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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it. >> dana: local man getting his revenge against thieves stealing packages. you are not going to believe what he put inside that decoy package. >> michelle: a flight to nevada forced to make an emergency landing after this happened. this is video taken from inside the plane mid flight. how long it took passengers to finally get to las >> dana: welcome in. it is 6:00 on this monday. we hope you had a nice long holiday weekend. >> michelle: we are happy to be here on this monday. i get many of you are starting your day off on the computer. >> dana: an estimated 122 million people on the computer getting stuff in time for the holidays. we got you covered, traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. kelly is talking about wind that
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meanwhile tom have you issues early on this monday. >> dana: we have flakerring lights. this is southbound on the 15 just past 15 and 95. it's on the shoulder. traffic is kind of slow as you approach the area. watch out for that. that is the one big slow down area on the freeways. >> jeff: a little further back from that southbound we have accident on 15. this is the off ramp. we're looking at travel times. 15 is the slow spot because of the two accidents. 11 minutes between craig and downtown. let's get a check of the forecast which includes some sprinkles in parts of the valley. >> kelly: as we take a look at the radar we are seeing light showers, snow showers too in our local mountains.
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south anted east. this should be over within the next hour moving into arizona and utah this morning. here is a look at what we expect as far as temperatures today. bound up. dress warm. 55 at noon. the winds are coming back. we're going to talk about when in 10 >> michelle: a local man is behind bars after police say he barricaded himself inside his parents home for hours. this is where it happened. it was this man's parents who called police on him. >> >> police responded yesterday evening after the homeowner and his wife called police saying
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house. the son is in his 50's and on probation for felony charges. he's a suspect in a firearm theft that happened on saturday. the son barricaded himself inside of the home refusing to come out even after officers made contact with him by telephone. that's when police decided to wall in swat. they asked surrounding neighbors to evacuate to a nearby school. >> whenever an unwilling tons exit either a vehicle or a house, that type of thing and it could even be what is called an open barricade, there has to be certain crime elements that are met and in this case those crime elements were met. there was a possibility of a firearm being involved. >> officers did manage to get the suspect out of the home.
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no injuries were reported. >> dana: thank you for that. meanwhile a crime alert. metro need your help finding a man who sexually assaulted a girl on thanksgiving day in the area of lake mead and buffalo. they have a police sketch of the man they believe is responsible for this. although he doesn't look like he's that old in the sketch, police are saying he's an colored hair. he sexually assaulted a young girl at that complex f. have you any information on this, please call crime stoppers. >> michelle: breaking overnight, an american airlines flight that took off from dallas heading to las vegas just landed about two hours ago. these are live pictures from inside the airport. here is what we know.
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mexico around 9:00 last night because of this. this is is video from somebody taken mid flight. there was a fire in one of the engines. you can see the flames shooting from that engine. one of the passengers heard a loud noise before the flames started. we were already in western new mexico and there was a loud pop, pop and i see the flame so i knew something wasn't right. >> it was oning for six or eight minutes before they got it shut down. all of the passengers and crew members are ok. a replacement plane was flown in
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>> dana: here is a story of revenge from the valley that may have you smiling on this monday morning. a local man taking matters into his own hands tired of thieves stealing his packages. he put a decoy package and guess what they took. these guys go to his frontage and steal the package. inside the decoy package contained portions of poop. >> i stuffed it full of reprocessed dog chow. >> hopefully people will realize we're tired of them. >> reprocessed dog chow, most people called that dog poop. do you recognize that green car or the young guy? if you do, please call local police to help get those guys off the streets. experts say the holidays prime
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protecting your purchases and presents. thieves often strike during working hours there in the middle of the day. have your items delivered where they can be received in person like at a friend or neighbor's house. in store pickup or take advantage of delivery alerts so you know when your boxes arrive at your porch. you can ask for signature packages left on your doorstep. and finally provide delivery instructions of the safest places to leave your boxes. >> michelle: criminals could try to take advantage of your cyber monday shopping. many people will use apps to shop online. s a new trend sparking
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they steal your personal and financial information and you never get your package. the fakes are so convincing even apple is having a hard time weeding them out. >> it's easy for the hackers to write an apple and it's the first one that pops up when you search for that store. >> michelle: advice go to the retailers website first and keep an eye on your credit card statements and do that read reviews of the apps before you download them. >> dana: live pictures inside a fulfillment center new jersey. this san amazon location. looks like they put the camera on top of a package on the convey your belt. it's cool to look at. 122 million people expected to go online today for cyber monday. this place is going to be hopping trying to fill all of those orders.
