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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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10 victims were shot. >> police investigating multiple shooting with details on how the people involved and where it happened coming up next. the world reacting to the death who's celebrating who's giving condolences for also the story of one local human immigrant. living under fidel regime and before you click play and one for iphone users. what you should know before you watch that next video. news 3 live today starts right now. >> john: good morning happy
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thanks so much for joining us this morning. a chilly morning winter is coming. we bring in kelly curran. >> it's about to get a whole lot colder. if you haven't gotten out the warm coats the hats and gloves are going to want to take a look at this storm system coming kind of a series here dumping quite a bit of rain on it tracked its way eastward were seeing some clouds of the some wind right now here's a look at what was seen as far as the temperatures are concerned and sheila elementary school 43 degrees right now winds north gusts up to 33 miles an hour temperatures later this week going to be in the 30s at this so the colder air is yet to come.highs today it will be below normal were expecting the highs only to make it into the mid-50s mostly cloudy skies
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probably a better day to take all the leftover turkey made into soup. stay indoors today.more in depth in the rain and snow chances coming up. >> john: new at 6 o'clock this morning sweeping violence on the gulf coast. 10 people have been shot in new orleans overnight. police a man died from his injuries in that shooting. two women and seven men also injured. the ages of the victims range from 20 to 37 years old. two people were arrested in on gun charges police have not released the conditions on the surviving victims. we will update you more as more details become available. >> he will cuba more than four decades fidel castro death has adopted the entire nation here in las vegas his legacy still present in the lives of many cuban-americans. news 3's nathan o neill tells the story of one cuban immigrant who lived under casters which team. >> for decades fidel castro
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dictators recent death emotional milestone for cuban-americans across the country. >> he was a brutal dictator. he destroyed his country of power. >> his family is a staple in las vegas. but his family is also rooted in human history. his father waldo born in cuba began fighting fidel castro regime only 19 years old. >> he cuban immigrants that were trained by the cia to overthrow fidel castro picks waldo part of a parent to pristine. the bay of pigs invasion not successful. my dad is result was imprisoned for two years. >> fidel castro death marking a bittersweet moment for alex. rejoicing at the dictators death but also saddened his father would not live long enough to see this day. >> waldo died just two years
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and today at least i know he's looking down that we are closer to a free cuba. >> north korean state television released a letter written by north korean supreme leader kim jong moon in which he says is condolences on the death of fidel castro. north korea ak rt news anchor read the letter during the newscast and it kim also expressed great socialist achievements under the wise leadership of raul castro. president elect donald trump took to twitter to react to the news of the death of the former cuban president. he reacted with just four words. fidel castro is dead! mr. trump later released the statement calling castro quote a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly 6
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legacy of firing squads that unimaginable suffering poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. he said it is the hope of his hope that in the future the cuban people can finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve. he said his administration will do all it can to ensure the people can finally begin their journey towards prosperity and liberty. >> speaking of president elect donald trump is director two hours yesterday his tower tower on google maps. not the only incident the trump international hotel and tower columbus circle also had been renamed dump towers were gone and restored to their proper names this morning. learning more about a shooting we first reported on friday. what the man dead on the steps of an apartment building near downtown las vegas we now know police arrested 24-year-old
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remains at large. banks arrest fall discovery of a man's body in the area of sunrise in fremont. metro detective said his killer shot him inside an apartment and then banks dragged him outside. the coroner has yet to identify the victim. crime alert out of pahrump nye county sheriff deputies need your help finding a shooting suspect this morning. deputy say jack breland all prime suspect in a shooting at a local tavern on game bird road. the victim survived with a gunshot wound to the foot. alan may be driving a red chevy pickup truck anyone when any information on this incident is urged to call nye county sheriff office 775751 7000. new a burlington coat factory employee is recovering this morning after a car plowed into
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the wall on the cash register. happened yesterday afternoon your harmony and tropicana. police say 61-year-old female driver was parked in a handicapped parking spot when she accelerated and turned into the building. police are called the incident an accident. the burlington coat employee was treated with non-life-threatening injuries. in another car slammed into a convenience store yesterday this one and california. the security cameras video. the vehicle approaching and crashing into a 98 cents store. police are the drivers brakes became stuck causing her to crash into the building. luckily the store was closed at the one was inside to get hurt. no reports of any injuries. no snow proposals no people in the stands to really stick out to me the outcomes after plenty of action sanborn stadium.
