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tv   Noticias Telemundo 48  Telemundo  April 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> last night i was the luncheon meat inside an "american idol" and "dancing with the stars" sandwich. >> that sounds gross. >> i didn't mean it to be. >> but it sounded bad. >> george clooney. he's leaving acupuncture. >> there is a little pill bottle in my bag. throw it to me. [laughter] >> we got pete wentz. >> i'm having trouble with my little boy. can't put him to sleep at night. >> he says my old lady is letting him sleep in bed with us. they should never be in bed with
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you. >> what a buzzkill if the morning, huh? >> we got darren criss. he's on "glee." he used to sing disney songs at maggiano's. >> "the lion king" all the way. >> ♪ la la la [laughter] >> the lakers are in a fight for their playoff lives. in a war between youth and experience, strength versus speed, there is one question on everybody's mind. >> who is the asian lady with jack nicholson? >> they show her all the time. who is this lady? >> who is the asian woman? >> "tmz investigates." the asian woman who sits courtside at lakers games. >> who is she? >> nobody knows. >> four decades, she's been seated with such luminaires as, kim kardashian, and, of course, jack nicholson. there's been much speculation.
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>> we thought she was tiger woods' mom. >> maybe bring the grandkids to see a game? >> i don't have one. >> embarrassing! but, yes, that theory was debunked despite the fact that she and tiger woods' mom are both asian and both -- asian. >> if you google it, there are a ton of people that want to know who she is. >> there is a facebook page for it. >> a quick search suggests her name is jet woo kim. but that's wrong because we found out -- >> her name is yori. >> yes. we know her name is yori. and we know -- that's about all we know. >> i want to know what she does. >> she's making serious jack. do you know what these tickets cost. they're like $2,800? >> more than that. >> rumors abound that she's a real estate mogul. or that she owns a soy sows company. but no one knows for sure. >> let's find that out. that's a great story. >> who are you, mysterious asian lady? and can you get us tickets?
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>> george clooney. he was leaving acupuncture. >> you look relaxed. how was your acupuncture session? >> it's a clinic in studio city. >> i've never done it, but i believe in it. >> do you prefer acupuncture over western medicine? >> i think it's becoming part of western medicine. >> it is. there is a little pill bottle in my bag. do you see a little pill bottle there? throw it to me. not that aggressivive. do you want me to do that back to you? >> yeah. do it. >> it's going to go like 10 feet over. [laughter] >> damn! >> magnesium, folks. >> you are getting old. it's official.
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>> three men. one restaurant. ryan seacrest, mark ballas, harvey levin. imagine the possibilities. >> last night, i was the luncheon meat inside an "american idol" and "dancing with the stars" sandwich. >> yeah, but how was dinner? boom! >> i didn't mean it that way. >> sure. anyway, it all started when two of the shortest, richest ladies' men in the business stepped out on a man date to discuss an upcoming venture. >> we can't discuss the details. >> wait a second. do we smell a new seacrest produced reality show. "living with levin," perhaps? >> we asked who picked up the check. >> you did. you're the older one. >> he's also the jewish one. guess again. >> i had a club soda. >> you also had brown rice. >> ladies, be nice. >> the fact is, neither of us
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paid. there were people there. >> and that's where our sordid love triangle gets complicated. because at that very moment -- >> there's mark ballas. >> and pia, right? >> yeah. but something tells us she wasn't part of the meat sandwich. >> i mentioned to pia "tmz" gives good advice or what, huh? >> what did she say to that? >> she kind of acknowledged it, laughed. >> and then she said who are you again? >> no, no, no. in fact, the group had a great conversation about a very current topic -- vertebrae. sounds like a fun dinner. >> you bring up to our camera guy ethan, who apparently was in peru, in one of the cat copies. >> he stole a vertebrae from a catacomb in peru. >> if the police are watching -- >> apparently you felt the need to tell mark about our camera guy's vertebrae as well. >> the guy who steals the vertebrae. >> oh, my god, the whole world knows about this. >> and yet nobody cares. well, thank for hanging with our boss, mark and ryan, who will
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now be known as the bun in his freebie luncheon sandwich. >> ziggy, how are you doing, man? >> ziggy marley. he debuted his "marijuanaman" comic yesterday. he's got his new superhero. >> weed is like his spinach? >> him and popeye is the only guys that support green. >> body high all day. he's like i'm too louisiana to go fight crime right now. can't we do this later? >> the most paranoid superhero ever. [laughter] >> did you hear something? >> i'll give it to harvey. >> there you go. >> happy to be back in l.a.? >> it's musician pete wentz spending some time with his son bronx yesterday. bet we asked him about babies.