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time line for recounting votes in wisconsin. the race against time to determine if the votes will be recounted. >> michelle: make a wish monday on the program. we're going to introduce you to an eight-year-old coming in in just a few minutes and we'll tell you her story. >> tom: a little issue over here
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with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week,
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o artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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>> dana: residents in cuba preparing to pay tribute to castro. the leader turned to communism and defied 11 united states presidents. he died at the age revolution plaza to honor the late leader. these are pictures coming out of the capitol of cuba this morning. his ashes will be taken around cuba until the funeral. one person dead, nine others
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french quarter early sunday morning. shots started around 1:30 in the morning on bourbon streeted. one person killed and nine others taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the two sp at large but they know who they are looking for. police believe the gunshots started from an on goal argument between the two suspects and none of the victims were intended targets. >> dana: a march held to support the dakota pipeline protestors. several activist held a slow moving water is life march. they walked from the department
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at standing rock in north dakota. the people protesting against an oil pipeline that would be on native american land. protestors say that pipeline would threaten drinking water and cultural sites on the reservation. they are protesting against how the protestors have been treated claiming that they have been hosed down with water in subfreezing temperatures. officials are expected to meet to discuss a possible time line of the election. the request comes from jill stein. stein says it is important to germ whether hacking effected the results and the states with tight election results get it right.
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doing. this is not about helping one guy and hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we can believe in. >> in addition to wisconsin jill stein is expected to request a recount of pennsylvania, she has until 5:00 p.m. today to file a formal request. officials say it will be difficult to fin tissue recount by the federally required deadline which is tracy potts about this recount effort and what donald trump is saying about it coming up. a winning lottery ticket sold in tennessee. about 5,000 people live there and that's where the winning ticket was sold. $420 million going to the one winner out there. they have six months to claim
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people live in that city, the person who purchased the winning ticket will have 5,000 best friends as soon as they come forward. time to check out traffic and weather. tom is up in sky 3. >> tom: you are checking out the bowl and u.s. 95 where they come together. looks good on the freeways right we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. 15 southbound does have some issues. we have this one 215 westbound which is currently working but not seeing a lot of slowdowns on 215. 15 southbound currently nine minutes. join the waze team. you can download it from the app
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your commute. let's get a check of the forecast. >> kelly: sprinkles and snow showers. this is mt. charleston lodge camera. little bit of dusting on snot just the spring mountains but the sheep mountains saw that as well yesterday. this is a live look outside. we are seeing quite a few clouds. we've seen light rain showers in the las vegas valley this continue to track off to the south and east. you see this short wave that made its way through. it's been fizzling out. just a few scattered light showers. one near henderson and the rest in the spring mountains. the bulk of the activity has moved off into arizona. coming down as snow showers especially in the higher elevations. we expect dry conditions today. the rain showers are almost
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early and temperatures are well below normal. 57 is the expected high with winds 5-15. tonight winds kick back up gusting to 30. we'll see a low around 41 with mostly clear skies. more sunshine tomorrow and more cool temperatures along with gusty wind. more breezy conditions friday and saturday. going to be cool all week so have the has and mittens what is happening? she is our wish child on this make a wish monday. you are eight years old. tell me about your wish little one. what was your wish? >> i wished to goen oh a cruise. a disney cruise.