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>> not good news. >> we are tracking rain showers even some snow in parts of our
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here that's coming up. >> john: tech this out. black friday sales still going on amazon unveiling some of its cyber monday the online retailer roll out more than 75,000 sales starting monday. deals will continue throughout the week on a variety of products including toys tonics video games and books electronics tend to be the big sellers on cyber monday. amazon said so far this holiday season the most watched dale has been mermaid tail blanket. another note escaping to becoming one of the biggest days for shoppers using amazons
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>> from san bernardino to orlando recent terror attacks have raised concerns about americans being radicalized not in war zones but online. now tech giant google is responding. researchers at the company said the challenge is reaching new generation of bedroom radicals. people drawn into violent extremism online. now attempting to redirect those searching google for various topics involving isis violence and steer them to anti-isis we look to videos on her phone all day warning for iphone users think twice before opening just any audio. a five second video is going around that causes phones to be considerably slowed down before locking up. the bones then need to be reset. it does not hurt your data plan but is inconvenient. similar to a text message hack
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a warning to you before you log on and just click away. take note and heed to morning. >> how to keep your plans this winter what should you look for for christmas. it looks like christmas on this desk. >> patricia of red and green and their names down here not traditional but the red and green. christmas cactus again red and green but sometimes we have yellow and the some variety in coloring. for people not from this part of the country, when you hear christmas cactus it's almost like kind of the two words that don't go together. >> it's kind of like an oxymoron. >> you can find things that bring that does it feel to christmas. >> these are cactus that grow on trees and jungles and the been hybridized this large one here i bought a few years ago like this. a baby i'm cheap and by the small ones.
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here if you look real close, after he finished blooming, then transplanted to larger part. keep it on a bright windowsill and over time it will grow. you have a bigger one. >> you recommend that? >> give a green thumb, sure. otherwise, go ahead and buy a larger one. it impact i could buy a little poinsettia and that's all i'm going to have because these usually don't keep hold of. >> you don't usually see poinsettias and peoples house or garden. >> if you're in southern california florida hawaii plan out in the yard. for us there really kind of a throw away. i'm sure that someone watching going i've had one for six years. >> but for most of us, we buy them i like to make sure that
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them around and it protects them while you're transporting them. >> for pet owners, poinsettias dangerous? >> if they would eat them they could be a little bit but every christmas we hear all about the poisonous they are and what not. keep your cats away put up higher if you can. but they don't taste good. most animals if you fight it like children don't they're going to taste it and say i when you're buying them make sure these are the flowers. you want to look make sure that there are very few of those open when you find one. that way it will stay in color longer. it's in your opinion can best plan to put your house other than a christmas tree? >> holiday season i like poinsettias. i think you're beautiful keep them not hot but not cold. out of drafts. keep them well watered. pick one that looks good now. >> thanks so much.
