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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  NBC  November 27, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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enjoyed ever since. stella artois. host one to remember well, they played 75 minutes of football. and it ended a little bit of pinball. cairo santos from 34. ricochets off one upright. and going off of the foul ball for the game-winner.
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recall from october 1994, with joe montana and john elway of the broncos. it didn't have the epic dimension of two hall of famers dueling. but siemian and smith were very good. incredible performances, right down to literally the last second. kansas city wins it in overtime. here are your stars of the game. there were more than three. two of them will be interviewed by michele. but the three game balls go to tyreek hill, who is just a blur out there. a return t.d., a rushing t.d. alex smith, 26 of 44 for 220 and a t.d. and justin houston, just the second game back this season, had three sacks. smith and houston are with michele. >> thank you, bob. alex, you see the field goal attempt. it bounced off of the upright. what are you thinking? >> just looking for the signal.
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denver's decision to try the field goal from so far out? >> that kid has a big leg. they're at home here. must have felt good about it. >> this was a game that was dominated by defense in the first half. and then, suddenly, you found a way to put drives together. what changed? >> an ugly three quarters there. defense and special teams kept us in it. they're coming off of a buy. like i said, team effort. those guys, make the plays there at the end. you know, tie it up. the conversion there in overtime. found a way. >> enormous stakes in this game. the team mindset to get this win is what? >> this division is really competitive. you go on the road. these guys are the defending champs.
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to come in here and get this is pretty sweet. >> congratulations. let's turn to justin houston. in his second game back, three sacks. a dominating first half performance. i have to ask you first, physically, how the heck do you feel? >> i feel great. glory be to god. i have been through a lot this past season. that helped me get back and continue to get better. >> physically, what got you through this one? half. >> mentally, through the whole process, i just knew mentally i was going to be all right. i kept believing. >> what about your belief in the way this team could finish tonight? you were trailing. alex put together a drive. you get into overtime and do what you do. >> i love this team. we built off of it a lot. we have a goal in mind. and we're going to continue to do that. we know it's not going to be easy every sunday. every sunday, it's going to be a
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they have a lot of heart. we did that tonight. >> you will see these guys on christmas day. congratulations on the win. bob? >> michele, thanks. here's a look at the playoff picture in the afc as it stands now. the raiders are keeping pace with the patriots. it's worth noting that oakland has to play at kansas city in week 14 and here in denver, week 17. we two to tony dungy. how do you think that gary kubiak will regret the decision to go for the field goal rather than punt? >> it is very well could come back to haunt the broncos, bob. he's being aggressive. he believes in his kicker. he tried to win the game right there. but losing this ball game, and giving up the half-game, that would have ended up a tie, that would have been huge. on the other side of the coin, you have to think, this is a big win for the chiefs. they have beaten the broncos and
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the raiders are playing lights-out. but kansas city has the edge in the schedule, with the two road wins in the division. >> yeah. makes sense. thanks, tony. we'll go over to mike florio, mike, new england and oakland are 9-2. but both have injury concerns. what's the latest? >> well, bob, raiders quarterback, derek carr, on sunday, dislocated the pinkie finger on his throwing hand. he came back with a glove. after the game, x-rays were negative. carr said it was some of the worst pain he experienced in his life. but all indications are, he will be able to go next weekend. for the patriots, rob gronkowski left the game early with a back injury. i'm told that the initial indications are, it's not serious. and he shouldn't miss any time next week. but he was spotted walking gingerly after the game today, bob.
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ok google, what noise does a whale make? [whale noise] [giggling] alright, let's keep going. an ocean filled with crea... an ocean filled with crea... do whales sleep? ok google, do whales sleep? here, now, mike tirico and cris collinsworth. >> catch your breath. there's one more game in november. and then, december. our december schedule is loaded. we're going to talk about tony. >> i can't wait to see this again. >> on christmas day, oakland/kansas city game. dallas, 10-1, the story of the year in the league. >> dak prescott, ezekiel elliott, what they've been able to do this season. and for the minnesota vikings,
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their home crowd will be involved. the ticket of the year up there. and you will see a lot of raw emotion in that building on thursday night. >> what will that defense do to the success that prescot and elliott had. tampa bay did a good job against seattle. the two teams that represented the nfc the last three super bowls. >> no earl thomas, made a difference in that seattle team. >> three games in a row. i'm done. al's b you keep going. you're the stud. it's been a blast, thanks. >> enjoyed it. >> kansas city, 30, denver, 27, 75 minutes. it was fabulous. 30-27. the team over the team that wears blue. coming up next on the west coast, your local news. thanks to bob, cris, michele, and the entire crew. mike tirico.
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nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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>> anchor: right now it feels like winter. what about a chance for more showers? weather is one reason it is not a fun day on the road. and it is that time of year gifts from the doorstep. ye see what stinky surprise one man left for the thieves. >> old man winter making an early appearance in las vegas. strong winds bring with it cold air. we are starting live with a look
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significantly. news three is your weather authority. kevin is in for jerry tonight. >> hi, jerry, no, gerrard. the flames up in mount charleston, no doubt the seasons have changed. white roof there and people are fro licking in the snow. and it is ten miles per hour down by the stadium. andy we have had several gusts over 40 miles per hour. and we are done with that and temperatures are in the 40s and we haven't had a chill. and by the way, this is the first batch of three wind- wise this week.