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i went on an island. >> dana: you went on an island and on a slide and did you meet any disney princesses as well? i know you've been battling illnesses late lay. what was it like to go on this trip, did you have lots of fun? >> yeah. >> was at this time best thing ever? we're so glad you came in this morning. i'm so glad to see you -- were you fg point? >> yes. >> did you land it safely? >> i love the smile on your face. thank you for coming in and for bringing your parents in. where did you get this out fit? >> grandma's house. have you clothes over there when you do sleep overs. you are a smart cookie. go to, click on make a wish monday and that's a great location also to be able to
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organization. every dollar raised in our community stays in our community to help kids just like her get wishes of a lifetime. thanks for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> dana: have a great day. >> michelle: one chicago cubs fan making his love of the team into a tasty treat. look at this masterpiece he created. we'll have details coming >> dana: nothing new for kaepernick getting booed. we'll tell you why they were
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>> melanoma likes to spread to distant organs. >> we've noticed there is one protein in particular that helps spread melanoma to the brain. >> once the cancer is spread it's more difficult to fight. new research is changing that. >> there are trials beginning right now to target that protein.
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>> giving him time to enjoy life and keep fighting. >> people want to ask how much longer are you going to be around and you say probably a lot longer than people want me
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>> toni-marie: not sure what we have going on here. this involves ar rtc transit vehicle. police have shut down simmons. watch out for a closure of northbound simmons. >> kelly: as you are heading oh out the door, we are dealing with a few showers in the
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south and east and fizzling out. temperatures are on the cool side. primm 36. boulder city 44. can expect the rest of the week coming up. >> michelle: the buzz from the cubs first world series win in 108 all its glory. cubs just winning their first world series title since 1908. this guy is a huge cubs fan so he made a ginger where he had house replicating wrigley field in chicago. says the entire thing is edible. they are in nine days of mourning in cuba with the passing of their lead ericas throw who passed away at the age of 90 on friday. his remains will be cremated and taken around the country as people in that country are in mourning. people are celebrating the death in miami. >> michelle: one major pizza company training new delivery drivers.
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do you do a local man arrested
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coming up why his parents called police on him. >> michelle: facing a judge. the local woman accused of flashing a family on the freeway. expected in court this morning. what is going to happen today? we'll have details. >> hopefully these people will realize we're tired of them. >> pay back. revenge for a local neighborhood. what they did that they hope will prevent people from stealing the off their porches. >> dana: welcome in on this marvelous monday. fresh snow in our local mountains. >> michelle: it's starting to look a lot like christmas around here. it's going to be a cold weekend. >> dana: we got you covered.
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mountains and an accident. >> tom: can't wait to get up in the mountains this weekend but right now dealing with the realities of our commute. this is from 95 north on to 215 west. you are going to have a little bit of a plan making that loop right now. we have this other situation. not sure if this is an accident or something else. police have closed just before alexander. looking for damage and not seeing any. we'll continue with jeff. -t. >> jeff: this is a look at the earlier accident tom was showing us 15 southbound approaching charleston. we don't have as much traffic on the road coming off a holiday weekend. it is causing a slowdown.
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>> kelly: might want to have the umbrella handy. most of this precipitation has fizzled out moving off to the south and east. still lingering in energy las vegas we're going to take a closer look that the coming up. we're going to dry out, decreasing clouds throughout the day but temperatures below normal. 57 at 3:00 and winds coming back. i'll let you know when in 10 minutes. >> michelle: a local man arrested after barricading himself in his parents home. the standoff just ended about five hours ago. the man's parents called police saying he had a gun and was on probation and they believe he stole their gun the previous
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refused and swat was called. information injured and no shots were fired. >> dana: met free throw needs your help finding a man who sexually assaulted a girl on lake mead and we have a sketch of what they believe the man looks like. the man sexually assaulted a young girl that the location. you can see he's a white man, thin build, either white hair or salt and pepper colored hair. if you think you might know who this man is call crime stoppers. >> michelle: a local mother charged in the death of her 7-year-old son in court today.
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police were called where they were staying back in october where they found that little boy unresponsive and showing signs of abuse. the police report says malone and her roommate abused that child and according to the police report malone tied her son with a t shirt, held him as robinson hit him. robinson was arrested the day the child died and he is an open murder charge. the local woman accused of flashing a man after an incident on the 95 near flamingo expected in court today. the man says this 32-year-old woman hit the back of his car and then took off. she got out of her car and started flashing her body parts and yelling obscenities at him. it happened right after the
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herself into police after this video went viral. she's facing five charges including indecent exposure and i hadty theft because of evidence found in her car. >> dana: sweet revenge for a local man. it was a stinky package. he's tired of thieves stealing his packages like these guys in the green front porch filled with his dog's poop. >> i stuffed it full of reprocessed dog chow. >> hopefully these people will realize we're tired of them. >> dana: we would love to see the expression on their faces when they opened that package. do you recognize that green car or the guy?