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>> keller. what's the weather going to be like? >> keep the plant inside we are looking at the chilly temperatures rolling their way and this is a timeless look this is yesterday. las vegan camera reset a beautiful tons of sunshine great day to get outdoors for temperatures rising into the mid-60s the wind started to picking up yesterday right around sunset in windy conditions throughout much of the overnight hours. temperatures right now are actually mild compared to the forecast for the rest of the week. downtown 48 degrees henderson looking at 49 atlantic coming in at 42 but check out the wind gust look at the summerlin 35, 36 mile an hour progressed reporting right now hundred and 45 miles an hour gust mount edge reported gust of 85 miles an hour we do a wind advisory in place through noon the las vegas valley that the area shaded in tea and right here. pahrump and primm wind advisor actually goes to about 10
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the gusty winds for a while. they will start to diminish going to notice begin in las vegas especially in the afternoon hours. let's take a look at the storm system as a whole. the bigger picture here. we get a lot of snow showers especially in higher terrain here in the northern portions of our state the sierras seeing some of that as well. a lot of this heading in our direction is getting caught up on the sierras not making it across the rear little bit mesquite still sing a little bit of light language showers near st. george light snow showers started to pop up at some of the higher terrain parts of nye county lincoln county most of this does not making it across sierra. scattered showers scattered snow showers yes going to be a possibility for us today that snow will be out of up by those of the 51 to 2 inches in some parts of the spring mountain range today. temperatures will be quite a
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graphic. 39 that's right for the overnight partly cloudy sky winds will be increasing in our seven-day forecast, remember last week when it was in the 60s all week? our talk about temperatures in the 50s all week long. windy conditions for us today tomorrow will be so bad mostly sunny 57 that's a woman's day of the seven-day forecast more wind tuesday temperatures falling into the low 50s. and with a look at the morning lows in the 30s. want to get the winter coats out the hottest and the gloves today making soup. >> bring in some of that winter weather. maybe some left over some soup. >> all good.>> still to come
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coming up next. >> john: connor mcgregor no longer the holder the ufc featherweight title news books at an in the ufc fight night broadcast reports that mcgregor gave up the featherweight belt voluntarily. but he never agreed on the decision. all stems mcgregor not defe first took it from josi aldo 11 months ago. aldo who one intertidal back in ufc 200 back into line will retake mcgregor his belt and become the now undisputed champion. >> here's brandy how with a sports. >> rebels fell. the first game of the global sports classic last night and wrap it up against western kentucky got blown out by washington marvin open his team to get back in the win column
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tyrell green greens is let me shoot twice knocked it down. 6-0 run for the rebel start the game. got better for unlv because dale and poison he knocks down a three 18 to 8 10 point lead rebels outscored 22-10 for disney for the break hilltop is on the brick is a shot huge dissident 30-28 western kentucky. second half down to favor from the corner for the shop to get the ball rebels up by one. team with 22 points rebel start to open up a lead. maury ron with the corner knocking down that's one third straight three for unlv for eight point lead they going to win now the play southern utah on wednesday and former rebel coach todd simon. >> rebels in the wolfpack they met for the season finale
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fremont canon because the one up in reno last year so bragging rights also reno what a chance to get that thing back and take it up north painted blue.>> brian pulled us back in july that's what his team was focused on doing this you're getting the canon back and they looked focus in the first half. write down the field 19 yards per score 7-0 in favor of the pack. let it 10 -zero veteran james butler rips off a 33 yard touchdown run made it 17-7 rebels tab whole. done that all season long. they do get on the board kurt going to find the end zone pretty good run here 30 yards. cut back against the grain get it end zone make it 17-7 but the rebels trail 27-10 1/2. they want to lose 45-10. >> extremely extremely disappointing peak performance by us today. a lot of things we struggled
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inability to convert on third down early in the game. a lot of positive drawn from today. >> look at that later to sit down with the staff as an organization.>> other sanchez brother is the head of the bishop gorman gales right number one and they should take the rv and the game. hayden bollinger to andrew wegner and agnes pick up that upset and hundreds of god comes back. ties a game at seven. if you took the lead 10-7. looking for the upset. gorman has a loss to a team in the state of nevada since 2008 pala birdie not about to do it. this game either because it would be martel and naylor hooking up three times 56 -17 is the final gorman will play
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straight state championship. end up taking on liberty in a rematch of last years championship game got by want to grant 30-27. that game will be broadcast on my lv tv from sanborn stadium next saturday. that's gonna do it for sports back to you. >> john: coming up on news 3 live today just in time for christmas and powerball when sugar make everyone happy. where does that winter lives?
