you.
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right here on news 3 today. at 6:30. man in northern nevada wakes up be behind bars after police say he shot a wal-mart shopper. how this violent fight started. we will explain. plus. >> this is a lego mixsonite toy game. >> eight-year-old santa claus wins people's hearts by pick out toys for christmas. not for herself. wh
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>> anchor: right now news 3 today. local man dead after shot in the chest inside of his home. more about this deadly investigation straight ahead. >> anchor: and new details of a murder suspect that escaped an interrogation room in september. you remember him? what investigate stores are saying next linking him to two other
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announced two more appointments for trump administration. who they are. and a campaign promise team is trying to fulfill. news 3 today starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. it is saturday november 26. and as you can see the sun is up. so am i. you know who else is awake this morning. dana waggener, he, of course is your weather a dana it is cold out there. >> anchor: morning has broken, i am keeping it current with a song from 45 years ago. you are right. the sun is up. sunrise 6:29 this morning. mainly clear skies. this is not going to remain. we will notice increasing clouds moving in from the west. cooler temperatures. a chance of rain. 41 degrees. winds out of the west-southwest at 6 miles an hour. currently 37 degrees.
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44 centennial northwest at darnall elementary. these are current temperatures. 36 degrees in downtown las vegas. cooler on east side still in 30s. warmer on westside. to 40s and summerlin at 46. winds are not much of an issue yet but they will be. today very nice day to be outside. 65 degrees. plenty of sun. fairly light winds for most of the day. and big changes are moving in. tell you when, and we will talk coming up in 10 minutes. >> anchor: snow? my goodness. we are looking forward to that. this next story, local man behind bars this morning after witnesses saw him leave the apartment of a man found dead. this happened yesterday afternoon near eastern and sunrise. the 30-year-old victim found dead on the footsteps of his home after he was shot a single time in the chest. police say the man in custody had several warrants. now being questioned.
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investigation this year. and the update to a murder suspect that caught most of our attention when he escaped an interrogation room in september. he was recaptured days later. now north las vegas police say 25-year-old alonzo perez is linked to two other murders. this is surveillance of perez escape from north las vegas police interrogation room. he was being que murder. of a robinson. who was killed at mcdonald's when he did not hold the door for the suspect's girlfriend. police are linking evidence from the murder to two others. perez is due in court for preliminary hearing on january 27. and 11-year-old girl is dead afghanistan. tv crash in arizona not far from bullhead city. mohave official said she was on
6:32 am
12-year-old driver suffered a broken arm and 11-year-old girl suffered internal injuries and died at the scene. authorities say it does not appear they were speeding before the crash. one person is dead after a dispute at wal-mart parking lot. this happening in reno. police say the road rage incident began friday morning. reportedly over a parking spot. and they say the two vehicles stopped near the exit of the parking lot. both got out and had guns. the 33 -year-old man shot dead there at the s but police have located all people involved in this shooting. wal-mart remained open for black friday shopping. three explosions went off at different starbuck stores in albuquerque. suspicious packages placed outside of each store causing damage. explosions forced two stores to close on friday. fbi released two pictures from break-in at one of the location and suspect in all black appears
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not much of a holiday break for incoming trump administration that announced two more appointments yesterday and considering other key roles, most notably secretary of state. trump team trying to fulfill a campaign promise of preventing factory jobs from going over to mexico. we have the latest from kristin welker. >> reporter: president elect administration coming into focus. nameing to staff position that is do not recall confirmation. national secretary adviser and white house council. and 65-year-old mcfarland is trump's third female appointment. holding national security posts in three administrations n 2006 she unsuccessfully ran for senate. attempting to unseat new york's then senator hillary clinton. now, a fox news analyst. >> united states is now in retreat everywhere in the world. >> reporter: mcfarland known
6:34 am
criticism of president obama. as for 48-year-old mcbegan he is an attorney for trump campaign. and served five years with federal election commission where he was instrument al in loosening regulations on campaign spending and now help president elect navigate vast business entanglements. but intrigue swirled around secretary of stay. trump divided between giuliani and mitt romney. >> anchor: what is unusual is that it is such a publi public split. it would not surprise me if third name appears. >> reporter: trump trying to make good on a campaign promise to keep working class jobs in u.s. mike pence serving as chief negotiator in home state of indiana aiming to prevent carrier air conditioning from following through with plans to move a major plant to mexico. >> anchor: california police are investigating a letter sent to a mosque threatening genocide
6:35 am
authorities alerted to letter thursday night after evergreen islamic center found it. they called recipients children of say lin and vile and filthy people. referring to president elect donald trump as new sheriff in town that will cleanse america. and he is going to start with muslims. letter went on to threaten that trump will quote do to muslims what hitler did to the jews. shock for a then we realize the, you know, handful of people like that, that will react to the political climate. >> anchor: at this time it is unknown who exactly sent that letter but authorities are calling it a hate motivated incident and investigating. and u.s. service member killed by improvised explosive device this week. death marks first time u.s. service member killed in syria since special forces were
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incident occurred some 30 miles north of isis self declared capital. and u.s. officials say operations to take the city from isis will start soon. estimated 300 service members are currently operating in syria beyond thursday's death. four u.s. service members killed in iraq fighting isis. battle against isis is in iraqi stronghold and mosul underway. 13-year-old girl missind to bring her back home safely. casey kauffman, her picture there, reported missing three weeks ago from sun valley near reno. 5'8. 165 pounds. burgundy hair and blue eyes. her family said they miss her very much and hope someone recognizes her. if you see her call the center for search and investigation for missing children, that number (512)644-9856.
