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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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in april of 2013. mccormick was shot in the forehead but recovered fully. dean was captured in texas and brought back to sioux city where he pleaded guilty to attempted murder and is serving a 25- year prison sentence. ktiv's tiffany lane was in the courtroom during the sentencing and will have a full wrap up for us tonight on news 4. we're learning more about the two kansas city fire fighters killed battling an apartment fire. officials say 17-year veteran larry leggio and 13- year-veteran john mesh died when a wall collapsed last night around 8 o'clock. two other firefighters were also injured in the collapse. the four were among a large contingent of firefighters who responded to the burning three-story building of businesses and apartments. two people were rescued by firefighters. this morning kansas city's fire chief was emotional talking about the loss of two colleagues. (s/ chief chief paul berardi / kansas city fire dept. :28) "one thing about last night is that i'm extremely proud of the professionalism of the on scene personal as well as the response to the tragedy and in these
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times what helps us get thorough these times is how professional the department responded and how we reacted to the situation." the cause of the massive blaze is still under investigation. a report released today shows a surface-to-air missile brought down malaysia airlines flight 17 in ukraine. dutch investigators say the missile exploded less than four feet outside the plane's cockpit. the three crew members inside died instantly. and, the front of the plane was broken off. the report says the rest of the crew and the passengers died from decompression, extreme cold and other factors. however, some may have remained conscious until the plane hit the ground 60 to 90 seconds later. almost 300 people died. the dutch safety board says the
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plane should never have been flying in the area because it was in the hands of russian- backed rebels. the dutch prime minister is calling on russia to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation. a cooler night in store for us here in siouxland. here to tell us more is chief meteorologis t ron demers. after a cool morning start that saw many of us go into the upper 30s, it turned into a very nice afternoon with highs in the 70s. we'll see more 30s tonight for lows with highs tomorrow just a bit breezy conditions will move in for thursday keeping highs in the thanks.
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hire. the company says today it will be adding at least 60 more jobs to its bakery in north sioux city, south dakota this fall. starting pay for these production jobs is 12 dollars per hour. interbake is holding job fairs at its factory in north sioux each friday in october from one to three p-m to fill the positions. interbake foods is based in richmond, virginia. it's the debate in the desert with the democratic candidates tonight. steve handelsman has the latest from las vegas.
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it's bernie sanders' chance to showcase himself... from this debate.... to democrats who have heard about the socialist senator from vermont ...and his big rallies in iowa and new hampshire... but tonight get to hear from bernie sanders magazine :16-:23 "he needs to take this opportunity on clinton show people not just that he has ideas that they like but that he is ready to be commander in chief, he's ready to run the country" of the lesser known democrats debating former virginia senator jim webb ... former republican senator lincoln chaffee and martin o'malley.. the former maryland governor has the ability to stand out sot: martin o'malley (d) presidential candidate :35-:41 i'm looking forward to the democratic party finally joining this game :51 and having a debate about how we solve our nations problems hillary clinton looked past the debate, last night ...showing up at donald trump's las vegas hotel... joining union workers protesting the employment practices of the republican frontrunner sot: hillary clinton (d) presidential candidate :52-:56 "and that means saying no to donald trump - nats cheers not to be left out tonight, trump will live tweet glad you'll be watching ...tweeted clinton it's going to be huge after being hammered about
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her emails ...and chased by sanders ... clinton tonight gets to re-boot sot: jen palmieri , clinton communications dir. 1:11-1:17 "as hard as they have come at her, she is sustaining and she is doing well and we're, shes excited to talk about issues tonight" there is a podium ready here for joe biden but the vice president says he'll watch from washington and has not said if he will or will not run i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, las vegas. >> there will be several debate watch parties across siouxland tonight. tonight there is a clinton for president debate watch party starting at 7:30 this takes place at el fredos pizza. a watch party for martin o'malley supporters will be at 1408 nebraska street in sioux city starting anytime after 7. and senator bernie sanders's suporters can watch the debate at 26-05 morgan street in sioux city. former secretary of state madeleine albright is coming to sioux city to campaign for hillary clinton. she's scheduled to speak at a