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>> john: right now on news 3 live today. decision 2016 does not want her to go away the clinton campaign joining and calls for recount in key states for particular first family the secret service connected double efforts for trump white north dakota the pipeline protest are now the effort tonight a bitterly divided community. >> live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. >> john: good morning to you today is sunday november 27 the sunday after thanksgiving to a beautiful looking at our city of las vegas. 10 years ago kelly curran i and she did this job in erie pennsylvania and there around this time of year it was like
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snow. >> different thing but it's still cold and chilly and winter outside. >> cold is a relative term. we've adjusted now so people in erie would be laughing at us right now calling this cold but we are looking at some rain some snow on the way colder temperatures were dealing with the gusty winds the rain and snow disturbed to make its way off the sierra start working its way to look at further to the east. far as the current conditions sunshine clear skies sons coming up right now in las vegas for more clouds on the way temperature 45 degrees this the woman's were going to see for this time of year. winds gusting to 35 miles an hour continue to much of the morning our as the rain and mountain snow starts to work its way in. cooler temperatures today highs only 55 degrees that is below normal. what to expect for the rest of
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out power to hundreds of nv energy customers terminal the airport the monorail in trapped people in elevators at mgm's signature towers. check out the videos. people were posting on social media yesterday. a big rig slammed into a large power box on harmon saturday afternoon.the truck burst into flames and shared out power to more than 1200 homes and mccarran airport terminal elevators at the mgm signature tower. amazingly the driver in their was not hurt. the energy got the power back on just three hours later. henderson couple loses their home but firefighters managed to save their dog. fire broke out yesterday at the house on spears avenue. fire crews arrived to find homes garage and two cars engulfed in flames.the two people who lived in the house
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was left behind. firefighters pulled out of the home before he got hurt.more than 40 five parts to put out that blaze. police in massachusetts issued an arrest warrant after two men were shot saturday evening. shooting happened in the parking lot of the mardi gras club in springfield. one of the men were shot in the leg and the other in the stomach. the mayor has ordered an investigation into security at the mardi gras. survive. a tragic and search for artistic nephew of former nba stockmarkets can be. search found his body of nine-year-old marcus mickey in a pond outside his houston home in the afternoon. the boy went missing during thanksgiving celebration on the property. a small army of volunteers showed up to look for him. police say the boys family is thankful for their help in
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71 years young. class best known for his role as detective rod harrison and the police sitcom barney miller most recently. on the cold hit firefly. agent describes him as a private gentle and caring man was an absolute delight to watch on screen. family and friends of the actor said he passed away on friday night due to heart failure. funeral plans for fidel castro are scheduled on tuesda will travel across the island after a mass about his revolution plaza. the ninth day cuba is a bit of morning for the former president. castro died at the age of 90. north dakota residents show their support for law enforcement officers working the dakota axis pipeline protest. >> more than 400 people marched across the liberty memorial
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>> organizes couple people to pray in march for law enforcement involved in the pipeline protest. they say this rally was not anti- pipeline protest or a probe pipeline protest they said it was an effort to unite the community. we may not be done with 2016 quite yet. hillary clinton campaign since saturday it will take part in efforts to push for recount in several key a social media post a campaign lawyer says it has not found any voting systems but they have investigated the theories presented to them examine laws and practice pertaining to recount. contests and audits. the clinton campaign will now join the party candidate jill stein was raised millions of dollars for recount. >> president elect donald trump condemning that push to force those recount. there in the state that were key to his victory.the city released by the transition team
6:34 am
the people of spoken election is over. until now trump has ignored jill stein spite to fight on vote totals in washington michigan i'm sorry wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania. >> responded after the clinton camp join those efforts. your cost in securing a present and his family and skyrocket next white house administration that's because the white house may not be secret service will have to protect 24 seven. rachel crane explains. >> reporter: 725 fifth avenue also known as trump tower might be getting a new tenant. the secret service. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the secret service is considering renting a whole floor of the same tower in order to establish a 24 seven command post.ensuring
6:35 am