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police. there are ways to protect yourself during this holiday season. thieves often strike during the daytime. have your items delivered where they can be received in person like a friend or neighbor's house. you can opt for instore pickup or take advantage of delivery alerts so you know when that box arrived on your doorstep. you can ask for signature confirmation to avoid having packages left on your doorstep instructions telling the courier the safest place to leave your boxes. >> michelle: kaepernick booed as he stepped on the field this weekend but not for refusing to stand during the national anthem. it was for something else.
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>> michelle: syrian state media has reported government forces have captured a aleppo neighborhood. this five year conflict. that's the latest from aleppo. >> dana: tom brady led his team on a fourth quarter comeback yesterday. getting his 200th victory tying with peyton manning.
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>> tom: you are looking at an accident here blocking a pair of travel lanes. not a big deal. you have one accident problematic from 95 north on to 215 west. you see they have the cones out. traffic has to swing wide to get around that makes a dicier commute. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, the showers we've been tracking all morning are a left in the enderson area and to the south of town. fizzling out. dry conditions for the kids at school this morning. 45-degrees as you are getting there. our high 57. keep the gloves handy. you are going to need them this week. >> dana: a few sprinkles on the trump tower this morning there
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speaking of the trump tower we're going to be talking a bit about trump and his reaction to the recount in wisconsin. trump tower got a new name over
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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>> dana: police in the philippines detonated a bomb found in a trash can near the u.s. embassy. two explosions were heard as a
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a street sweeper called police after finding a cell phone attached to a bottle wrapped in black tape with wires coming out of it. that device found 65 feet from the u.s. embassy. nobody hurt in this incident. >> michelle: a local man arrested and behind bars after he barricaded himself in his parents home for >> police were called out to a home on charlene around 7:30 last nights. the home owner and his wife said that the son came home. the son is in his fifties and he's a suspect in a firearm theft that happened on saturday. when officers arrived the homeowners came out but the son refused to leave. police decided to call in swat
6:46 am
saturday deferentially families in neighboring homes were asked to evacuate to a nearby school. officers did manage to get the suspect out of the home. he was arrested around 1:30 this morning. no shots were fired and no injuries reported. >> michelle: thank you very much. an employee recovering this morning after a car smashed through the wall burlington coat factory. the vehicle crashed into that building and trapped an employee between the wall and a cash register. the 61-year-old female driver of the car was parked in a handicap spot when she accelerated and hit the building.
6:47 am
accident. >> dana: we expect to find out today if wisconsin can finish the recount before the electoral deadline. the green party challenging the results in three states including wisconsin and the clinton campaign is joining them. the chief of staff for donald trump calling the recount a scam. >> this is a total and complete distraction and a fraud and something that they should drop. >> dana: let's talk it out with tracy potts. donald trump tweeting out over the between he won the popular vote, that there were millions of votes cast in this country that shouldn't have been. he's calling it widespread voter fraud but saying they should not recount the votes in wisconsin. do i have that right? >> right. you would think if there was voter fraud they should recount
6:48 am
but not in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, states he won. he's suggesting resons should be in states clinton won not offering any proof of voter fraud. it's not the lincoln camp who started this but they have signed on saying they will support the recount effort. ji s trump or clinton. she just wants to make sure that votes were counting properly and there has been a lot of back and forth online by people thinking there were irregularities in
6:49 am
it would take wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania to change the election. very small chance which is why you are not seeing the clinton team out front on this but they are saying they'll support it. >> dana: i've heard the same thing over the weekend saying this is nothing. will do nothing to change the election results from a few weeks ago. >> michelle: southwestern japan where an ice skating rink had to close its doors sunday because of a fire storm of online criticism over this. those are fish frozen under the ice skating rink. nearly 5,000 fish bought at a