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"women for hillary" event at the peirce mansion tomorrow morning at 8:45. presidential candidate donald trump will have to take a bit of a break from the campaign trail early next month. that's because he's going to be preparing to host "saturday night live" on november 7. the show announced trump's hosting gig today, which will mean a return engagement for the republican presidential contender. trump first hosted "saturday night live" back in april of 2004. republican presidential hopeful jeb bush is on a three-day swing through the key voting state of new hampshire this week. during a speech at a college in manchester bush unveiled his plans to repeal and replace obamacare. he referred to the issue of healthcare as an essential element of what the next president must do to boost the economy. the basis of bush's health care policy focuses on promoting innovation, lowering costs and returning power to the states. and with tonight's first democratic debate just
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hours away, bush also criticized hillary clinton and bernie sanders for their stance on health care. (-- sot --) s/jeb bush (r) presidential candidate :17 "the one thing i know is this, we can't stick with the status quo, we can't leave this up to the lobbyists and to the politicians in washington, d.c. because the system we have today, obamacare and it's most current form was written by the special interests for the special interests." following his speech, bush told nbc off camera that he will watch the democratic debate tonight, joking, "to see if i can get some tips to do better in my next debate," acknowledgin g that hillary is a strong debater. the commander- in-chief turns crasher-in- chief, dropping in on a wedding while golfing in san diego. the party put the ceremony on hold so president obama could play through the 18th hole - right behind the altar sunday. mister obama waved at the guests, then decided to get in on the action when he was done. posing for pictures with bride and groom. the two sprinted across the lawn, defying the tradition of not seeing one
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another before the ceremony, in order to meet the president. still to come on live at five.... students and the symphony. today hundreds of siouxland students learn the history of music exploring melodies and moods of famous works. and....looks like twitter is reducing it's headcount. the details... after the break.
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experience a professional symphony. nat pop of violin playing but today, hundreds sixth graders from all around siouxland got that chance. the sioux city symphony held its annual concert for sixth grade students at the orpheum theatre this morning. the educational event introduces the symphony to students.
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about the history behind beethoven's music. and, the orchestra played excerpts from beethoven's 9th symphony. "an education should be well- rounded. it's not just math and science, but the arts and humanities and things like that so they get a well- rounded experience out of this," said executive director of the orchestra, mark francis. the annual education concert for fourth graders will be in february. planned parenthood has changed its policy regarding its use of fetal tissue for research. planned parenthood president cecile richards sent a letter to the national institutes of health today. it says the organization will no longer accept any sort of payment to cover the costs of research using aborted fetal tissue. he also said their policy on fetal tissue donation "exceeds legal requirements." online payments giant pay-pal says it will help cover the costs of return shipments this holiday shopping season. pay-pal says it will reimburse u-s customers' shipping costs for up to four returns of items between today and
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the company will cover up to 30 dollars for each return shipment. pay-pal offered a similar service in almost 40-other countries before unveiling it for u-s customers. macy's, walmart and the apple store are among the online retailers that accept pay- pal. twitter is reducing its headcount as it looks to get back on track. the social media giant announced today that it would cut eight percent of its staff worldwide. that's more than 300 employees. the announcement comes a week after twitter co-founder jack dorsey agreed to become permanent c-e-o at the company. the company has struggled in recent months with falling stock prices and failing to gain traction among new users. looks like there's a cool night in store for us here in
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the final two co- conspirators who helped jamal dean skip town to the mexico border. (sheila) if you're just getting home here's a quick look at today's headlines. evette morris- hernandez and esteban hernandez drove dean to texas after he shot and wounded a sioux city police officer two and a half years ago. ktiv's tiffany lane was in the courtroom and will have the latest details tonight on news 4 at 6. five democrats are in las vegas today for their first presidential debate. for many americans, tonight will be their first chance to hear from some of the candidates. for hillary clinton, she's facing competition from all sides: the four democrats on stage, and donald trump. and... the sioux city symphony held its annual concert for sixth grade students at the orpheum theatre this morning.