who won't all be moving to the white house in january. melania the 10-year-old son baron will continue to live in trump tower when asked about the timing of the move trump said this, >> very soon. >> regardless of when they relocate, the command post at trump tower won't be cheap. the going price for the space, around $1.5 million per year. the price tag is striking but raising eyebrows. the trump organization owns trump tower. so taxpayers would be paying the president-elect for his own security. >> officials tell cnn security plans are still involving since many things are up in the air. like when the future first family will move to the white house and how often the president-elect plans to visit them in the meantime. >> global trade in the trump
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and worries in some countries. on his last foreign trip present obama claimed his signature trade agreement the asia-pacific or tpp was still alive despite trump vows to kill it. one entity hoping on otherwise. they battled domestic shrimp industry. industry that survived hurricane katrina the bp oil spill is finding itself threatened with >>. [indiscernable] . [indiscernable] >> this sunday on full measure a trip to the value to hear how american shrimpers are fighting to stay in business and why you might want to consider eating reconsider eating foreign trip. coming up on news 3 live today did you eat your weight
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name it. were here to help you how you can get healthy eating that coming up. >> which one of rideshare
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ll be right back. >> john: welcome back. look at the sun coming up. everyone still sleeping in. working off the thanksgiving hangovers the annual data eat as much food as humanly possible come and gone. time to get back on track with
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dietitian suggested planning meals around putting in vegetables will including small portions thanksgiving leftovers like stuffing. you not wasting food and you feel like you're indulging. without overdoing. >> minimus will spend the holiday weekend decking the halls for christmas but the report the decorations from the attic few safety reminders to keep in mind. doctors t university hospital say a lot of constant balls from ladders and children who ingest small objects. treatment fire and burn injuries that's why it's important to use lights that have been tested for safety unplug all the questions before going to bed. and below the candles for leave the room. be sure artificial tree if you have one of those is fire resistant. if you have a live tree water often doesn't get dry and catch on fire.
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the top of the tree and away from the kids. >> coming up on news 3 live today. a million-dollar christmas. who will catch the powerball jackpot? and people made the choices on who the best? lifter uber will tell you which ride share has high scores this holiday week? >> attracting rain and snow
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would do a lot of shopping for christmas. winning numbers were 17, 19, 21, 37 and 44 powerball number 16. all the taking that home rose one into a 91 million. powerball official said the winning ticket was sold somewhere in tennessee but so far no one stepped forward to claim the prize. >> indian prime minister wants his country to waiting for people to agree with him. he dropped a bombshell earlier in november by getting rid of two bills the 500 and 1000 remark those bills make up 86 percent of the currency there. he said the government understands that millions have been affected by the band but defended the action. move into bite correction but it is cash economy to a virtual standstill.the smart phone
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digital payments in recent years. most people still use cash. modi urged technology savvy young people to spend some time and teach others how to use the digital payment platforms. government sudden movements caused huge disruptions to daily life. especially for poor people and it is primarily cash driven economy. which one is a uber or left? turns out there is a difference between the rideshare services. michelle found out it's not just abo car as well. >> reporter: is become the norm. popping in uber. grabbing a lift. >>. [indiscernable] >> despite some high profile incidents this woman in atlanta got a black eye after he says in uber driver punched her. the charlotte man who said his uber driver got violent after
6:46 am
>> even found a website called who's driving you that claims to track every incident with huber and left. there are pages and pages of entries. but passengers we talk to say they feel perfectly safe. >> some frequent writers were also surprised we pointed out a pretty big difference we discovered between the two companies. >> those huber and left do background checks but left often goes one step further. work as a driver for both companies. >> he says they also inspected his car in person but here's something else we learn. it appears that a company requires drivers to take care of recalls. >> on average 20 percent of drivers don't bother to fix the problematic cars. lift told us quote drivers of a strong personal incentive to
6:47 am
operating condition. in addition to a safety inspection drivers make it continuous repetition that the vehicle meets the industry safety standards and all applicable state department of motor vehicle requirements of its kind. uber gave us this statement, under north carolina law every personal vehicle must be inspected annually the same holds true for rideshare drivers that partner with huber. >> right as we talked to told us that's just not something they think about. >> the drivers picture. license plate and the make of the car. compare that before you get in. >> very good advice. outside we are looking little bit of sunshine across the area but the clouds and rain showers on their way. dealing with pretty breezy conditions as well.a live look outside this morning. we do have a little bit of some clouds out there like precipitation during the overnight hours.