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a significant change again as we get more wind coming your way. that is just a couple of minutes away, gerald. >> and the majority of the businesses are headed home after the thanksgiving holiday. it is a tough journey for a lot of motorist. and they were on the i- 15 reportedly running in dust storms and only in the area of mountain pass. and that is above 4700 foot. >> and news three is your traffic authority. we'll bring you closer to the las vegas valley and the mountain pass. and people have to cross the california border and the
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commission. and the track jam stretched 25 miles and a couple of hours it was down to 16 miles and quite a few delays. and most people took to the road in thanksgiving. they were expecting 140000 passengers to pass through the airport today. 747000 passengers wer in mckaren. and passengers have been moving quite smoothly through security checkpoints and two and half million passengers were expected to be screened today. and we have an upcoming closure in the connector to tell you about. last weekend's work was not finished and m- dot said it was to the fly over bridge.
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to 5:00 a.m. tuesday. stay with us for the latest on the airport connector project. now we'll get to a news three crime alert. metro needs your help finding a man who sexual assaulted a girl. it happened in buffalo. metro approaches the brother and sister. and he sent the brother away and assaulted the little girl. he is a white man, thin build and white or salted pepper colored hair. if you have information on the map call crime stoppers. and as we approach the holidays, estimated 1 billion
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and thieves are lurking to it steal goods at your doorstep. and this is how one local neighborhood is fighting back. gnathan. >> it is part of the neighborhood watches and security cameras from becoming a target for thieves. we spoke to one man and unexpected way. >> >> it is just getting worse. >> it is a 38 year army veteran is taking matter ares -- matters in his own hands. >> he caught these two guys, rolling up in a green card to sting the bait package.
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>> i stuffed it through. preprocessed dog chow. >> a punchient package from a 95 german shepherd named tidy. that's right. the thieves got away with a couple of bags of dog food. >> and that is uni >> and with a clear message for the thieves. >> they don't enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it, you know. >> reporter: and all humor aside, the neighbors are hopeful that the unpleasant package will do good and discourage thieves from coming back to their home.
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the week. some people get what they deserve, appreciate that. tomorrow, 80 percent of the nevadaians will buy on line. you may want to check out which app you are using. news three found out there are plenty of scams this year. >> holiday shopping season nothing said gift giving like black holiday crowds. and you may hear more people can shop on line. >> it is cold and windy. >> what is it about shopping on line. >> when they do. they will down load an app to do it. think amazon and best buy and no one knows that than scammers. >> app developer said the stake apaps.
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finding them. finish line. you can make a purchase. but you are giving your information to a scammer. >> it is easy to write a app. and you search for the store. >> the attorney general recommending go to the website and checking contributing card statements and leading for reviews of the. and our strategy. >> i used a prepaid card and if it happens, my security is okay. i didn't lose my real money. >> and checkoff the holiday wish list without being ripped off. >> and good advice there. and this weekend. they picked up hot toys on line and in store.
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>> they spent an average and. that is based on a survey by the national retail fedriation. they shop is -- shopped and more were doing it on line as 99 million went to the store and 108 shopped on t how the island nation is planning to honor the man who led them so long.
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>> anchor: in havana, workers
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plaza for honoring the man who led a revolution. >> reporter: two days after the deaths of el commandante, fidel castro. they are planning memorials and a public funeral on sunday for fidel castro. >> the people are very sad he's realize it is a movement>> reporter: there is an ongoing tribute for students standing on the steps of university of havana. >> because, you know know, it is very, very important for all of the cub an people. >> reporter: for the older generation of cubans it is much
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with their loss. >> now the cuban people are obligated to fill in the vacum that fidel has left if he want to be a independent country. >> the country young xo old. anxious for what gentleman're comes next. >> reporter: normally it is filled with vendors and quiet in the city and part of nine days of official nation for decades.
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>> anchor: all right, if you haven't done so yet, by now you took out heavy coat and flipped on the heaters for the first time. and it is official now, right. >> you are more of a man than i am. you will need it tomorrow morning and the next several mornings. all of the warmer weather days are gone. and the son happen. and check out the time lapse and this is on the mound. and at 7700 feet. and in the valley, it was not a huge amount and widen up the ground and rooftops. this is mountain spring saloon.
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stuck and driving over the hill will beoc. >> and in lincoln county. 6000 feet elevation. they haddy snow. they will get more snow in the overnight hours and in to the day tomorrow. very far northwest near the turn off and 95. 38 degrees. and the wind is dmroe blowing at 15 miles per hour. northern parts of the valley. their temperature 45 and it is not as windy down there. and we'll check out the wind speeds and that is still blowing at 18 miles per hour. and the windows relaxed elsewhere. and we had gusts that exceeded 40 miles per hour. and we saw it in mountain's edge
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and betty had a ghost of 41 miles per hour. and high temperature today only fourth below normal day. and 45 so far is our low from mcare karen sits now. and colder by p the time we get to midnight. and if you are driving around and look at the mountains. they did a sparkle. and 40an mid to upper 50s and that's it for a high temperature in your neighborhood. and look at how the wind wraps up. tomorrow night and to tuesday and wibdy woke with colder temperatures and air coming out from the north. nthis they will have areas north


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