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the educational event introduces the symphony to students. conductor, ryan haskins, spoke about the history behind beethoven's music. that's a look at your just home headlines. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the forecast. after a cool morning start that saw many of us go into the upper 30s, it turned into a very nice afternoon with highs in the 70s. we'll see more 30s tonight for lows with highs tomorrow just a bit cooler as we go up to about 70. breezy conditions will move in for thursday keeping highs in the upper 60s. bigger cooling moves in by friday that could send our lows both friday and saturday mornings into the low 30s with frost possibilities. highs both friday and saturday may not get out of the 50s. we'll see better warming into sunday and monday with finally a chance of some
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a park shelter house is more sound than ever... after a storm rocked one siouxland community over a year ago. on august 31st, 2014... straight line winds caused
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a park shelter house is more sound than ever... after a storm rocked one siouxland community over a year ago. on august 31st, 2014... straight line winds caused extensive damage throughout dakota city, nebraska. and the one structure not covered under the city's insurance was demolished. but thanks to a 20- thousand-dollar "keep america beautiful - lowe's community betterment" grant... the shelter house at beermann park is bigger and stronger than ever. "the original one was set up and the polls were all on top of the concrete and just anchored to the concrete," says kurt peterson, maintenance supervisor for the city of dakota city, ne. "this particular shelter now all the polls are four feet in the ground. they are bigger support poles for the whole structure." before the storm, the shelter
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house was 576 square feet. now, it's 864 square feet. pumpkin power: a healthy alternative for a fall favorite straight ahead in centsable health.
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sheilajoining us today for this week's centsable health we have fareway foods registered dietitian whitney packebush and pumpkins are popping us this fall. whitney: yes, it's fall and we need some pumpkin recipes and today we are making pumpkin oatmeal cookies. which
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are more like granola-based breakfast bars shaped like a cookie. sheila: so, it's a little bit more healthy. whitney: yes, it's more like a granola bar than a cookie. they're very easy and can be stored in the fridge or the freezer. that way they get a little bit harder of a texture. otherwise they get a little soft if you store at room temperature. but, i'm going to show you how easy they are to make. in my bowl of ingredients i have a couple of cups of oatmeal, some dried cranberries and some pumpkin seeds. you can use any dried fruit you want. you can also use sunflower seeds. if you don't like pumpkin seeds or if you have a hard time finding them. to that i'm going to add some ground flax seeds. sheila: do you want me to start stiring. whitney: yes. in this bowl i'm going to take care of the wet ingredients. i'm going to start with the pumpkin. it's full of potassium, fiber. it's really full of vitamins and minerals. sheila: so, canned pumpkin? you need to stay away from the sweetened. is that the key? whitney: you want the pumpkin pie filling
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add some cocunut oil that i already melted. cocunut oil is being touted for everything from digestion to putting in your hair. sheila: putting in your hair? whitney: yes, your hair. i put it in my hair. sheila; look, like you do have a little more shine going on there whitney. whitney: it does have a lot of health benefits and it does have a really slight cocunut flavor. so, it adds a nice tropical flavor almost in there. sheila: what if you don't like coconut? whitney: you could substitute some butter or some canola oil. to add some sweetness i'm adding some honey. plus, some eggs and some pumpkin pie spice. it's wouldn't be a pumpkin pie something without that spice. and, a pinch of salt. that's it for the ingredients. you could add as much or as little of pumpkin as you like. i have about a quarter of a cup. not too much. sheila: that smells so good. whitney: you really can't taste it that much so if you want you
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could add a little more pumpkin. i would go up to a half of a cup. you're really not going to mess up the recipe at all. sheila: what kind of pumpkin pie spice did you use? whitney: just the standard pumpkin pie spice. sheila: just out of the container. whitney: yes, out of the container. then i'm going to mix it all together. sheila: are we going to get really messy? whitney: i think we might. and, while you're mixing for the sake of time i'm going to show you how to put this on a cookie sheet. even though it's not completely mixed. these will not spread while you're cooking which is one of the best parts. sheila. ok. whitney: so, i use a 1/4 cup measuring. we're going to plop them on the cookie sheet and position them into any kind of shape you want. like i said these won't spread out while your cooking. so, you want put them pretty close together. sheila: as close as you want. whitney: it should make about 12 cookies. like i said throw into the fridge or the freezer for a nice crunchier texture. sheila: for this recipe for these pumpkin cookies go to our website and find the recipe if you look under the news link. 4:05
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a news conference is underway with federal authorities and conspracy case. the last two members of the jamal dean getaway team have been sentenced this afternoon in federal court. 34-year-old evette morris hernandez of sioux city was sentenced to 41 months and 36 year-old esteban hernandez of mercedes was sentenced to 41 months.. about 3 1/2 years. we will have more on news 4 at six. let's check in one more time with ron. thanks for joining us for news channel four live at five. we're back again at six.
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