6:48 am
sierras let's take a look at the temperatures heading out the door right now in mesquite is 51. boulder city for six degrees pahrump coming in at 44 some of the warmest temperatures were going to see for this our for the rest of the week. much much colder air is on its way in. las vegas valley north las vegas at 46 right now mountains edge coming in at 47 check of the wind gust summerlin 46 mile an hour gust reported your backyard hour green valley reported gust of 34. we will seek dust throughout 40 miles through the las vegas valley. that when advisor expires a lease for las vegas. pahrump and primm you both have a wind advisory until 10 o'clock tonight. dealing with the winds a lot longer along with a spring mounted dealing with very gusty winds today. were watching some snow showers across the northern portions of
6:49 am
showers here this kind of slamming into the sierras that's when were watching for most of it hasn't been able to get over hasn't been able to get across was stunned to see some out of the east of bakersfield the showers will continue the track to the east and heading right for us for later on today. most of that activity will be very light spring mounted we can see an inch or two of snow accumulation or that something watching in later this afternoon possibly thunderstorms parts of northwest in significant cooler than we been sitting lately for over six degrees boulder city 55 pahrump high today only 51. not going to get much warmer than what you already are right now. tonight see the cold air moving alamo 25 below sandy valley 35 boulder city 39 seven day forecast showing the cooler temperatures sticking around all week and several rounds of gusty winds as well looking at
6:50 am
the holiday shopping season already were done with thanksgiving. less than a month to christmas the friend or relative we do not know what to get him here to help us james and from town square. has a table full of treats and toys. >> we bought a few items here. let's start with paper source. more than your paper products you wrapping your cards. there are can give to as well. everybody that has everything. this is perfect and wall climbing car. >> it can actually go up a wall. >> mini arcade game. for kids of virtual reality glasses. >> this is the big thing all over the place this year. talk about the extravagant once you get from samsung. over three or $400. this is a little bit different.
6:51 am
is much cheaper only $39.98. >> this is something were not kids. >> suite bubble local own store her townsquare we have a couple different options some of the best cakes hand soaps guests in town the great something for your guest bathroom. from tommy bahama we have the shaker and highball set right >> who doesn't love that? >> it's cocktail season. >> we have gloves for men as well as matching scarf right here. cashmere. also believes we the scarf and hat from apricot lane this is actually a vegan friendly purse. the fake leather kind of. get you that look that it's completely vegan. >> we talked townsquare how
6:52 am
>> it's crazy right now. >> you guys have an app that makes life a little easier. >> yes we do. we have all the sales posted. >> it will give you directions from your parking spot to the store. you can get in get out get onto the next door. >> coming up with a plan is like survival 101. >> cyber monday big thing but still people go to the retail stores in a big way. >> the squares more than shopping and dini great because if you want to get a few last minute items you can drop your kids off at arts and nannies they do childcare for seven dollars an hour. you catch a movie afterwards. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> we do appreciate it. details on townsquare find that out in the google play store or in your apple store much needed advice. thanks jamison.
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with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of fofour can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay. ? back. family new mexico taking routing for the team to hone a level. they decked out the entire house and dallas cowboys thing the cowboy signs cowboy flags
6:56 am
hagerman texas. inside the house essentially a sea of cowboy blue so what happens if somebody like myself doesn't route for the cowboys. person kicked out to the front porch. basically not place you want to go ever and less you one of the few people that actually still like the dallas cowboys. >> hit somebody out to the front yard? >> i don't think even steelers fans do >> to go for that right now will be later this week dealing with the winds and scattered rain mounted snow possibility for later today as well may even an inch of snow. the highs today only around 55 degrees 57 from breezy conditions tuesday friday
6:57 am
coat out. along the sun is still out. you can handle it you can survive. >> it does get better. feel like winter time. >> supposed to wear the jacket. >> that does it for us. on news 3 live today. >> make sure like us on facebook. have a
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. we begin to heal the divisions. >> president-elect. >> it flipped off the roadway. ?? ?? good morning and welcome to sunday "today." cuba and the world reacting to the death and preparing for life after the brutal and iconic dictator. we're live in havana in a


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