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>> i'm having trouble with my little boy. can't put him to sleep at night. >> turns out our camera guy is having a little trouble with his kid. >> he's crying. so the old lady has been letting him sleep in bed with us. do you have any advice how we can break that? >> don't do it. >> we just got to deal with it? he'll be 12 years old between mom and dad? >> 40. >> what did dr. spock say about that? >> live long and process speaker. >> you're welcome, nerds. seriously, your baby shouldn't sleep in your bed. >> kids are killed. >> what a buzzkill in the morning, huh? >> oh, [beep]! i killed my baby. >> it's no joke. between 1990 and 1997, adult beds were linked to at least 515 baby deaths. seriously. that's why we've put together this psa. roll it. so you're thinking about letting your baby sleep in your bed? well, maybe these scenarios will change your mind. can you see what's wrong with
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this picture? that's right. it's a doll. the real baby must have been kidnapped and swapped when this pretend one. is there anything wrong with this? yes. that's not a bed. it's a dresser. it has nothing to do with what we're talking about. so, remember, don't sleep with babies. >> paul mccartney at l.a.x. he's above the rules over at l.a.x. you know if you've ever dropped someone off, you can't park there very long. he parks his car in the loading zone. >> and they let him? >> walked all the way up the escalator to security. >> no! >> gives her a hug. drops her off. comes out, actually shakes hand with airport security, who is sitting there watching over his corvette while it's parked in the loading zone. >> that's beatle power. >> and they're crazy down there. >> crazy! they're like why did you stop? because the person has to get out of the car. [music plays]
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>> we got darren criss. he's on "glee." he performed at the santa monica promenade. it's not a big setup. he's got his amp, his guitar, just like any other street performer there. but of course he gets all these young girls and they all sang "what a wonderful world." ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ >> it looked like a christian retreat, like campfire thing. it really does. we get him walking away. our camera guy says -- >> dude, i remember when you used to play at maggiano's. >> he used to sing disney songs at maggiano's. so we asked what his favorite disney song to sing was. >> it's a 10-year span. "the lion king" all the way. >> "bare necessities." >> i don't know. "the lion king" is pretty good. la la la la ♪ [laughter] >> that is not good!
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>> take it easy. >> coming up -- >> we manny pacquiao had a big press day yesterday. but we talked to his brother, bobby pacquiao. we say to him, when you were growing up, who won the brother fights? >> what a good question. >> plus -- >> gayle king. >> i seriously want to know, how do you keep a childhood friendship alive this strong. >> she asks if they sleep in the same bed during sleepovers.
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>> coming up -- >> the cast of "mob wives." seam seam daughter is in it. >> females with a connection to seam seam daughter is in it. >> females with a connection to the mob.
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[music plays] >> now entering the ring, if fighting pride of the
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philippines and number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world, welterweight champion, manny pacquiao! his brother bobby. >> how are you doing? >> manny pacquiao had this big press day yesterday, so we talked to his brother, bobby pacquiao. >> yes. bobby was there to help manny prepare for his upcoming bout against shane mosley. >> we say when you were growing up, who won the brother fights? >> oh, what a good question. >> i know, right? >> one of the best questions of the day. >> totally. and you know what would be even better? the answer! >> did he ever beat you up? >> yeah, he beat me up. >> did you ever beat him one time? >> no. >> who is older? >> bobby is younger. he has that disadvantage, too. >> manny had to kick his butt. >> that's right. because the older brother -- really, guys? b.b. king? anyway, the older brother always wins the brother wars. >> the older always wins. they have that mentality superiority on you. they're the older brother. >> it's not true.
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>> i've seen younger brothers and older brothers and the older brother got their ass kicked. >> can we get manny's take? he and bobby must get along, right? >> he meant the song! >> we got the cast of "mob wives." all their family members, husbands, boyfriends, they're all in prison right now. so we ask them -- >> what's the most requested item that you guys get from your spouses or family members in prison? >> is it something that you consume? >> no. >> sexy pictures. >> really? >> yeah. >> have you ever been to any of these prisons? they've got all these women. they're on the vending machine. it's great. >> what's the first meal you cook when they get out of jail. >> it's got to involve pasta. well, maybe not. >> meatballs and macaroni. >> chicken cutlets.