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our website police offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to capture of these two inmates that escaped from a san jose jail two nights ago. police say they believe inmates, chavez and campbell are still in the san francisco bay area. police say four inmates cut through bars of a second story jail window and rappeled to the ground with make-shift ropes tied together with sheets. two inmates recaptured immediately. an still on the run. a man wanted in connection with a murder of idaho is behind bars in pahrump. nye county authorities say they were notified at the time that the suspect, jeremy white, you see the picture there. may have visited family right here in nevada. detectives spotted him. pulled him over. taken into custody. he is currently at the nye county detention center and will be extradited back to idaho to
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3 today. amazon said sales are booming. what the company is forecasting this weekend. coming up. we know those sales continue to go through "cyber monday". and you now have a chance to be a winner of a superbowl ticket for life. you remember charlie and chocolate familiar tree. golden ticket idea now on cans of bud light. get new front of the tv screen over to the center of the big game.
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>> anchor: welcome back in. live look out at the las vegas strip here. this news making national headlines. if you bank with well fargo they are playing hardball after customers open a class action lawsuit over fake bank account scandal. the bank is asking u.s. district court in utah to force dozens of customers to resolve claims in closed doors arbitration instead of court. bank argues customers signed a
6:41 am
enter boo dispute resolutions. wells fargo sued for opening millions of accounts without customer's permission o line retailer amazon said that sales are booming. in fact, get this. sales of electronics and other items have already surpassed 2015 thanksgiving and "cyber monday" sales. we have not even got there yet. company is forecasting record sales over the holiday weekend. according to the company's black friday report. amazon custo than 100,000 toys in two days alone. and you probably remember that golden ticket idea from willie congcachocolate factory. now a can in bud light could win you superbowl tickets for life. bud light will randomly place 37,000 gold cans in select, 18, 24, 30 packs of butlights from monday through january 13, if
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superbowl tickets each year up to 51 years. so happy drinking out there. of course, do it responsibly. on news 3 today. restaurant worker takes on a robber. what popular fast-food restaurant this happened in. you can see that was a close one. and she is a small lovable version of santa. this little girl brings a joy of the holidays by doing something special to other children. up next. her inspiring taking live pictures. keeping americans celebrating the death of fiddle casstreet. announced by his brother overnight. as live images are coming from miami florida area. you can see freedom flag hung. horns honked and dozens of people expected to gather out there this morning. and numbers definitely going through the day.
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>> anchor: welcome back here on news 3. live look out at the miami florida area where cuban americans are celebrating the death of fidel castro. announcement coming overnight from younger brother raul that this news across the world. he was 90 years old. and now a caught on camera moment. bound to, has these images coming the day after black friday on saturday 2. shoppers on black friday in a fight. look at this. every single year fists fly.
6:46 am
after doors opened for black friday deals. large group of people were caught fighting during the event. the event spread to nearby jcp. and police were not called during the fight. it was mall security guards that stepped in to stop the fighting. my goodness. and here is one way to actually lighten the mood. big box chain this black friday. group of workers at target in jersey city celebrated the end of one of the busiest shifts of the year mannequin challenge. i have to give them kudos. after working that shift you have to have a lot of energy to standstill. i am sure a lot of them wanted to go home. employee that filmed the video said quote everyone was actually in a happy mood. so kudos, not easy to do after a long shift. another caught on camera moment. this time in a restaurant. worker takes on a robber. you can see the robber run
6:47 am
you can see that worker doing his job. surprise from behind. this is in st. paul minnesota. he grabs the employee from behind. puts a gun to his head. demands money. worker you can see not taking that just for an answer. fights back. he does get pistol whip in the incident and protects the cash. police hope this helps to catch the robber. clothing items there were flying. officers were able to collect those items and now sent out for see caught on camera. volcano in mexico spews ash 3 miles above the volcano crater. officials say 300 eare respectss record in the area over the last 24 hours. health warnings issued of course with air quality there because of the light ash in the atmosphere. and thankfully nothing like that happening here. air, dana wagner, clear out there? >> weather: yes. it was great.