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ray. this is a theme park there. and the idea was to give skaters the feeling they were ice skating over the sea. online criticism and comments expressing pity for the fish drove that park operator to pull the plug about 15 days in. the manager apologized for upsetting people. the skating rink is going to fix this and reopen sometime in the near future. >> dana: you know her from king of she's sitting down on "the today show" this morning talking about it new documentary talking about scientology and the problems she's faced since leaving the church. >> people are talking about their experiences of physical abuse, mental abuse to be called a liar, to victimize victims is not ok with me. >> dana: you can catch that this morning on "the today show." >> michelle: the winner of
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sitting down this morning on today and she's performing her hit song i don't know my name live on the program and we have a sneak peek. >> how excite is it to have this music coming out? >> i can't wait for people to hear it. >> are you nervous? >> no. >> >> she's around 12 years old. she was the winner and she has a beautiful voice. you can catch her full interview in minutes on the todd show. >> dana: and a great personality too. it may have been the game of the year so far. sunday night football here on nbc ended just hours ago. they went intoover time last night. near the end of regulation the chiefs score the touchdown to
6:52 am
send the game to overatime. they had to review it. that guy scored a touchdown running, receiving and on a kick return. the first time that's happened since 1965. he had a chance to win it but he hooked it wide left. watch this thing. it goes off the up right. normally that comes field, this time it went through the up rights. it's good and the chiefs win 30-27. time to check out traffic and weather. what is happening up in sky 3? >> tom: double trouble. this is on the access road ramp to get on the 15 south and it's doing a number on the traffic with things really slow approaching. this is the rancho overpass. before you get there you have a
6:53 am
95 south to rancho. did have paramedics blocking a lane but they have gone. >> jeff: we still have this accident off to the side being worked on. should be cleared soon. because of this you have a pretty long stretch that is slow. 24 minutes from speedway to downtown. traffic at a 37 minute commute. 95 southbound is clear. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door you will see sprinkles. we have white up on the spring mountains this morning. hopefully we'll get a better visual of that once the clouds lift. temperatures this morning mild because of the clouds.
6:54 am
what we will see later this week. green valley 47 and henderson 48. we had a short wave moving through but it's fizzled out so clouds around the area now. showers have left the area. the clouds will be breaking up through the rest of the day. the highs going to remain below normal. city you are going down to 40 for a low. our seven-day forecast showing a high today in las vegas of 57. tomorrow's high just 56. >> michelle: breaking news to bring you into the studio just moments ago. dillon roof, the man accused of fatally shooting nine african-american parishioners at a south carolina church will act
6:55 am
penalty trial after the breaking news on friday that the judge in this case ruled roof is mentally competent to face his death penalty trial. >> dana: time for the water cooler on this monday morning. former unr quarterback colin kaepernick hitting the field yesterday in miami. >> you hear the crowd immediately letting their el kaepernick. >> dana: the crowd in miami booing him yesterday as he hit the field for the first possession for the 49ers. nothing new for him because he won't stands for the national anthem. miami fans adding extra boos in there because the 49ers quarterback reportedly supports fidel castro. wore a castro t shirt during the news conference last week.
6:56 am
education while the united states invest in prison. many of those people in miami are coupe refugees getting away from the cuban leader. they don't like him one bit and don't like kaepernick either. trump tower getting new names on google maps over the weekend. instead of trump tower it's the dump tower. we know it's been corrected. into googler maps over the weekend and changed the name. dominoes in japan training reindeer to deliver pizza. if it doesn't come in 30 minutes or less, is your pizza free? this looks like a publicity stunt with dominoes getting plenty of publicity so it's working to perfection.
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the cw with jeff and michelle. >> michelle: filling in for everybody today. >> dana: was enjoyable working with you today. >> michelle: we have a lot coming up. a local man barricaded himself inside his parents home. why his parents called 911. >> jeff: uber or company is looking another for your safety? and the santa run returns. a look into all the up coming festivities and how you can take part this weekend. plus we're breaking down cyber
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good morning. sore winner? donald trump now claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote. this just hours after hammering hillary clinton for backing recount efforts in key swing states. but is there any proof of ilga it really matter? bidding farewell. cuba begins nine days of official tributes for fidel castro. but not everyone there is mourning the former dictator's death. we're live in havana. chaos on bourbon street. visitors of the popular new orleans tourist spot run for cover as gunfire between two men erupts in the french quarter. one person killed, nine others wounded.


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