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>> fascinating. >> sammy the bull's daughter is in it. >> they call it "mob wives"? >> females with a connection to the mob. >> friends, friends, friends. oprah and gayle are friends. but that's not news 'cause they've been friends for a long time. >> we got gayle king. >> go figure. but, yeah, that's gayle king in new york. and this is harvey levin, a lawyer. and the next contestant on what did we ask gayle king? >> hi, vinny! >> so what did we ask gayle king? >> i would seriously want to know, how do you keep a childhood friendship alive this strong this long? >> that's what it's all about. >> get out! >> you guess the id. >> it's all about gayle and oprah staying friends through all these years. >> yep. let's listen. >> as best friends, you have to
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have -- you know, although you're not the lesbian thing. >> hold on. >> my friends and i, we kind of sleep in each other's beds, have sleepovers. >> we don't do that, vinny. >> that's not really about best friends surviving the test of time. >> i guessed. i can't believe it. >> you did guess it. and you know what you win? >> nothing! absolutely nothing! stupid! you're so stupid! >> friends. >> how are you doing tonight? >> we got joan collins. i love her. she's so glamorous. we ask her -- >> what do you think about "one life to live" and "all my children" being canceled after 40 years? >> very, very sad. i'm very sorry. >> we ask her if it's the end of the soap era. >> i hope not. it's the most glamorous thing on tv.
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>> i think soaps are on their way out. >> please, please, please. i have four left. >> the days are gone. >> there's still telenovellas. >> people watch that even if they don't understand spanish. >> who is your favorite threlf actress, harvey? >> i don't know names. i watch it with the sound down. >> oh, gross. >> no, no, no. i mean just -- >> that's weird. girls don't do that. >> oh, jeez. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up -- >> carly craig. she was in "role models." >> girls don't fart? >> they don't. >> plus -- >> marilu henner. >> she's got the crazy memory or something? >> they're calling it highly superior autobiographical memory. but the funny thing is she can't find her wallet.
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>> tomorrow on "tmz" -- one girl. one necklace. one big day in court. and one man with inside information on how lindsay can actually beat
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>> "tmz." online and on your phone 24/7. [music plays] >> i love your work. >> thank you so much. >> all right. marilu henner leaving spago. yes, celebrities still go there. and last night, we asked marilu about her remarkable, almost magical memory ability. >> it's unbelievable. she knows everything that happened to her. >> in 1982. i got them april 9. that was a friday. >> it's highly superior autobiographical memory. >> wait a minute. highly -- >> highly superior autobiographical memory. point is, she remembers absolutely everything.
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it's astonishing. >> i can't find my wallet. >> the funny thing is she can't find her wallet. >> three, two, one. >> that's funny. how can you -- >> if you have a crazy super memory, you would remember i put my wallet here. >> think back. you ordered the salad with asparagus and then? >> did someone pay for you? >> will marilu find her wallet? is highly superior auto bio whatever a myth? >> michaele salahi think somebody is trying to kellaher. a winery in virginia, somebody called in and said tareq broke in. but when cops got there, they discovered it was a phony call. then they told him it was this guy that's been following her around and making death threats and sending her obscene messages. >> how much are they paying that guy? >> yeah. she calls hem. i'm going to let you know where
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i'm going to be at. >> they're looking into getting a restraining order against the guy because they're very worried. >> ooh! >> carly craig. she was in "role models." in front of all these people, we ask her about farting. >> we're having an argument over in the "tmz" office the other day. some say girls don't fart. >> they don't. >> she internationalizes it. that's impossible. >> it is impossible. >> it's like people who say they don't eat and then they're out at jackson hole eating a burger at 2:00 in the morning. >> they go to wyoming? >> no. there is a restaurant in new york called jackson hole. go there at 2:00 in the morning. they're all there. it's chaos. onion rings flying everywhere, burgers. it's crazy. >> coming up -- >> malik yoba. we talk to him about the
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president. he's in town. they'll be shutting down freeways and everything. >> we the people of los angeles do ordain this city to be motorcade free. do ordain this city to be motorcade free. >> yeah.
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[music plays] >> malik yoba. we talked to him about the president. >> they're having a big thing with the president, right? 35 g's a plate to sit down with the man. >> they'll be shutting down freeways and everything. it's going to be awesome, right? >> everyone in l.a. is like, oh, traffic is going to be bad. >> it doesn't matter whether it's a republican or a democrat. stop being so partisan about this. >> nobody crabbed about george w. blocking traffic. >> what? >> everyone is like i couldn't cross this one street. they're harping about this. >> we the people of los angeles, in order to form a more perfect community, establish justice on the road, do ordain this city to be motorcade free. >> yeah.
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>> i'm a lawyer! closed capti


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