6:48 am
wind gusts in the 40s possible n southern nevada later tonight and tomorrow. but not until later tonight and tomorrow. today should be a nice saturday to be outside. we will be in mid 60s today. winds are not much of an issue. chance of rain moving in later tonight as well. cool time lapse from red rock westside of the valley. watch for the moon coming up. in the eastern sky. right around 4:00 this morning. and then the sun follows at 6:30. we have a few clouds off in the we will see mainly clear changes. eastern bonanza 37 degrees. 39 at jones and anne up in northwest section of the valley. and clear skies above lake mead. marina. early saturday morning. this is the storm system. it is draping the westcoast of the united states. heavy rain showers and western washington. also along the coast in california. and this deal is moving closer
6:49 am
going west to east. right across the top of southern nevada. shot number one comes tonight. with increasing winds. decreasing temperatures. we will see more clouds out there. chance of rain and snow in the forecast as well. and the next shot comes tomorrow. here is the future cast. wants to bring a chance of rain into vegas 8:30. with mountain snows 2-to 4-inches above 6000 feet is a possibility with snow level dropping down to about 00 a bit of clearing early tomorrow. increasing clouds again on sunday afternoon. and a chance of more showers with winds again tomorrow. today, daytime lice very close to seasonal normals. 67 degrees in over ton. 68 lake mead. 61 at indian springs. 65 in pahrump. tonight, we will get chilly. into the 30s in pahrump. indian springs, alamo. into 20s at caliente. boulder city 47. and next seven.
6:50 am
chance of rain tomorrow. we will have winds. look at that. we go from 65 to 56. we stay in mid 50s for the next seven days. overnight lows dipping into 30s by the end of next week. >> anchor: it will be cold. thank you dana. and this time of year most kids are looking for toys they want for christmas. but one texas girl is not making a wish list for herself. but rather other children. erin nickels showed us this eight-year-old's inspiring story of generosity. alex evans knows exactly what she wants for christmas. >> this is a lego mixson knight game. >> reporter: she likes these toys. but they are not hers. going to homeless children because what alex wants this christmas is to help kids in need. >> other people around the world need help. with toys.
6:51 am
mother samantha asked what she wanted this year. alex told her that she wanted to donate to sam ministries. an organization working to end homelessness in san antonio. >> she has a big heart. always been a giver. >> reporter: alex hopes other kids do the same by taking part in kid to kid christmas challenge. >> so the challenge is to have a family, a child, match alex's generosity. thoughtfulness. >> reporter: sam ministry president and ceo naverro williams said this year non-profit hopes to provide presents to 500 children. >> her inspiration gives even more hope. right now sam ministries takes care of 350 to 400 families a night in a program. so that's a lot of people that are in homeless families. >> you do not need a lot of stuff. so i would give.
6:52 am
and i bet they feel really good because they got new things. >> anchor: very sweet there. christmas is not only coming early for those children that she is helping but also some local families. even more so, some local animals. the animal foundation is waving adoption fees this weekend for home for the pawlidayz. people lined up to find a new furry member of the family. we are told 100 animals waived will be through monday. so many looking for forever homes and plenty still there. >> anchor: we have all kinds of dogs. we have adorable puppies, that have not been adopted yet. american eskimo. adorable pitbulls that make great best friends. you know, lots and lots to
6:53 am
11 to seven daily. they ask you get there by 6:00 p.m. if you want to adopt a pet. coming up. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. that's happening right here. in southern nevada. where you need to go to feel the holiday spirit right here in our city. up next. >> now, justin and i go way back. we used to go to sleep away camp together. when we were kids. at a winpaksacky. and i remember, i think yesterday. >> justin are you asleep? let me try to get your costume. >> this is a hint.
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>> steve erkle? >> no. >> zach morris. >> no.
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with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> anchor: welcome back. live images from miami florida area, where you can see people are heading out to the streets following the announcement of fidel castro's death. that announcement coming
6:57 am
brother raul. you can see many of these people, dana, we talked about this, came to miami florida. that florida area from coup barks following -- fleeing from the area following that resolution. >> weather: years of oppression in cuba. so there are people celebrating the death of fidel castro in miami today. >> he was 90 years old. turning our attention to home. ice-skating rink at the cosmopolitan open to enjoy. 52 area into a ice rink. you can ice skate and you can experience the man made snow flurries wednesday through sunday. 6-to-10:00. so, at least, man made snow but it will be cold. >> i you saw that guy fall. ice is hard. you know that when you fall down. today is not bad. good day to be outside. you will be -- unlv hosting unr.
6:58 am
and big changes move in later tonight. you will notice increasing winds. decreasing temperatures. chance of rain, and snow in the forecast tonight. and tomorrow look at that. we go from 65 to 56 tomorrow. and we stay there for the next
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. the death of fidel castro. the long time cuban dictator dead at the age of 90. his brother raul making the late night announcement on cuban >> as celebrations spill out into the streets of miami's little havana. castro's half century reign forced thousands to flee for their lives and brought the u.s. and cuba back to war in the '60s. he presided over 11 presidents in power. now the u.s. and cuba are enjoying better relations, what


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